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10 Gift Ideas for a Yoga Teacher

by Miriam Cihodariu

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The holiday season is fast approaching and there are several people you care about who you want to get gifts for. But if you need to buy a gift for a yogi or a yoga teacher, you may be a little stuck on ideas. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

So, what can you buy as a gift for someone who is particular about what they like, who doesn’t enjoy mindless consumerism, and who also likes yoga?

It sounds like the typical gifts that people give each other over the holidays might not cut it. You shouldn’t feel intimidated: there are still plenty of things you can buy for a yogi that will make for meaningful and greatly appreciated gifts.

Here are just a few of the best yoga gifts!


#1. A high-quality eco-friendly yoga mat
yoga mat

Photo source: Yoloha Yoga.

Cork is usually your best bet when it comes to lasting quality. It’s true that finding something which is completely neutral in its impact on the environment is hard nowadays.

Some voices criticize the cork industry, saying that cork takes too long to grow and it’s discarded too soon. The wine industry, especially, is guilty of this environmental sin. But if you choose cork products that will be used for a long time, this is actually a very planet-friendly decision.

A cork yoga mat has numerous advantages. It’s solid and will last you a long time, while still being flexible and yielding just enough to make your practice more comfortable for your joints.

It will also make you sweat less while practicing yoga, and will absorb and neutralize odors. Considering that there are a lot of wonderful designs for cork yoga mats out there, if you want to buy such a gift for the yogi in your life, this cork yoga mat with intricate chakras design is a great choice.


#2. A yoga food cookbook
yoga food cooking

Getting all the energy you need for yoga practice while still making sure you adhere to the yoga principles can be challenging. Especially since most pre-made meals are not exactly the healthiest out there, yogis can use the help.

Most people who are passionate about yoga are also interested in healthy, wholesome food, and that means they sometimes dabble in cooking.

Why not make the yogi in your life happier by providing them with an essential cookbook for yoga practitioners? This one has been issued by an actual yoga center with plenty of experience in the yoga lifestyle and the best diet practices for yogis.


#3. A yoga teacher training abroad

All of the other gifts on our list are cute and bound to make your yogi friend smile. But if you want to see the special yogi in your life experience pure and unadulterated bliss, you should go the extra mile and send your friend to a yoga teacher training course abroad. Maybe a more comprehensive 500-hour course will help to deepen his/her practice, or a retreat to learn a different style like Bikram, Kundalini or Yin Yoga will add an extra dimension to their classes. 

This way they’ll be able to improve their teaching while also visiting the vacation destination of their dreams. Nothing can compete with that. I promise you no other gift they’ll ever receive could compare. 


#4. High-end yoga clothes
noli yoga clothes for women

Photo credit: Noli Yoga

Yogis can never have enough practice leggings and tops (especially if we’re talking about female yogis, right?). The truth is that there’s something quite special about yoga leggings and yoga clothes in general.

It’s not just the flattering and slimming fit that enhances the body’s natural beauty and makes it easy on the eyes, it’s also the supreme comfort of a good fit. Trust me, it counts!

While straining to challenge and push your body into taking on more and more complicated asanas, having reliable yoga clothes can help tremendously. They allow your body all the reach and stretch it is capable of.

Furthermore, they exert a light compression on your body, minimizing discomfort after practice and reducing sore muscles. Moisture during your yoga workout is also under control with high-end yoga clothes: no more irritation due to sweat.

The Noli collection from Yoga Rebel is particularly luxurious and would make any yogi look great. My favorites are the black glossy clothes, but any of the others would make a great gift for the yogi with a fashion sense.


#5. A paid membership to yoga classes

yoga membership key tags

Photo credit: Plastic Printers.

Do you know where your dear yogi goes to practice their beloved discipline, or what kinds of yoga do they like? Why not surprise them and pay for their membership in advance for several months or a year? Since you know this is something that they would have spent on themselves, you can be sure that it’s going to be a needed and valued gift.

But you don’t need to stick to the practical and necessary here if you prefer more flamboyant gifts. Don’t go for the membership to their regular yoga classes in this case, but give them the opportunity to try something new instead.

Aerial yoga is always a fantastically fun choice and what I would personally recommend any yogi to try at least once in their lifetime.

Is your yogi friend scared of heights? No problem! Other great ideas could be any of the hip yoga trends to be found in major cities, such as baby goat yoga or Buti yoga.


#6. Yoga and meditation sounds album
yoga sounds art

Photo credit: Yoga.org.nz

If the special yogi in your life takes their practice seriously (and they probably do since you’re here looking up yoga gift ideas for them), it means that they also meditate. Meditation and yoga go together in the same practice wonderfully. You can’t really have yoga without a few short meditation sessions in between the more challenging practice times.

But while experienced yogis can practice meditation anywhere, most of us prefer having a bit of mood build-up first. Meditation sounds and music can be a huge part of this set-up that prepares us for meditating.

If you’re looking for a yoga gift on a budget, why not buy your friend a nice meditation sounds album? It will help them clear their mind and in time they will associate many moments of inner peace with the album you bought for them. If you want to buy them a second gift along the same lines, you could pair up the album with a reliable pair of wireless headphones.


#7. A funny yoga message T-shirt
namaste bitches t-shirt on a girl

Photo credit: Zumiez

Now, this is where our gift guide for yogis is truly entering fun territory! A cute and quirky yoga T-shirt will allow a yogi to showcase their passion, as it’s part of their identity.

At the same time, the fun factor will boost up their charisma and allow them not to take themselves too seriously. This combo makes for some of the most enjoyable traits in a person.

The funniest T-shirt you can buy is, of course, one with the ‘Namaste bitches’ message, which kind of became a classic among people who appreciate sarcasm. But if your intended gift recipient takes yoga values very seriously and you have a feeling that they would not appreciate the joke, no worries. There are also other options. A T-shirt with the message ‘Kindness is so gangster’ is a nice alternative, as well as one with a unicorn straining in a yoga pose, or a simple Namaste lotus T-shirt.


#8. A funny yoga message mug
in my head i'm doing yoga mug

Photo credit: Etsy

Not sure about their T-shirt size or you simply know that it wouldn’t be a good idea for the yogi you are shopping gifts for? How about a mug with a funny or inspiring yoga message instead? If you go for this gift idea, you can be sure that each morning while enjoying coffee or tea, your yoga practitioner friend will think of you.

The mug will help them start the day in a better mood, chuckle or simply feel inspired. A few favorites are the following: ‘In my head, I’m doing yoga’ for a sarcastic smile, a minimalist yoga mug with various asanas for the yogi who takes their practice seriously, or a beautiful mug with the 7th chakra painted on it, if you want the message to be inspiring.


#9. A piece of yoga jewelry
sterling silver lotus necklace

Photo credit: Amazon

An even more personal gift that will get the female yogis in your life excited is yoga-inspired jewelry. There are plenty of pieces of jewelry that encompass the spirit of yoga in various ways. From the main symbol showcased to the materials from which it’s made of, a piece of jewelry for yogis is remarkable right away. Such a gift will allow yogis to proudly display their passion while enhancing their charm, too.

My personal favorite (and the one I would recommend as an ideal gift for a female yogi) is the sterling silver lotus pendant necklace. It symbolizes the beauty and peace brought on by yoga, and it’s made from precious metal so it won’t rust too soon. Also, if you don’t know the yogi’s preferences when it comes to jewelry, a simple necklace such as this one is a safer bet than earrings or rings.


#10. Ethically sourced Indian incense
close up to indian incense sticks

Photo credit: RoseOfJericho-Wholesale.com

Incense is another thing that an authentic yogi can never get too much of since it’s such a perfect companion to yoga and meditation sessions. But the problem with incense is that a lot of merchandise from the market is not ethically sourced, or simply not very good. How about bringing some joy into your yogi friend’s life with a huge assortment of incense sticks? It’s guaranteed to bring them pure joy.

A nice, ethically sourced (and affordable) brand of incense is Jack In the Green, but you should also consider an incense stick holder to make your gift complete.

A yoga teacher training in India is something that appeals to any yogi. When in doubt, just book one of these amazing trips for them and they will be grateful.

This article was based on a post originally published on BookYogaRetreats.com.

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