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Ashta Yoga Valley is a yoga center that offers Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training courses, weekly regular and intensive yoga course and retreats in India and abroad.

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24 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Vietnam

Sep 14-Oct 7, 2017 | Nov 9-Dec 2, 2017

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from US$2,700
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24 days / 23 nights

Amit Namdev

Amit Namdev was born in central India. He started his yoga journey at the age of 12. However, his parents had introduced to yoga asanas since he was 10, as part of a traditional, orthodox education. Amit is very passionate about teaching, helping and enriching others spiritual growth with his far-reaching knowledge. Beside this, Amit is also very passionate about travelling and reaching the world and opening his mind and wings to broaden his horizon and therefore his life.


  • Review by Alexia K.

    "I had the chance to start my yoga journey with Master Amit, he gave us with his teacher training methods the keys and tools to become skilled yoga teachers. Then i took my first training for Reiki level 1, it was very inspiring and his pedagogic skills are always clear and efficient. So after few months of practice i decided to go further with Reiki and took the Reiki level 2 via Skype, this was great and very practical since in am in Dubai and Master in Thailand at this time ! I am eager to keep learning with Amit! I hope you will have the chance of learning from him, he is giving many courses and retreats all around the globe so follow him or take internet courses he is the best teacher ever! Namaste:)"

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  • Review by Assunta Testa

    "Life gifted me with the opportunity to meet Amit in magic Goa. In few days, I got the best adjustments for my Ashtanga practice, I was upgraded to Reiki master level and I experienced EFT sessions. The overall journey was so amazing that cannot be described by words indeed. I highly recommend to practice with Amit, a devoted master. Thanks a lot:-)"

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  • Review by Emmagemma32 from UK

    "I have truly enjoyed doing the course in Reiki and hypnotherapy. Such an enlightening experience, really. I recommend anyone traveling to meet Amit and learn from him. Thank you very much!"

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  • Review by Rachel from Canada

    "Dear Amit, I cannot thank you enough for this experience. You have showed me the skills I need to still my mind - something I have always struggled with in life. Through your yoga class, I was able to connect with my body in ways I never have before. Thanks to you, I can now touch my toes! Yay! :) I will continue to practice the skills you have taught me, and am grateful the universe brought me to you. Best of luck with your future endeavors. You are a fabulous teacher! I am forever grateful! Lots of love."

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  • Review by Ina from Germany

    "Amit, it was a great pleasure getting to know you. Thanks for the little 3 days experience. I really enjoyed it. Youre a nice person and with your great humor you never let a minute become boring. Hope that all your dreams become true especially having the chance to come to Europe one day. I hope to see you when I come back to India or when you come to Germany! Thanks Amit."

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  • Review by Chris from Canada

    "Amit, I had an awesome experience while taking your meditation / Reiki / yoga course. I am so grateful to have found such a balanced and holistic course that combines the practice of these three skills. The guidance you have provided me has been extremely helpful in teaching me to go deeper inside myself and learn of my true nature. I am excited to continue my practice and refine the skills that I have learned. I wish you all the best in the future and extend to you my deepest gratitude for the time we have spent together."

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  • Review by Chiong from Malaysia

    "It had been a pleasant and enlightening experience. The energy that I had felt is beyond words and has to be experienced to know it. Amit had been generous and kind and is a good teacher. Regards."

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  • Review by Iddo Mayan from Israel

    "Amit, you are a great person. I really hope I will be able to channel the universal life force you possess to the world. You have opened new horizons for me. Thanks for the course and the good times!!"

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  • Review by Sarah Haas from United States

    "Thanks for everything you have brought to your teachings. I appreciate all of the positive energy influences that I have received throughout this Reiki class. Continue your journey and enjoy what has been given to you. Good luck!"

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  • Review by Seema Shah from United States

    "Dear Amit, Thanks for the Reiki and attunement - I felt the energy and appreciate its use and am looking forward to giving self-treatment and treatment to others. Your kindness and positive nature is wonderful. Best to you!"

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  • Review by June Lim from Singapore

    "Dear Amit, It spent eleven days with you to learn the wonder of Reiki. Well, I am really filled with joys in your Reikis class. Hope that with your teaching and coaching, I can be able to use and equip myself in Reiki so as to bring sunshine to as many peoples in the near future. Thanks Amit, for all these days and I really appreciate every lesson you give. May God always bless you in your life. May He bring you goodness too! With love."

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  • Review by Shira from United Kingdom

    "Dear Amit, thank you for the course. It was clear and interesting. I felt I could ask everything and you would patiently explain. Good luck with everything."

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  • Review by Mary Flynn from Ireland

    "Thank you Amit. I loved doing Reiki level 1. I hope to continue further in Reiki with you in the future. It has been a wonderful experience. You are a kind and gentle person and I am happy that you have been my teacher. Thank you again. Best of luck for the future!"

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  • Review by Alexander Wessman from Sweden

    "Thanks a lot Amit, I did a 3 days pranayama course with Amit. I have been to basic course in pranayama before but they didnt explain the benefit of pranayama as clear as Amit. Amit inspired me to use the practice that he teaches me in my daily life."

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