Durga Excursions is a conscious collaborative offering worldwide Teacher Trainings & Retreats dedicated to the living discipline of Yin Yoga.

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Kali Basman

Kylie Roswell

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Nafisa Kakar

from United States, September 2018

The restorative yoga and adjustment clinic

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Bailee Nova Scotia

Durga Excursions website

“my heart is bursting with love and gratitude for the knowledge I have gained in such little time. Kali and Kylie balance each others energy so well! I feel so blessed to share this beautiful space with beautiful souls and potent teachings. This training offered amazing knowledge on working with energy lines and adjustments, very thorough with anatomy and how the body is placed in space. I Love the connection between yoga and philosophical views, it helped me deepen my personal practice and understand the deeper meaning of yoga, deepen my general knowledge of connections through the body in different poses. I learned so much about my personal self and how to become stronger in my practice to ultimately be of service to others. I learned so much about myself. Thank you SO much for sharing your magic and knowledge. You inspired me to continue on this yoga journey

Katlyn United States

Durga Excursions website

I've learned an indescribable amount of knowledge to be able to teach my own yin class, this training gave me what I need to begin. I love Kali and Kylie’s style and methodology of teaching. Uplifting, supportive, and encouraging us all on our paths of evolution. I have found newness in me, I have released oldness no longer serving me. I have more clarity in my life just from these past few days. Light has been shown on the dark places in me, really transmitting the dark to create light. These teachers are incredible, inspirational and beautiful souls, living your Dharma and inspiring others to do the same. Sharing, teaching, helping the evolutionary process of awakening, healing, and flowing. For you both I am grateful

Trevor Oregon USA

Durga Excursions website

Well rounded and potent, these teachers bring a vast knowledge. I never saw a question unanswered or misunderstood by myself or the other students. What an amazing balance. An incredible level of professionalism and easygoingness is achieved. I feel so much depth in both instructors, and such dedication. It has been an honor learning and sharing from and with each of you

Mariona Brazil

Durga Excursions website

I have found my style and can’t wait to teach yin yoga! A week with Durga Excursions has been so nourishing for my soul. So informative. I feel as though I have gained so much confidence to teach yin and restorative. I can’t wait. I have enjoyed the process, learning and diving deeper to get to know myself. A perfect balance of yin and yang

Florina London

Durga Excursionswebsite

I love the balance between the two facilitators, it was a beautiful mix of yin and yang. I felt really supported and treated as an equal. I love how egoless they both are. It proves to me that this practice takes time to understand and grow into the yogi I am meant to be. I also appreciated how often they checked in with the group and made sure we were all content. Kali and Kylie show what it means to be a good retreat leader and inspired me to become the same one day