Bright Yoga School offers high quality yoga teacher trainings registered with Yoga Alliance. They offer 100 and 200-hour advanced yoga courses based on Rocket and Vinyasa yoga.

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Ricardo Martin

Kunkanit Phrombut

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Andy Bouchier

Bright Yoga School website

I took teacher training with Ricardo and Joy in April 2013 in Thailand. I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada and I am 33 years old. I had an idea it was going to be intense and I was surprised how fun and rewarding the experience was. They broke everything down into manageable steps. I did a lot of postures/asanas such as handstand, tripod headstand, pincha that I never attempted or dreamed was possible with a naturally inflexible big guy like myself. I came in at 6’2 272lbs and after the training I was 254 lbs. Ricardo and Joy allow you to teach yourself and find passion in your daily self practice. They give so many countless tips to accommodate what each individual is struggling in.

You will also make like minded friends around the world. Now I am a lot more flexible and stronger and I have almost lost 50 pounds now. Their experience, knowledge and passion shines through their teaching. I would jump at the chance to train with them again 10/10 stars, I can’t recommend them enough. If you are lucky enough to get them as teachers you will not regret it!


Bright Yoga School website

I like the training so much in all level. Humans (Groups and Teachers) , The condense the challenge and the structure

and the structure of the topics very series and very pedagogy.

I love you guys with all my heart because you generosity and all the passion that you puts when you teach. I feel how many new seed start to grow inside of me. I don’t have any doubt that all the things you been share with me…

its going to be with me all my life.

I feel very good and happy because I’m going to be able to share yoga with my heart and humbleness. The most challenging part? I don’t know everything was a pressure for me. I know that is some posture I need to work on it but its ok…

Thanks for everything, keep in touch one hug for each of you.

Kimmy Wood

Bright Yoga School website

This Training has truly been a life changing experiences. I am now so aware of both my body and mid and have learnt things about myself that I would have never without doing this training.

Whilst I am now physically stronger, and more pound of how much stronger I am mentally. The most challenging part was listening to my inner voice and teaching myself how to be my Inner Teacher.

This course has changed my life for the better and I am so Thankful to Its Yoga especially for Joy and Ricardo


Judy Wong

Bright Yoga School website

Joy & Ricardo’s teacher training course was awesome! The two of them produce such energetic synergies that shine through in their teaching styles. They are complimentary partners who were able to share their heart-felt experiences with those of us who were students. More importantly, they did not try to force us beyond our limits, nor cast a shadow over our abilities during our asana practice.

Their Teacher Training truly helped deepen my practice from within. I grateful for their encouragement and belief in my inner teacher, and thank them for helping me find my own voice.

I continue to be reminded of the benefits of the practice and the Teacher Training each day as I embrace motherhood. I truly believe my baby has also reaped the benefits of my training as I was in the best shape of my life when I conceived!

Laura Melgueira

Bright Yoga School website

My 200 hr TT with Joy & Ricardo was simply the best experience of my life so far. They turned me into a confident yoga teacher without me even noticing. Prior to the training I was nervous and worried that I may not have a teaching voice or what it takes to lead a class. No matter your level or inhibitions Joy and Ricardo support you every step of the way, they guide you and show you just how to find your natural way. They show you all the tools that are already within yourself. Encouraging you consistently through inner transformations. For me it wasn’t ‘just a Teacher training’ it was so much more…. they take you on a journey surrounded by wonderful people, you find yourself and how to be a great teacher!!! simply the best of the best! 1000% recommended whether you want to teach or not.