The Elemental Yoga Therapy has been facilitating yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training programs, retreats, workshops, and private classes and courses since 2010.

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Jai C. Salt

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from Singapore, October 2018

"One of a kind experience"

As a beginner, I really enjoyed the amount of guidance and support I received throughout the course. Jai is a great teacher and you could easily see that he knows very well what he is doing - taking us on a journey of self discovery with the help of the 5 elements.


from United States, March 2019

This comprehensive 85 hr elemental Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training course integrates skillfully the 5 Elements principles with the essential understanding and knowledge of Pre-natal Yoga practice and teaching.

The well-designed schedule includes how to create nurturing spaces for future mothers; how to help them to connect with nature, themselves and their babies; and gain a clearer overview of right asana adjustment in order to support future mothers through all stages of pregnancy in a holistic way: mentally, physically and emotionally. This based on the 5 elements: earth, fire, water, air and spirit.

The course takes place in an exceptionally suitable environment in the middle of northern Balinese Countryside, that serve perfectly to the purpose of learning about the 5 elements by experiencing them in direct contact with nature.

It is overall an inspirational course to attend and beneficial for anyone who wants to extend and deepen her/his Yoga skills in supporting pregnant women through Yoga.

Testimonials (5)

Dana Harvey New Zealand

Elemental Yoga Therapy's website

Having long term Diabetes was the initial reason I attended this Course as years of seeking a new

understanding for my condition was never met by modern medicine.What I have learned in this

course is unquestionable. Elemental Yoga has enabled me to understand more about this

condition than any doctor, health professional, nutritionist has ever done. Its holistic approach in

its delivery incorporates everything and combines it all to a powerful tool that has had undeniable

effects. Diabetes alone has had a profound level of insulin reduction while maintaining better

readings than I have had before.

I found it comical as for so long I have been seeking all these answers and the foundations of this

course allowed me to see they were in front of me the whole time. This course is a profound

collection of knowledge and experiences all combined down into a powerful, yet simple approach

that anyone can experience. It just works and better yet, everyone can access it. This concept of

what Jai has managed to combine is all his years of experience takes everything to the next level.

Yoga is no longer just yoga – it is so much more, a deeper awakening, a connection, the

movement of energies, the alignment with nature, the healing tool is simply limitless in its

potential following this approach.

My insulin reduction was substantial, my reliance shifted, all the underlying issues that exist with

a condition like this have all started positively shifting. It excites me to even think of the

possibilities this knowledge can have on a bigger scale.

It truly has been an eye-opening experience and I am extremely grateful that this course was

written so thoroughly. I am ever grateful to Jai and his life’s teachings, for his sharing of all his

knowledge and experiences in an incredible course, designed perfectly to unlock potential, deliver

knowledge and share experiences, to ultimately give you a toolbox and skillset overflowing with

this limitless potential to take home to share.

It is simple, it is undeniableand I am excited to keep growing.

Emily Wild, United States

Elemental Yoga Therapy's website

Beyond words! The course provided a comprehensive experience of self

discovery and rich training in Elemental Yoga Philosophy. The

curriculum/course structure is deeply intuitive leaving me feeling ready to

teach impactful yoga. The course completely reshaped my purpose and

confidence in my personal practice. I felt supported, challenged and

stretched throughout the course. I could not have found a course that better

suited my needs. It was truly magical.

The elements stirred strong emotional responses from me and helped me

to re-establish a healthy relationship to my emotions. I feel stronger

physically and connected to my bodys potential. I also now know how to

move forward and continue to evolve my practice.

Jais teaching methodology created a more profound integrated learning

experience than I have ever experienced. This was for me the x-factor of

my experience of the course. The information shared was refined to

ultimate potency and delivered with expertise that spoke to our highest,

most-natural self. I am excited for anyone that has the opportunity to do a

course with Jai, truly it is only to be experienced.

Lars Audun Norway

Elemental Yoga Therapy's website

By the depth of this training you can sense it is carefully woven together,

aligned with the energy of the group. It’s impossible to describe the

importance of the wisdom wrapped up in the experiences of this course.

The beauty of this approach to Yoga Therapy is that rather than engaging

with only the intellect, Elemental Yoga appeals to the wisdom of the body

itself. It’s talking directly from the energies from Nature, deeply connecting

you to the bigger picture of life. For me it is transformative, simple and yet

immensely deep at the same time.

Elemental Yoga helps me to dive into the very essence of myself,

unravelling old emotional patterns I have had all my life. It is like I am

unravelling and putting myself back together in a way that aligns more with

who I want to be.

This yoga has changed my life into a life more worthy of celebrating. I am

more connected to my emotions, and to the way I interact with others. It

works on all aspects of myself, and the wisdom of it never seems to end. A

practice I will keep for the rest of my life.

Matthew Pantano United States

Elemental Yoga Therapy's website

The Elemental Yoga Course was so much more than I could have ever imagined. A big reason I

decided to take the course initially was to find myself and change some aspects of my life that I

became conditioned to. I was experiencing anxiety and depression and couldnt shift through it. I

soon came to realize that something that had affected me for so long could be handled and dealt

with appropriately in just a few weeks. I may have come into this program with certain things to

work on and face, which I certainly did, but looking at it now, there was no preparing for

everything that I gained in this experience. I was taken out of my comfort zone completely and

stepped into a totally unfamiliar world. A world that would show me all the beautiful aspects of

life I have been missing out on or taking for granted. The space held by Jai allowed me to

explore myself to the max, something I was never comfortable trying. I learned more about

myself in 4 weeks than I have in the past 27 years. I broke down barriers I didnt know existed. I

opened new emotions and let go of old emotions that had been holding me back. There are a

thousand things I could write about my experience and what Ive learned.

The yoga practices came as the biggest shock to me. I came to this course in what I would

consider good physical shape. I learned very quickly that Elemental Yoga was much more than

just the physical body. Allowing myself to have faith in the process of how the elements truly

move you as a being, has helped me to fully let go and trust life.

Jai and I connected on a much deeper level than just him being my teacher. I look at him as a

close friend. His passion to what he preaches is immeasurable. He is extremely passionate about

what he believes in, but never does he push his opinions on others. He gladly opens his mind and

holds space to challenge and question him. And he always respects who you are and what you

have to say without judgment. Having a teacher hold a space where you can truly speak your

mind without fear allows for the ultimate space to grow and learn. As a teacher during practices,

he knew exactly when to help you push your limits and when to help you feel your body. Once

again, always respecting you and your abilities. However, he is so much more than just a person

who teaches yoga. He challenges you to get the absolute best out of you. He helps you to open

your mind to new ideas and how to unlearn low-vibration conditions. For me, personally, he is

someone that I can fully trust and have the utmost respect for. He tells me exactly like it is and

respects me for who I am.

Skye New Zealand

Elemental Yoga Therapy's website

My Elemental Yoga Course was a personal journey of growth, and a yoga

teaching experience that will stay with me for life.

Having grown up barefoot and by spending a lot of time hiking in the

wilderness I thought I had a good connection with nature, but it was only

through the Elemental Yoga practices and letting the elements move

through me that I experienced what it felt like to be aligned with nature.

Being and continuing to become aligned with nature has helped me realize

that knowledge doesnt rule me, and that its really by experiencing the

subtle energy body that we feel alive. Jais teaching was so engaging. I

enjoyed his humor and depth of experience in the many forms of alternative

medicine. His passion for everything he shares is evident and this quickly

sparked my own passion for the teachings nature has to offer.

His mind seems to work in weird and wonderful ways that made everything

surprising logical in the end. Rare.