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25 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Australia

  • Sanctuary Retreat, 72 Holt Rd, Garners Beach, Mission Beach, North Queensland, Australia

25 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Australia

  • Sanctuary Retreat, 72 Holt Rd, Garners Beach, Mission Beach, North Queensland, Australia

Yoga Teacher Training Australia

Deep in the coastal nature refuge rainforest of Northern Queensland, a sanctuary awaits you. Surrounded by the rich smells and bright colors of the rainforest and overlooking the most beautiful tropical beaches in Australia, you will enter into sacred communication with yourselves, carried on the smooth vibrations of healing sound and soothing poetry from the eloquent Jiya and Mindi. Based on a strong foundation of alignment, you will use your physical practice to explore the relationship of the body to the mind and the soul, bringing wisdom and light to your life journey and finding the greater alignment that comes from self-realization.


  • Daily yoga practice
  • Chakana foundational structure
  • Daily meditation, pranayama, and asana
  • Yogic philosophy, theory and diet, and yogic living
  • Asana analysis, adjustments, and yoga anatomy
  • 24 nights accommodations
  • 3 daily vegetarian meals
  • 25 days with instruction
  • English
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In keeping with the Sanctuary low impact philosophy, buildings are designed and constructed to ensure that the vegetation and birdlife is disturbed as little as possible. Additionally, to minimize ongoing greenhouse gas emissions, the natural cooling effect of the rainforest was incorporated into the designs so that air-conditioning is not required and more than adequate cooling is produced from cross ventilation and ceiling fans. Two unique and contrasting styles of accommodation are offered at Sanctuary to suit all tastes and budgets.

Rainforest huts

Capturing the cool, green light of the rainforest, accommodation is in secluded forest huts nestled in the rainforest canopy. A minimalist design maximizes the sights, sounds, and smells of the rainforest whilst giving some personal space to those creatures you may prefer not to sleep with. Accessed by a boardwalk to protect the forest floor, the rainforest huts have no solid walls, instead the timber structure is screened on all four sides with weather proof curtains able to be drawn for privacy and protection from adverse weather. Each hut has a small verandah, simple furnishings, and sleeps two in either double or twin occupancy.

Rainforest huts with alfresco en-suites

Elegant and rustic at the same time, these outside en-suites offer a convenient addition to the rainforest huts. A simple deck extends from the hut, while privacy is created by the natural foliage of the forest. Gravity fed with fresh, cold-water collected onsite, the en-suites are appointed with a shower, toilet, and basin fittings of quality and style.

Deluxe canopy cabins

For those interested in more creature comforts, then the deluxe canopy cabins may be for you. Of solid wooden construction, with ample, screened glass windows, the canopy cabins offer maximum protection from the elements, while still offering a close connection to the sights and sounds of the forest. Larger than the rainforest huts, these cabins are stylishly appointed with polished wooden floors, handmade natural timber furniture, and spectacular glass-walled bathrooms looking out high in the trees. With a studio-style lounge and bedroom and a private, furnished verandah, the canopy cabins offer superior accommodation in an entirely natural environment.

During the training you wake up while the sun rises and experience the beauty and serenity in the midst of a tropical setting. You will end your day with meditation or satsang (wise gathering) to contemplate and reflect on your sadhana (spiritual practice) of the day. Living with the rhythms of the earth and embracing the fullness of your practice, you grow into yourselves and into life.

Flow of the course

This is a 25-day course, using the Chakana as the foundational structure. This means the course is separated into lower, middle, and upper worlds. The lower world represents the physical, the middle world reflects the mental and emotional, and the upper world involves the energetic or spiritual realm, leading you on a true journey from the head to the heart. Uncover and let go of the layers and step into a more awakened state of being to sit in the seat of your soul.

You will spend eight days in each world, broken down into two half-cycles of three days, with a half-day on day four to apply these practices to modern day living, and a full day off on day eight to live your sadhana (spiritual practice).

For full school days you will follow the schedule as detailed below. On half days (fourth day of each cycle), you will open with a morning's rest, Restorative and Yin class and a workshop to deepen your understanding of the chakras associated with the 'world' you are working in, with the rest of this day free. You will meet for evening gathering every other day. The training will consist of 25 days: 18 full training days, three half days (three worlds), and two full days off, plus opening and closing on the first and last days.

Typical day

  • 06:30 Art of practice: meditation, pranayama, and asana
  • 10:00 Art of living and teaching: yogic philosophy,theory and diet, yogic living, and daily intentions
  • 15:00 Art of teaching: Kula flow, asana analysis, adjustments, and yoga anatomy
  • 19:00 Art of healing: ceremony, Kirtan or satsang sacred gathering (every other evening)

Art of teaching

Sharing yoga is a process of intimacy, one that asks for deep movement within both giver and receiver through love, authenticity, attention, and connection. There are many ways in which yoga can be shared. Kula Collective believes that the fundamental principle that links all of their yoga teaching is connection; the concept that in order to truly help another being to find oneness, they must their selves be a channel to that oneness for their students.

Art of living

How can you live better, slower, with more authenticity? Why do you do what you do? What are the thoughts that you think? How much more deeply can you inhabit your experience? And, underneath all of the thoughts and questions and memories, who are you? There is an art to living well, to living fully, as fully as you can. Philosophers through the ages have speculated on the big questions and yoga is just one of infinite pathways to the truth. If you have come to yoga, chances are you will have asked yourself these questions. As you come together in a group training, you explore these and many more, through examining both your own understanding of the art of living and that of the ancient sages.

Art of practice

It is through the experience of yoga that you understand the infinite nature of your being, where you reach beyond the boundaries of your individual lives and individual experience and touch the unity that is yoga. This yoga teacher training places emphasis on the experiential face of yoga by living your practice as a group, beginning and ending each day with a form of meditation and daily connection to your asana and pranayama. Each morning you will wake in silence to meditate as the sun rises, flowing into your internal experience of meditation. As you continue to expand through teaching, you will creatively work with the internal experience and feel what it is to open up your boundaries, as you are guided into deepening your personal practice through meditation, pranayama, and asana.

Art of healing

When you step into the role of yoga teacher, you are not simply sharing a physical practice to keep people fit, you are sharing a holistic practice that helps people to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. And through sharing yoga as a holistic practice of living, you are allowing yourselves as a whole to connect to your true nature, as spiritual beings. This 200-hour yoga teacher training gives the opportunity for deep self-healing through personal discovery practices, group exercises, intentional discussion, and sacred ceremony. This training also offers a wide selection of teachings on complementary health practices, including but not limited to Ayurveda, nutrition, massage, energetic healing, Tai Chi, chakra cleansing, herbal healing, and the yogic diet.

  • Experience the magic of rainforest walks
  • Explore the local town and get a feel for Northern Australia
  • Relax, run, swim and enjoy your favorite water sport on the bays of the famous Mission beach
  • Jiya Randall

    Jiya is a deeply connected leader who roots her teaching in the healing energy of nature. Her teaching invites students to explore their own unique unfolding, through profound awareness and trust in the wisdom of the self. Jiya is also a talented musician and sound healer who seeks out native chants and medicine songs from around the world to complement her work.

  • Mindi Batson

    As an international yoga teacher trainer, Mindi has trained hundreds of students and has been given the greatest gift to witness the metamorphosis of each soul that joins the circle of yoga teachers worldwide. Mindi’s soul energy training includes specializations in shamanic journeying, past life therapy, transformational enquiry, angelic Reiki level one and two, and mandala exploration.

Mission Beach is one of the only two places in Australia that offers both world heritage listed rainforest and Great Barrier Reef in the one area. With little commercial development and just a small permanent population scattered over 23 kilometers of rainforest-fringed beaches, Mission Beach is a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Designed to minimally impact on the surrounding rainforest, Sanctuary Retreat provides a haven for the traveller as well as the native wildlife. The purpose-built yoga room with its polished timber floors, exposed beams, and high ceilings combine to provide a wonderful space for yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation to the natural rhythm of the forest.

Sanctuary, as an eco-lodge, achieves both of its aims; to share the rainforest with visitors to the area and to protect an endangered habitat and its dwellers. As a registered nature refuge, you can be confident that by visiting Sanctuary, you are not only experiencing a rare insight into the ecology of tropical rainforests, but also making an active contribution to nature conservation.

Nearby places

  • Millaa Millaa falls - 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Mount Kootaloo - 3 hours
  • Boating
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Massage
  • Mountain walking / trekking
  • Sailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Shopping nearby
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar
  • Beach
  • Caf nearby
  • Concierge desk
  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Hammock
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • River nearby
  • Yoga studio
  • Convenience / grocery store nearby
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Library
  • Parking lot
  • Tour assistance

During this retreat you will be enjoying three daily vegetarian gourmet options to suit all tastes, specializing in locally grown fresh foods and excellent coffee to satisfy your base desires. The yogic menu will be well balanced and delicious, with plenty of fresh, vibrant vegetables and salads and nourishing options, plus an occasional rich and raw dessert to maintain the balance.

Bingil bay

From Brooks beach, the bay just meters from Sanctuary, you can hop the rocks, south along the headland and emerge at Bingil Bay, the most densely forested town of the area. Here lives the smallest part of the Mission beach community and also the start of the local beach bus service.

The Clump Mountain National Park, Bicton Hill walking trail also begins here and emerges at the top of the hill to spectacular views of the coast.

Crocodile cruise

See everything the magnificent Hull river has to offer; the rainforests, mangroves, and birdlife by day. Enjoy a sausage and fish sizzle as the sun sets over the estuary. After dark, try to catch different fish and crabs as you spotlight your way upstream. Enjoy the Hull river, a major wetland breeding area for cassowaries, crocodiles, fish, and mangrove birds.

Dare the dark, guided night walk

  • To enable a gentle exploration of the mysteries of the rainforest, Sanctuary conducts night walks led by an experienced guide.

Dunk island

The best known of Australias tropical isles, known to the original inhabitants as Coonanglebah Island of Peace and Plenty. Covered with rainforest, secluded beaches and the areas best walking trails, a day on Dunk Island is not to be missed. The three-hour circuit walk takes you to the top of Mount Kootaloo with panoramic views of the rest of the family islands and the mainland coastline. Down through the Palm Valley to Coconut beach and then along the coastline to Pallon Beach and Dunk Island Resort. On Mondays and Thursdays, you can visit Bruce Arthurs Artist Gallery nestled among the rainforest.


Go fishing on one of the complete range of sites from river to reef. The spectacular scenery and laid back crew offers something for everyone. From beginner to the light tackle enthusiast, a trip can be tailored to suit all anglers. No experience is necessary. Tuition provided by your skipper.

Mission beach

Mission beach remains a stunningly beautiful place and has escaped the recent commercial development of other areas along the coast. Here you will find the heart of the area, a town which has retained its local charm and hospitality, with a wide range of cafes and restaurants offering take away, caf style or a-la-carte dining. Gift shops, internet caf, a small supermarket, and a post office are all just a short walk from the long stretch of Mission beach.

Reefs, rivers, rainforest, and rapids

Blessed with an abundance of nature, there is much to see and do in Mission beach. The closest mainland point to the Great Barrier reef means that travel times are shorter and with only two reef boats, your experience of this amazing natural wonder is shared by only a select few. Just offshore are many deserted islands to sail or sea-kayak to and explore, most of which are protected national parks.

For the more adventurous, there is some of the best white water rafting in Australia nearby, as well the opportunity to parachute over and land on one of the most scenic coastlines in the world. The rainforests surrounding Mission beach offer a wealth of sights and sounds to the walker with a diverse range of habitats and eco-systems to explore. On your arrival, Sanctuarys knowledgeable staff can assist you to decide which of the many trips and operators will suit your needs.

Sea kayaking

Choose the fun and eco-friendly way to explore the tropical waters and rainforest of magical Dunk Island with Coral Sea kayaking. Glide silently over the fringing reef and spot turtles and dolphin. Relax on white sandy beaches, snorkel over the reef, and enjoy a stroll through the rainforest. Learn about the island and reef ecology, and the aboriginal and pioneering history of the area from your friendly and knowledgeable local guide. The trip includes paddling instruction, morning nibbles, all snorkeling gear, environmental interpretation, a luscious lunch, and safety and paddling equipment.

Skydiving Mission Beach

Experience a tandem skydive with SkyDive Australia or Jump the Beach. Enjoy the spectacular views of the 14 kilometers of golden beaches, world heritage listed rainforests, and the nearby Great Barrier Reef and islands.

Snorkeling and scuba diving, The Great Barrier reef

Just over an hours boat ride away, experience the reef and its thousands of tropical fish, its colorful array of coral gardens and giant clams with the use of snorkel equipment. Scuba diving is also optional for beginners and certified divers, while a glass bottom boat is available for non-swimmers. Several companies offer day cruises to a variety of areas of the Great Barrier reef, each with different features to suit different needs and budgets.

South Mission

At the most southern township, you will find the end of the beach bus service and also the start of the stunning Kennedy walking trail, which explores beach and forest until the sandy stretch of paradise is finally interrupted by the Hull river. South Mission beach is the closest land point to Dunk Island and is the departure point for the Coral Sea Kayaking adventures.

The C4 environment center

The Community for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation is located 100 meters north of Mission Beach town. This organization seeks to actively protect and regenerate the local environment and wildlife, with one of its immediate concerns being the plight of the cassowary. The center is staffed by volunteers and is a great introduction to the wet tropics world heritage area with its displays, computers, and reference material. There is also a nursery where 8,000 to 10,000 plants are raised each year for reforestation. Opening hours are 10:00 to 17:00.

Walking tracks

Under the canopy of the forest, it can feel as if time stands still. Weaving through the rainforest, a variety of beautiful walking tracks allow for easy exploration of the varied flora and fauna in the 50 acres of nature refuge that is Sanctuary.

Just meters from Sanctuary, beautiful Brooks beach contrasts the shady forest with golden sands and turquoise waters. For the intrepid, a rock hop to the north reveals the beautiful Garners beach, lined with mangroves and its paradise view of the Barnard islands. Along a short headland trail to the south can be found Bingil bay and the many palm-fringed beaches making up the 25 kilometer stretch that is Mission beach.

White water rafting

Exhilarating white water rafting down the spectacular Tully Gorge. This action-packed, full day trip includes a barbeque lunch, trained guides, all tuition, and state of the art equipment. Photos and video are available for purchase.

Wongaling beach

The shopping center here is the home to a few more coffee shops and cafes and is also the location of the areas first major supermarket and petrol station. The coach station for Greyhound and Premier, is also at the shopping center in Wongaling beach, otherwise known as Mission Beach Central.

Sanctuarys experienced masseur and massage therapists provide a range of massage styles from the vigorous deep tissue massage with no muscular knot unattended to a relaxing Swedish massage. Or treat yourself to the ultimate in bodily pampering with an aromatherapy massage using pure essential oils leaving you floating and totally relaxed. Massages are 75 USD for one hour and 105 USD for 90 minutes.

  • 3 daily vegetarian meals
  • 24 nights accommodation
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Daily technique workshops
  • Spa treatments and additional activities are not included in the price.

Arrival by bus

If traveling by bus, please Advise Kula Collective with your bus arrival time at least one day prior to your arrival. Greyhound coaches stop at Mission Beach Central (also known as Wongaling Beach) terminal. Sanctuary is about 15 kilometers north of the coach terminal.

Arrival by taxi

After arriving at Mission Beach Central bus station you can take a taxi to the Sanctuary. Its generally advisable to call them beforehand so they can meet you when the coach arrives.


  • Cairns - 2 hours

Verified reviews

  • Review by Veronica
    10 out of 10

    "Hey, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my entire being. My life has been forever changed, for the better, all because Jessi responded to my call and offered me a scholarship. If not for that moment, it may have taken me a lot longer to find the peace and happiness I embody now. I feel eternally grateful, and have an immense amount of love and respect for all of my facilitators: Jiya (Julia), Kali (Jessi), Tarzan (Zach), Anahata (Bonnie), and Madonna (Krystalin) ... your wisdom and passion was incredibly moving and real, and was just what my soul was seeking. Your intentions are so true, and I am honored to have been your student. I in fact, hope to see some of you again when it's time for my 300-hr! Eternal love and light, "

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Paula from United States
    10 out of 10

    "After 27 days away in Mexico I am home. The experience was by far the most beautiful healing I've personally felt in my life. I am a Certified Kula Collective Yoga Teacher! And dam proud to be a part of the kula experience and crew for life! Our instructors CJ Ananda Page and Randi Schiffman brought a love to the experience that I am not even able to put into words. It was very clear that these two women are full of integrity and passion for their dharma. Thank you Kula!! I had the support of many friends and family members. I love you guys. A special thank you to the guy who has always seen the greatness within me. The one who is always there for me. Supporting me in every way possible. This experience would not have been possible without you Wade Martin. He has been busy preparing my studio for my return. How lucky am I right!?It's so amazing. I cannot wait to spread the wisdom and love. Stay tuned for the healing and yoga schedule at Orchid Awakenings studio in Radville!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited


  • Review by Jake Ferree

    "I wanted to take the time and share a massive amount of praise for the 300hr training that I just completed in Peru. I know words can never express the amount of gratitude that has filled my heart but I will give it a try. The course was above and beyond all of my expectations. It seemed like every other day the facilitators had another surprise trip and/or present for us. The days were long, waking up at 5:30 a.m. every morning and staying in classes until 9 p.m. every night, although the days were long and jam packed with classes they seemed to still go pretty fast and I found myself completely engaged in all of the lessons. All of the facilitators put their whole heart into their teachings and it was definitely felt and fully received. The connections that I made on this journey and all the self work that I was able to accomplish wile I was there will be something that will forever change me and something I will forever be grateful for. This trip was definitely a life changer and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to enhance their knowledge mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Thank you thank you thank you."

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Seth Martiniuk

    "I attended the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in May 2015 in Mexico, and it was an absolutely fantastic experience, largely because of the two talented and knowledgeable teachers. CJ Ananda Page brought knowledge, passion to every class and despite the gruelling, all day schedule she maintained a high level of energy and presence throughout! She created a safe learning environment with her calm and compassionate manner, allowing the students to feel as comfortable as possible while learning new skills. Whenever you have a teacher that has the practical knowledge, combined with passion for the subject, you end up having happy, well taught students! I truly feel lucky for all that Ananda brought to the course, her value to our experience cannot be understated.” Thanks so much Kula!"

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by David May

    "Ananda and Coby both embody the true nature of the yogi and divinity within us all with their light, knowledge, and dedication to growth, whether its their personal evolution or their student's evolution! Not only do I feel prepared to build my business as a yoga instructor and fitness professional after our time together, but I feel prepared to do it with all of me. I feel that I am ready to put myself in everything I do! They each helped me open doors inside of myself so I could grow. I came to our training together at a point in my life where I felt I knew what I was, a spiritual being, but I had no idea who I was, as a yoga teacher or human! It is the very essence of Coby and Anandas nurturing nature and knowledge of yoga that aided my growth as a yogi back into my true self! My roots took hold deeper into my soul and I relearned my true nature. Through listening to each of them, I gained extensive knowledge. Through watching each of them I gained examples of growth. And through all of our learning, I became permanently rooted to each of them. Something deeper than teacher and student. Something deeper than friends. Something deeper than family. Something deeper than these words. We all (the entire group) became one, all thanks to their gracious, nurturing guidance. I feel beyond blessed that my1 path crossed with these two souls!"

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Martiniuk

    "I attended the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in May 2015 in Mexico, and it was an absolutely fantastic experience, largely because of the two talented and knowledgeable teachers. CJ Ananda Page brought knowledge, passion to every class and despite the grueling, all day schedule she maintained a high level of energy and presence throughout! She created a safe learning environment with her calm and compassionate manner, allowing the students to feel as comfortable as possible while learning new skills. Whenever you have a teacher that has the practical knowledge, combined with passion for the subject, you end up having happy, well taught students! I truly feel lucky for all that Ananda brought to the course, her value to our experience cannot be understated. Thanks so much Kula!"

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Gaia Good

    "I was unbelievably blessed to have Ananda as my teacher and guide during both my 200-hrs in Mexico and 500-hrs in Peru, both were completely life changing experiences. Ananda held a beautiful sacred space as she supported us in our transformation from a place of complete unconditional love. Ananda helped me to understand that I can live my dream and live as the light. The wisdom that was imparted intertwining the shamanic practices of the Americas with the traditional yogic practices of the East was fascinating and creates a holistic way for us to move spiritually forward into our new connected earth. Ananda's teaching clearly comes from a depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience, and was shared humbly, providing an abundance of space for our expansion. Ananda embodies the bliss that can be found in the present moment, representing that our existence is our creation, that what we create comes from what we are, which is love. During the trainings we were gracefully lead to raising our vibration, bringing us into union with the divine. I met soul family and discovered infinite love, I will be eternally grateful! I love you dear soul sister!"

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Silvia Gallo

    "It was with much gratitude, love and respect that I thank you for having the courage and enthusiasm to follow your yogic journey. As a result I was honored with a teacher. You are patient, focused, wise and giving. It was inspiring to observe your unwavering commitment to guide 13 women (myself included) through a mind, body, soul journey. You were encouraging, nonjudgmental and demanding when needed (the appropriate amount, of course). You were the wise observer yet you were also a bright light, full of smiles and fun. I know that I will speak to my own students some day of my teacher and they will see admiration and gratitude on my face. I hope our paths cross again. Until then I pull strength daily from remembering your commitment and recalling the courage that not only you displayed but my fellow students that through your guidance and energy are now certified yoga teachers! Yeah!!! Namaste and lets Om it out!:)"

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Mikaela Hardwick

    "I completed my 200-hr training with Randi in Guatemala in February 2015. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It was a life changing experience and I couldnt have done it without Randi. I was very homesick and Randi was so understanding and loving. She is an incredible yogi and always makes you feel like you can do more. I learned so much from her; its hard to do yoga without her! She is still my favorite yoga teacher I have ever had! I would highly recommend taking any class, training, or retreat with Randi. I promise you will not be disappointed! Namaste!"

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Hristina Georgieva

    "I left the yoga teacher training with abundance of gratefulness for what I've learnt, and life in general. I wouldn't have achieved such a state if it wasn't for the path that our main facilitator, Jiya, opened for us and guided us through each day. Her teaching style was super fluid, open and deep, it simply felt effortless from her side. I respect and love the endless patience that she showed throughout the training. She was always present, holding the space for us, aware of the material delivery deadlines but also of our progress and our mood thus was able to easily adjust the tempo. Her music passion definitely rubbed off on me, she has an amazing voice :) And overall she has this effortless ability to share with and without words or actions her light and wisdom."

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Hana Pepin

    "It is a dedication to asking the questions, Who Am I? What is my purpose? How can I serve? In becoming a part of this world wide Kula family I have been blessed to have such incredible guides on this spiritual path. The community of beings that come together are here to awaken, to create and to heal the self and one another. I have spent the last month in Peru with Coby, Ananda, and Randi as facilitators and my life has shifted. When in their presence I feel a part of something greater, more vibrant and so much more alive. The program offered me space to discover who I truly am, to feel safe and protected while exploring sides of me I was unsure of. The integration of yoga, mantra, ayurveda, shamanism, plant medicine, Andean and native American culture along with many more is brought together so well by this diverse group of light beings. Every moment became a new opportunity to sink into the heart and to lead from this space of greater awareness and peace of mind. When we step into our darkness we become more aware, more mindful and more awake as we enter the light. We become capable of letting go of past beliefs, ideas, habits, and thoughts that no longer serve who we are, in the Now. We are emptied of the old stagnation and become full of spirit. I am grateful for this wonderful experience to have learned such assurance of these things. I have truly received all the wisdom and knowledge I had been seeking and manifesting because of this program with Kula. Many thanks and many more fun times to come! Kula Aho. Namaste."

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Elizabeth Cohn-Martin

    "I came into creativity and yoga retreat after a very academically, mentally and emotionally stressful semester in New York City. While I was pretty fatigued and exhausted initially, the transition into the workshop brought a tremendous amount of relief and an influx of joy that I had not felt in a long time. I consider myself quite lucky to have been able to offer myself such a fantastic gift and can fully vouch for the benefits of this experience. This retreat is very special for many reasons. The obvious reason is that it merges creativity development practices with yoga practices. I have yet to find a workshop or retreat like this elsewhere and think that it is powerful to merge these two practices, as the physical practice of yoga enables the mind to become much more malleable and open to creative flows and desires. Being able to use the physical practice in a way that directly supports creative development is super special and really quite useful for the support of all different kinds of creative practices. Zach helps to clarify and direct those creative instincts while Jessi crafts the physical practice as a meditative and spiritual journey that distinctly feeds the creator or artist in each of us."

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Jonathan Barcant from United States

    "Filled me with confidence to take my practice into the world. I had the pleasure of being a student to Randi's Thai yoga massage training at the Yoga Forest on beautiful lake Atitlan, in January 2015. Randi's got a fun, kind, loving, and also kind of hilarious energy that is so warm and enjoyable, and I loved getting to spend two weeks with her as a friend, mush-partner, and student her techniques of teaching of Thai massage are very clear, and her touch and demonstrations are great, and give a sweet feel of what Thai massage is all about. I've definitely taken a little bit of her along with me into my own practice wherever I go now, and for anyone thinking of getting a massage or taking a course with Randi, I give my strong recommendation. Enjoy."

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Hannah Ornsby from United Kingdom

    "I came to the forest for one week as a guest and ended up staying for five. I signed up for the lunar yoga immersion course which ended up being the best decision of my life. Hayley is an incredible teacher with so much wisdom to share. It's a brilliant course with 1 hour meditation and 3 hours yoga a day, alongside a 2 hour wisdom theory class a day, which were so amazing. I learned so much and would recommend anyone interested in yoga, consciousness deepening practice or teacher training to come here. I'll be back for my teacher training for sure. The forest is so beautiful and amazing place to go and visit, the permaculture farm, food, cabanas, yoga platforms, and chill out spots are all amazing. I had the most incredible time and made friends for life. Everyone is super genuine, supporting, and beautiful at the forest. It will always remain as one of the most special experiences of my life."

    Kula Collective website, edited

  • Review by Dawn Hyde from United States

    "My stay at the yoga forest was nothing short of amazing. My experience in the lunar yoga immersion far surpassed all of my expectations. The land is beautiful. The daily routine at the forest is full of sweet rituals: We would rise early with the sun to practice meditation, and asana. After nourishing meals, there were philosophy and permaculture lectures, and restorative yoga in classes. There were plenty of opportunities to participate in sacred ceremonies which included many offerings, such as fresh flowers, chanting, music, and sharing. After that I would then settle into my tent under the moon and stars. I've never felt so connected to a community, the earth, and myself as I did during that transformational month at the yoga forest. The lunar yoga immersion program was wonderful. Hayley is one of the most incredible yoga philosophy teachers that I've ever had. Her patient guidance on this path will be unforgettable. The wisdom classes that she taught were a true gift, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to study under her. The program that she has created really allowed me to venture deep within my consciousness. She created a loving and supportive space to help me shed the layers of myself that no longer serve me, and to shine my light brighter. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to reconnect with their hearts, their bodies, and the earth. Thank you."

    Kula Collective website, edited

Tennessee , United States

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