Akasha Yoga Academy

Akasha Yoga Academy shares the inspiring teachings and practices of classical yoga in an authentic way. Integrity and enthusiasm are their hallmarks.

Instructors 2

Burkhard Langemann

Burkhard holds a master’s degree in psychology and alternative education from the Free University of Berlin, where his thorough exploration of Ken Wilber´s Integral Theory culminated in a thesis on holistic development. In 2001, Burkhard began to explore yoga in India. He has dedicated more than 5,000 hours to the study of classical Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and yogic philosophy. He started his meditation practice following the Vipassana style of Theravada Buddhism, and has practiced under Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo in Northern Thailand.

International Yoga Federation (Hatha Yoga)

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

Kirsten Reiss

Kirsten’s Yoga endeavors started in 2001 in India, where she was introduced to Sivananda Hatha Yoga. She is the co-founder of the Akasha Yoga Academy where she develops educational programs and presents teacher training courses in Bali & Thailand. Following her persistent passion for Yoga, she went through a comprehensive three-year full-time education in classical Hatha & Kundalini Yoga in Thailand. Her meditation practice is based on the non-dualistic teachings of Advaita Vedanta and Sahajananda’s Yoga of the Spiritual Heart.

International Yoga Federation (Hatha Yoga)

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

Reviews 14

Linnéa Eriksson

from Sweden, May 2018

Bali as a lovley country with beautiful people and nature. Wonderful to do yoga there. Loved the yogateacher Arlene. The best thing was to have my own classes.

Irmgard Meier

from Kuwait, April 2018

"The teacher where very good"

The accommodation that was chosen for me was bad, I didn’t stay there I checked into a nice hotel

Katarina Erang

from Sweden, November 2017


The way the course was set up, lectures step by step adding more and more knowledge was vey good. Teachers superpassionate about Learning their knowledge to us students. They had soo much knowledge! and were supernice and shared so so much with us. Course was great! Better than my expectations. Learned more than I had thaught.

Vanessa Lim

from New Zealand, November 2017

Such a lovely and passionate couple!!! The month flew by and strong bonds were made in such a short yet intensive time period. I definitely recommend this retreat, even if you don't want to become a yoga teacher at the end, you learn so much and grow so much for the better.

Mina Blair

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Highly recommend Akasha Yoga Academy"

High quality of teaching for both yoga philosophy and practice


from United States, July 2017

"Not recommended - an honest review"

Kirsten is knowledgable and gives good lectures and good yoga classes. The content of her lectures and practical lessons is useful and to the point.

Simona's lectures were interesting, helpful, and to the point.

Arelene's classes were exceptional. You can feel her positive energy. I greatly enjoyed her classes and meeting her. Unfortunately, this was her last class with Akasha.

Pros on location: Thai massage

Irma Blackmore

from Netherlands, July 2017

"Mooie combinatie tussen oost en westerse benadering "

Team van 4 docenten: gedreven, intelligent, gepassioneerd, liefdevol, warm met voldoende humor. Op makkelijk te bereiken locatie in Tongsala, prachtige open yogaschool, mooie opbouw in de opleiding, zeer veel achtergrond informatie en naslagwerken, hoog tempo maar door afwisseling goed vol te houden, enorm gevarieerd, fijne plek om maand te verblijven, lunch (lokatie) ook echt top, echt een aanrader ook voor de beginnende teacher of yogi(ni), leuk dat ze zich ook richten op jong publiek

Testimonials 5

Michelle Gerhardt

Akasha Yoga Academy Facebook page

I´ve been thinking for quite a while how I could describe my experience with the Akasha Academy adequately, without writing a novel. How to write about something, I have no words for.

Summarized in one sentence, I would say: There is truly no better way of spending your time, energy and money.

It´s been a few years now, since my first contact with the Akasha Academy and by now I can confidently say, that their teachings did not only save my life, they thought me to thrive in such a crazy world we live in. Speaking about the course itself, there is excellence on every level. The curriculum combines a super broad range of knowledge. Starting from ancient wisdom as a main source, transferring it to modern sciences, as well as down to earth approaches on how to implement the newly gained knowledge into daily life on and off the mat, always offering additional resources and information for further research.

The course is structured with a logical and balanced ratio of theory and practice and picks up every student exactly where they are.

Speaking about the teachers, I have hardly seen anything comparable in 12 years of school and 6 Semesters at University. The lectures are taught with such an incredible amount of passion and profession, that they always reminded me of these really good TED talks. Through this holistic approach, I gained so much of a broader understanding about how this world works in various aspects. So many different sciences/approaches, knowledge/wisdom, how everything is connected and how this vast theory can be applied, practiced and experienced from the microcosm of my own little ego bubble to the macrocosm of the entire world, which gives it so much value. This Matrix is mind-blowing and exceeds by far what you would expect to learn in preparation of becoming an Asana instructor. If I will ever have kids, I will send them to Kirsten and Burkard as soon as they are able to comprehend their teachings. Because in my eyes the content is THAT essential and the teaching qualities of the Akasha Academy THAT outstanding ;) I hope that this brief review could somehow give you a glimpse of an idea about the flavor of the Akasha Academy and from the bottom of my heard , no matter who you are, I can recommend you to simply go there and BE.

Mari Kovandzic

Akasha Yoga Academy Facebook page

Akasha Yoga Academy is a real gem of a Yoga school! Fully recommended! I feel so happy I found it, and so grateful to Kirsten and Burkhard, and their friend and co-teacher Simona, who guided us so skillfully and so lovingly through a very intense, ambitious and really well-designed training. Akasha 200-TTC indeed provides, as its name says, a vast space. It's the space for learning about all key aspects of Yoga theory and practice, in a very systematic way. It is also a very nurturing space, for growing from an intention to become a Yoga Teacher to really becoming one -- slowly but surely, and with a feeling that you got a really good base to stand on, and a thirst for learning further forever. And the group I was in... That was so good and a very special thing on its own. So supportive and fun, I miss them all so much... As I am writing this, I feel so mellow and longing for another learning journey with the sweet Akasha team, and I can't wait to do so! Thank you, dear Ones!

Erica Kunz

Akasha Yoga Academy Facebook page

I can honestly not say how much the experience together with Akasha means to me! How it changed me as a person for the better, and how it helped me open up to life. If anyone is looking into doing a yoga teacher training, or incorporating yoga and meditation into their lives, I recommend them deeply! They don't just teach their students, they genuinely care about each and every one on a deep level! During my training with them, I did for the very first time in my life manage to open my heart and feel unconditional love, not only for every single being on this planet, but for myself! I am forever grateful for being part of something with such a great meaning, and I would recommend Akasha Yoga Academy to anyone who are looking into taking their practice to another level.

Sandra Forest Australia

Akasha Yoga Academy Facebook page

After perusing the internet and yoga magazines for what seemed like forever, I was fortunate to find Akasha Yoga Academy via a google search for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training; incidentally which once I found, took me less than a week to register for their next training in Bali. I choose Bali purely and simply for the dates, as once I found my preferred course, I wanted it now, not later in the year.

Nothing or no one could have expressed to me in words the depth of this training and the profound impact it would have on my life. It was life changing for me and I know the other graduates would echo my sentiment, as it went way beyond our dreams.

Burkhard and Kirsten and the Akasha team guided each and everyone of the 20 trainees lovingly and deep into the sanctum of our very own heart of hearts; our core, our essence. We didn't learn how to become Hatha Yoga Instructors from the depth of knowledge and 200hours of practice and theory alone, Burkhard and Kirsten allowed each and everyone of us to dig deep and reveal to ourselves the teacher within. We peeled back layers and layers and the end result was beautiful to witness.

For this I will be eternally grateful. This course will set you up for life. If you feel the calling don't hold back.


Veronika Hilbermann

Akasha Yoga Academy Facebook page

If you consider a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, I can only highly recommend Akasha Yoga Academy. The teacher team is so dedicated to teaching and sharing their profound knowledge and personal experience! They cover basically everything you should know about yoga, meditation, breathework, philosophy, anatomy and many other fields connected to yoga. The 4 week program is definetly intense and full on, but it's built up very thoughtful and guides you well through the process. The training provides everything necessary to start teaching yoga professionally. I definetly feel ready to roll out my mat and start sharing what I've learned! And even if you don't think of teaching but rather want to deepen your own practice, be ready for a superintense chance for selfdevelopment...I felt strongly guided by Burkhard and Kirsten, especially in challenging moments - they really do take care about their students! I will always be thankful for this experience and keep my teachers in my heart! So thank you everyone at Akasha Yoga Academy, all the best to each of you. Keep on sharing & rockin' for a free world

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