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Online Teacher Training Course

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Take your online course at your own pace, at the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world, and start whenever you want. All you need is a mattress, pillow and blanket, and a desire to dance. This course will be on Zoom with four hours of practical and theory classes every Saturday and Sunday for five weekends in a group!

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  • 50-hour online yoga dance teacher training
  • 40 contact hours and 10 non-contact hours
  • 10 4-hour live online sessions every Saturday and Sunday for 5 weeks
  • Live online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online sessions' timezone: London, UK (GMT +1)
  • Videos and guided meditations for download
  • You will be in a private group on Facebook for sharing
  • Certificate of completion from Padma Yoga
  • You will be given a full manual and one book on the goddesses, their mantras, and meditations


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Der Veranstalter spricht auch: Deutsch, Spanisch
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Pre-application requirements

Padma Yoga is a sisterhood of women! Shakti yoga dance is for women who

  • Want to turn the crisis into an opportunity
  • Who wants to say yes to your soul's calling
  • Be part of a sisterhood of women with a purpose
  • Let your infinite potential guide you to be the master of your life
  • Tune in with your heart and intuition
  • Heal areas of the body and your life
  • All women who want to have more joy, pleasure, and be more radiant in each year of their life
  • Women who are aging and feel they are still young, and who are tired of hearing that only younger women are sensual and fun

A minimum of one year of experience in yoga classes and a face-to-face or Skype interview is needed and required.


Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate issued by Padma Yoga, certified school by International Yoga Alliance India. If you are already registered with Yoga Alliance International (minimum 100-hours), then this course may be counted as further training and added to the existing hours certification as Continuing Professional Development credits.

How the training works

  • Contact hours (live session hours or coaching hours): 40 hours live and coaching
  • Life sessions will take place during the week, 2 days in the morning (Mondays and Fridays) or during the weekend 9:30 -12:30 Lisbon time,
  • Non-contact hours (self-study hours): 10 hours
  • Number of online live sessions: 10
  • Number of hours of live sessions for each online meet up 4 hours every day
  • Number of recorded sessions: 8
  • Assessment

Teach a class at the end of the course, do assignments each day, make a video of a lesson, and write a paper for three months after the course ends. You just have to download Skype on your phone or computer and create an account and send an invitation to Padma Yoga's Skype (more details will be shared).

Timing of sessions / daily schedule (GMT +1)

Practical and theory classes will be held every Saturday and Sunday for five weekends in a group. The total duration of the class is 4 hours.

Course information

This course is for everyone, men and women, that are on the path of self-awareness and spiritual growth, therapists, yoga students, yoga, and dance teachers that would like to have a specialization in Shakti yoga dance.

This course respects the 8 paths of classical yoga because it was created by Padma Yoga, a Tantra and Integral yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance International from India, and it has influences of her dance experience with African, Latin dance, and holistic therapies like Reiki and Thai Massage.

In this course, you will learn yoga dance technicians (Yoga Flow) and how to create a choreography with your yoga postures with flow and harmony. Both Yoga and dance offer a spiritual way of being in life: dance expresses creative energy through the body.

Discover your sensuality and develop your feminine and creative side! Join spirituality with the artistic soul of the dance. Work with the different elements of the earth that you can find in your body and work the chakras. You will balance each chakra with specific movements. With each music, work on a different chakra and liberate all the tensions in your body and all kinds of blockage that could be blocking you from feeling real happiness.

Free yourself from fear and from blindness. Learn to explore your body, to awake the Kundalini power. It is an experience of self-knowledge. You will learn about the history, philosophy, the goddess, the "Shakti Energie", mantras, mudras, asanas, free dance, energetic dance, yoga flow, the five elements, self-massage, how to awake Kundalini, exercises to harmonize the chakras, prana, and meditation.

Life is freedom! You will learn to smile to life and feel the presence of Shakti in your life!

Course themes

  • Sacred feminine
  • Womb yoga and yoga dance
  • Ethnic dance, free dance, sacred dance
  • Wakening the goddess (Tantric goddesses)
  • The chakras and the elements
  • Yoga flow
  • Breathing
  • Conscious movement
  • Meditation on the goddess

To wake up Shakti or the goddess is to wake up your inner powers. Shakti is the inner goddess who is already within you! She is a sexually, financially, and emotionally free woman. She decides without fear, without prejudice, and without dogmas. She creates her world without depending on anything or anyone. However, it is not an outward appearance but a state of internal energy and ecstasy. It cannot be manipulated or defined.

The trainees usually leave recharged, empowered and balanced, and confident in teaching Yin yoga to their students. %Shakti is the creative feminine power (strength/energy) of manifestation and transformation/transcendence that is latent in women (and inner, unconscious in men). The power offers personal freedom, inner peace, and helps to achieve a life with prosperity and mainly spiritual fulfillment, thus being able to objectively interfere in the environmental, social, and cultural conditions in which they live.

In order to have access to this power and wisdom, a woman needs to integrate shakti, to have control, and to know how to channel Shakti towards your own happiness and the world around you. When integrated with women, Shakti truly frees her from the limitations and mental, physical, personal, cultural, and conventional systems that exploit and hide her energy and power. Heal your body, your mind, and transcend.

This power in women is simply the energy that is dispersed and disoriented. When dominated, directed, and oriented it becomes intelligent, conscious, wise energy, to be used for self-knowledge, development, and awakening from full consciousness. When dominated and harmoniously channeled, this power frees women from the limitations imposed by the conventional way of life, culture, and their own mental and physical conditioning.

God Shiva came to earth as a dancer: dance, body movement, and yoga are very intertwined and Shakti is the creative goddess, the vital energy that is dormant within you. Dance is a pure and natural way of expressing your being. The soul is reflected when you are in close contact with yourself through movement. When you move freely, without fear, the mind relaxes and transcends.

Your body loosens and releases tension. Through the sound and the different rhythms, push the limits, and enter a certain trance. Around the world, you dance and sing. In each culture, there are female dances and rituals for the gods and social dances. Yoga is a spiritual path, it is living with the heart! Yoga is the union between the mind, the body, and the spirit, it is the union with the universe. It is self-knowledge, it is a very personal way of being in life!

The overriding principle of Shakti Yoga Dance is to use the inherent energy of prana or vital energy that exists in all beings for self-healing and strengthening. Yoga deals with the energy in the body that affects the physical body. It is connecting to the "Divinity" within, reprogramming your cells, removing memories that have lodged.

The goal is to

  • Explore your emotions, free yourselves from fears and tensions, feel true happiness and love for life, and awaken the creative energy within you!
  • You are going to work with the elements of the earth that are in your body and work on the chakras. With each song, you will unlock a chakra, so you can free yourself from everything that may be preventing you from feeling true happiness.
  • You are going to free yourself from any tension that is preventing you from feeling genuine joy and you are going to learn to explore your body and wake up to Kundalini.
  • You will free yourself from fears and blindness. It is an experience of self-exploration and knowledge!
  • Learn visualizations, mantras, mudras, postures (asanas), yoga flow, free dance, energy dance, ethnic dance, energy healing, chakras, prana (pranayamas), and meditation, tantra, female sexuality, female cycles, self-massage, deities, specific exercises to activate female energy, choreography with postures, and many other things!

Benefits of practicing Shakti yoga dance

  • Discovering your subtle energy
  • Becoming stronger and more mentally, emotionally and spiritually stable
  • Learn to love and accept yourselves
  • It releases tensions and patterns emotionally
  • Reduces stress and increases vitality
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Strengthens the meditative mind
  • Find your inner dancer
  • Well to be physical and emotional
  • Learn to move and feel your body to have more flexibility and to be more creative
  • Feel peace, genuine happiness, and discover the joy of living
  • Overcoming fears, waking up from blindness, and learning to express
  • Freely connects you to practitioners with the qualities of the inner feminine energy Shakti, which is the primordial powerful creative energy of the soul. Through it the universe manifests itself. The whole existence is animated by divine breathing. It expresses itself through the infinite forms of life.

Life is freedom! Learn the joy of living and feel the presence of Shakti in your life! The course includes manual and compulsory reading books, recommendations of other books, and sharing songs on Google Drive.

You will learn how to create a Shakti Yoga Dance class, long or short for a group, for an individual session, or for yourself. You will learn transition poses and intelligent ways of sequencing. You will be enabled to work with groups of students and on a one-on-one with clients with specific needs or complaints


Patricia Bandeira Duarte


This teacher training is held online. Padma Yoga is located in Lisbon Portugal (GMT +1), and they will live-stream yoga classes based on London, UK (GMT +1) timezone via Zoom which you can participate from the comfort of your home. Kindly prepare a mat and computer (or iPad or cellphone) for the online sessions.

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  • 40 hours of online classes (4 hours every Saturday and Sunday for 5 weeks)
  • Certificate of completion from Padma Yoga
  • Videos and guided meditations for download
  • 1 private group on Facebook for sharing
  • Full manual
  • 1 book on the goddesses, their mantras, and meditations

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  • Food


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