Ekam Yoga Academy is committed to offering their students a comprehensive program that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching practices.

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1 Month 200-Hour Online Yoga Protocol Instructor Course

Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan, 2024–2025

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Samprati Singhvi

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Mada Chirea

from Romania, August 2020

"Warm hearted and passionate people, traditional knowledge"

I like the energy of the instructors, the value of the knowledge they teach is precious. I've learnt things that you cannot learn everywhere. After taking this course, I realised most of yoga teachers are practicing a non traditional and sometimes wrong practice of yoga. When you think you know things, you apply to Ekam Yoga school and realise you know almost nothing :-)

Julie Settle

from Great Britain, June 2020

"Great Experience "

I really enjoy the way everything was explained in detail, especially the practical/ physical yoga sessions, and felt wonderful after class.

It was very educational too and I learnt a lot in the time we had on the digital platform because of lock down.

I also liked meeting other people and would love to visit the studio sometime soon ?? Good Luck to everyone doing 200 hours and thanks to all the teachers I will miss your smiling and laughing faces :)

Megan Green

from Great Britain, May 2020

"When you can't go to India bring India to you"

The teachers of every class are so knowledgeable and passionate about their subject and very supportive with answering any questions. There was a lot of good information provided with each topic. I was still able to build good relationships with others in the course despite learning on my own from home. The style of the yoga practical teaching focused on correct posture, breathing and observation but also reminded me regularly to check in on my enjoyment of the overall process which was really beneficial. The additional classes helped me to understand more than just the postures and connect deeper with my practice. Many of the techniques and skills that I learned will also help in improving other areas of my life. For only 15 days training I have learnt so much ! And the overall positive attitudes, smiles, laughter and happiness all the Ekam representatives bring to the training every day made it a very lovely experience.