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22 Days 200-Hr Ancient Hatha and Tibetan Buddhsim Yoga Teacher Training on Uluwatu Beach, Bali
This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

(No availability) 22 Days 200-Hr Ancient Hatha and Tibetan Buddhsim Yoga Teacher Training on Uluwatu Beach, Bali

Sannyas Academy, Badung Regency, Uluwatu Pecatu, Bali, Indonesia

Find Your Inner Guru Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Be brave, rip yourselves out of your routine, jump into the cold water, and study with Diamond Heart Yoga. It will be a chance to empty the cup and refill it with a new potion including new seeds of love, joy, peace, and wisdom. While Diamond Heart Yoga provides a safe space, you will also have the opportunity to discover insights by yourself, find a new outlook, and untangle the snarls in your psyches. You will have fun stretching, become stronger, celebrate life, and learn how to share authentic wisdom from your heart.

This energetic teacher training course introduces you to the multifaceted world of yoga principles and practice. This training is specifically designed to help curious and passionate students strengthen their practice and to safely teach yoga to others. You will learn the keys to a yogic lifestyle through the teachings of the yoga Sutras and how to embody and embrace this wisdom and share this with your students. Spend your breaks and time off at the nearby beach, which you wll find within walking distance. The academy is the only one of its kind in South Bali!

In these trainings and retreats I draw from a deep experience of extensive training over 20 years, from a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tradtional Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga philosophy. With my many years of training in Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Yoga, comes a rich background in Anatomy and Functional Anatomy.

Over the years of taking classes, teaching classes & leading teacher trainings all over the world, I’ve noticed that the anatomy, functional anatomy & philosophy is a missing component in many trainings, and these components are key to further a teachers knowledge to be able to inspire their students to have a richer & transformative experience in class. Keeping all these core subjects in mind, our training is one of the only training in the world that largely focuses on Philosophy, Anatomy & Alignment - which in todays world is soo important for a teacher to have the confidence to teach that to others.

Meet the instructors

Scott & Zana
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  • Ecstatic dance workshops
  • Daily asana, meditation, and pranayama
  • Special gift at the completion of the training
  • Dynamic lectures and philosophy classes
  • Daily delicious nutritious meals
  • 21 nights accommodation
  • Sound Healing sessions

Skill level

  • Beginner


21 days with instruction
Group size: Maximum of 12 participants
Airport transfer included: Ngurah Rai International Airport
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Inspired by waves and curves Sannyas Yoga Academy and retreats is a sophisticated and luxurious center that reflects the magic of Balinese and Mediterranean architecture. Created by the founders Alessandra and Valentina, the property is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship featuring natural local materials such as bamboo and Javanese wood, a blending of stone, terracotta and wood flooring, high ceilings and hand-carved decorations.

Sprawling several entertaining spaces, this two-story center offers a colorful tropical garden with a beautiful unique swimming pool on the ground level, a massive 360 degrees open-air bamboo Yoga Shala with ocean and mango tree views on the upper level.

The lower level houses nine large air-conditioned bedrooms all with ensuites, a stunning marble and stone chef kitchen with separate dining area and a large alfresco living space overlooking the tropical garden and pool area.

The Upper level offers two purposely built treatment rooms, ideal for massages and one on one sessions, a lovely Mediterranean style dining area surrounded by tropical trees accompanied by several stunning terraces overlooking the ocean and breathtaking sunsets. All the rooms are luxurious with hot water, air conditioning, and high-speed Wi-Fi.


Scott Nanamura previously taught at Tahoe Yoga Shala (formerly Mountain Yoga) in South Lake Tahoe, California, and blends a unique style of Tibetan Heart Yoga, Hatha, Anusara, and Ashtanga into his teachings. Weaving in philosophy throughout a fun and energetic class. he is able to help students connect the philosophic wisdom with their asana practice, bringing wisdom and movement together, to show how they are beautifully connected, not separate, components.

His background includes a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, herbology, nutrition, exercise therapy (Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong), and remedial therapy (massage, Tui Na). He has additionally completed Tibetan Buddhism courses and is continuing advanced courses at Diamond Mountain University.

Scott has worked to cultivate the unique ability to bring ancient teachings into a modern setting, to touch the human heart. He works to inspire students to practice with awareness and intention on the mat and to use the teachings off the mat in everyday life situations. His goal when teaching is to converge compassion and wisdom, art, and yoga.


Students who complete their subsequent training are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®).


This energetic teacher training course introduces you to the multifaceted world of yoga principles and practice. This training is specifically designed to help curious and passionate students strengthen their practice and to safely teach yoga to others. This four-week 200-hour training emphasizes the core tenets of a teacher training program.

Included, you will study the deeper meanings of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. You will study in its entirety, verse by verse Master Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, functional anatomy, lifestyle, nutrition, teachings from traditional Chinese medicine, and Tibetan heart yoga.


  • 06:00 - 06:30 Meditation
  • 06:30 - 08:00 Asana practice
  • 08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:15 - 12:00 Morning lecture
  • 13:00 - 15:30 Lunch and relaxing time
  • 15:30 - 18:00 Lecture and teach backs
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Dinner
  • 19:15 - 21:00 Philosophy​

Part of the curriculum

  • The history of yoga and ancient writings
  • The Vedas
  • The Upanishads
  • The Bhagadvad Gita
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Tantra yoga
  • Karma yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Yoga's journey to the West
  • Schools and styles of yoga
  • Anatomy and functional anatomy
  • Yoga of anatomy and mechanics
  • Teaching an effective yoga class
  • Observation and adjustments
  • Demonstration
  • Voice and speaking
  • Mirroring students
  • Yoga lifestyle and nutrition
  • All-day yoga
  • pH balance and how it affects your health
  • The healing crisis
  • Teachings from Chinese medicine
  • Sanskrit
  • Business of yoga
  • Marketing in yoga
  • Asana practices
  • Tibetan heart yoga series one, two, and three - the heart chakra series
  • Mahamudra series (The Great Seal)
  • The Five Winds

Through demonstration, lecture, and hands-on, active participation we will explore:

Asana or yoga postures

The detailed study of asana (postures), alignment, grounding, awareness, modifications, contraindications, use of props, mudras (hand gestures), bandhas (energy seals), drishti (focal points), adjustments, enhancements, modifications, corrections, variations, and more.

Pranayama or breathing techniques

Learn to direct, enhance, and build life force

Study energy locks and channels, bandahs, and nadis

Meditation and Mantra yoga

Finding peace through meditation helps us learn how to help guide others to focus and quiet the mind. Various meditation styles and techniques will be explored during the program, including Buddhist meditations. Mantra yoga is the yoga of sound.

anatomy and physiology

Human anatomy, and physiology, body planes, body alignment, body systems, the spine, injures, disease, physical effects of yoga, both benefits and risks, anatomy, and physiology application in asana. The fascia and muscle or skeletal systems are a big focus in this training.

We will explore, in very deep detail, functional anatomy and how to diagnose any ailment through anatomy and physiology.

Chakras and nadis

You will also explore the chakras and nadis.

Yogic history and philosophy

The 8 Limb Path of Yoga and Yoga Sutras are the primary source of study. Influential yogis, Sanskrit, ancient yogic texts, and the evolution of yoga from pre-classical to modern day yoga will be explored. We will go deep into the yoga sutras and Hatha yoga.

Lectures on traditional Chinese medicine and TCM lifestyle

Class creation, class sequencing, adjusting, aligning, demonstrating, cuing, guiding, reading your class, ethics of a yoga teacher, enhancements, modifications, corrections, and variations.

Language, Sanskrit, instructing various levels, groups, special health needs, injuries, benefits, and trauma sensitivity yoga will also be discussed.

There will be opportunities to teach in a supportive and nurturing environment throughout the program.

Yoga as a business

  • ​Successful marketing, community building, insurance, registration, compensation, and social media use.


Scott Nanamura

Zana Van Dorp



You will be served delicious organic homemade healthy meals daily, unlimited water, coconut water, and organic healthy juices. Apart from the delicious home-cooked organic meals, there is an abundance of healthy organic dining options at your doorstep together with many boutique shops and convenience stores.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Detox juices

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Whole food
  • Other dietary requirements on request
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu, one of six key temples believed to be Bali’s spiritual pillars, is renowned for its magnificent location, perched on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 meters above sea level. This temple also shares the splendid sunset backdrops as that of Tanah Lot Temple, another important sea temple located in the island’s western shores.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is definitely one of the top places on the island to go to for sunset delights, with direct views overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean and daily Kecak dance performances. Balinese architecture, traditionally-designed gateways, and ancient sculptures add to Uluwatu Temple’s appeal.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the name of a cultural park on Bali's hilly southern coast famous for the ongoing construction of a gigantic statue of Vishnu riding on the back of a "Garuda" (a supernatural eagle-like being). The completed part of the statue is of the upper part of Vishnu’s body, the head of the "Garuda’ and Vishnu's hands.

The cultural park has become one of the favorite places in Bali for art and cultural performances, exhibitions, and conferences. GWK, once completed at 145 meters, will be one of the world’s tallest statues and erected on the top of the hill, with a magnificent panorama of Bali.

Kecak fire dance

The Kecak fire dance is one of Bali’s most iconic art performances, famous for its dominant use of human vocals in place of gamelan instruments to accompany the dance-drama at its core. Your visit to the island won't be complete without seeing a show, and the best place to do so is at the cliff-top amphitheater located just south of the Uluwatu Temple on Bali’s southern Bukit peninsula and at sunset for added drama.

Usually, the Kecak fire dance show is included as part of the package if you booked a common tour to the temple, and which perfectly serves as a closing highlight to your day out in Bali’s south peninsula area. However, you can go just for the show and purchase tickets at the amphitheater’s ticket booth up front. Tickets for walk-ins range between 70,000 IDR and 100,000 IDR depending on low and peak season and includes pamphlets containing the synopsis of the drama.

Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach, locally referred to as Pantai Labuan Sait, is one of Bali’s most famous surf spots, located on the north-western coast of the island’s Bukit Peninsula, and just a kilometer southwest of the Anantara Bali Uluwatu.

This beach features an exotic setting; a simply stunning one hundred meter-long stretch of sand that is accessible down a flight of stairs through a unique hollow rock entrance. The surf has a steady set of barrels during good weather, attracting wave riders from around the world.

Part of the group of world-class surf spots that line the coast of the southern peninsula, Padang Padang Beach lies several kilometers in between Bingin and Uluwatu, among which surfers usually hop to interchangeably for a different set of challenges and another thrill for the day. This beach is also a regular spot for international surfing events, the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang being the most frequent.

Suluban beach

Suluban Beach is one of Bali’s most unique coasts, concealed by natural limestone formations and accessed via steps and log ramps through narrow gaps in the rock. Canopied by a looming cliff face, this small beach may not be ideal for sunbathers but serves pro surfers well as a base to paddle out and ride adjacent reef breaks, including around Uluwatu, just to the south.

Nicknamed "Blue Point", Suluban Beach lies at the end of Jalan Mamo in the coastal area of Labuan Sait, the same locality shared by famous surf spots Padang Padang and Uluwatu. Unless you’re staying at any of the villas that have recently popped up here (the likes of Blue Point Bay Villas), getting here from popular areas such as Kuta and Jimbaran is best by hotel shuttle, taxi or motorbike

Balangan beach

Balangan Beach, locally referred to as Pantai Balangan, is one of Bali’s most popular and most scenic, featuring a gorgeous half-kilometer stretch of golden sand bordered between vegetated limestone cliffs and a reef with one of the longest left-hander breaks on the island.

This surfing paradise attracts wave riders from around the world, who enjoy most of the south-western Bukit coastline together with Balangan’s sister breaks of Dreamland, Impossibles, Padang Padang, Suluban and Uluwatu further south.

Balangan Beach shares the same vicinity as Dreamland, set only a kilometer apart and separated by a small headland that serves as the famous signature Hole 15 of the New Kuta Golf Course, from where players get the best bird’s eye-view over both beaches and the ocean horizon.

The coastline is accessible down the namesake Jalan Pantai Balangan, an approximate 7-kilometer (4.3-mile) ride west from the Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park, and 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) south from the main hub of Kuta. Preferably by taxi, or ask your hotel concierge for available shuttle services.

Pandawa beach

Pandawa Beach, locally referred to as ‘Pantai Pandawa’, is a great addition to Bali’s collection of gorgeous beaches, located on Bali’s southern Bukit Peninsula. The fine, one-kilometer coastal stretch is located in the village of Kutuh, only five kilometers west from the Samabe Bali Suites and Villas and eight kilometers south from the main hub of the BTDC complex in Nusa Dua.

"Hidden" behind largely carved limestone cliffs that reveal wide views to the Indian Ocean, Pandawa Beach was once also dubbed as ‘Secret Beach’ and it was officially opened in 2012, fast-gaining popularity among local weekenders and international visitors.

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is among the collection of "hidden" beaches of Bali: stretches of white sand secluded by limestone cliffs that line the rugged coastline of the southern Bukit Peninsula. The beach became highly accessible following the mega development of the Pecatu Graha and Pecatu Indah Resort projects that, at the turn of the millennium, transformed the 400Ha hilly terrain into the ‘New Kuta’, with Klapa beach club, resorts and the New Kuta Golf course onsite.

Despite rampant development over its limestone landscape, Dreamland Beach retains much of its rugged charm on the sand, particularly for beachgoers, day-trippers and surfers who enjoy some of Bali’s best reef breaks near the shore and close paddle outs to the neighboring world-class reef breaks, namely Balangan up north and Impossibles down south (both for advanced riders). On the sand, you can choose deck chairs and parasols for rent, or enjoy a cheap massage (50,000 IDR to 100,000 IDR or 3.50 to 7 USD). Hard bargaining is advised.

Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is one of Bali’s most popular surf spots, and it’s also one of the island’s hidden beaches, obscured by the rugged limestone cliffs on the southwestern Bukit peninsula.

While getting to the stretch of white sand requires a difficult walk over uneven rocks, most people agree it is well worth the effort when they experience the gorgeous beachscapes and exciting waves. When you’re not surfing the sensational reef breaks, Bingin offers a treat for photographers or those simply looking for a place to relax and take in the exotic sunsets.

Overland, Bingin Beach offers a somewhat stark and barren topography, but you’ll have the best panoramic bird’s-eye view from the cliff-top. The best time for non-surfers and beach lovers to visit Bingin is during low tide when much of the stretch of sand is revealed. There are a number of local bars and warungs (traditional food shacks selling cold drinks and light meals) where you can sit back and enjoy splendid views over the coast, featuring scattered boulders and rock pools.

New Kuta Golf

The New Kuta Golf is one of the island’s premier golf courses, featuring a championship standard course and Indonesia’s first links style layout. The par 72 golf course offers enough variety to ensure a satisfying experience for all golfing skill levels. There are 18 holes, with its signature cliff-top hole 15 overlooking the gorgeous Balangan Beach.

The whole course covers a vast 85 hectares with turf consisting of seashore paspalum grass. The golf course is right next to the water park of the same name and is only a 20-minute transfer from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban. Complete onsite facilities include the Link Restaurant serving western and Indonesian favorites, as well as a pro shop, a spa, and a number of meeting facilities.

What's included

  • 21 nights rustic Balinese accommodation
  • Daily asana, meditation, and pranayama
  • Dynamic lectures and philosophy classes
  • Certificate of completion
  • Eligibility for Yoga Alliance
  • Ecstatic dance workshops
  • Opening and closing ceremony
  • Optional excursions to local attractions
  • Walking access to the beach
  • Daily nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Surfing sessions upon request
  • Music jam sessions
  • Special gift at the completion of the training
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Free unlimited Wi-Fi

What's not included

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Excursion costs

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport Airport transfer included: Ngurah Rai International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 15% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
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