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Breathe SXM is dedicated to offering peace-filled, nurturing teacher trainings all over the beautiful Caribbean island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.

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Richard Ontario

Trip Advisor Website

When planning our latest trip to St. Maarten with a group of 10 (6 newbies to SXM) we mentioned that our number one recommendation for a group adventure would be Random Wind. Four of us sailed with Captain Trevor in 2015 and we had a BLAST!

There are times you are hesitant to tout something to a group for fear that it may disappoint some. No such fear for Random Wind as is has something for all whether you want to keep your feet dry or dive, sometimes rather unceremoniously, from the bowsprit or trying a daredevil entry from the swing into the crystal blue waters surrounding SXM.

We all want to thank Capt. Trevor and Anna for their hospitality and enabling us to let loose but especially looking out for us and providing a safe, enjoyable trip. It was also nice to meet Diane this time. Glad all is well with you.

Thank you all again we shall spread the word. Until next time - safe sailing!

Akeeda A

TripAdvisor Website, edited

I had three days of private one on one yoga with Erica . It was truly amazing I feel refreshed , rejuvenated and learnt quite a lot about my own personal practice on where I need to strengthen and connect with more . I will definitely book classes with her again , whenever I'm in St. Martin.



What's not to love? Great teachers - in the past two weeks I've taken classes from both Elizabeth and Erica: they're skilled teachers who know what they're doing. As a regular yogi, I appreciated how comfortable they made everyone feel, even those who likely had never done a class. As always, it's your practise, so you can take it up a level, or modify - all from under a gazebo, staring out at the ocean and listening to the surf, heavenly!

I loved Elizabeth's soothing voice, twinkling eyes, and that she did moon salutations since we had a full moon! Her class was uplifting and relaxing.

Erica literally "glows" as she teaches, gives wonderful directions, and when I was there she did some flow, which I always enjoy. When I asked her how she learned a pose, she even offered to work with me afterwards on the beach - which was above and beyond (if only I hadn't had a boat to catch, my loss!). I find her empowering and inspiring at the same time.

Tips: get there early to get a spot near the front to better hear the teacher (surf sounds can compete). It can get hot (lol) with some spots in the sun - consider sunscreen, bringing a hand towel to wipe your brow and perhaps a water bottle.

Mats are provided.

Give it a try, whether you're a newbie or an experienced yogi, young or "wise," and gentlemen: there were some of you there too!

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