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Kailash Tribal School

We run certified Yoga Alliance USA accredited yoga teacher training courses 9 months of the year in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

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Noa Shihor Israel

Kailash Tribal School website

Thank you from all my heart for 2 and half months and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, full of learning, experiences and pleasure. It is my luck and honour that I find you as my healing yoga master. I'm exciting for continuing the learning and share this path with the world. Thank you for this gift! Waiting to meet again and to come back in the future for more learning. Namaste

Gian Michael USA

Kailash Tribal School website

Yogi Sivadas is the director and Yogi (Instructor) of Kailash Yoga School. I trained with him during two seasons (Summer and Fall, 2016). I grew a lot during that time and delved deeply into conscious concepts regarding yoga philosophy and psychology (i.e., memory, Historical Foundations of Yoga {Pantanjali Sutras, Sanskrit, etc..). He delivered solid Asana classes and showed the students various variations/sequences, with alignment and individual considerations (i.e., Particular Dosha Types). I would recommend Yogi Sivadas to people.students looking to learn Yoga, and all its aspects- focusing on the holistic healing.

Joseph England

Kailash Tribal School

I completed the 200 hours teacher training at the Kailash school in August 2016 and throughout I learned something new in every class. Parts of my own, and universal, psychology and physiology were also revealed that I was previously unaware of, giving me an understanding and broader perspective that can be carried throughout life. The course includes an expansive and personally adaptable approach to yoga as a concept and there is an emphasis on integrating the philosophy of yoga within the different aspects of the training.Yogi Sivadas has also been approachable, knowledgeable, dedicated and eloquent and as such I have found him a particularly inspiring teacher.

I consider myself as a 'beginner' coming to the course and after my experience I think it is accessible and relevant to anyone with an honest intention to learn more about yoga and further the experience of their own practice. I know I will enjoy practicing what I have learned here for years to come.

Dr. Gesche Heiss Germany

Kailash Tribal School

I completed a 200h Yoga Teacher Training Program at Freistilyoga Berlin in January 2016. Yogi Sivadas travels to Berlin to provide the training course. The training was of highest quality, intense, and life-changing. How much it will affect your life depends on you, and that is the beauty of it, because only you can live what Yogi Sivadas has taught. The classes were supremely well organised. Some people say 4 week training courses are too much to take in, in the short space of time. Perhaps that applies to some teachers, but not so with Yogi Sivadas. He made it very possible to learn everything easily in 4 weeks: It was how he structured the course, how he lectured, and the discussions and questions that were allowed. It also gave space to provide your own thoughts, so that the teachings were unforced. They were gentle and stark at the same time. The practical parts were extremely excellent to develop you as a teacher, providing different aspects from meditative to vigorous. The buildup of the course was remarkably professional, leading you gradually to a more advanced state, mentally, spiritually and physically. I was grateful that Yogi Sivadas also introduced his personal experiences in his teachings, because that is powerful, deep and memorable. It goes beyond saying, that Yogi Sivadas can advance the world by his teachings, his wisdom and compassion.

Rodrigo Berlin

Kailash Tribal School

Yogi Sivadas is a truly amazing teacher. If you are looking for someone who is not going to force any belief system but make you think on your own, he is the right person. Some of the theme of his lectures were absolutely mind-blowing and they made me change in many ways how I see yoga and life. Sivadas also motivates and guides you through a gentle and safe Asana practice, which made me being able to train within my capacities without injuring or over training. I am looking forward to finish the second part of my training with him in a few years

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