7 chakras Yoga School believes yoga is more than a mere exercise; it is more of a lifestyle that is committed directly to physical, emotion & spiritual growth.

Yoga Teacher Training (3)

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Instructors (7)

Dr Sumit Sharma Ji

Dr. Satinder Rusetra Ji

Yogi Sachin Ji

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt Ji

Yogi Sonu Ji

Dr. HemLata Sakalani Ji

Dr. Rohit Chobe Ji

Reviews (6)


from Indonesia, April 2020

"Amazing experience with the best people"

I love that I decided to choose this '7 chakras yoga school'. Going into the experience I did not have any expectations but regardless I was amazed by how much I learned and enjoyed the experience.

I not only gained knowledge but also got the chance to make amazing new friends in my classmates, teachers, and the rest of the staff that are all so passionate and dedicated as well as understanding and loving.

I truly believe it is a journey to experience and no review could completely summarize all the crazy wonderful moments.

Looooooved it, definitely coming back!!

Laurene Delage

from India, March 2020


-THANKS to all the teachers for bringing us so many knowledge and making us able to give relevant yoga classes straight after the TTC.

- THANKS for being so kind, so helpful, so serious in the organization and so funny in the daily life.

- THANKS for the delicious and various food and the great warm atmosphere in the kitchen (tried to cook it back home ... Well, this is not a subject!)

- THANKS for the pleasant space we had : yoga rooms, rooms and commun area, special dedicace to the garden : it is really lovely to be able to hang out / relax / train in the outside.

The time at school is very well organized, the structures of the classes as well. The rooms and all the buildings were really clean, which makes the stay even nicer. Special dedicace to all the team, who managed really well the Corona panic and helped us to make decisions, to organize exams, taxis and flights accordingly to the specific situation.

Wanna add a special mention for the mantra chanting class, this class was a revelation, full of energy and a deep connection to ourselves

I am looking forward to come back for the 300 hours for sure !

Tomas Jr Fidelino

from Philippines, March 2020

"Life changing experience"

I dont even know where to start cause theres a lot of good things to say. People in the school are really nice, they become my family when I was there. Gopal, Ankit, Sundeep, Sanjeev etc. are very hands on when it comes to your need or if you’re sick they’re there to assist you. I would like to commend Sonu Ji cause he’s a stand out for me, you can see his passion in what he’s doing but all of the teachers are really good! Every time were doing a movie night they always bring popcorns and snack. I really miss them so much and Im happy that I did this teacher training with them.

Elodie Raharijaona

from Ireland, March 2020

"More than a month of yoga - a life experience!"

Namaste beautiful people,

I would like to start by thanking 7ChakraYogaSchool for this amazing month.

I was hesitating between several schools when it comes to yoga but after the first email with Ankit, I was sold as I could feel the care and kindness in our exchanges :D

Since the first day, I was welcomed in a peaceful, loving and caring environment to be able to live the best possible experience.

I spent this month with beautiful people and loved every interaction I had

The team of teachers were very competent and knowledgeable, they are all passionate about their topics and sharing it!

The food was very delicious and varied and the management team was amazing with us!

I want to personally thank Ankit, Sanjeev, Gopal, Sandeep and all the employees at the school for taking good care of us! I am forever grateful for this experience :) and I can't wait to come back.

Highly recommend!

Namaste :)

Ellen Lee

from Australia, December 2019

"Thanks for everything!"

I had a wonderful experience. Everyone, from the staff and teachers to the other students, had such a positive energy and were so helpful and welcoming - it really created a sense of family among the group. The food was always delicious and the classes were interesting and well-varied. I really enjoyed everything!

Lucy Aaronson

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Super awesome whirlwind roller coaster"

Ankit was a really excellent host and was there to support me whenever I needed. His team worked so hard to make sure everyone was comfortable.

They organised super awesome excursions and activities each Sunday which allowed us to experience the local culture and surrounding nature. If you are in Rishikesh for events like full moon, weddings, Divali etc this will be very special for you to experience with 7chakras school.

The school is in the middle of gorgeous natural surroundings so you are able to see mountains, sunrises, butterflies, monkeys, cows and horses each day! The town is easy to walk to and with many temples, shops and cafes, you are able to see a part of Northern India alongside more westernized amenities.

The school have a well trained kitchen staff who work so hard to provide 3 delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals each day. I feel so much healthier than I did :)

I really loved the timetable and syllabus at the school and learnt so much more than i was expecting to, about yoga and about myself! Although we pay a fee, what we take away from the whole experience is really priceless. I can't quite put into words. Although the tutors are young they are so passionate and wise it's unbelievable. They are the best thing about the school. I will miss them all so much!