Bhagsu Yoga Institute offers short-term and long-term courses, Yoga Therapy, Multi style Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga. Reiki, Sound Healing, Kriya Yoga.

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Swami Omji

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Mari Lopez

from Germany, March 2020

"200 TTC, Reiki, Rebirthing. A one-off experience"

Attending the 200 hours yoga teacher training course conducted by Omji at the Bhagsu Institue is an experience I can only recommend.

This yoga taining is a perfect insight in the physical, mental, and spiritual practices of yoga. Omji is an experienced and inspiring yogi, with the ability to translate yoga philosophy into situations in the here and now. He spreads love and enthusiasm in his classes, and invites to practice yoga creating awareness within you, as well as with the physical postures on the outside.

I also had the privilege to learn the Reiki method of natural healing from him, and learned crystal and singing bowls healing practices. Omji is an experienced healer with a calming positive energy and an amazing intuition that he applies during his teachings. As a rebirthing therapist, he also conducted me through a rebirthing experience.

Getting to know Omji and attending his classes has been an extremely inspiring experience for me. He encourages to develop a deep awareness of how we live, interact and react to the world,

showing the value of calming your mind and ego, in order to gain inner clarity. He is an inspiration to work towards oneself, and achieve inner peace and compassion for all, wherever we go, whatever the challenges of life are.

So if you can, take the chance to attend his teachings and enjoy his classes!