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Shri Govinda Niranjan

After exploring various tools and techniques of yoga and meditation for decades, Yogi Krishna realized that yoga alone or Tantra alone is somehow not enough. It almost felt like something is missing from his practice and that yoga and Tantra need to be merged and work together in harmony. From there around 2008, he started his journey of Tantra yoga. To him, yoga and Tantra have become just two names for the same thing. Born with a curious mind to know the mysteries of the universe, how the lessons and karma of one life pass through another life.

Masha Radha

Born with an ongoing adventure of traveling inside and experiencing the height and depth of herself made Yogini Masha interested in diving deeper into the essence of yoga and Tantra. With the freedom of Osho, discipline of Paramhansa Swami Satyananda ashram, Maharishi Ramana silent way of guiding to the truth, parenting approach of Veda Bharati, the compassion and love for woman wisdom of Karma yogini Kanak, the Egology of Maharshi Balyogi Premvarni, and the direct guidance of yogi Shri Govinda Niranjan, the imbibed essence of all in one is reflected in her teachings.

Yogendra Mishra

Yogacharya Yogendra Mishra, also known as Mishra ji, has spent many years meditating in the Himalayas and studying yoga and meditation from many enlightened masters. He is a renowned teacher, philosopher, meditation, and pranayama master with over 35 years of teaching experience.

Karma Yogini Kanak

Karma yogini Kanak (Ma Dharmavati) "Yoga is a medium that unites the atma (soul) and the paramatma (supreme spirit). I believe that yoga as a subject is not just limited to its physical aspect but goes beyond that". A yoga and Sanskrit teacher by profession, Kanak ji developed and nurtured her passion for yoga at the young age of 16. Being a devotee of Swami Satyananda and with a teaching experience of over 32 years, she believes that physical asanas are just one aspect of yoga. And only with constant, dedicated practice, one can experience how vast and deep yoga is.

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Patricio Adrian Manduca

from India, September 2018

"Amazing and very nourishing experience for body and soul!!"

We had an amazing and very nourishing experience for body and soul at the 6 day Yoga Kundalini (Hatha Tantra) retreat in Rishikesh. The course was very rich in content offering us the possibility to experience a complete trainning for our physical bodies and deeper levels under the guidance of our insightful teacher Yogui Swami Krishna Govinda. He has deep subject knowledge and experience which he imparts in a very clear and concrete way. It felt great listening to him as he explained quite complex concepts in very down to earth and practical way. He was very open to questions and always willing to share his knowledge with anyone who was ready to learn. Also his Applied Therapeuthic Yoga Method that took into account the different limitations and posssiblities of each of our bodies enabled us to have a great yoga learning practice. Nammastay Homestay was also awesome with very clean comfortable rooms, a nice and helpful staff and great food. Thank you very much for this wonderful and enlightening experience!!

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Anna Alekseevna

Applied Yoga Research and Training Centre Facebook page

We want to sincerely thank the Applied Yoga Studio for hospitality, a wonderful atmosphere, amazing practices and qualified help. There were 11 days in Rishikesh, they wanted to see the situation for the future for a longer trip. Of these, 10 days were spent at school. Classes were held in both Russian and English, which could not but rejoice. Teachers are highly qualified and very friendly. The program is rich, classes have always been diverse. In addition to the answers to the questions on the exercises, the guys told me where it was better to go in the evening, what places to visit, etc., in general, it was not boring. The place where the school is located is an oasis of calm in the noisy Rishikesh. In walking distance there is everything you need - restaurants, an excellent shop, a massage center. We really liked it and in the future we want to come for a longer time! Thank you for a wonderful holiday!

a traveller

Applied Yoga Research and Training Centre Facebook page

Amazing experience with very insightful teacher Swami Krishna Govinda for our yoga and meditation session. He is a magnetic personality who has deep subject knowledge. It felt great listening to him when he shared his knowledge with us. We craved to attend more, unfortunately, due to lack of time, we had to go. Homestay was also awesome inside the lush green surroundings in the city center, still a lot of options of eating and relaxing points around. Everything at a walkable distance. Thank you so much for the connection. I wish you all the best for your mission!

Marvin Lsp Straatman Mexico

Applied Yoga Research and Training Centre website

I truly got keys of the functioning of the Universe which allowed to open many doors of awareness. I never learnt as much in 1 month in my whole life, real learning and true spiritual understanding through experience. I was full of expectations starting and the moment I stopped having them, I was blown away everyday with the things I really needed. I feel very grateful towards Yogi Krishna and Yogini Masha for what they shared to me, for this type of knowledge could not be equaled in any amount of gold or anything material. Infinite love and light to them.

Marina Golovanova Russia

Applied Yoga Research and Training Centre website

If you are looking to deepen your yoga practice, I definitely recommend the yoga practice with Krishna and Masha. This kind of practice allows you to feel another level of connectedness with the Universe and each other, and also emphasizes good health, clear mind and kind heart. Thanks a lot, Masha & Krishna!

Fem Rotheray United Kingdom

Applied Yoga Research and Training Centre website

Learning about the eight Ashtanga steps and useful tips and information about the body, living healthy life and understanding the anatomy of many words (eg. Hatha) was helpful.

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