7 chakras Yoga School believes yoga is more than a mere exercise; it is more of a lifestyle that is committed directly to physical, emotion & spiritual growth.

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Dr Sumit Sharma Ji

Dr. Satinder Rusetra Ji

Yogi Sachin Ji

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt Ji

Yogi Sonu Ji

Dr. HemLata Sakalani Ji

Dr. Rohit Chobe Ji

Reviews (57)

Natalie Carlson

from United States, May 2024

"7 Chakras - Exceeds on all Levels"

I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience I had at 7 Chakras was so much more than I could have imagined.

The owner (Ankit Ji) and manager (Summi Ji) really know how to take care of people. I always felt listened to and supported, and my concerns were always addressed quickly. They really go above and beyond to make you feel like you’re part of the family.

The teachers are above and beyond good. They are so knowledgeable and great practitioners themselves, so the caliber of learning they are able to convey is really impressive. Also, they are just good, kind, funny, loving people who were a joy to be around each day. ❤️

The food! What a treat! I’m going to miss the food. There is inevitably some repetition in the dishes served. But I was there for two months, and I never got tired of it. The food rivaled the beautiful cafe cooking in Rishikesh. The school was really great about putting on special dinners and celebrating birthdays with style and creative menus.

I highly recommend 7 Chakras! It’s smaller and a little more off the main path than some of the other schools here, and that is what made it a great experience for me.

Thank you to the entire staff for making my experience wonderful and unforgettable! ❤️🙏🏼

Ruben Bloemendal

from Thailand, May 2024

"If you look for a sign, this is it 😊"

Words will fall short if want to express my gratitude towards this school. I’ll try to keep it short: This year my best decision was to take the 300 hour YTT course with 7 Chakras school.

If you look for a school where the teachers are incredible wise, experienced, kind, patient and clear in communication, look no further. Just by their presence clarity and peace within rises. These beautiful human beings are living a true yogic life. My understanding of yoga went beyond my expectations. The daily schedule was perfect with classes of Hatha, pranayama, meditation, alignment, philosophy, ashtanga, anatomy and Iyangar yoga.

Also the owner and managers really cares for you and want you to have the best experience.

The chef always made healthy delicious Indian food with variations during the week. The shala was spacious, light, and well ventilated. The excursions and ceremonies were very nice and the location is great. A lot of nice places nearby to study, eat and relax. Also bookshops, coffee places and more. It can be a bit noisy at night because of the dogs (bring earplugs) and because of some construction around it can be a bit noisy during the day sometimes. But it never really bothers. As feedback I would say that the cleanliness can be improved, but other than that it is an amazing school!! Lots of gratitude and love for Abhishek Ji, Pankaj Ji, dr. Rohit Ji, Sachin Ji, Siddhant Ji, Himanshu Ji, Shivam Ji and Ankit Ji & AJ 🙏🏼🕉️❤️

Maxime Hudon

from Canada, April 2024

"Discovering Bliss in India: My Journey at 7 Chakras"

From the moment I set foot in the school, I met the owner, Anki Ji, who made me feel right at home immediately. I also met a student who had just completed the same journey I was about to embark on. It didn't take long for me to feel reassured. First things first, let's talk about the amazing teachers at 7 Chakras. They're not just instructors; they're like wise friends guiding you on a journey of self-discovery. Their passion for yoga is infectious, and their classes are an absolute joy to attend. Each session left me feeling stronger, more educated on the topic, and totally blissed out.I strongly recommend you to come in March as I have been lucky to experience the best month in Rishikesh due to the two amazing festivals: The Maha Shivratri, also known as the 'Great Night of Shiva,' and the Holi festival. We had a blast with the 7 Chakra family during these two days, and in addition to my birthday celebration, they organised amazing food with cake for dinner. My experience at 7 Chakras Yoga School was nothing short of magical. Not only did I deepen my yoga practice (that I didn't have at all before coming), but I also made lifelong friends and created memories that I'll cherish forever. If you're looking for a slice of paradise to embark on your yoga journey, look no further than 7 Chakras. Trust me, you won't regret it!

Yardena Kaszirer

from Israel, March 2024

"Amazing Yoga School"

Amazing yoga school,from the moment I arrived Ankit Ji was do friendly,

I arrived a few days early and he organized me a room to stay,

The teachers were incredible, all so knowledgeable, professional, and kind. They always came in to every class with a smile:)

I also did the prenatal YTT, I highly recommend it, Dr. Lata is so supportive and it's a very interesting course!

Location was great- not on the main street but not too far

And the food was absolutely delicious!

I also loved the celebrations we had throughout the month:)

Emma Lilian Spath

from Germany, March 2024

I loved my whole experience with 7chakras, Ankit Ji and his coworkers were always making sure everything is fine and listened to everyone to make sure we're happy. They treated everyone like family and the whole atmosphere was amazing! I loved the food and all of the yoga classes, I can't believe how much I've learned in this short period of time. The teachers are excellent and made sure we learn the Asanas with the correct alignment. I would definitely come back to make my 300 hour TTC.

Alicia Myers

from United States, March 2024

All of my teachers were very knowledgeable and supportive. My philosophy teacher really helped shifted my perspective I’m forever grateful him. The location is amazing and the staff is so helpful. Even before you get there they are very responsive of any questions.

Natasha Gravel

from United States, March 2024

"Phenomenal 200 hour YTT Experience!!"

Location, teachers, individualized approach, staff kindness and attention to detail, adventure-packed and spiritually significant excursions (Ganga Aarti, white water rafting, sunrise at a temple, hike to Neer waterfall, and more), delicious food, beautiful ceremonies, kirtan, positivity… I could go on forever with pros of this school! Just book it! You will not regret it! The staff is compassionate and addresses issues promptly, the teachers challenge the students while keeping them safe, the neighborhood is safe and beautiful, the surrounding area is incredibly gorgeous, and the staff truly bends over backwards for the students. They even arranged an instructor to teach some of us Prenatal Yoga in a limited period of time and ensured we received our certification. I’m leaving much more confident in teaching yoga, and with the foundational skills to do so responsibly. I wouldn’t change a thing, I’m so happy with my experience!

Doris Reifenauer

from Austria, March 2024

"Amazing "

I spent a lot of time planing my trip to Rishikesh, trying to find the right Yoga School and reading numerous reviews. Now that my 200h teacher-training at 7 Chakras Yoga School has come to an end, I couldn't be happier with my choice. The teachers were inspiring and the staff was so caring and kind. They always wanted to make sure, everybody was doing alright. There was no problem, that they wouldn't solve in shortest time. We had so much fun (especially the rafting) and - last but not least - the food was amazing!

I find no words to to describe the gratitude and appreciation I feel for 7 Chakras and my group and will always remember the support and kindness.

Thank you for this beautiful month!

Martina Rejec

from Great Britain, January 2024

"Most incredible experience ever!!"

There is a reason this school has no bad reviews. Everything and everyone was exceptional. Accommodation is great, food delicious, teachers full of wisdom and knowledge always ready to give advice when asked. The schedule is well done with some extra trips on the weekends. I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to properly describe 2 months I stayed there. Big shout out to Ankit, you incredible human being, thank you. Huge recommendation to everyone who wants to become a yoga teacher or to deepen their practice.

Ben Barry

from Great Britain, December 2023

"A wonderful experience - a home away from home "

The small group of 10-15 people was perfect to get to know everyone individually, your classmates really begin to feel like a family. I enjoyed every second of my time with 7 chakras, they are friendly welcoming and accommodating to any needs or requirements one has. Ankit Ji is always available to answer any queries and Abhishek Ji is not only an excellent Ashtanga teacher he is a joy to be around. I would not hesitate to recommend 7 chakras to anyone interested in yoga. I enjoyed my time there massively and I will miss everyone greatly.

Sophie Powell

from Indonesia, December 2023

"My heart belongs to 7 Chakras School :)"

The most amazing month. Such incredible staff members, so helpful and so friendly. It felt like one big family and it really did become a home for me. I learnt so much about yoga, my Self & life, it was so inspiring. I woke up everyday so excited to learn and practise. Every teacher was so so great and each had their own unique style of teaching which made the perfect mix. The food was incredible, the chefs were so brilliant. We also enjoyed a birthday and Christmas, the school went above and beyond to make the celebrations so joyful and special. I could go on for days about how much I love this place!

Dora Lorenc

from Great Britain, December 2023

"What a month! "

Thank you so much 7 Chakras Yoga Teacher Training School for an amazing, character building and truly transformative experience (200hrs). The quality of teaching is superb. Teachers are very experienced, knowledgeable, always professional and supportive. The location of the school is fantastic - tucked away in a quiet street, away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads. Close to cafes, shops and a lovely bookstore. The food is absolutely delicious and the accommodation is nice and comfortable. Sunday excursions to waterfalls and the temple were awesome too. The school staff is friendly and polite. Ankit, who runs the school is very helpful and accommodating. 200hrs Yoga teacher training with 7 Chakras has been the most beautiful month of my life. I am planning to stay for another month and complete 300hrs.

Maria Isabel Saad Guimarães Santos

from Brazil, November 2023

"Great friendly instructors"

What I enjoyed the most was the availability of the instructors to attend each student's needs, individually.

The are all really attentive at all times, during and after classes.

The staff is also great, always ready to help. Location, not a single complain. There's everything you might need only a few steps.

Friendly enviroment.

Emer Martin

from Italy, October 2023

"7 Chakra Love "

Ankit Ji who runs the school, is kind, professional and takes great pride in his work. The teachers are brilliant. The food is delicious and they catered for me as a gluten-freer. I had a wonderful experience.

Haley Whittaker

from United States, October 2023

"Best Decision Ever "

The quality of the YTTC 200 exceeded expectations. I never expected to learn so much about the postures, yoga philosophy, anatomy and pranayama. The teachers are genuinely invested in your learning and provided so much knowledge. The school is situated in a nice part of Topovan - close to yummy restaurants, a bookstore and away from the busy road. The staff are so friendly and welcoming and make you feel comfortable immediately (which I really appreciated since it was my first time traveling to India). The food was amazing, I loved every dish (ate seconds most days because I couldn’t resist). Overall this experience changed me for the better and I would recommend this school to anyone interested in taking their YTTC 200.

Bella Burzynski

from United States, September 2023

"Truly Life Changing"

The instructors, my fellow students, the resort, the education value, the food…. Everything was beyond my expectations. This experience was truly life changing and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone who was considering coming to Bali for their 200hr teacher training. My life has absolutely changed for the better!!

Hannah M

from Thailand, September 2023

Phenomenal school. The owner Ankit ji is always available to help, open to feedback and shows genuine care. All the staff; teachers, trainee teachers, chefs and house keeping are great people. The environment is like a home from home.

The most well structured, informative and all encompassing lessons came from the hatha/methodology teacher @adhyatmikyogi - this was the general consensus from everyone on the 200hours and the reason I stayed on for the 300hours; the school would not be the same without him. The value for money is above and beyond. I look forward to returning. Thank you 😊

Johanna Foerster

from Germany, August 2023

"Great experience "

Over all I had a really great time here. Not only the other students also all the teachers and the whole staff was super nice, just really lovely people. I learned a lot and all the lesson were really interesting. The food is also absolutely amazing. I am so happy that I came here and I am super grateful for all the memories I created.

Margaux Grenier

from Australia, August 2023

"Margaux-Ji :)"

The teachers were absolutely amazing, we had a small but awesome group and we felt really connected with both teachers who were always happy to answer or questions and spend time with us after the classes!!! Unforgettable experience, I'd do more with that same school and these two teachers

Ella Lilliebjerg-heder

from Great Britain, August 2023

The most special thing about 7chakras is how much the staff care about the happiness and wellbeing of the students. There is a big sense of family & community and the owner (Ankit) is always keen to improve your experience and solve any problems that may arise. The accommodation is much nicer than the photos especially if your room faces towards the mountains! The teachers are all knowledgable and interactive. Some teaching styles will suit you more than others, everyone liked different teachers for different reasons. The food was really good (especially if you love lentils) and the chef is open to taking requests. The school is close to many shops, cafes and restaurants which you can visit on Sundays or when not in class.

Zuzana Váňová

from Austria, August 2023

I liked how helpful, communicative and kind the staff was. The teachers knew the topics they talked about very deeply and were always open to answer any questions.

Jan German

from Poland, August 2023

"Amazing experience"

This 200 hours YTT was an amazing experience for me. The teachers are very professional and demanding but also friendly and helpful. I learned a lot during this month. I met great people, both students and staff members. The school director, Ankit Ji, is always willing to talk to you, to help with everything or just to chat about yoga. Accomodation is comfortable and food is delicious. I already miss the time in the school. Hope to come back some day. Thank you for everything!


from United States, July 2023

Teachers were amazing!! And met inspiring people from all over the globe.

Fernanda Souza

from Brazil, April 2023

"The most beautiful and transforming experience"

I cannot put in words How amazing and life changing experience this month was in 7 Chakras. Everything from the people working in the School until the teachers i couldnt ask for better. Thank you so much Ankit Ji and the boys for making me feel at home! The food was amazing and classes were incredible , i can say for sure i leave this place a better person and already want to come back for my 300h ❤️ I made friends for life and I feel so well prepared for Future yoga practice. The month went so fast and surely i'll never forget everything that i learn there. Thank you again for everything ! Namastê 🙏✨

Matthew Lloyd

from Australia, April 2023

"A life changing experience!"

I am a person with little to no yoga experience. The training provided during this 200 TTC has given me the foundational knowledge to continue and advance my self practice, and confidently train others who are starting out on their yoga journey. I can't speak highly enough of the high calibre of instructors across all yoga mediums. Daily Hatha and Ashtanga practice prepared my body and enhanced my physicality whilst daily instruction in breathing, meditation, yogic philosophy, alignment, teaching techniques and anatomy has taken my practice to the next level. Every class worked in harmony for the ultimate beginners instructors course, and was also challenging for my classmates with more yoga experience due to learning correct alignment techniques which are not well taught in yoga drop in classes. I'm amazed at how much my mind and body has achieved!

The accommodation was comfortable with all the required amenities ie hot water, electricity, bedding etc at exceptional value for money. The food was amazing- prepared fresh each meal with a good variety of dishes each time. The location is set back from the main road which gives a more peaceful experience than some of the other schools and also a nice view of the town and Ganges. The course organisers were incredibly helpful in arranging activities on Sundays and sharing with us their local knowledge and customs. I have made some incredible friends here and can't recommend it highly enough! All involved live and breath yoga!

Nika Kovačič

from Slovenia, March 2023

"Amazing experience!"

The people at the school take you in like you are family. They are kind, generous and ready to help with anything you need. The food is amazing and the instructors are proffessional and they take their time to help you individually.

Katharina Ferner

from India, March 2023

"Bereichernd und tiefgehend "

In der Schule werden die Asanas in äußerst profunder Weise unterrichtet. Jede/r kann teilnehmen, da Alignment genauestens angeleitet wird. Die Yog-Philosophie wird sehr ansprechend veranschaulicht, man versteht die Zusammenhänge und die Spiritualität darin. Praxis bekommt man auch in Pranayama und Meditation, was sehr bereichernd ist. Die Lehrer sind äußerst gut ausgebildet.

Sogar die Verpflegung war besonders gut.

Die Schule liegt umgeben von vielen netten Lokalen nah am Wald und Wasserfall.

Das Team kümmert sich um jede/n Einzelnen.

In the school the asanas are taught in a very profound way. Everybody can take part as the alignment is instructed in a very detailed way.Yog-philisopgy lessons are appealing and one understands the spirituality of Yoga. You practice pranayama and meditation as well, which is very enriching. The teachers are very professional.

Even the food was special.

The school is surrounded from many nice locations and restaurants and is near the forest and waterfall.

A very caring stuff.

Sarah Giron

from United States, March 2023

"Best yoga school in the world!"

The deep knowledge and understanding that the instructors not only teach, but clearly live their own life by was beyond what I imagined I would learn. Each teacher is so well educated in their respective field and it was an honor getting to learn from such talented humans. Sonu ji is the best yoga teacher i have ever had, I'm still speechless from how genuinely amazing he is, as a teacher and a kind soul. And Pankaj ji was the most phenomenal pranyam and meditation teacher in the world, he helped bring me to places that were so truly beautiful. The food is the best around Rishikesh, the homemade food is filled with love you can taste. (Their aloo parathas are the best I've had anywhere in India or Nepal) And the owner, Ankit ji, goes above and beyond to help everyone and make sure they are happy. The family vibe that is exuded is unbelievable. I'm so so very happy and grateful that I chose this school for my 500 hour yoga course. All the lessons I learned (about myself, others, life, and yoga) will last a lifetime.

PS, I also attended the prenatal course with Lata ji, and it was the best decision I made. She's fantastic and I can't wait to share the knowledge I learned.

Antoinette Romers

from Netherlands, March 2023

Alle instructeurs en personeel waren enorm hartelijk, ik voelde me er meteen welkom. Ik ben zelf een dag behoorlijk ziek geweest en werd zo lief en betrokken bijgestaan door Ankit Ji (eigenaar) en VJ (assistent) die regelmatig kwamen checken hoe het met me ging. Ik heb hier een geweldige tijd gehad.

Paula Perez

from Nepal, February 2023

"beautiful experience"

The environment in the school and all around was lovely.

Every one was attentive and helpful.

The teachers, everyone was very good and the made every class so interesting.

The food is fresh and healthy and absolutely delicious I really loved it!

I would repeat the experience for sure!

Edana Richardson

from United States, January 2023

A beautiful experience with kind and knowledgeable teachers, truly was like a family. I’ll definitely be back 🥰

Sylwia Zadara

from Norway, January 2023

"Very valuable experience "

What I loved the most were very knowledgeable teachers and helpful staff that make you feel like you are a member of beautiful yoga family. Delicious and fresh food, interesting activities and lots of practices that will expand your knowledge about yoga life~style. Thank you for your time, teachings and love that you shared with us🙏🌸❤️.

Veselina Madzharova

from Bulgaria, December 2022

"500 Hours Teacher Training Program was incredible."

The knowledge that we receive was amazing. In all the subjects I have received a deep understanding of yoga, asanas, pranayama, alignment and how to teach. A special thanks to all the kitchen staff that prepared all the meals with great love and always with a smile. All my respect to the management that have always treat us as part of their family, always ready to hear and support us.

I truly recommend this place if you want to deepen your yoga knowledge.

All the nature around Tapovan is super amazing, I truly recomend a visit to the waterfall around.


from Italy, December 2022

"Life changing Experience "

Everything is perfect.

I enjoyed every single moment of my 500 hours teacher training program.

The teachers are so qualified, and they share their knowledge with a deep love for yoga.

The food was tasty, nutritious, was different every single day, so sattvic and made with ❤️.

The view from the yoga was stunning.

Management was extremely kind and helpful for everything.

Thank you 7 chakras you made this experience unforgettable:🙏❤️

Lina Hasselbach

from Germany, December 2022

"Great teachers, great food "

I really learned a lot in this month!

Met amazing people and I ate yummy food!

Nur Garriga

from Spain, December 2022

"Amazingly well-organized Yoga Teacher Training"

Firstly, 7 Chakras Yoga School, whose director is Yogi-Ankit Joshi and whose president is Yogi-Sanjeev Semwal, is truly welcoming and offers support to its students any time and any day: they all really make you feel like home, and are approachable.

Secondly, I must emphasize the highly talented teachers they count on, learning and relearning was an absolute pleasure. On my first day, I realized I was at the best place ever to become a reliable yoga teacher. Outstanding were the sessions of Anatomy and Physiology along with the Alignment, Methodology, and Adjustment where we students really learned to help and make the most appropriate use of Hath Yog and Ashtang Yog Asanas. The schedule is very intense; hence, my recommendation would be that students start studying immediately, so that the amount of content is learned at the right pace; otherwise, it may be too demanding, stressful, and even frustrating the last week.

Thirdly, the food was always way above my expectations: safe for westerners and absolutely delicious and healthy, as promised by Yogi Ankit Joshi Ji before my arrival.

Finally, the accommodation was satisfactory, my bedroom was beautifully sunny and pretty clean when I got in. I would very much like to highlight that the bed was incredibly comfortable, ideal to rest after a very long day of training and learning.

In a nutshell, I would really recommend 7 Chakras Yoga School to anyone around the world that wishes to become a qualified yoga teacher.

Rebecca Popplewell

from Great Britain, December 2022

"Complete commitment to the teaching of yoga!"

7 Chakras Yoga school provides the best teachers and admin staff. There is always someone to provide help and support when things get difficult with Health Travel or Internet a special mention to Ankit ji who calmed me down when impossible UK visa situations delayed my arrival by 3 Days. Sanjeev runs a very professional institution with his dad daily going to buy the best organic vegetables providing 3 excellent meals a day. Gopal encouraged everyone and knew everyone’s name amazing as we were 2 groups of 20 from India and all over the world.

I chose to in addition attend a 85 hour course in prenatal yoga run by Lata the anatomy teacher which was amazing but meant my time timetable was packed from 6 am till 7 pm. The integrity and knowledge of Maheesh, Sonu and Sachin was inspiring and encouraged you to greater steps. It is the intention of 7 chakras yoga school to be your family and they pull the very best out of everyone and I appreciate my time spent here immeasurably Thank you All so much!

Katalin Borbely

from Hungary, November 2022

"Life changing experience "

I always knew that Rishikesh was in the middle of my heart but I didn’t think when I came to 7 chakras school that I actually gonna find a second family here. This 2 months I had the best time of my life,met so many beautiful people, everyone who worked there was like a family member, they looked out for us🙏🏻🥰 beautiful connection. Special thanks for Karan, Prem, Aman in the kitchen, who made the most delicious meals for us and Hemant and Kuldeep who always made sure we had everything we needed. Also the managment, Sanjeev, Sandeep, Ankit and Gopal, who always were there, supporting us, answering all our questions. Real brothers to all of us 🙏🏻 Our teachers were just the best. They shared all their knowledge with us. Lata Ji’s anatomy classes were so interesting, time flew bye in her classes so fast, and we learnt so much that really will help us being a better teacher in the future. Mahesh Ji’s yoga philosophy explanation made it so easy to understand what a yogic life is all about. We always had amazing topics to talk about! Lakhi Ji’s meditation and pranayama classes always made us so relaxed , we learnt amazing meditation & pranayama techniques, Sachin Ji is an amazing ashtanga teacher, who not just shared his deep knowledge of yoga asanas but also helped us get rid of our fear. And least but not last Sonu ji, the most amazing and purest soul on earth. He has so much knowledge about yoga,asanas,anatomy and teaching methodology.He taught us so much about life also.


from Great Britain, November 2022

"Amazing place ! "

Learnt so much , great teaching there was so much knowledge shared!

Learning about yoga ,about yourself and so much more

Couldn't recommend more !!

Annemarie Kennedy

from Germany, November 2022

"Amazing experience"

I can honestly say that I am so so happy that I chose to do my 200hrs at 7 chakras. There is an overwhelming number of schools to choose from in Rishikesh, in the end I went with my intuition and chose here & couldn't be more thankful. The teachers are so genuine & have so much knowledge to share. Even with the full daily schedule I enjoyed every class& have come away feeling to have had a great life experience here, and I'm glad it was here! The management& staff are super friendly& helpful& treat everyone as a friend & go above& beyond to help with anything you need. I would recommend this school to anyone with my whole heart ❤️


from Germany, October 2022

"Amazing life changing experience "

I loved actually everything. The people, the food, the teachers, the Practice and also the Theorie.

Jue Hou

from Germany, September 2022

"A life changing experience "

My experience here at 7 Chakras Yoga school was simply life changing. I've never had such high quality yoga classes in my life, learning not only about meditation, Yoga practice and philosophy, anatomy and basically about life. The room I had was a beautiful, is a ventilated place with a great view, the location of the school is very convenient around cafés, restaurants, mountains and waterfall. My favorite part was of course the food, everyday freshly cooked, with lots of varieties, basically the food paradise for a vegan / vegetarian. The staff here are super friendly, open minded, flexible, it was overall a great pleasure meeting them. I highly recommend to anyone who's looking for a spiritual / physical / personal growth in life, to come to this place, searching for peace and joy.


from Great Britain, August 2022

"Incredible life changing Experience"

This was an amazing experience. The teachers have so much knowledge, I learnt so much!! I wouldn't have changed anything.

Elizabeth Hardy

from Georgia, August 2022

Wonderful management and teachers. They really care and support every student and make sure you are enjoying your experience.

D'yonna Abraham

from United States, July 2022

"most amazing experience "

Traveling alone, far away from home for the first time, especially as a black woman I was kind of scared. Soon I realized that I was not alone and got taken care of like family from the moment I arrived in Rishikesh. The teachers are the most knowledgeable and accommodating, you can ask them any questions, silly or serious and you will get an answer. The food served was always fresh and pretty good. The staff was so sweet and anything you ask of them they will do. 10/10 recommend. This was the most fun, humbling and informative adventure I have been on.

Tatum Stafford

from United States, June 2022

"Amazing experience!!"

I learned so much this month and furthered my yoga practice even more. The instructors are all so knowledgable and the classes were all so much fun. The accommodation was basic but perfect, everything you need for a month of yoga, same with the food. The management and staff were great, always so helpful and kind. Formed some awesome connections with the other students which made every day full of laughter, yet it was hard work of course. Would definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting their yoga teacher certificate or looking to learn tons more about all aspects of yoga. It was one of the best months and experiences and I will cherish it forever!

Jeff Morris

from United States, May 2022

"Positive Life Changing Experience"

Studying at the 7 Chakras Yoga School was one of the most transformative experiences in my life. I wanted to go to Rishikesh to study Yoga at its source. I knew that I was going to improve my physical practice, but I had no idea how much I was going to grow mentally and spiritually. The words "Life Affirming" in the title are no exaggeration.

All of the instructors were not just knowledgeable, but also vastly experienced. They were very passionate about teaching, which was abundantly clear in the way they conducted classes. Every teacher readily stayed up to 15 minutes after class to continue the discussion or take questions about anything covered in their classes.

The facilities were good. Nothing fancy, but all the essentials were there. Trust me; given how much time we spent training, all one needs at the end of the day is a shower and a bed. The staff was also very diligent about keeping all the common areas clean.

The food was fantastic and plentiful. The chef clearly prepared meals to provide all the required sustenance for the amount of energy we used in a day. Despite the fact that it was healthy, it was quite delicious. The meals were so good in fact, I've since become vegetarian.

The location was quite ideal. There are stunning views of both the foothills and Tapovan from the Yoga Hall. Plenty of shops and cafes surround the accommodation, and it's only a 10 minute walk to the beautiful and healing Ganga River.

I will return for my YTT300.

Ramy Hour

from France, April 2022

"Unforgettable experience!"

The 7chakrasyogaschool is the perfect place to be for whoever is interested in a more “traditional” way of practising and learning about Yoga.

I felt welcomed and taken care of as I stepped in the school. Ankit and the whole staff were always present for any enquiries.

Ankit was always curious about could be improved and I thank him for sharing with me about his culture and life.

The teachers are all wonderful. The practical classes are perfect to get the foundations in Yoga, learn about the right alignments in main postures and slowly deepen our practice safely.

I have tried many studios and have had many different yoga teachers around the world, Yogi Sonu Ji and Yogi Sachin Ji are by far the best teachers I ever had.

More than their sharp technical skills, they reflect humility and calmness.

The school also offer the option to follow pre natal class and get a certification regarding that topic.

This month was made memorable also thanks to the very special batch I shared the experience with. Positive and loving energies attract each other!


from Indonesia, April 2020

"Amazing experience with the best people"

I love that I decided to choose this '7 chakras yoga school'. Going into the experience I did not have any expectations but regardless I was amazed by how much I learned and enjoyed the experience.

I not only gained knowledge but also got the chance to make amazing new friends in my classmates, teachers, and the rest of the staff that are all so passionate and dedicated as well as understanding and loving.

I truly believe it is a journey to experience and no review could completely summarize all the crazy wonderful moments.

Looooooved it, definitely coming back!!

Laurene Delage

from India, March 2020


-THANKS to all the teachers for bringing us so many knowledge and making us able to give relevant yoga classes straight after the TTC.

- THANKS for being so kind, so helpful, so serious in the organization and so funny in the daily life.

- THANKS for the delicious and various food and the great warm atmosphere in the kitchen (tried to cook it back home ... Well, this is not a subject!)

- THANKS for the pleasant space we had : yoga rooms, rooms and commun area, special dedicace to the garden : it is really lovely to be able to hang out / relax / train in the outside.

The time at school is very well organized, the structures of the classes as well. The rooms and all the buildings were really clean, which makes the stay even nicer. Special dedicace to all the team, who managed really well the Corona panic and helped us to make decisions, to organize exams, taxis and flights accordingly to the specific situation.

Wanna add a special mention for the mantra chanting class, this class was a revelation, full of energy and a deep connection to ourselves

I am looking forward to come back for the 300 hours for sure !

Tomas Jr Fidelino

from Philippines, March 2020

"Life changing experience"

I dont even know where to start cause theres a lot of good things to say. People in the school are really nice, they become my family when I was there. Gopal, Ankit, Sundeep, Sanjeev etc. are very hands on when it comes to your need or if you’re sick they’re there to assist you. I would like to commend Sonu Ji cause he’s a stand out for me, you can see his passion in what he’s doing but all of the teachers are really good! Every time were doing a movie night they always bring popcorns and snack. I really miss them so much and Im happy that I did this teacher training with them.

Elodie Raharijaona

from Ireland, March 2020

"More than a month of yoga - a life experience!"

Namaste beautiful people,

I would like to start by thanking 7ChakraYogaSchool for this amazing month.

I was hesitating between several schools when it comes to yoga but after the first email with Ankit, I was sold as I could feel the care and kindness in our exchanges :D

Since the first day, I was welcomed in a peaceful, loving and caring environment to be able to live the best possible experience.

I spent this month with beautiful people and loved every interaction I had

The team of teachers were very competent and knowledgeable, they are all passionate about their topics and sharing it!

The food was very delicious and varied and the management team was amazing with us!

I want to personally thank Ankit, Sanjeev, Gopal, Sandeep and all the employees at the school for taking good care of us! I am forever grateful for this experience :) and I can't wait to come back.

Highly recommend!

Namaste :)

Ellen Lee

from Australia, December 2019

"Thanks for everything!"

I had a wonderful experience. Everyone, from the staff and teachers to the other students, had such a positive energy and were so helpful and welcoming - it really created a sense of family among the group. The food was always delicious and the classes were interesting and well-varied. I really enjoyed everything!

Lucy Aaronson

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Super awesome whirlwind roller coaster"

Ankit was a really excellent host and was there to support me whenever I needed. His team worked so hard to make sure everyone was comfortable.

They organised super awesome excursions and activities each Sunday which allowed us to experience the local culture and surrounding nature. If you are in Rishikesh for events like full moon, weddings, Divali etc this will be very special for you to experience with 7chakras school.

The school is in the middle of gorgeous natural surroundings so you are able to see mountains, sunrises, butterflies, monkeys, cows and horses each day! The town is easy to walk to and with many temples, shops and cafes, you are able to see a part of Northern India alongside more westernized amenities.

The school have a well trained kitchen staff who work so hard to provide 3 delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals each day. I feel so much healthier than I did :)

I really loved the timetable and syllabus at the school and learnt so much more than i was expecting to, about yoga and about myself! Although we pay a fee, what we take away from the whole experience is really priceless. I can't quite put into words. Although the tutors are young they are so passionate and wise it's unbelievable. They are the best thing about the school. I will miss them all so much!