Aranya Yoga Ashram

Aranya Yoga Ashram is established with the aim of spreading the virtues of yoga across the world and to promote your personal growth.

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Krishna Das Baba

Aranya Yoga Ashram was founded by Krishna Das Baba. Krishna was born and raised in a peaceful mountainous setting in the Western Himalayas of North India, where he was introduced to yoga at an early age. For the last 10 years, Krisha Das Baba has been directing yoga classes, 200-hour teacher training courses, and various workshops on meditation, healing, and Ayurvedic cooking in Gokarna, Palolem, and Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. He started his practice at age 15, under the guidance of his Guru Ji Sri Sitaram Das Baba Ji from the lineage of the Ramananda Sampradaya.


Realizing yoga to be her true calling, Eleanor left London and moved to India to undertake a yoga teacher training at the Aranya Yoga School with Krishna Das Baba. The training had a deep impact on Eleanor, expanding her knowledge of yoga and broadening her horizons, that she decided to stay on and assist him with his classes whilst continuing to learn. Eleanor now teaches Vinyasa flow, Yin, traditional Hatha, and pranayama at the Aranya yoga shala in Gokarna and assists with the teacher training groups in their Dharamshala, Goa, and Gokarna centers.

pankaj acharya

holistic health and yoga coach,studied yogic science,therapy and meditation at SVYASA yoga university,bangalore.yttc 200 and 500 hr trainer at aranya yoga ashram.pankaj is a very friendly and gentle yoga teacher.he has completed his yogic training and gathered already a vast teaching experience.he loves to share his knowledge with students from all walks of life.he is originally from north india but has spend time all over india studying,practicing and teaching.his teaching is very easy to understand as he teacheswith such dedication and lightheartedness.

dhani yogi

dhani yogi is from italy where he lives in the summer on his native island of sicily.he is a very dedicated and outstanding ashtanga yoga teacher and calisthenics passionate.dhani says that yoga is a great tool for transformation of body ,mind and soul.

Testimonials (3)

Simon Tolan

Aranya Yoga Ashram Facebook page

I came to Palolem in Goa to learn yoga, meditation and Mantras. After visiting 4 dropin centers which were more of an exercise class the teaching of yoga. I came across Kristina Buba’s Aranya Yoga Ashram. In the short time of being there I learned about the connection between mind, movement and body from one of the true masters of Yoga.

Kind thoughts and gratitude as always!

Anastasia Demkina

Aranya Yoga Ashram Facebook page

Hey, guys! Aranya Yoga Ashram is the best place for those who want to practice yoga, learn how to cook Indian meals and just finally get the peace we all are missing in our lives sometimes! I fell in love with this place 5 years ago and since that time keep coming back to Palolem to do yoga with Krishna. Now it has become an essential part of my life!

Eva Walicki

Aranya Yoga Ashram Facebook page

Aranya Yoga and Krishna is the perfect place whether you're looking for yoga, sound meditation, mantra classes, a cooking courses or ayurvedic treatment. It truly is an unique experience which gives in-depth knowledge of yogic life. I especially enjoyed the personal guidance in the yoga classes and the good atmosphere.

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