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Jai C. Salt

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from United States, March 2019

This comprehensive 85 hr elemental Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training course integrates skillfully the 5 Elements principles with the essential understanding and knowledge of Pre-natal Yoga practice and teaching.

The well-designed schedule includes how to create nurturing spaces for future mothers; how to help them to connect with nature, themselves and their babies; and gain a clearer overview of right asana adjustment in order to support future mothers through all stages of pregnancy in a holistic way: mentally, physically and emotionally. This based on the 5 elements: earth, fire, water, air and spirit.

The course takes place in an exceptionally suitable environment in the middle of northern Balinese Countryside, that serve perfectly to the purpose of learning about the 5 elements by experiencing them in direct contact with nature.

It is overall an inspirational course to attend and beneficial for anyone who wants to extend and deepen her/his Yoga skills in supporting pregnant women through Yoga.


from Singapore, October 2018

"One of a kind experience"

As a beginner, I really enjoyed the amount of guidance and support I received throughout the course. Jai is a great teacher and you could easily see that he knows very well what he is doing - taking us on a journey of self discovery with the help of the 5 elements.