AryaMarga Yoga teaches an integrated system of untouched and unchanged practices of the four yogas.

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Mohit Gautam

AryaNarga Yoga

I amusingly call myself a perpetual escapist. Driven by my whims, I left my 13th job (in 8 years), looking for yet another escape. That's when I discovered the 5-months TTC course offered by Aryamarga. Coming here, I knew exactly what I'd been escaping from, all my life and how to finally confront it.

Call it serendipity, I found myself being a part of this close-knit circle of brilliant Yoga teachers and like-minded aspirants from around the globe. Because of the limited number of students, everyone gets enough room for self improvisation, getting a grip on the fine nuances of yogic practices, be it asanas, pranayama or kriyas.

What really got me hooked though were Roshan Ji's philosophical elaboration on original Yogic texts - Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, Vijnanabhairava Tantra and Mandukya Upanishad - it's rich, unconventional and unexpectedly humorous! His teachings inculcate you with wisdom and reverence without compromising on playfulness.

Full of adventure and surprises, the fortnightly trips to the uncharted territories of Himalayas are something to look forward to.

Half-way through the course, I am realising this is not a yoga TTC course per se. It's more like an off-the-mat guidance to knowing yourself, and others, more intimately, making more meaningful connections, and hence be able to navigate through life most skillfully — turning your very whims into your greatest strengths. Coming from the very fountainhead of the original Natha lineage, the teachings help you explore the deserted nooks and corners of your own psyche — the way psychedelics never can.

I would highly recommend Aryamarga's 5-months TTC course for intense seekers who are looking for a radical transformation in all three dimensions - physical, psychological and spiritual.


AryaNarga Yoga

For my path, having me led to AryaMarga Yoga Institute I am very grateful. The opportunity that we are given here, to study and experience the ancient teachings of Yoga is one that I believe to be very unique in its form.

We are offered profund teachings, building a wholesome system of practicing Yoga, which are made so vivid to take in by the passion they are presented to us.

Our teachers create a space for each of us to be who we are now and encourage us to grow towards ourselves, a space filled by compassion.

This course, being not even half way over, already offered me the possibility to let go of reference frames that were not of use anymore, giving me the chance to gradually elimite my own limitations.

I truly thank the AryaMarga Team for sharing their teachings with us.

Beatrice Lukacs

AryaNarga Yoga

I had a very nice time these 45 days, the team was very helpfull and well prepared. The asana class was belanced and intense, the pranayama was relaxing and every day more and more in the breathing tecniques and than we had interesting and stimulating raja yoga and hatha yoga pratipika classes that give us a deep feeling and much more detailed understanding of what yoga is really.

I say thanks to all the team to give us lot of attention, time and to share nice classes and moments with us.

Nada Hamdan

AryaMarga Yoga website

My time at Arya Marga Yoga Institute has been so surreal. It has been really comforting and exciting to know that we are learning true yoga from the source - the Naga lineage, which is where yoga came from in the first place. The Institute’s focus on Raja Yoga and Kundalini yoga has been important for me since I am more spiritually inclined. It has been so interesting to learn about the system of the 5 Elements and I have learnt so much about myself and others that way. You will not find this kind of approach in any other TTC and it is very important as each person has a different combination of elements and so we can offer them a tailored package of asanas, pranayama, mudras, and meditations accordingly.

My favorite parts are Yoga Psychology (including personality types, Dream Yoga and many meditations) and the meditation retreat in Spiti where we put our new knowledge into more intensive practice. You will go through so many changes as is the case of true healing and spiritual evolution, and you will learn how to help others achieve changes as well, so it is definitely worth it. The Aryamarga team members are so helpful, caring and accommodating, so I can assure you that you are in good hands if you join this 5 months program.