Health Yoga Life

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Health Yoga Life offers yoga retreats and classes, yoga teacher training, and workshops. It aims to help people achieve a dynamic and inspired quality of life.

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  • Emily Hale US

    Health Yoga Life Facebook fanpage

    I've actually never really done yoga before but decided to go with a few friends and hopefully stretch out sore, tight muscles from the gym. This place was awesome. Meghan taught the class and did such a great job. She knew I was new and was sure to check on me for form and things like that and was really encouraging about my session. I'm glad I signed up for the 30-day membership because I definitely plan on going back.

  • Meghan Elizabeth Hale US

    Health Yoga Life Facebook fanpage

    I did Sunday morning power flow with Meghan. The class was the perfect balance of flow and depth. The studio was clean and appropriately heated. I've been to a lot of yoga studios and was was one of the best I've experienced. Highly recommend!!

  • Brenna Bedard US

    Health Yoga Life Facebook page

    I'm missing Boston and Health Yoga Life for so many reasons! They have the best group of instructors, and the Bielkus sisters are very invested in making their studio positive, energetic, and relaxed. They succeed in doing so! I would recommend them a hundred times.

  • Christopher Antao US

    Health Yoga Life Facebook page

    They made me feel right at home. Easily one of the best experiences in a while - hit the reset button and ready to rock and roll. Definitely made a believer of me, and I will definitely be back for more. Thanks for exposing me to awesomeness!

  • Irene G. Brettman US

    Health Yoga Life Facebook page

    A wonderful studio and invigorating classes. Love it!

  • Karen Matthews United Kingdom

    Health Yoga Life Facebook page

    Nice studio, friendly people, and great heated flow classes.

  • Kate Byrne US

    Health Yoga Life Facebook page

    Vyda's Sunday 10:00 a.m. class was simply the best - challenging yet achievable. The classes and instructors here do not disappoint.

  • Karen Blake Cangemi US

    Health Yoga Life Facebook page

    Nothing hits the reset button like 90 minutes of heated yoga. This place is great. The workout is always challenging but achievable with their top instructors. A very comfortable setting.

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