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Grounded Koh Tao's Wellbeing Centre

Koh Tao, Thailand

Grounded is located in Koh Tao, at a just 10 minutes walk up the hill from Sairee Beach. You will practice yoga in a traditional Thai style sala.

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  • Christine The Netherlands

    Trip Advisor website

    I (no experience) went with a friend (very experienced) and we both had a good yoga session. The teacher was funny and he know what he was doing. It was so nice doing a work out while the sun was setting and just hearing nature. Bring some mosquito spray!

  • Kristina

    Trip Advisor website

    I was in Koh Tao for just over two weeks and once I found grounded my only disappointment was that I hadn't found it earlier! The instructors took the time to learn about who you were as a person and your experience with yoga. Each instructor had a slight different style of yoga which kept the classes unique and fun! The classes are outside in a shaded area in a fan room, and at first glance you think it's going to be too hot but the temperature was perfect and comfortable to practice yoga in!whether the class was big or small I felt like I received the right amount of attention and help when needed! And Grounded is definitely the best prices on the island especially if you buy a class pass! There are three different time slots for classes everyday so you have the option of going at different times depending on your schedule! I definitely recommend everyone try this place out because you will fall in love! It is the perfect little oasis on such a beautiful island!

  • Phil

    Trip Advisor website

    I went into grounded with a deep appreciation for meditation, and ZERO yoga experience. I instantly felt welcomed by the staff member on duty, and left feeling optimistic about trying yoga for the first time later that day. After the session, the instructor mentioned a " detox" program they ran which offered a day of one-on-one coaching in both yoga and meditation as well as a juice-fast. Now I typically cringe when I hear the word "detox", and instantly start thinking about pseudoscientists like Dr. Oz, but I saw what an amazing opportunity it was to spend a day one-on-one with some experienced yogis; and if that meant drinking juice for a day then that seemed like a small price to pay (and I definitely saved money on food that day!). The day started with a personal training session with the owner, who pushed me to a comfortable limit and really invigorated me for the day. Following that, I got to have a long discussion with Claudia about the philosophy of Yoga, and discuss some of the questions I had been struggling with in my meditation. I can't speak highly enough about Claudia. She has this amazing positivity and openness which had me feeling as though I'd known her for years even though I'd just met her. Claudia then ran a one-on-one yoga session with me, which was hugely beneficial since I am a complete novice and needed a LOT of guidance. I found it incredibly helpful to be taught to where to maintain my focus on my body during the various positions. The day concluded with a guided meditation session with the owner. I love meditation, and practice daily, and I love meditating with others from time to time. Brett and I did a walking meditation, and a loving kindness meditation (one of my favourites). She was thrilled when I told her I had brought my singing bowl with me, and I showed her how to use it then we meditated together while I played it. Overall, I would rate the day quite highly. As a novice to yoga, I really appreciated the primer I received from Claudia and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with such experienced yogis. I found the juice-fast to be a challenge in its own right. While I am still skeptical about "toxins", there is evidence-based research on the health benefits of periodic fasting. The juices themselves were tasty and very wholesome, however I did find myself feeling run down by the end of the day with a mild headache. I can't stress enough how important it was for me to supplement the fast with coconut water to replenish electrolytes as well as water to stay hydrated. I avoided using electrolyte powder in my water since the idea of the juice-fast was to avoid processed foods, and the electrolyte powder contains sugar. The next day I awoke feeling like a new man: energised, motivated, and excited to greet the day (and eat some pancakes). If you're considering doing Grounded's detox, then get off the fence and do it. It's a great challenge and a day of personal growth and development.

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