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The Elemental Yoga Therapy has been facilitating yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training programs, retreats, workshops, and private classes and courses since 2010.

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Jai C. Salt

Jai C. Salt is an international yoga therapy teacher and a qualified and registered natural therapist with 15 years of experience using the five element medicines such as elemental yoga. He has students worldwide who are creating reliable results with this form of yoga therapy and has been practicing yoga, Qigong, and meditation for 20 years.

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The 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

Having met Jai in India a few years back, I knew this

training would be my path back to good mental health.

More than that, it brought me back to simple joys, loving

friendships and a deeper and more holistic

understanding of myself. The multidimensional nature

of the Elemental Yoga philosophy meant that I felt

myself being

Holly Magee


The 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.The energy shifts that I felt through each Element took me on a wave of emotions and sensations that taught me from within. It is remarkable. I feel so grateful to

have been a part of this Yoga Teacher Training and received the ability to use sequences of certain elements depending on what I need at the time.

Jai’s teachings on Yoga are profound, and his laidback approach shows that he has no doubts in what he is offering as an experience to his students. He holds the space gently but with certainty and I feel like he reads

the students deeply.

Daisy Stelzer


The 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. I never could have known that a yoga course could be so deeply healing. I not only feel more confident in my capabilities as a yoga teacher, but I feel more connected to my body than ever before. I have a connection to yoga and understanding of my personal practice for the first time in my life! Other yoga programs and classes were so based in anatomy and physiology that the depth of connection was always missing for me. I felt it was out there to be discovered and through the Elemental Yoga Practices I truly feel I’ve connected to yoga in the way I had dreamed. Through connecting to nature, the elements, devotion to myself and truly feeling and listening to my body, I feel connected to something bigger than myself and see yoga as a tool to deepen these moments, to clarify my instincts. My WANT to practice yoga, to understand the elements even deeper – keep diving in, is so strong. This has changed so much for me, helped me in multiple ways and I’m extremely grateful.

Emily Wild


The 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Beyond words! The course provided a comprehensive experience of self-discovery and rich training in Elemental Yoga Philosophy. The curriculum/course structure is deeply intuitive leaving me feeling ready to teach impactful yoga. The course completely reshaped my purpose and confidence in my personal practice. I felt supported, challenged and stretched throughout the course. I could not have found a course that better suited my needs. It was truly magical The elements stirred strong emotional responses from me and helped me to re-establish a healthy relationship to my emotions. I feel stronger physically and connected to my body’s potential. I also now know how to move forward and continue to evolve my practice.

Jai’s teaching methodology created a more profound integrated learning experience then I have ever experienced. This was for me the x-factor of my experience of the course. The information shared was refined to ultimate potency and delivered with expertise that spoke to our highest, most-natural self. I am excited for anyone that has the opportunity to do a course with Jai, truly it is only to be experienced.

Tina Sparkle


The 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. The Elemental Yoga Course gave me the chance to step outside of life and observe myself objectively, in a safe and supported environment. Working with the elements in the yoga practices helped me to connect back to nature and identify some old and inappropriate lifestyle choices. I now feel confident that I can use the yoga practices to restore balance in my body and mind. Jai’s teaching style was very inclusive and I felt safe and well supported in his lectures. He has an incredible way with words and his classes were lively and engaging without being too intense, even though at times the subject matter was deep. He always remains approachable and I felt comfortable asking questions. His answers were always carefully considered and accessible.

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