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Dynamic Mindfulness

Dynamic Mindfulness is a handcrafted yoga studio offering a contemporary fusion of physical yoga practice and mindfulness meditation.

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Ewa Szczepaniak Poland

Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training Facebook page

I am very happy that I just graduated from the yoga teacher training in Dynamic Mindfulness School and I would love to share with you some of my thoughts. At the very beginning, I hesitated to join the training because I wasn’t sure if it was the right style of yoga for me since I was practicing other styles before. During the training, I discovered that it is a journey and it was my favorite part, as it was a process to me. I could really see how I was changing every month; enormous changes! In my practice, the biggest change is that I don’t focus only on the final posture but on the movement, it is more pleasant and beneficial. And in life a lot: calming mind through meditation, accepting things as they are, finding time for myself, believing in my strength. Now I know that it was one of the best, if not the best, decision in my life!

Mihailo Kotarac

Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training Facebook page

Dynamic Mindfulness is probably one of the best Berlin based yoga teacher trainings you can find here. Tatjana Mesar, the founder of the school is a very straightforward person and practices what she preaches. However, she never pushes her own agenda down the students' throats. The best thing about the school is that the whole journey is about you, your own paths, and ways. The only thing you get there is a great method (dynamic mindfulness), based on profound knowledge and long term practice. Clearly communicated as well. That is what you apply the best way you can. It is a meditation based training with a lot of bodywork. I can wholeheartedly recommend this teacher training to anyone who is looking to deepen their own yoga practice. I am currently visiting the course. Even though I would really prefer it in German, it's also a great way to improve my English language skill in a slightly different domain.

Nina Nereihcs France

Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training Facebook page

A very nice fundamental yoga teacher training which sends you on a transformational journey to come closer to the person that you want to be. Highly recommended for deepening your understanding of yoga and meditation practices.

Weronika Salach

Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training website

I am super happy I introduced meditation and restorative yoga into my own practice. Before starting the training​,​ I thought I was not quite ready to do ​it. I suffered from anxiety, I felt broken, and wasn’t sure if I was “good enough”. It’s good that the program is around 10 months: a really nice experience with sufficient time for the transformation to happen. In life I am much more peaceful, patient. For a foundational yoga instructor course, it was excellent.

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