Whether you practice yoga to enrich your own life or to teach it to help enrich another’s, here is the gateway to the right path. Find your OM at Aayana!

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Regeesh Vattakandy

Mrinali Madhukar

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Mitch Dudani

Aayana Yoga Academy Facebook page

I always thought yoga and me never not for me...and then decided to give it a try...visited couple of studios but wasn't sure till one day I learnt about Aayana Yoga..visited the studio and I was in love with the place.so much of energy positivity and warmth this place had to offer. There is so much warmth and caring by all the teachers ..one never feels that its a paid / commercial place. Big thanks to all of you @aayanayoga #aayanayoga #yoga

Rahul S Raj India

Aayana Yoga Academy Facebook page

I've been a student at Aayana (HSR Layout) for over 6 months now, and have found the place extremely good. The teachers are knowledgeable and the classes are handled with a good balance - importance given to the mind, breathing, stretching, flexibility and strength. I've really improved a great deal in all these areas thanks to the good mix of teachers and classes. Another aspect is that this isn't a *commercial* Yoga Studio like many others that operate these days. This is truly an Academy and deserves credit and respect!

Preethi Yoga India

Aayana Yoga Academy Facebook page

I am very happy to say that my serious search on learning yoga had finally ended up with an highly satisfied and dedicated organization Aayana yoga academy jeyanagar Bangalore. I am very proud to say that after I finished the course from here I could individually contribute myself as a yoga trainer in the real time yoga world. The experience which I got from here had given me an indepth knowledge about yoga.it was really really a pleasant experience for me as I understood one technique in all perspectives, it's not just I learnt asanas, more over i realised the real time philosophy, benefits of each yoga, the impact in our real life. Also understood any one can kick start learning yoga and start getting fruitful results which not only be seen and also felt. It also created more optimistic thoughts in me, clear view on analysing any situation , taking right decisions and looking more energetic for which all i should thank Aayana yoga academy which gave me a strong base on pulling me towards yoga world. More over, I became crazy on looking yoga books rather than doing real shopping in shopping malls now a days. yoga has to be imposed in everyone life, we should adopt it as part of our life activists for which I strongly recommend Aayana yoga academy in bangalore to get the real yoga experience with the strong base.