IKYU is a well-being center and an institute for higher studies of yoga, meditation, and related disciplines that also offers yoga retreats for you.

Instructors 2

Carlos Alberto Holguin

He worked in the presidency of Colombia's Republic and as a public order authority in the municipality of La Calera, among other performances as a lawyer. He was initiated as Mayan priest by Don Gerardo and Don Carlos Barrios in Guatemala, and from his longtime learning several types of yoga with different teachers and masters, he developed Ishka Kankueb Yoga, a line that proposes an adaptation of ancient yoga to modern life from a scientific and technical understanding to reinforce its philosophical essence and the achievement of the development of a more evolved consciousness of being.

Bogota (Tantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga)

California College of Ayurveda (Nidra Yoga)

Instituto Naturaleza Thai de Argentina (Qigong)

Yoga Kai (Hatha Yoga, Yoga, Power Yoga)

Reiki Shiki Ryotto Level 3 (Reiki Master)

Sandra Benaim

Sandra is the main professor.

IKYU (Yoga)

Reviews 6

Noémi Fülöp

from Hungary, May 2018

"My exciting 22 days in Ishka Yoga Instructor Course, in Cali"

I liked Carlos since the first day to be honest, he was straight and exact most of the time. I loved the complexitiy of the course and that all very well built up exercises, asanas whatever we call them. Simón, Mariana, Samuel, Lizeth and the cooking ladies - they all did a great job, thanks a bunch for all of them :) I enjoyed so much the inipi ceremony and thanks God i had some great mates from the class, i am so grateful to be there and have so much great memories forever :) Muchas gracias por todos and spread love, big hugs : Noémi Budapest

Richard Guilbaud

from Haiti, May 2018

"thank you ISHKA for giving me all these tools!!"

i liked the method

Anna Van Schaardenburgh

from Costa Rica, May 2018

"Very interesting"

That the training is authentic and not just classical or modern yoga. I learned a lot of new things and I'm happy to learn that yoga is not about tension and pushing yourself, but about relaxation.

Juan Sacristan

from Canada, April 2018

El programa pretente un proceso espiritual de las personas que participan, no solo formacion.

Testimonials 1

Sona Peach Germany

IKYU website

I studied psychology in Berlin. In 2016 I traveled to Cali - Colombia for an exchange of my career that lasted a year and at that time I started Ishka Kankueb Yoga classes with the teacher Carlos Holguín and Hatha Yoga with the teacher Mauricio Castellanos. With them I discovered two styles of yoga with important differences but of a depth and effects in my being that I had never lived in other yoga classes in my country or similar kind of experiences. I decided then to take the IKYU instructor training with Carlos Holguín and I can express that the learning, the knowledge and the lived experiences have been very important. I learned a lot of different yoga and meditation techniques but above all I learned that the service of teaching classes for the benefit of humanity is my most important ¨sadhana¨, with which I connect deeply in presence and energy.

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