Healing House Cusco helps people realize their wholeness through creative healing with yoga, Reiki, meditation, and inspiring people to embrace their talents.

Yoga Teacher Training (1)

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Niki Coate

Reviews (1)

Kirsten Wendenburg

from Mexico, February 2019

"Great teacher training and healing "

I had such great experience. They really take care of your becoming a teacher. Things will come up during the time and they help with healing and traumas that might come up massively. It's a very safe place. They are very approachable and there is always someone to go to if u need to speak. You even have a mentor who is always available.

One learns teaching from the very beginning, which was awesome. The theory such as history and philosophy is fairly in depths. Cusco is a magical place, the energy is very strong. Altitude too so take tablets at the start or come a week before the training starts. <3

Testimonials (3)

James Dharmakaya Australia

Healing House Cusco Facebook page

Beautiful space, kind community, warm, delicious food, extensive conscious library...love it

Anna Jagric United Kingdom

Healing House Cusco Facebook page

I stayed for a week and have never experienced such a lovely open and non judgemental environment. The reading room and garden are very nice to hang out in and the workshops are amazing. Go!

Ruth Krug

Healing House Cusco Facebook page

The Healing House is a one of a kind place. As a yoga teacher this was a dream place to come to learn and teach. The house is a little piece of magic in Cusco!