Harmony & Health Yogaretreat

Harmony & Health Yogaretreat brings groups from Europe to Rishikesh, India for yoga wellness retreats and teacher trainings.

Instructors 6

Gaitrie Bechan

Originally from Suriname and with a Hindu background, Gaitrie made her first spiritual journey to India in 1994, to discover her roots. The first place she visited was Rishikesh, where she deepened her yoga practice. In 2014, she completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Now Gaitrie, next to English, German, Spanish and Dutch, also speaks Hindi. Because of her many contacts in the region and the extensive knowledge of the culture, she offers the participants of her retreats an unforgettable and authentic experience in India. Gaitrie will be you host during this retreat.

Yogacharya Manish Arora

Born in Rishikesh, he studied at the oldest yoga schools and colleges of India. He stresses learning the basic concepts of yoga and finding the path or lifestyle to the ultimate goal of yoga; letting the body breathe in the breath of the Indian tradition of Hatha and Iyengar yoga. Yogi Manish has taught in different countries. He wants to teach and share his 14 years of experience in yoga. He has a great number of fans, who constantly exchange knowledge all over the world.


She is a yoga master and yoga teacher at the Yoga Training School and began practicing yoga at the age of 14 with her teacher Swami Anand. She studied yoga culture, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit and mantra at the H.N.B. University, where she completed her master of yoga. Shalini knows Hindi, English and Sanskrit. She is specialized in Hatha yoga and meditation.

Umesh Sharma

Umesh was born in a Brahman family in Rishikesh. Umesh has learned yoga with spiritual guru's. He has a diploma in yoga and specializes as an Ashtanga yoga teacher. He has 10 years of experience in teaching Ashtanga yoga in different countries.

Dr. G.L. Arora

Dr. G.L. Arora founded the Arora Clinic in 1982, with a great vision to spread Ayurveda all over the world. He is a most authentic and traditional Ayurveda doctor. He has a vast 32 year experience in Ayurveda exercises at his clinic. He treats his patients with Panch Karma since 20 years. He also has 10 years of experience in education and at the Parmarth Nature Cure & Yoga Center.

Kamal Singh

Yogi Kamal Singh is a yoga instructor at this center. He has a yoga diploma of the HNB University, Uttrakhand and completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. He likes to focus on the traditional approach to yoga and strives to making this ancient practice available to everyone.

Testimonials 4

Nana W


Teachers are experienced, they guide you to the world of yoga and share you the beauty of it.

Lisa T


i had learned a lot from all of the teachers even if i only stayed for three days.

i am so proud of myself that i fund out what i should study and learn more after i come back TW. I will difinitely visit again in the future.

thanks for all of staffs ^_^

Micaela R


I've been introduced to Yoga by Manish a few years ago and since then I love this practice. Manish is an amazing teacher and through his classes he's able to transmit his kindness and positivity towards life.

To practice Yoga here is an experience that I highly recommend to everybody. Both for the spirit and the body.



I have followed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Program. I was in need of profound knowledge with original yoga and meditation class. After following the 200 hour Yoga Teacher program, I am impressed by the teachings of ancient yoga, including secret meditations, profound philosophy and excellent yoga class. They showed me a step forward into the dawn of true enlightenment!

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