Arhanta Yoga Ashram

Madhya Pradesh, India

Arhanta Yoga is an educational organization founded by Divine Educative Trust. It is built on the path of Vedic principles and gurukul tradition.

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    • Irma Kolishevska Macedonia

      BookYogaRetreats website

      I'm very satisfied with Arhanta's yoga teacher training program. Everything that was mentioned on their website regarding the curriculum, the course, the living conditions - was true to the word. The curriculum was well rounded, very comprehensive, we learned much more than it is required by Yoga Alliance 200 hr yoga teacher training course. Each class and activity were organized to the minute, teachers were well prepared, very thorough, always ready to answer students questions. All the staff at the Ashram were extremely nice and forthcoming towards the students.Arhanta's course is very intensive, perhaps much more than most of the other yoga teacher training courses. I believe that it is due to the teachers' intention to teach the prospective yoga teachers as much as possible. I'm happy for that because we really learned a lot. I sincerely recommend Arhanta Ashram to everyone who is honestly serious about yoga and who wants to join the course not for the sole purpose of gaining a certification but most of all for acquiring knowledge which is a basic prerequisite for becoming a good yoga teacher. This course is not for those who want to achieve the certification in an easy way; it's for those who are ready to work hard, to concentrate and commit themselves completely during the 25 days course. It's not easy, it's demanding physically and emotionally but at the end, everyone in the group agreed that it was all worth it.Overall, I'm glad I chose Arhanta's course. No regrets. I sincerely recommend it!

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    • Mariana Cosenco Romania

      Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      First of all Arhanta Ashram was a lifetime experience for me. It requires a lot of discipline and makes you put all your energy to keep the rhythm. There are moments when you think you will not improve your practice, but the only thing that should be improved is the focus and in order to be more focused, the teachers motivate you all the time. Practicing with more focus, everything will be increased and it makes you feel more confident. Besides, it is priceless to be with yourself and to give yourself more attention to listen to your soul, what is really your goal in life.

    • a traveler

      November 2. 2015. Tripadvisor website

      I just spent a month doing 200 her teacher training. The price was fair especially if convicted marked to similar courses in India and around the world. Sure the food was simple and the accommodation was basic but it was all clean. Lots of security guards which was a weird feeling - like a yoga jail! But the yoga teaching was outstanding - really really clear and thorough, was hard of course but there was good comradery in the group and Omkhar, the main teacher for asana was the best. Tough when he needed to be, but also super funny. If you want a fancy yoga vacation with organic juices go to Thailand - if you want solid training in how to be a yoga teacher go to Arhanta. Easy.

    • Severine Malaysia

      November 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      This month of training has been a journey of discovery. It helped me to define what I wanted from my own yoga practice and how to teach at a professional level. The course is extremely well thought so we can achieve our goal. The teachers are supportive and take no nonsense. Their knowledge is wide and they share it in good spirit. I am going back home with a better vision and action plan for my future. Thank you!

    • Melissa Netherlands

      November 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      For me, the Arhanta Yoga teacher program was a life changing experience. This ashram was very professional and with their intensive program I learned every day more and more. For me, the philosophy class was very useful to help me decide what wind of life I want to have. Its never too late to make changes. They have given me a lot of tools to think about a healthy lifestyle that works for me. In the beginning of this course, people might think they are strict, but in the end they teach you, train you and give you the base you need to be a professional yoga teacher or even to make other changes in your life. Its not about being nice or sweet but to be clear, truthful with love. And thats what they give their students. Arhanta Yoga crew, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    • Steffi Germany

      November 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      In this course you learn not only how you can teach yoga in a professional and enjoyable way and what all stands behind yoga, you also learn so much about yourself. Every day you are confronted with different topics and different challenges that stimulate you to dear, re-think or even change things in your life. The time at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram is a wonderful and inspiring experience which I can recommend to everyone who is interested in yoga and who is ready to find out more about themselves.

    • Amalia Netherlands

      November 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      The course was so good. Useful information, a good pace, very good teachers with a lot of knowledge. I feel that I know enough to deepen my own practice as well to be a good teacher. The ashram is basic but beautiful. Its a place of peace and quiet. It supported me to calm down and study hard with a smile, of course. I would recommend Arhanta to anyone who wants to study yoga and who wants to experience the ashram lifestyle. This experience brought me back to myself, healed me and taught me what the yogic lifestyle is. I am very grateful for that, so thank you so much, Arhanta Yoga team.

    • Fiona Australia

      November 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      My personal experience here at the Arhanta Yoga teacher training 200 hour course has been amazing. An eye opening, incredible, moving and beautiful journey. The structure and organisation of the month has been well thought out allowing for individual growth and development not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This combined with the professionalism of the staff, with in-depth knowledge, passion and care for each student and progress of the group. These two correlating to create a welcoming, warm, positive and exciting learning environment.The ashram itself in India is secluded in a beautiful environment, surrounded by nature. The sunrises and sunsets along with the moon and the atmosphere allow you to connect to the true beauty of nature. Blissful! It is a very safe and secure environment with true humble sould working in the grounds. One of the most inspiring, exciting and invigorating months. Thank you Arhanta!

    • Charline France

      November 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      What an experience! Everything in the ashram is so well organised. You just have to go with the flow. This course is a great way to find yourself and to start to live your own way. The teachers are really careful with everyone and their knowledge about yoga is really inspiring. After this course I feel confident and ready to give yoga classes in French and in English. Thank you!

    • Joyce Netherlands

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      It was an interesting process. I have grown a lot personally and in my practice. I would like to keep studying the philosophy. My interest grew so much that I just want to learn more and how to apply this knowledge in my personal life. It feels very good looking back 3 weeks ago and see how my personal practice has improved. The teachers are very professional, they took their time to explain us how to teach asanas. My interest in yoga goes beyond the physical body and here we have learned the importance of the philosophy, together with the asanas, the breathing and all the benefits. I am looking forward to teach. I feel ready and positive. I hope to come back soon for my next step.

    • Caroline Ireland

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      I came to the course to learn how to teach yoga. I go away with so much more. The Arhanta Yoga teacher training course will give you all the tools and resources you need to be a confident Hatha Yoga teacher. We covered a variety of topics to include philosophy, nutrition, anatomy, alignment and Asana practice. I learned skills necessary for a comprehensive yoga class as well as self confidence in the delivery of those classes. Friendships and laughs were also a part of the month long course in the Netherlands. Late night study sessions (chatting sessions) go hand in hand with our daily learning. For me, the most important learning was the self-learning I experienced during the month. I will never forget my time with Arhanta. If you are looking to immerse yourself in Yogic learning and are willing to explore your potential, then this is the course for you.

    • Rachel Netherlands

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      It was not only a journey of teaching and practicing yoga asanas, it was much more than that. Because of the inspiring vedic philosophy teachings given by Yogi Ram, it also became an intensive 4-week period of self-study, which made me more aware of my goals in life and especially towards my role as a yoga teacher.

    • Kiki Netherlands

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      At the end of my adventure in the Arhanta Yoga Ashram, I am starting a new adventure at home. The past 4 weeks I gained a lot of knowledge, strength, balance and new inspiration. The teachers were inspiring, fun, thoughtful and strict when needed. They gave us a lot of information, support and confidence. The basics are there now practice in real life. Although our schedule was full from morning until evening, there was always a moment to laugh. In just a few weeks you bond with your fellow students. You help each other out and motivate each other to keep going. A wonderful experience that will guide me further on my own path!

    • Shallu Netherlands

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      I had a great learning experience during my stay at Arhanta Yoga Ashram. Being away from home and my children for 4 weeks was difficult but definitely worth it! The lectures about yoga philosophy are very interesting and useful. Now after 4 weeks I am ready to teach yoga! Unbelievable but true! All the teachers have a lot of knowledge and are always open for questions. No matter how many you have. The whole program is build up in a very logical way. Well I am just grateful that I had this opportunity to follow this one month intensive course in the Netherlands. It was quite challenging at times, but I learned a lot. Thank you!!

    • Noreen Ireland

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      This course was recommended to me by a friend who did the same TTC in India. I was very happy with this course. It is a tough course but it is run by a professional team who are dedicated to the job and have a lot of knowledge. I have gained a lot of knowledge and I am looking forward to using this information to improve my own self-practice and way of living (Yam-Niyam) and to give classes to others.

    • Jasmine United States

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      Its amazing how much I have learned in one month. All the teachers are very supportive. Each day I felt encouraged to try something new and was pushed beyond limits I never knew I had. I feel confident leaving Arhanta and ready to teach. Overall it was a challenging but rewarding experience.

    • Ann Marie Ireland

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      Arhanta Yoga TTC Was recommended to me by someone who had participated in their TTC in India. I am pleased I took his recommendation. The course was well structured and professionally run by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable teachers. I have learned so much on this course. This has been a truly rewarding experience for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others.

    • Naomi Netherlands

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      First of all you are warm, kind people. There is a lot of knowledge shared with us. At some moments it was a bit too much. However you all kept saying trust the process and I think we need to, because we learned so much. At this moment I am nervous about my exam hopefully I will make it. I love the food, surrounding, teachings and our Saturday night fun with the game. I do not have enough words to thank you all for the wonderful time of 4 weeks at the ashram in Holland. For sure I will come for the 300 hours. And I want to start an Arhanta Yoga studio (First I need to talk with my boyfriend) but I have all the trust in you and Kalyani. Thank you.

    • Linda Netherlands

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      This is a very intensive course. Be prepared for that. If you are looking for just a quick way of getting your yoga teacher certificate, dont do this course. But if you are looking for a way to become a good trained yoga teacher or to really improve if you are a yoga teacher already, and on top of that you want to grow in your own practice and on a personal and spiritual level, and if you are ready for a physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster this is the place to be! It brought me everything I wanted to get out of it and more. Sometimes it was hard but it was worth every minute of it. Ram, Kalyani, Omkar and Jyoti, thank you so very much for this experience! It was life changing!

    • Titia Netherlands

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      I dont even know where to begin. I have learned so much in the last few weeks! I came with a vague idea wanting to learn more about yoga and somehow see if I can make this my profession in the near future. The first weeks were overwhelming in information, adapting to the schedule and really believing I could actually master the required skills to teach. After almost completing the course I can only be amazed of what Ive learned from this wonderful team of teachers. If its not the knowledge of how to teach, then it would be to get a grasp of the yogic philosophy. And also the incredible grow in my own practice. The headstand is finally something Ive mastered here and so much more. This course was challenging, difficult to keep up with the pace sometimes, interesting and complete. I dont regret one single day of being here. I might even come back for the advanced course. Thank you Ram, Kalyani, Jyoti and Omkar!

    • Silje & Kristoffer from Norway

      August 2015. Arhanta Yoga Ashram website

      The Arhanta teacher training course can be recommended to everyone who wants to do a Hatha Yoga teacher training. The curriculum is relevant and the teachers are excellent. Students get a solid teacher training and a chance to deepen their own practice. The ashram is located in a beautiful, peaceful surrounding. It is easier to focus on the course when there are few disturbing external factors. Also the experience of living at an ashram gave a feeling of the real deal. Living at an ashram was a new experience to me, I liked it and I would really like to do it again.

    • Blathnaid Coffey Ireland

      February 2012

      The Arhanta TTC has really surpassed my expectations. This course has everything required to prepare anyone interested to become a qualified Yoga teacher. No matter what your age or fitness levels are, all that is required is an open mind and enthusiasm to learn. There was a lot of variety in the course along with excellently planned schedule, the curriculum is very well rounded with good coverage of Yogic philosophy, yogic way of lifestyle and well challenging Yoga asana classes. The countryside setting is ideal for the course as it is peaceful and located in an area surrounded by diverse nature. I have met so many wonderful people from around the world. I would highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of becoming a Yoga teacher, it is an experience never to be forgotten.

    • Britney Stables Canada

      March 2012

      My experience at Arhanta has been exceptional. My asana practice has improved immensely and my skills and confidence to be a Yoga teacher have reached a point that I never imagined upon my arrival for the course. I think this program attracts very kindred spirits, the friendships made here are certainly going to be lifelong. The teachers were an ideal balance between firmness and gentleness which allowed for physical and mental growth and spiritual reflection. This month has been incredibly challenging but a true catalyst in spiritual journey. I look forward to go home and using the skills and knowledge I have gained here to begin teaching Yoga.

    • Michelle Bunney Canada

      March 2012

      I am so thankful that I came to Arhanta ashram to learn how to teach Yoga and develop my practice. Our teachers gave us the true knowledge of Yoga in its authentic original form. My understanding of yoga has come to a whole new level and I am inspired to live better and be the person I want to be. I really enjoyed the simple ashram atmosphere and the closeness between all the students and teachers. It was very supportive and caring environment. I am very proud of all of us for accomplishing our dream to teach Yoga and look forward to seeing where our paths will take us, Thank you.

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