Ancient Egyptian Yoga offers historical ancient Egyptian 200-hour Kemetic yoga training that is practiced by the pharaohs and royal courts of ancient Africa.

Testimonials (5)

Sara United States

Ancient Egyptian Yoga

What a great training! This exceeded my expectations and Ursula has such a beautiful strong, presence that brought everything together and made us feel like we have a second mom. Her wealth of knowledge about yoga, the kemetic sciences, shamanism, emotional healing combined with her own personal stories made the teacher training worthwhile. I am very grateful to have come along this journey and what it a privilege it has been to learn from her.

Nate Canada

Ancient Egyptian Yoga

The most challenging, intense, transformational & incredible month of my life. Forever blessed for this experience. Thank you.

Maya Finland

Ancient Egyptian Yoga

This is not just a teacher training but a journey within the self, beyond views, ego and illusions. Understanding the wholeness of the universe existing in your own being and seeing this journey for what it is, here, yoga can truly be practiced

Tebogo RSA

Ancient Egyptian Yoga

This was the best decision I have made, this training has strengthened my confidence both in my personal life and spirituality.

Feriyal RSA

Ancient Egyptian Yoga

Ursula, you have done a brilliant to package content for this course. Your nurturing and patient approach to how you teach has made this journey beautiful for me. I am open to possibilities because of you! Thank you. You beautiful soul! Stay Powerful!