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Jayne Ross

from United States, June 2019

"March 2019 - Bali 200hr Yoga Teacher Training "

I completed my 200 hours with Atman Yoga in Bloo Lagoon, Bali in March 2019. What an incredible, life changing experience this was! It was intense, but immersing yourself in such a beautiful location, learning all aspects of yoga for 3 weeks and creating bonds with 20 other students from around the world, who are now long life friends, was amazing and I'm so glad I did it!

Bali is such a beautiful location, with wonderful and friendly staff - they couldn't do enough for you and made you feel part of their family.

Coralia is an absolute pure soul, incredibly knowledgeable, who really teaches from the heart, I feel so lucky to have been trained by such a wonderful person. Aylan is my forever inspiration! Unbelievably authentic, passionate, with a massive heart, I learnt so much for her in my short time there and hope that our paths cross again in the future.

I am so grateful for my experience and what I have learnt. I cannot recommend Atman Yoga and these teachers highly enough!

Ellisiv Flack

from Norway, May 2019

"beautiful journey"

The space at bloo lagoon is just amazing! I think i'll have a hard time finding a more beautiful shala than bloo lagoon's. The teachers were so knowlageable and did their best to take care of their students. The journey itself was very intense, but in an inspiring and fun way. To make friends from all over the world is amazing itself, but to do yoga together and share this journey together with people who share the same joy for it is undescribable and something I will carry with me for ever. The three teachers were very fulfiling toghether and amazing in their own special way. I loved every minute of it, even when I felt exhausted, haha. I just loved the environment and being able to dedicate these three weeks on the mat. I feel so much more confident with my own practice and teaching others. Wish it would never end:)

Szilvia Varszegi

from Sweden, May 2019

"Amazing journey!"

I'm very happy that I did my teacher training with Atman Yoga School. We had an amazing group of people and a very kind, open and supportive environment. The location and the view from Bloo Lagoon was incredible, looking at the ocean from the top of the hill while doing yoga is a very special experience. Doing a 200 hrs YTT in 22 days is intense, but our teachers did a great job at covering a wide range of topics and we got a pretty good teaching experience. I also appreciate that we were encouraged to find our own teaching style and the program was suitable for different skill levels in yoga from advanced to more gentle.

Laura Kearns

from United States, May 2019

"Transformative Yoga Teacher Training"

Thoroughly enjoyed the physically demanding curriculum, and strong focus on: *Pranayama (breathing techniques),

* Learning meditation and chanting - this was new for me and one of my goals for the month,

*The great variety of yoga styles strongly anchored by vigorous Hatha and Vinyasa practice,

*Yoga Philosophy - Coralia is a master in this area and a joy to listen to.

*In-depth alignment instruction by Julia, who also gave her time and energy so generously to perform Reiki on anyone with an injury or concern.

The food was all vegetarian (except the bacon at breakfast;-), another first for me, but definitely something I want to continue. Everyone is served the same meal - delicious buffet breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and Muesli, eggs, bacon, pastries, asian noodle/rice, Lunch usually a salad but the veggie burger and sweet potato fries were a firm favorite, Dinner a hot Indonesian meal including either rice or noodles with the Balinese pancakes at dessert being an all time fave.

Accommodation is beautiful, but check beforehand exactly what the room configuration is because you are expected to share a villa with other people, and probably a bed with someone else.

You will be doing 3 hours+ of yoga every day (sometimes 5hrs in the last week) so come physically prepared and injury free if possible. A positive outlook and willingness to participate make for a great group dynamic. Bring your own yoga mat if possible as the ones provided are not great.


from United States, April 2019

"Truely an amazing experience ..."

From start to finish I loved every minute the location was amazing and staff so friendly and accommodating ..

The level of teaching was outstanding Coralia in particular is incrediably knowledgeable patient and always on hand to assist ..

The course is exactly what they advertise “intensive”.. so know that your days will be long and full with both practical and theory.

Katherine Casiano

from Philippines, April 2019

"Incredible transformation and amazing experience!"

It was the YTT that I was hoping for and much more. The teachers are knowledgable, supportive and inspirational. Bloo Lagoon is an amazing resort with breath taking views and wonderful staff. The curriculum is instensive as advertised and good balance of theory and practical class. It truly is a transformation for me and it helped me deepen my practice and prepare me to become a teacher.

I want to highlight that this YTT is intensive as advertised so if you are thinking of joining be prepared for almost 4 hrs of daily practice for 2 weeks and more hrs during the last week of practical classes. Some people got burned out and ill during the second week so ensure you are in best shape before you come.

I will really miss everyone, there was so much laugther and support from everyone and I will forever cherish this experience.

Diana Chang

from Canada, April 2019

"Awesome 22 Day Journey "

I absolutely loved everything - from the scheduling, to class content, to the yoga classes, teachers, peers, food, and accommodation - I really appreciated the heartfelt attention that was put into making this happen. I appreciated that the teachers took time to know us and guide us to be the best versions of ourselves. I loved yoga philosophy and enjoyed alignment class.

Colleen Sain

from United States, April 2019

"Transformational Experience + Comprehensive Course"

I had the most amazing experience through Atman Yoga at the Bloo Lagoon in Bali!

The teachers (Aylan, Julia, & Coralia) are very wise and lead with their hearts. You’ll get a comprehensive yogic education- alignment, anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, and, of course, lots of practice! I loved that we were exposed to many other types of yoga (kundalini, tantra, yin/restorative, etc.) along with a base understanding of hatha and vinyasa. I felt deeply supported by the teachers and other students in the course.

Great location (Bloo Lagoon) is far from distractions (and has an incredibly kind + accommodating resort staff) so you're able to focus on the curriculum. You will have such a wonderful time learning yoga with these teacher and in this beautiful space!

Laura Wicke

from Germany, April 2019

"Nothing could have been better! Beyond my expectations!"

Every part of this training was beyond amazing. First, the teachers! The intention of them and their program, the love, support, compassion and attention they gave to each single one of our group. Then everything else, the location and the accommodation, the staff of the hotel, the food, the yoga shala, the views from every villa, the cleanliness. No words to say how amazing it was. Doing this training at this place with these teachers was the best decision I have ever made.

Tsantali Lucas

from United States, April 2019

"Mind-blowing!! Couldn’t have asked for a better training!"

Everything was great!! It was a perfect combination of amazing teachers, students and beautiful accommodation! I twisted my ankle after the first week and wasn’t able to really participate in the rest of the yoga classes but Julia took amazing care of me and all the amazing girls I did the retreat with where so helpfull and supportive after only knowing me for a week!! It really feels like a new little family that im so happy to be a part of and hope i will meet again in the future!

Tricia Murphy

from United States, April 2019

"Amazing Experience"

Location was fab, teachers were incredible, food was so fresh and super healthy! I signed up for a Yoga teacher training course and gained so so so much more. I met incredible ladies from all over the world, learned life skills, had an opportunity to take some time out and got to deepen my own practice. Just absolutely fantastic experience would highly recommend 💖💗

Aimee Fogelman

from United States, April 2019

"Life changing "

I can’t begin to explain what an amazing and life changing experience this schooling was. I couldn’t have expected that much beauty, love and support from the teachers, the location staff and the girls I attended with. The pictures do not do this wonderful place justice. All three of the teachers not only taught us what we needed to know to pass the exams and instruct a class they actually loved each one of us. They all took time to get to know each one of us and help us grow personally as woman. I’m so thankful and grateful that I chose atman yoga school, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I just hope one day I can repay Julia, Alayn, and Coralia for what they gave me during these three weeks. I will forever remember this experience and feel so prepared to take what I learned there and teach others the love, campassion and understanding I learned while there.

Metvy P

from United States, April 2019

"Amazing transformational experience with great teachers ."

The teachers were great and really cared and gave everything . They went above and beyond .

The food is great , healthy and diverse.

The classes are fun and we learn a lot.

Sonakshi Bagla

from United States, April 2019

"Incredible experience!! "

Everything was really amazing! The place was absolutely beautiful, very comfortable and clean accommodation. All the classes were well structured. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and just beautiful souls. We got to try a lot of different yoga styles, learnt about yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, teaching method and the correct alignment. It was truly a beautiful and transformative experience. I really feel I got to deepen my yoga practice and they prepared us well to go out and teach. Very happy that I chose to do it with atman yoga!

Amni Hidayah

from United States, October 2018

"Amazing life-changing experience!"

I really enjoyed my teacher training very much, with Julia, Coralia and Dimos. They are such wonderful and amazing souls, and highly knowledgeable yogis. They have so much knowledge to share! My practice has really deepened and I am much more aware of my body, mind and soul. My group only had 10 students and we really connected and became a family during the whole course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone because it really is a life-changing experience! The place was absolutely amazing, the food, the ambience and the people. The teachers are really supportive and sincere towards your development. Take on this course, and you will not regret it!

Daniel Suter

from Indonesia, October 2018

"Amazing teachers amazing venue"

Was an incredible transformational process. Really felt so at home. Teachers have a deep understanding of the true yogic principles.

Erma Art

from United States, October 2018

"Beautiful experience, life long bonds formed "

The training itself was incredible. The teachers are all so knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. I learned and grew so much, it was a transformative experience. The group itself was beautiful, and the bonds we formed will last a life time. This must be attributed to the teachers’ ability to cultivate a calm and safe yogic space and community within the group. Wouldn’t trade my time with Atman Yoga school for anything. So happy this is the one I chose.


from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Amazing experience"

The teachers were extremely helpful, informative, always with a smile and gave time to help each student. It was extremely easy to communicate as everyone was so open and willing to listen. Advice was given in a constructive way. The whole 200hr was amazing and extremely beneficial in a multitude of ways. Asanas pranayama philosophy anatomy etc were all taught in a interesting manner and with depth. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend.

Chiew Hong Lee

from Singapore, October 2018

"An amazing experience"

Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Generous and Compassionate Instructors Ms Coralia, Ms Julia and Mr Dimos.

Sincere and Attentive staff from Reception Desk, Concierge, Cleaning team, Kitchen & Service team and farming team ( Kudos to friendly farmer Mr Mardy )

Beautiful Resort with own Organic Farm.

Superb Ocean View.

Fun Pool with Slide.

Restaurant serve Delicious and Quality food.

Well Designed Villas.

Tasha T Castro V

from Spain, October 2018

"REAL and beautiful transforming life experience!"

EVERYTHING! Beautiful & magical Padangbai, excellent hotel staff and the best caring-loving-magical yoga teachers ever!!! Coralia, Dimos & Julia are a great team because they complement Atman Yoga School perfectly! HIGHLY recommend anyone who is thinking about investing on self-love throughout yoga, this YTT is focused on small groups which make the experience even beyond than perfect. I can only say THANK YOU for the AMAZING experience!!!

Betiana Storto

from United States, April 2019

"Amazing teachers"

They have a really beautiful energy, they classes are incredible, always looking at us and always motivating the group. They are such an amazing persons. Always kind and supportive. I feel blessed for choosing this retreat, this experience was more than I could ever expect. Just prepare yourself for a beautiful journey with this beautiful people.


from United States, April 2019

"Best training your could ask for! "

Where to start... the location is amazing, bloolagoon is heaven, the view and the villas are so nice, and there is also a big pool and a nice garden. The people who work there are the nicest and try to arrange everything for you. The training was also amazing, all the 3 teachers are very sweet and wise women and are always available for you. They give a lot of their time to make sure everyone feels good and understand the lessons. They give really good quality yoga lessons. Julia helps you with everything according to the accommodation or personnal issue.

They also do everything for the group to bound and we became all friends. It was an amazing experience.

Furthermore, at the end of the 3 weeks, you really feel ready to

Thank you for everything, I would recommand this training 100%.

Celine Van Der Ven

from United States, April 2019

"Amazing experience in a beautiful location"

I absolutely loved the YTT experience - first of all the teachers were not only very knowledgeable but also very passionate and gifted. They created a very special connection and atmosphere among the group that made the learning experience way beyond a yoga teacher training only. The programme was interesting with a variety of subjects: different yoga styles, alignment classes, philosophy, anatomy, massage lessons and also reiki was being offered. The location was beautiful and the villas as well. The villas were open (really living in connection with the nature) and had amazing views. The food was fresh Indonesian vegitarian food and the kitchen staff was very caring. Definitely wouldn’t have want to do this training anywhere else!!!


from United Kingdom, November 2018

"....if you look for authentic, genuine teachers."

A life changing experience, 200 Hour TTC is an investment for a lifetime.

Little did I know of the greatness within me, brought out by two amazing, compassionate and skilled teachers. Had to relearn fundamentals, even how to walk.

Julia and Coralia precious souls, thank you for making me rise and blossom like a true lotus. Namaste.



from Indonesia, November 2018

"Fantastic experience "

This course is a labour of love born out of the goodness of Julia and Coralia. It is not a cookie cutter programme with drilled practice and regimented schedules. It is learning tailored to the class group and individuals. Julia and Coralia are a fabulous duo. They create a relaxed, personal and authentic learning environment. The core content is of high quality. This course exceeded expectations. Thank you Julia and Coralea!

Zeyi Huang

from China, October 2018

"A real transferation "

The teachers made lots of efforts to make everyone feel comfortable. The relationship between everyone is very nice, ppl managed to inspired each other in many different ways. Overall it’s a truly transformation for every of us!


from France, November 2018

"A life changing experience"

This yoga retreat was an incredible experience. I had hight expectations when I booked this retreat but everything was above what I could imagine ! I am so thankful I met Coralia, Julia & Dimos, they are very sattvic, amazing and wise teachers (and funny too!). I really enjoyed each single class, we had the chance to discover several types of yoga, to practice intensively hatha and vinyasa and to analyse the most important asanas. The anatomy & philosophy classes is very very interesting ! And the bonus : Dimos classes are incredibly useful for our life goals, thought life coaching technics.

I highly recommend this YTT for learning teacher yogi skills but also for the personal transformation process.

Love -


Patricia Taylor

from Australia, October 2018

It was incredible.

All the teachers had an open ear and heart for us.

It can be challenging to deal with yourself, because of so much yoga and meditation you get a pretty good look inside. But they guided us through and it was a truely transformational experience.

Thank you so much!