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Ashta Yoga Valley

Ashta Yoga Valley is a yoga center that offers Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training courses, weekly regular and intensive yoga course and retreats in India and abroad.

Instructors 1

Amit Namdev

Amit Namdev was born in central India. He started his yoga journey at the age of 12. However, his parents had introduced to yoga asanas since he was 10, as part of a traditional, orthodox education. Amit is very passionate about teaching, helping and enriching others spiritual growth with his far-reaching knowledge. Beside this, Amit is also very passionate about travelling and reaching the world and opening his mind and wings to broaden his horizon and therefore his life.

Testimonials 2

Alexia K.

Ashta Yoga Valley website

I had the chance to start my yoga journey with Master Amit, he gave us with his teacher training methods the keys and tools to become skilled yoga teachers. Then i took my first training for Reiki level 1, it was very inspiring and his pedagogic skills are always clear and efficient. So after few months of practice i decided to go further with Reiki and took the Reiki level 2 via Skype, this was great and very practical since in am in Dubai and Master in Thailand at this time ! I am eager to keep learning with Amit! I hope you will have the chance of learning from him, he is giving many courses and retreats all around the globe so follow him or take internet courses he is the best teacher ever! Namaste:)

Assunta Testa

Ashta Yoga Valley website

Life gifted me with the opportunity to meet Amit in magic Goa. In few days, I got the best adjustments for my Ashtanga practice, I was upgraded to Reiki master level and I experienced EFT sessions. The overall journey was so amazing that cannot be described by words indeed. I highly recommend to practice with Amit, a devoted master. Thanks a lot:-)

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