Hunting Lodge France is a beautiful 17th-century manor house at the edge of a village in the middle of the quiet countryside of South West France offering yoga teacher training.

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Sunshine Ross

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K. Moore

from United States, September 2018

"An amazing experience awaits you, in Coudures, France!"

The experience was nothing short of amazing. Sunshine teaches with such passion and knowledge, she is truly an unbelievable guide.

The curriculum has been carefully thought through and left me with everything I was looking for. Should you ever have any extra questions or concerns, Sunshine was always willing to give you time to ask - and she continued to make that clear through the entire stay.

You are in good hands with this family - as they have worked out a great system to make sure the students have exactly what they need. You can feel the passion, love and safety within this home.

If you are already thinking this is your fit, you need not look any further - you've found it!

Didier Baron

from France, September 2018

"Bienvenue au Paradis "

c'est un endroit vraiment magique noyé dans un ecrin de verdure, qui, ajouté à la très belle énergie des professeurs et du très dévoué cuisinier, rend le training inoubliable.

Lucien Prokosch

from Germany, August 2018

"Beautiful and profound Experience"

Sunshine is a very patient and friendly teacher who combines the mediation of bodily yogic knowledge and spiritual knowledge in a very plausible way. Always open for discussion and with playful exercises in between.

Incredible yummy food, beatiful lake and sourroundings for a meditative walk. The house too has a nice vibe.

Cristina Fraga

from Switzerland, August 2018

"Une formation très agréable et complète "

Ana Ross est une excellente enseignante, toujours bienveillante et à l'écoute. Le cadre est partais pour une retraite en nature🙏

Cecile Berte

from France, August 2018


Tout était super : les cours, les profs, les participants, le logement ... une très belle expérience

Axelle Covemacker

from Nepal, August 2018

"25 jours au top"

sunshine est une prof parfaite , elle partage avec joie son savoir.

Amélie Albertin-ravat

from United States, August 2018

"Studying break"

Good value for money

Really quiet and secluded location, ideal for a retreat

Great teacher

Nice ambiance

Good food even if I wasn’t vegetarian nor vegan

Interesting small personal attentions

Sasha Mrose-boles

from Switzerland, June 2018

"8 days retreat"

I was happy to arrive at a time when I could join in the group of 5 students who are in teacher training with Sunshine. Beautiful family; very easy to be around. There is plenty of space and time in the house and the outdoors to find a quiet place alone if you enjoy this (I do). Sunshine's classes are a perfect balance of challenge and calmness, philosophy and self-teaching/freedom. Glen's cooking is incredibly delicious. Simple fruit and tea for snacks at any time of day. Really special, beautiful old house.

I feel refreshed and relaxed after leaving. I learned from everyone there. Thank you.


Lachie King

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Great spot and great people "

Beautiful position, food, service and good value for money

Testimonials (2)

Bruno L France

Hunting Lodge France

After only 3 month practice of yoga i decided to register to the YTT with Sunshine.

I highly recommand to anyone from beginner to advanced to follow this training and also if you are french-speaker her english is clear to understand.

Before to come i was a complete beginner in yoga i even didn't know how to do the sequence of sun salutation.

Finally i improve a lot my personnal pratice and it was a perfect start for me and at the end i was able to teach a truc classe of yoga.

It was a huge surprise to feel how could i improve my own practice in only one month and she gave me enough knowledge for to have the ability to sharing with people.

After few weeks i can said, her guidance was really precious for me, and i miss those meditations, asana practices, knowledges and good energy that she will share with us.

Also with Sunshine there is no spiritual brainwash, she will give you the information then you decide your way...

So even you are beginner don't hesitate to come and if you are advanced you will discover an holistic practice of yoga with someone who love what she do.


Vidia Carpio

Hunting Lodge France

I am very grateful with Sunshine, she was a excellent teacher, she showed us the true origins of Yoga, the place is really magical, it makes you feel peace, prosperity and love. The experience was unique, and in addition to learning to be a yoga teacher, the experience is more stronger, you know many beautiful people, who become your friends for life. Thanks to this YTT I was able to find my true passion and find this love to share with my students, is something that Sunshine has in mind all the time. Thanks a lot.