Diamond Heart Yoga, led by Scott Nanamura, offers a unique blend of Tibetan Heart Yoga, Hatha, and Ashtanga into their teachings.

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Scott Nanamura

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Anna Mester

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Excellent training and incredible experience"

The training was well-structured and taught me everything I need to feel confident about teaching yoga. A good amount of yoga philosophy and work on poses and teaching practice. It was a valuable experience and Scott is a great teacher.

The Mystical Yoga Farm is an amazing place, which is peaceful with beautiful lake-view, lovely people and great food. I aleary miss it!

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Stephanie DeStefano

Diamond Heart Yoga website

As a long time student of Scott's, I couldn't wait to take his 200HR YTT. Becoming a student of Scott's has changed my life. With masterful humor and insight, Scott shares the wisdom of yoga that extends beyond the reach of asana. Throughout the teacher training, he delves into a discussion rich in yogic philosophy, teaching students how to apply yoga in a very practical way to our lives and the lives of our students. He offered us the opportunity at a different worldview - guiding many into an awakening of new concepts and ideas. His asana style mirrors life and is both challenging and sweet. Teaching specific alignment cues and extensive anatomy, Scott guided us through intense practices that pushed us to, and through limitations. I left this training feeling confident and ready to start teaching. In fact, two months after the training ended, I started teaching; transforming my practice even more.

Darcy Rodriguez

Diamond Heart Yoga website

Summing up all that Scott has brought into my life in one small paragraph is near impossible. His wisdom in Tibetan Philosophy and the manner in which he presents it has forever long changed the way I think, act and operate as a person and as a mother of three young children. His quick wit and humor keep you coming back to class for a guaranteed enriching time on your mat with lots of room for laughter! I have never met someone more knowledgeable than Scott. A practicing Acupuncturist with a masters degree in Chinese Medicine, a Yoga teacher of more than 15 years, a father and a world of philosophy and wisdom past down from generations at his fingertips. Once Scott has touched your life, there is no way to not feel his love and compassion for the world and for you.

Cat Wan Keeney

Diamond Heart Yoga website

A perfectly unique balance of yoga philosophy, wisdom, and a full body workout. I feel spiritually and consciously enlightened after Scott's class.