GuruKula Portugal is a registered Yoga Alliance UK and Indian Yoga Association and provides a home to learn and practice Sanatan Yoga.

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Tamara Ertl

from Germany, March 2022

"Traditional YTT with much love and blessing"

Jnandev shares this space with so much knowledge, love and bliss! You can feel totally comfortable at home while diving into the yoga universe and learning so much more than you could imagine.

Being situated in the most beautiful landscape, this Ashram is a magical place, where you can connect with yourself and nature.

If you are looking for a tradional-oriented, holistic training - this is where you will find it and much more!

Noelia Sierra

from Greece, November 2020

"Such an amazing experience"

I booked this Yoga Teacher training because I wanted to learn from someone who was born in a Yoga culture and believe me this is the closest you can get to India in Europe.

Jandenv is such a great teacher and gurú, his knowledge about yoga and his skills as story teller made every day special and unique.

If you want to learn yoga from the best, this is a place to go.

I can't recommend it enough.

Thanks again to the whole team for making this experience unforgettable.



from Switzerland, November 2020

"Great classical tradition yoga course"

Living almost a month immersed in the beautiful nature of Portugal allows you to enter in deep contact with nature and simplicity.

Jnandev shares his experience and deep knowledge with heart, allowing you to start the path of yoga according to the classical tradition.

The food is good, cooked with love and everything is done to meet the needs of each participant.

I recommend to participate to all people who have a sincere desire and are ready for a simple and respectful lifestyle.

Joana Rodrigues

from Portugal, November 2020

"Wholesome and authentic Hatha Yoga teachings"

Words won't make justice to the experience I had at the Ashram.

I am beyond happy to have had the opportunity to meet Jnandev (and to a smaller extent his amazing colleagues and partners).

One of the things I have definitely appreciated most was the wisdom and respect for the classical teachings of Hatha Yoga, with all its different aspects and practices. In this sometimes hectic wellness world, this isn't something that should be taken for granted. The teaching approach, effort and love that was put in every session (whether it was Pranayama, or the physical practice, or the Satsangs) was amazing. Discipline is a very important part of the process, and by surrendering to it, one will be surprised with the benefits.

The Ashram's location is a pure gem in the midst of a beautiful forest area. By living so immersed and connected with nature, many of the teachings just start to settle in, effortlessly.

The meals were balanced and delicious, and most of all, cooked with love.

For those interested in serious teachings of Yoga, and moving deeper in one's personal evolutionary journey, I recommend signing up to the teacher training course.

Geraldine Nethercott

from Belgium, February 2020

"Improvements need to be done"

Teaching of Hatha yoga, Bajhan and Satsang

Location in the middle of the forest


from Switzerland, November 2019

"Thank you for this experience!"

This ttc is made for everyone who enjoys a simple, off-grid, community life.

We were a small group of just 7 students, what was really nice because each one of us was able to ask all the questions they had, we made some special lessons for individual needs etc, it was very personal in general.

The students as a group got along really well, we had a great time together.

In our free time we were able to walk to the closest village or have a wonder around in forest and the neighbourhood.

The food was simple but very tasty, the ones who fancied cooking and learning about the Indian food, were able to participate in the cooking sessions.

In General I really enjoyed this yoga teacher training and really recommend this tradition, the Gitananda tradition because you really do learn a lot about the huge, ancient and traditional topic of yoga.

Pat Mccashin

from Spain, June 2019

"Beautiful "

Beautiful area, very experienced instructors teaching classical yoga. Lots of theory to go along with the physical practice. Enjoyed my time there immensely.

Rianne Toenhake

from Belgium, June 2019

"A genuinely authentic yoga experience in a warm yoga-family!"

Authentic teachings, without traveling all the way to India. Great food, beautiful location (if you are looking to be in nature too). The ashram is unfolding, this was told to us from the start. This means basic facilities and every day a new step to the future is made - lovely to be part of the process. It helps to come closer to nature, life and of course, to ourselves, where yoga is all about, especially when you are living in the city. When there is some rain, you will have the pleasure of a sweet creek to cool down in. I slept in one of the tents which was very comfortable and for sure warm enough. Last but not least: delicious food!