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Kanga Yoga organizes teacher trainings, yoga and Ayurveda retreats, courses, and workshops in the UK, Africa, and India.

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Emma Bonnici

Emma is the founder of Kanga Yoga, and co-founder of Kanga Soundscape. She has been studying yoga and Ayurveda for over 10 years. Emma teaches with enthusiasm, care, and attention to detail. She brings knowledge gained from her own personal practice and provides strong encouragement and support in her classes. Emma’s yoga practice has always been very inspired by her Indian teachers of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar yoga, and Ayurveda. Since 2006, she has been traveling between India, Kenya, and the UK.

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Mélanie Yerly

from United States, August 2018

"La classe à tous les niveaux"

Le cadre en montagne, les repas végétariens préparés par une chefferie, les chambres confortables, le programme d'excursion libre, l'ambiance, le professionnalisme de Emma

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Kanga Events website

I had dreamt of going to Rishikesh for a while. It sells itself as the birthplace of yoga, and every aspiring yogi will find plenty of inspiration and opportunities for deepening their yoga practice here. With yoga schools, ashrams, temples and yoga retreats all over Rishikesh, as well as a significant presence of foreign yoga students and tourists, this is the perfect place in India to become immersed in the yoga world and drink up the experience and knowledge available for those who come here to learn.

But with so many schools and ashrams, which one to choose when planning a trip to Rishikesh? I was very fortunate to meet the founder of Kanga Yoga, Emma Bonnici, at the Lamu Yoga Festival earlier in the year. Her infectious enthusiasm and open heartedness and confidence, was exciting and attractive from the beginning. But it was the Kanga style of teaching which really resonated with me. A practice which can be adapted to suit all students and levels of experience. A very grounding, energizing, flowing practice, with a focus on alignment in the postures, and a devotional aspect which I really love. Also the use of background spiritual music creates a positive atmosphere and energy.

The course itself was thorough and included important aspects of yoga including philosophy, meditation, pranayama, kriyas, and the principles of Ayurveda. Our asana classes were a combination of several different styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Sivananda and Iyengar styles, all of which inspired the essence of the Kanga Yoga teaching style. Our teachers were all excellent in their own way. Our daily philosophy classes were really interesting. Our Swami was in touch with current affairs, a warm and intelligent teacher, and so clever at explaining and clarifying the yoga teachings and scriptures and breaking them down to make sense and be relevant in our current world. We really looked forward to these classes. Our anatomy teacher was also very popular, and had a very good knowledge of both the anatomy and physiology of the body and adaptation of this knowledge to the yoga postures.

The accommodation was of very good standard, which we were grateful for, especially after long days on the course, having a nice clean room and shower, and good nutritious vegetarian food, was very much appreciated. Our hotel was on the banks of the River Ganges, and a short walking distance from the classes, which was an added bonus.

I would highly recommend this course to aspiring yoga teachers, or as a way to deepen your practice. The Kanga Yoga template is a great tool for designing classes for all levels and is very helpful in sequencing classes.

I have fantastic memories of our time in Rishikesh, and new special friendships made during our time there together. We were very lucky to be such a small group of participants on our course. Above all my gratitude to our inspiring Teacher Emma, who's vision, constant positive outlook and loving energy was at the core of this teacher training course, and remains with me today as I continue my yoga journey. Namaste


Kanga Events website

For me doing the Kanga TTC was a big decision and one I do not regret. It was a truly amazing

adventure and a big lesson in learning to believe in the magic. Not only was it a huge journey geographically but also so many mental, emotional and spiritual changes took place too- all supported by Emma, the teaching team and the other Kanga trainees. Being in Rishikesh was incredible- to practice by the banks of the Ganga and adventure around local ashrams was an experience I will not forget.

I learned so much about myself and my practice whilst doing the TTC. I particularly enjoyed the morning yoga classes, the pranayama classes and the philosophy lectures. We learned so much, tried so many new things and although we worked very hard it was certainly worth it.


Kanga Events website

Last year I was fortunate to receive a scholarship opportunity to join the Kanga Yoga Teacher

Training in Richikesh, India. At the time I had been practicing yoga for 2 years, it was my desire to be

a qualified teacher so I could take on a career path in Wellbeing Industry here in home country

Kenya. My trip to India was far from what I expected, my intention was to walk away with a piece of

paper but I walked away with a life changing experience.

From the moment I received my scholarship the wheels of motion to positive changes in my life

began. It was an impossible thought that I would get certified as a yoga teacher due to my financial

state at the time let alone travel to Rishikesh the yoga capital of the world. My training there with

Kanga Yoga allowed me to acquire a deeper understanding of yoga, life and my responsibility as a

yoga teacher. Thanks to this training I am now teaching regular classes and working for a yoga

community-development organisation as a Programs Coordinator. My 4 weeks in training opened up

my vision to finding my own path and being of service to those around me.

I am forever grateful to Kanga Yoga for the opportunity to join the Kanga Yoga Family, to the

amazing selection of teachers who guided us through a clearer understanding of yoga and our true

self and to all the students I have formed life lasting friendships with through this program.


Kanga Events website

I Never imagine do a Yoga TTC until last year when I started to being more interested in the

spiritual side of yoga.

KANGA TTC absolutely changed my life, testing me physically and mental was an unforgettable experience being able to practicing with incredible international teachers and understanding deeply more about the yoga philosophy. I have made some truly longlife friendships, , All I can say is that I am so great full to now be part of the Kanga family and being a Kanga Yoga Teacher.

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