30 Days 300-Hour YTT in Rishikesh, India

  • Atri Yoga Center, Laxman Squire , Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

30 Days 300-Hour YTT in Rishikesh, India

  • Atri Yoga Center, Laxman Squire , Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

India Yoga Teacher Training

Join Atri Yoga Center in a teacher training program designed to expand your practice and knowledge of yoga. In this course, you will be divulging deeper into a more rigorous and informative routine of yoga. This 300-hour yoga teacher training is yet another milestone in a yogic journey. It will help in nurturing the professional in you. This course is approved and certified by the Yoga Alliance, USA and is a perfect platform to reach the professional level of yoga teaching.


  • Intermediate postures taught
  • Pranayama with their implication and application
  • Lessons on mudras like shambhavi mudra and kechari mudra
  • Cleansing process materials, Rudraksha mala and course books
  • Yoga Alliance Certificate upon completion of the course
  • One day outing to nearby Rishikesh
  • Three daily diet meals and teas
  • 29 nights accommodation
  • 29 days with instruction
  • English
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Throughout the course of this yoga teacher training, you will be provided with a clean and comfortable accommodation. You will be staying in a private room with an attached bathroom and hot water. Diet food and tea will also be served three time daily during your stay.

This 300 hour long teacher training course commences every alternate month. Its main focus is on the pranic healing and therapy yoga which helps in diagnosing and healing a particular disease with the techniques of yoga. It involves practices of Hatha yoga, Shivananda yoga, Himalayan yoga, Iyengar yoga and also the modern style of yoga known as Ashtanga Vinyasa better known as the Power yoga or Flow yoga. Special attention will be given to the asana and their correct postures and use of belt props if necessary.

You can also take this course just after the completion of the 200-hour program. The course will be conducted under the expert guidance of refined RYT teachers. It will be a process of learning the correct style or technique of yoga and meditation. The modern styles like Ashtanga Vinyasa and traditional Hatha yoga, Therapy yoga, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra, all can be learnt at this level and will only help in your yogic journey.


Atri Yoga Center is considered to be among the top most schools offering this course at an intermediate level. An intensive program of five weeks is perfect for both beginners and intermediate level learners. The extensive guidelines laid down by the Yoga Alliance are followed strictly to achieve the international standards of teaching. A platform to nurture the mind and align the body, 300-hour yoga teacher training allows the practitioner to preach yoga around the globe. Offering only traditional styles, Atri Yoga Centers RYT teachers are dedicated to help each and every student be the best they can be.

The schedule is intensive and rigorous. It requires constant dedication and commitment on the part of the practitioner so that to bring out the maximum from this course. Classes start early in the morning with meditation. This meditation will be guided and lead by Yogi Harishchandra for 30 minutes. The meditation will lead you to go close to self-realization and inner peace. The shatkarma (detoxification) will be conducted by the human body and mind. Hatha yoga practice slowly move out any form of blockages in the body and will prepare you for the entire day.

The next session is of pranayama where special emphasis is laid on breathing practices which allows every student to have a refined breathing on completion of the session. Yoga philosophy is another important session where lectures on yoga, Hindu mythology, purana and vedas are conducted. Chanting of mantra and alignment sessions are necessary and informative and allow an in-depth understanding of the yoga and the deep logic behind it. Yoga therapy is a customized approach towards rectifying any ailments or diseases.

Human anatomy sessions offer knowledge about the working of various systems in our body and how yoga impacts every part of it. Every session is planned to get maximum output in one day. Ashtanga Vinayasa or the Power yoga is the most demanding session that takes the learners through various asanas with bandhas and drishti. Meditation is conducted in order for chakra cleansing. Yoga Nidra and other forms are also taken up at the end for the complete relaxation of the body and the mind.

Highlights of the yoga teacher training course

  • Intermediate postures taught
  • Polishing and further refining of the asanas learnt already
  • Unique teaching methods explained
  • Special classes on alignment
  • Mudras like shambhavi mudra and kechari mudra is taught
  • Pranayama with their implication and application
  • Iyengar style and Kundalini style
  • Yoga therapy preached
  • Yoga Nidra level up to 5 level

Yoga styles

Atri Yoga Center has expertise in all kind of yoga styles to make the yoga effective, excellent and tremendous like Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kundalini yoga, Raj yoga, Kriya yoga, Shivananda yoga and many more. Hatha yoga is a style which balances the body and mind to bring the state of super consciousness. It is a smooth, stretching and holding type. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic flow of poses (asanas), it emphasizes ujjai breathing, lock, gaze and base for Power yoga. Course also offers lessons on different levels of asana, pranayama, shat kriya, bandha, mudras, mantra, and meditation.

Soaring Himalayan peaks and steamy lowland jungles. Revered temples and renowned ashrams. Peaceful hill stations and busy cities. Uttarakhand is an enticingly diverse state, with some of Indias best trekking, yoga schools, holiday towns and wildlife-watching all tucked into one little corner of the country.

Rishikesh has been a magnet for spiritual seekers ever since the late 60s. Today it styles itself as the Yoga Capital of the World, with masses of ashrams and all kinds of yoga and meditation classes. Most of this action is north of the main town, where the exquisite setting on the fast-flowing Ganges, surrounded by forested hills, is conducive to meditation and mind expansion.


  • Jolly Grant Airport - 1 hour 27 minutes
  • 1 day outing to nearby Rishikesh
  • 29 nights accommodation
  • Cleansing process materials, course books, and a Rudrakhya mala
  • Daily meditation, yoga practice, and lessons
  • Diet food and tea served three times a day
  • Lessons on yoga Nidra up to level 5
  • Yoga Alliance certificate
  • Yoga therapy
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

Verified BookYogaTeacherTraining.com reviews

  • J
    Review by Jeanette Mendoza from Philippines

    The Yogic Path at Atri Yoga Training Centre

    CONS Cons: Supervision of the accommodation ensuring all is set for the arrival of the students.

    PROS Pros: The lead instructor (Harish) and his assistants (Sandeep and Deepika) are all effective teachers. They listen to the students yet strict with the curriculum ensuring the standards are met for the students' benefit. The philosophy subjects are very interesting and have learned a lot. I have gained knowledge on better meditating ways, correct and safe way of doing the cleansing, variations of pranayama, correct and proper alignments and execution of asana, how to achieve complete relaxation, and how to have positive thinking. Thank you and keep up the good work! Location for the meal is satisfactory.

    2017-Sep-05 08:08:26

  • A
    Review by Anonymous

    Life-changing experience

    PROS Pros: I loved everything about this course. It was a professional, but also friendly and kind environment. I progressed so much in my asana and meditation practice, but I also learned a lot about yogic lifestyle and philosophy. After the alignment classes and some teaching practice, I feel confident to go and bring the joy of yoga to other people :) But I will be back to do my 300 hours to learn more :) Big thanks to Harish and everyone involved :)

    2017-May-17 03:21:23


  • Review by Silviya

    "In a scale of ten ATRI YOGA CENTRE receives full marks. I find this place truly amazing and cannot recommend it enough. Harish and Dipa are incredible and made the transition easy. Real professionals and devoted teachers. And the care for the students is second to none. Yoga is not just exercising, but a whole new lifestyle. I felt really inspired by the philosophy of yoga and the true beliefs behind it. The classes were structured to suit anyone, from a complete beginner to the advanced yogis. The routine was broken by few days of outing and site seeing, which made the experience even better. When you complete the course you will receive not just a certificate, but also a further guidance and support. Don't wait any longer, book your trip to complete freedom and liberation."

    Traveler provided, edited

  • Review by Jess

    "I would like to express with absolute pleasure how amazing my experience doing yoga teacher training with Harish and Deeper from Atri Yoga center in September of 2016."

    "I wanted to do a course that provided thorough in-depth training and I got much more! The wealth of knowledge the program provides you with is so invaluable and really does leave you with an expanded mind, a thirst to learn and practice more and more. Day-to-day you complete: Meditation, Cleansing, Hatha yoga, Alignment (learn to teach), Anatomy training (from a doctor) Philosophy discussions (with guru), Vinyasa Yoga, Mantra chanting, and Breath training. All while sustaining a healthy vegetarian diet. All Accommodation and meals are provided throughout the course and are of quality standard. Field trips are also included, full of adventure and amazing experiences, a pure highlight for me, with Harish you will experience India in a more deeper way. It was a life changing experience for me and I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to train and be supported by such kind and high quality professionals."

    "I recommend the Atri Yoga center to anyone who is serious about learning deep yogic knowledge, and determined to be a disciplined, open minded student. You will be challenged, pushed and encouraged."

    Traveler provided, edited

  • 10 out of 10

    "Yogi Harish Chandra at the Atri Yoga Center in Rishikesh will give you the best direction to offer you some assistance with mastering the yoga asanas. He will give you insights of knowledge of the yogic theory and will abandon you with the intelligence of how to define successful classes so that you may show others with certainty while staying consistent with an ancient yoga style."

    Google reviews website, edited

  • Review by Traveler
    10 out of 10

    "Thanks for the best training of Yoga in Rishikesh... Atri Yoga Center is one of my favourite Yoga center in Rishikesh, Iindia...Thanks"

    Google reviews website, edited

  • Review by Tina Notaro
    10 out of 10

    "In my 25 years of yoga practice, gathering of philosophical, and meditative experience I have found four great masters that deeply impacted my life as a committed yogini. Yogi Harishchandra is one of those spiritual masters and is an expansive authority on all aspects of both Hatha and Asthanga asanas, meditation, pranayama, mudras, advanced kriyas, vedic/yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, yoga related anatomy and physiology, and teaching methodology. I completed a 200- hour intensive teacher training with him, a course that is far more in depth than many that I have researched. He has been instrumental in guiding my self-knowledge and practice, over all, to a deep and integrated level. Yogi Harishchandra is a fully committed master who devotes his life to his practices and to guiding others in the discovery of the Guru within themselves."

    Atri Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Courtney Venaglia
    10 out of 10

    "Harish was doing a teacher training course in Goa (a once off I think) when I arrived in town. I asked him if I could join in (only for a few weeks) and he was happy to let me. I have being practicing yoga for a few years, however I have only practiced in Australia before this, and I was very happy with Harishs teaching. He corrected my positions and pushed me just a bit further than I would push myself and I reached a higher point in my yoga practice. It was a great learning experience."

    Atri Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Katrina
    10 out of 10

    "I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training under guidance of Yogi Harishchandra at Atriyogacenter, Reshikesh, India. Iam internationally qualified to instruct in traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy."

    Atri Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Markus from Austria
    9 out of 10

    "I did the 200 hour yoga course in November with my girlfriend. We did ashtanga yoga in the morning and hata in the afternoon. We started the course with mediation and cleansing. The proper way of meditation is very important to him this makes also easier for you to make progress. In the alignment class he showed us how to teach on many different postures. The small group made it possible to teach for everybody and learn how a teacher has to correct the students. Yoga philosophy and physiology made the whole course complete.We stayed in a nice hotel with got great food in a restaurant everybody took a lot of care of us. Harish is an amazing person. His yoga lessons are very good, always keeping a nice tension and he motivates to make more progress. He corrects you in a very smart"

    "way during the course and you can achieve a great progress. I was kind of suffering a lot but I loved it ;)I am very thankful and recommend Atri Yoga Center."

    January 2016, edited

Laxman Squire, Laxman jhula, Rishikesh, India

Atri Yoga Center offers various yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh, India.

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