Ulu Yoga es una escuela de yoga registrada con 200 horas y 300 horas de Yoga Alliance (RYS) que ofrece profesorados de yoga en varios estilos cada mes en Tailandia y Bali.

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Michael Devine

de Francia, enero 2021

"Online 300 hour course"

Well structured and very comprehensive materials for the 300hr course. I am a few weeks in and already learned so much. Love being able to go at my own pace and focus more heavily on the areas that interest me most.

Ruth Baker

de Tailandia, julio 2020

"Teachers that care"

I think that ULU Yoga did a great job at adapting to the online learning platform in a short space of time. They listened to students and responded with patience and kindness. There was a wealth of knowledge from the diverse teachers involved and certain teachers clearly worked to build a sense of community amongst the students despite the distance between us and differing time zones.

The flexibility suited me and I was always met with kindness and support from admin staff as well as teaching staff.

Pina Cheong

de Estados Unidos, julio 2020

"Amazing yoga teacher training"

I would like to say a big thank you to ULU Yoga for turning this difficult situation into a great opportunity for me. I would have never imagined I could deepen my practice and knowledge this much in an online course. But you all changed my mind and I could say that I had one of my best learning experiences with you guys. I learned loads and now I am much more confident as a teacher.

Thank you for always being available to answer all my questions and for all the support you gave us throughout the course.

During this amazing training , I had the pleasure of learning from such wonderful instructors who were really knowledgeable and approachable.

I really enjoyed every second of the course to the fullest and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and practice in yoga and become a confident yoga teacher.

Thanks again and hope to see you all soon in one of your future courses.

Madeline Kanuka

de Estados Unidos, mayo 2020

"Recommend for online YTT"

This was my first teacher training course, and I chose Ulu because I wanted to learn from an internationally respected group of yoga teachers while earning a Yoga Alliance certificate and not paying an absolute fortune. I was thankful that Ulu was accomodating by staggering live classes that worked across time zones; Being in the US, I was still able to have a live vinyasa class every day. Having at least 1 live class really helped me stay on track. Ulu also didn't require us to buy textbooks—although I still chose to buy the recommended readings and a few other helpful books (including one on yoga philosophy because I was a bit lost in those lectures). I also like that we're able to put the cost of our course towards a program at one of their resorts in the future. That's smart on their part, and something for us to look forward to!

The classes were also comprehensive and layered with themes. I was surprised that many of the classes were nearly 2-hours—but I found that the length of them really helped me to immerse myself (especially with Bluetooth earbuds).

The course was challenging and the teachers and students were kind and supportive. There were elements of the course (addressed below) that I was a little disappointed in—but I think that's due to the nature of an online YTT course; it won't be quite the same but Ulu did a great job in working alongside a crazy pandemic ✅

Misty Dawn

de Guam, febrero 2020

"Loved my experience with Ulu Yoga "

Excellent information, the instructors were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. I would study with Ulu again.


de Malasia, enero 2020

"Agility is Highly Expected, Schedule is Merely a Guideline"

It is a 200 hours YTT where you can meet beautiful people all around the world given that Bali is well known for its diversity. Easily you can have classmate from 5 or 6 different countries even for a class of 10.

There are plenty of things to do around Ubud itself be it touristy or spiritual related. I enjoy Kirtan a lot and opportunities to go for classes/workshops at other studios within Ubud. Beach is accessible within 30mins drive or an hour away for further options.

Multi style allow us to explore different asana practices. This allow me to find my own style and understand yoga in different point of view.

We were encouraged to teach as many times as possible during the course which equipped us better as teacher to be. Pre-course material is good too!

Overall, I love KK, our led instructor for companion, guidance, sharing, critics and empowerment. The course will not happened if not for her.

Love the accommodation and the manager of Yoga Shala, Pak Nawi & Madey. They were very helpful and friendly throughout the stay.

Claudia Mesesan

de Reino Unido, noviembre 2019

"The most enriching experience"

I couldn’t have chosen a better training. it really did feel like a family #ulufamily.

Every teacher brought a different skill set to the mix making the ulu yoga experience whole.

I will have to go back for the aerial training soon. 🥰

Teja Rajter

de Eslovenia, octubre 2019

":) perfect."

warm, loving and humble vibes that keeps you feeling safe, secured and accepted. everybody is loving yoga and is really passionate about what they do. everybody went an extra step to make you feel like a part of the family.

morning meditation, yoga, breakfast, courses, areal, beautyful sup sunsets and extra cool events to really experience the estatic energies of this magical island Koh Phangan.

if you are looking for really fun, calming, peaceful, not very harsh and strict but still full of knowledge and empowering ytt... this one is perfect.

Valeria Lagoszova

de Qatar, octubre 2019

"Very life changing"

I like the teachers and all the group activities that we did, it was amazing. I learned a lot about yoga, philosophy, myself and all the people in the group. We were an amazing group!

Katarzyna Chojnacka

de Italia, octubre 2019

"Came for asanas, stayed for more thanks to great teachers ;)"

Long story short: it's a perfect course for beginners (with reasonable physical fitness) and intermediate practitioners alike. Just do it :) The teachers are committed 200%, they are passionate, keen and caring. They want to transfer the knowledge but also guide you on a spiritual journey. NB. the teachers vary depending on location and time of the year.

More details: Before this YTT200, yoga was merely a physical practice for me – I cared about getting into that forearm balance or squaring my hips. Thanks to wonderful teachers, especially Cody (specialising in vinyasa and Tai chi inspired practice, as well as innovative meditation techniques) and Manjeet (Hatha instructor who with his passion made a 7-hour chakra lecture fun (!) and led me on some powerful medications) I couldn't have asked for a better course. It was balanced in terms of practice as we got to practice so many styles: vinyasa, Hatha, yin, aerial, acro (here a special shout out to wonderful Astri & Caspian!), but also meditation, and theory which included history of yoga, anatomy, analytics of poses, chakra theory and nutrition.

Chelsea Garcia

de Estados Unidos, octubre 2019

"A Life Changing Experience "

I am so grateful that I took the leap of faith to Bali to explore and study the power of yoga and meditation with ULU. The instructors were all so inspiring and knowledgeable, I truly feel like I received the best possible training experience available. Thank you thank you 1000x for all that you do! I look forward to training again with ULU in the very near future <3

Flo Lio

de Francia, septiembre 2019

"I found my yoga tribe"

I follow the 2019 august teacher training in 21 days.

I really liked to schedule. It is quite packed, but with the right amount between yoga practise, meditation, philosophy, business topic, and "experimentation" such as yoga nidra or kirtan.

Old comments relate to lack of organization. the only confusion comes to the fact that our group was miwed between 21 and 28 days, but since we were the last group with this, i think it will no longer be an issue.

Our group was so wonderfull and everyday i miss being with them, being in our shala or hanging in the resort.

Teachers was awesome. Sepcial thanks to Jenny who was our vinyasa / analytics teachers, for being extra attentive and concern to our way to teach with the biggest kindess possible.

I stayed at High life instead or Bounty and even if you need to walk for 3/5min to come to the shala, the acomodation were nicer.

Jacquelin Loving

de Estados Unidos, septiembre 2019

"Such a great energy coming from all the teachers"

I did the 21 days of multi style yoga and additionally a week of aerial yoga. I found the schedule well organized and well balanced between physical and mental exercises. I enjoyed the variety of different yoga styles offered. Shashi was approachable and helpful throughout the whole stay and beyond. The teachers were very experienced, knowledgeable and carried a feeling of comfort. As a conclusion I am really glad about choosing Ulu yoga for my teacher training. They were fun and efficient.

Miriam Jaskolski

de Estados Unidos, septiembre 2019

"Great experience "

The teachers were really professional and knowledgeable. I learned a lot in a short period of time. It was a good balance between learning and fun. I also really appreciated the schedule every day. The timings were perfect and at no time did I feel bored or overwhelmed.

Chiara Rochlitz

de Alemania, septiembre 2019

"My experience with ULU"

My experience with ULU was brilliant. I have never been in one room with so many amazing women, which I hope to stay in contact with for the rest of my life. I loved the variety that ULU offered. Thanks to them I fell in love with SUP, Aerial and Acro and I am definitely planning to pursue these further, so thank you for introducing me to my “new passion”. The teachers were always trying to adapt things to our wishes and interests. If you don’t choose to, you will never be alone. There is always a good restaurant or amazing activity like a sauna or kirtan to go to. Our teachers were loving and knowledgeable. Especially Jennie was a natural at teaching! Funny, ambitious and caring at the same time. The distinction between the 21 and 28-day regulations were a little bit confusing but you should not worry about that since they are planning to concentrate on the 21-day version. I enjoyed the beach aerial where we created memories that we will cherish forever! The blacklight party was also quite an experience!

You’ll have the privilege to choose between multiple beaches, one prettier than the other. Before coming I was a little afraid about traveling here alone but it turned out to be super safe and everyone was really friendly. The staff at Bounty is really kind and always trying their best. I loved this training and would definitely consider going back for my 300hr or prenatal specialization. They love to improve themselve. Thanks you so much, ULU team, for an amazing time.

Maša Cokan

de Eslovenia, agosto 2019

"Excellent experience "

I liked the structure of our schedule. We had two breaks almost every day. I liked yoga studio and it was so clean. I liked the energy cause it was not as i am in school but it was a relaxing atmosphere 😇


de Egipto, agosto 2019

"Good but disappointed.. "

- overall its good to get exposed to different styles of yoga, and the school offers that.

- Analytics & Vinyasa teacher was extremely good/ and capable! She had her heart to things; we learned a-lot; and she’s someone who knows what she is doing.

- The philosophy teacher was also very good and well rounded; given his Indian background, extremely decent and also has his heart and mind to things.

- Chakra classes were very nice (same teacher of anatomy)

- Ariel class were good for beginners

- Take the 21 days program and not the 28 days. 21 days you get exposed to more theory, breathing, and meditation while 28 days you drop most of the theory in-return to 50 hours of Ariel; which is not very beneficial for 200 hours level 1 course. If its over your basic 200 hours its good to have- but secure your yoga knowledge.

Cindy Lawson

de Austria, agosto 2019

"Excellent "

Wonderful yoga classes and teachers in a gorgeous location. I absolutely recommend it and I am so grateful to everyone. I wish I could stay longer as there is so much to learn and do. I recommend the veggie burger at secret beach.

Claudia Marrot

de Vietnam, julio 2019

"Good experience"

Very nice experience with Ulu teachers. Each of them brought different quality to the training. Even if it was a (too) short training, I had a lot of information and the teachers were pretty available.

The place we practiced (outdoor studio) was lovely.


de Polonia, junio 2019

"Amazing month BUT..."

I absolutely loved Cody and Lou as teachers - their styles are so unique, with their personalities shining through. Both of them give all of their heart to yoga and they made me fall in love with my practice even more... forever grateful for them!

Another absolutely wonderful aspect of the course is the community. WOW! I met some of the most amazing people and we bonded so much - laughing, crying together... We have formed a small yogi family that I will cherish forever!

Also, Koh Phangan itself is wonderful — tons of good food, a very relaxed vibe and BEAUTIFUL beaches. It truly is paradise! I definitely do recommend renting out scooters and driving around to really feel the freedom the island gives to anyone on it. :)

Anna Nieto

de Francia, junio 2019

"Décevant ! "

Être seulement 8 étudiantes.

Allison Hagaman

de Estados Unidos, mayo 2019

"It’s more than a training, it’s a life changing experience "

You don’t just get a certificate from this training, you get an amazing life experience and a forever yoga family. I knew I’d get close to the people in this training but it was hard for me to say bye, but now I have friends internationally.

The instructors are so kind and funny while pushing you for success. Cody is very knowledgeable and my other instructors were a well.

If you’re trying to figure out if this is a course you want to take, do it. You will learn so much about yourself and leave with tools to help you with yoga but you’ll also take alway tons of information for your daily life.

Also Koh Phangan is AMAZING!!!! The yoga scene is amazing. There’s a beach that has Acro at sunset every night at sunset. There’s kurtins and estatic dance somewhere you can go to at least once a week which I reccomend doing even if you’ve never been. Also there’s tons of amazing food around to eat (karma and pure vegan are my favorite).

I did the 21 day and I will let you know you don’t have any days off and you have a very long day. I’d recommend taking the longer class (28 days?) because then you don’t have to be up crazy early and then I think you get Sundays off. I would also say don’t buy a return ticket if you don’t need to, or give yourself a few weeks after your course to go home because the likelyhood I’d you making friends and wanting to stay is very high.

The last thing, I would recommend you get air conditioning. All in all 100/100 I’d go back

Kaiti Brauer

de Estados Unidos, mayo 2019

"Best decision I ever made "

I chose to do my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ulu Yoga because of the variety of styles they offer. Learning aerial & acro (along side with Hatha, vinyasa and yin) was so much fun! Aerial is my absolute favorite, I even ended up adding on my 50 hour Aerial Training with Ulu! I gained all the confidence and skills needed to successfully teach classes! I learned from knowledgeable teachers & I made friends with people from all over the world!

I highly recommend Ulu!


de Estados Unidos, abril 2019

Honestly the course was incredible, the teaching

was amazing, every one of your teachers were

enthusiastic, so encouraging, caring, such a positive team

and knowledge was of such a high standard. I loved

everything about It & cant wait to share what I’ve learnt

from you guys.

It’s infectious :)

Bethany Conner

de Estados Unidos, febrero 2019

"Perfect Yoga Course!"

I loved my yoga course so much I can’t describe how wonderful everything was! I love my instructors for sharing suck deep knowledge about philosophy. I truly understand about life and how to live and think with clear open eyes. The physical yoga practice was so detailed with so much technical info about alignment, adjustments and using props. So much what I did in the past was improved and my practice now is a much higher level. But they never pushed me too hard and modified for other more beginner students. The location is so beautiful. There are so many great beaches you can walk to. And the water looks like a movie. The ocean was my favorite part. I took so many amazing pictures. The reaort is a nice atmosphere and it’s on a cliff with a little private beach. The food was delicious. The kitchen is much better quality than other places. Thanks again to everyone. You really changed my life!

Magdalena Schwenck

de Indonesia, febrero 2019

"Three weeks in paradise "

I had an awesome experience with ULU yoga! All of the teachers were really down to earth, they were very close with us, and all of them are incredibly knowledgeable. I also couldn’t ask for a better group of students, we are like a little yoga family. Sharing the experience of these intense 3 weeks of yoga with them will always be valuable to me.

I learned so much about yoga, myself, my body, and teaching techniques that I feel more comfortable in my practice than ever before.

Overall, I really recommend you to visit ULU yoga and to immerse yourself into this beautiful environment filled with inspiring people!


de Alemania, enero 2019

"Intense 200h training - one of a kind experience "

Knowledgeable and inspiring teacher! Daily healthy breakfast! Close to a beautiful beach! Yoga shed just for our group! Small group of students! Everyone with so much love to share!

Chantal De Vrieze

de Holanda, enero 2019

"Super, leuk, leerzaam, maar er is ruimte voor verbetering. "

De variatie in lessen waren onwijs goed. De inhoud was super interessant en leerzaam. De docenten waren geweldig. Veel vakkennis. Ik wilde zo graag langer blijven. Een week is eigenlijk te kort. De sfeer is super fijn en ik heb er een paar hele fijne vrienden bij.

Het ontbijt was super lekker en gezond.


de Austria, enero 2019

"Aerial Yoga Teacher Training very creative and different"

Most positive for me was: Anatomie class with Vic.

Insight into Aerial Silk Yoga.

Shedule, Yoga Teacher Variation, the concept of the course, Manual (except the pics)


de Estados Unidos, diciembre 2018

"Ulu Yoga"

Alon, Viktoria & Ria were the most incredible instructors! They are the reason I feel confident in entering the world as a yoga teacher. I will carry their knowledge & words with me, forever! The location in Koh Phangan is stellar! I loved the variety of styles offered. I fell in love with SUP yoga, and plan to teach this style ASAP!

Iman Al Chaikh

de Líbano, diciembre 2018

"Definitely will come back to this beautiful and welcoming ce"

I like the welcoming atmosphere and friendly teacher .

Petra Jenewein

de Alemania, diciembre 2018


I'm deeply grateful for an amazing learning experience with Ulu Yoga on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan! We, our class with people from all over the globe, were taught by 7 teachers, everything from aerial yoga, acroyoga, SUP yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, injury treatment, prenatal yoga, choreography as well as traditional yoga sutra philosophy, anatomy, methodology, teaching practice, designing classes, to analytics. Every single teacher provided skilled knowledge, support, guidance, inspiration and motivation, each in their own unique way, to each of their unique student to gain or expand their knowledge of yoga, to learn how the body works, how it is connected to mind and spirit, how to experience possible changes and how to use the tools necessary to develop and deepen our own personal practice to be able to share it with others.

I’m very thankful to, and for having met each one of them, thankful for the gained knowledge with every step on and off the mat into the fascinating world of yoga.

Sandra Brunetti

de Alemania, diciembre 2018

"Yoga Teacher education 200 hours"

I began my journey with much concern.

I wasn't sure if I had made the right choice at my age and with my little yoga experience.

I was inspired by the fact that Aerial Yoga and SUP were on offer, that the resort is located directly by the sea and that the pictures published on the WEB gave me the impression that the fun factor was not neglected and that they radiated a certain "lightness".

The program was tough. 200 hours in 4 weeks. A lot of practice, a lot of information, a lot of different topics and all this in a language in which the vocabulary is limited and requires a lot of concentration. I also had some concerns about the exam because I didn't know exactly what to expect from us students and what to deliver.

However, my concerns were unfounded. I felt very comfortable. I met wonderful people, learned a lot and took so much with me.

Be it yoga practice, analytics (what is important to get into the perfect position for the asanas and how can I train my body to come closer) as well the philosophy of yoga.

It was like a school of life. What makes us people to "better" people or how do I live more consciously and happier?

My heart is filled with so many positive experiences and I don't regret a moment that I have decided for doing this training on this place.

To have only 3 days for free during the whole month is little. I would recommend, if possible, to add a few extra days to get the many impressions and lessons before returning to your everyday life.


de Alemania, diciembre 2018

"Beautiful experience "

The instructors were grate all in their own and different way so I learnt a lot! Also the location and food were good and the beaches very close by!

Janina Rausch

de Alemania, diciembre 2018

"A transformational experience "

I really liked the different styles of the teachers, everybody was so different and you can learn a lot from all of them. You practise teaching from the first moment on, that’s perfect. And I also love the idea of the multi style course. I loved the whole group, this was an amazing energy!

Thanks you so much for all the inspirational talks and the profund knowledge you shared with us.


de Francia, septiembre 2018

La méthode progressive et intensive d' apprentissage, la variété des activités qui allie tant la pratique individuelle qu' en groupe, la personnalité des professeurs, le petit groupe d'élèves, le programme, le lieu et alentours

Camille Buchy

de Francia, septiembre 2018

"Aerial Yoga 50h TTC "

The classes and the schedule of the day was well organized and balanced. The morning classes were very good.

A good Variety of practice : restorative aerial, silk, partner, accro.

The classes were consistent and the instructors serious.

The black light choreography was a very fun time.

The location is nice, near to Haad Yao beach were you have all you need ( supermarket, massage place, restaurants)

Hotel & restaurant owners very nice and open to changes for the food - the value of the breakfast that is included is 200B, and I asked for spending this 200B and ordering on the menu and they agreed even if this was extra organization for them.

Katja Ianson

de Australia, agosto 2018

"Life changing month "

Everyone throughout the school was warm and accepting. Each and every teacher was unique with their own style and once I learnt the many variations of yoga I was very appreciative of all the beautiful teachers and their different styles. I loved Sashi's theory classes as I learnt a lot from them and was so appreciative to be taught by such an inspiring woman. Additionally, Alon is another outstanding teacher amongst the team who is another inspiration. I also strongly believe this school has an outstanding aerial yoga program. The yoga studio was breath taking and location of the course was centre stage amongst all the yoga action. I would recommend to future students to stay at Bounty as the convenience of being close to the school is unbeatable. Additionally the beautiful family who runs the resort are so lovely and welcoming over the past month they became family to me. I cant wait to come back next year to see each and everyone of these beautiful teachers again.

Rossella Cini

de Italia, julio 2018

Atmosphere. .location. .

Lauren Robinson

de Irlanda, julio 2018

" Very enjoyable and fun"

I really liked the analytics classes as we had a chance to review the class asana practice and ask questions. Ria was very helpful and made you feel comfortable when in teaching practice and her explanations were clear and precise.

The class structure was good and I had a lot of fun at the black light as it broke up the week a bit. Especially the aerial yoga on the beach. Variety was very good. I really enjoyed the aerial silk but there wasn’t enough time for more than an afternoon. Minty was very good, clear and creative with her class so was Sasis class was quite direct which I liked and I loved the restorative practice she gave and the demonstrations with part partner yoga and yoga massage. I would really like to come back for the next course when it starts so please keep me posted. 😀

Malarie Wells

de Camboya, julio 2018

"It was everything I hoped for and more"

The books we recieved are amazing. I feel confident with Allignment for my own practice and teaching others from this course. The squedule was so well layed out and often flexible to what we wanted as students. EVERY TEACHER WAS ABSOLUTLY OUTSTANDING. Im so glad I chose ULU for my yttc.

Madeleine Kettle Kettle

de Emiratos Árabes Unidos, julio 2018

"Above and beyond "

Exceeded all expectations, more than just a TTC, I have gained so much knowledge from all the instructors. There is such a variety of lessons every day was slightly different it was hard work as expected but Sashi bent over backwards to ensure everyone was satisfied with all aspects of the trip.

Edward Samson

de Suecia, junio 2018

"Incredible Experience in Paradise!"

OMG! We did aerial in the water and took so many beautiful pictures! And we did body painting and made acro aerial show with backlights! But also it was serious safe aerial class in the morning and deep spiritual lecture I didn't expect. The ocean here looks like paradise from a movie dream. So many beautiful colors of blue. And the sunset! Magical! Also snorkeling with coral and fish everywhere! We had three teachers who were each specialist in philosophy, anatomy, normal aerial and choreography. It all blew my mind :)

Penny Wong

de Malasia, junio 2018

"An Eye-Opening Experience"

Alon and Viktoria are super knowledgeable in their respective skills. I really loved Alon's dry humour throughout analytics class even though we were serious when it comes to adjustments and alignments. Viktoria is one of the most caring people I've ever met - she was able to make me feel safe enough to be vulnerable and trusting, which vastly improved my teaching and acro yoga performances. Also a huge shout out to Ananda, Karina, David, Art and all the volunteers who've made this experience so beautiful. My group is so diverse, yet we all bonded pretty quickly with lots of stories to share.

Denia Carvalho

de Angola, junio 2018

Victoria Attention towards us made all the difference. In my particular case that I arrived sick Eduard was 5 stars with me . Sweet sushi helped so much too. All 3 showed me care and I'm thankful for that.

Shuyi Li

de Singapur, mayo 2018

"Fly to Freedom with Ulu Yoga "

It’s really excellent experience with Ulu Yoga .Qualify Teachers make class very fun . Nice location in ubud feel like we are live in nature. Best classmates ever . We all from different countries but because Ulu we all meet together . For yoga , For ourselves to be a better person. Learn how to fly high and learn how to fly to freedom. Come to Ulu you will never even regretted.

Riya Sen

de India, mayo 2018

"Edward and Shashi are just beyond fantastic !!!! "

Brilliant teaching skills

Rebecca Geiss

de Alemania, mayo 2018

"Loved it!"

Praxis - theory ratio was perfect. We practiced a lot and i enjoyed the new experience of the swing (i so far only practiced with a silk hammock). Lovely teachers. Totally recommend it!

Sin Nga Krisophia Pang

de Hong Kong, mayo 2018

"The most caring yoga instructors!!!"

Everything was possitive. I love the teachers, they are very experienced and encouraging. I love the classroom we were assigned to. I love the food. Ulu yoga is so loving and creative!!

I used to think that good reviews are lies, but now I am writing one. lol :)

Ardella Martin

de Estados Unidos,

I attended the ULU Aerial Yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali from April 22nd to 28th. The accommodations arranged for me by ULU were wonderful. The room was spacious, clean and very comfortable. It was a short walk to the Ubud Yoga Centre. The Centre itself was light and airy, perched above the river valley. I appreciated the small group size, which easily allowed Edward and Shashi to get around to each of us for timely assistance/correction. There was daily practicum experience in pairs, which helped us to get to know our fellow participants as well as build confidence teaching others. The sessions on restorative and prenatal aerial yoga were very interesting. Who knew how flexible aerial could be? I have a degenerative disc condition and the benefits of aerial for controlling pain and range of motion are a regular part of my practice. My only wishes for the course would have been to have spent more time practicing and instructing others on the basic poses. I found the pace very fast. I was also looking forward to the aerial on the beach, which was changed to a photo session down by the river. Overall, a very enjoyable, refreshing learning experience! Thank you, Edward and Shashi.