At Living Yoga Academy, we offer you a guided course which can help you to integrate yoga in your daily routine.

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Yogi Navkant ji

Yogini Parveen Sharma

DR. Rohit Chobe

Yogi Manish Ji

Yogi Rajeev Kumar

Yogi Deenath Tiwari

Yogi Ashutosh

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

Reviews (39)

Danielle Rijs

from South Africa, October 2020

"Life changing experience"

What an incredible course. In our opening ceremony, Guru Vishnu told us that though we couldn't come to Rishikesh, Rishikesh would come to us in our homes, and truer words could not have been spoken. We formed such a bond as a class and I felt such a connection to my teachers and my fellow students. I learned so much during this month, but what I learned the most is how much more there is to learn. I have had this flame ignited within me and I have this deep desire to keep learning. For that, I will be eternally grateful to my teachers and to everyone behind the scenes who made this online course such a beautiful experience.

Martin Casey

from Great Britain, October 2020

"Online yoga course"

This course was a real awakening. I came from a fairly typical western yoga attitude, believing I would just learn to teach a few yoga poses safely and talk about breathing. The school and its traditional yoga teachings really was fabulous in gently introducing me a deeper understanding of the many aspects of yoga and how to share that knowledge with others.

Laura Elizondo

from France, October 2020

"My experience during the 200 YTT online course."

Excellent journey.

My experience during the 200 YTT online course... Has been incredible!

I came to this site looking for a school in Rishikesh to be able to do my training directly with local teachers. As soon as I found this school I had a good, direct feeling. I thought I was in the right place ... and yes, I was.

It was a journey full of love from our Gurus.

I have learned a lot and I think this is just beginning!

They have transmitted their knowledge with honesty, humility and authenticity.

Infinitely grateful.

The online classes are great material and the option of being able to complete this course at my own pace is of great importance.

Namaste Guruji, Devesh, and everyone at Living Yoga School!

Tori Sandells

from Australia, October 2020

"Most magnificent experience & most magnificent humans :'))"

My experience during our 200 YTT online course has been incredible! I stumbled across this site as I was researching more about YTT. I thought I would give it a go, with no real expectations or prior experience.. it has exceeded everything. The people I got to connect with all over the world, even during these strange times has been a breath of the purist air. I've learnt more in the past month about yoga, life and myself than I think a lot of people ever do. The online modules and choice to complete this course at our own pace has helped heaps. I think the simplest way to describe it is, our wonderful Guru's, teachers and peers have all come together to continue our path of enlightenment and the knowledge and wisdom shared kinda sets us up in a way for every aspect of our lives and yoga practise that I can't even really express, but you should all experience for yourselves. :') Thank you and I am forever grateful. Namaste. <3

Thank you Guruji and Devesh, every body at Living Yoga School aaaand our beautiful class. You wonderful souls.

Tian Munro

from South Africa, October 2020

"I really love the course and would recommend it to anyone!"

The freedom of doing it online and at my own pace. The teacher we’re also really good and committed

Carla Barrichon

from Portugal, October 2020


I just finish my Multi style 200h YTT , what an experience, rishikesh come to my home during 25 days.the formation is really complete, i learned so much things, all the teachers are amazing ! Thank you so much, Guruji , ashu and all for this wonderful experience which already change and transform my life ! Hope see you soon in Rishikesh when it will be possible !

Annie Jeffery

October 2020

"Transformational Experience - high quality 200 hours online "

200 hours online yoga teacher training - Transformational course that I enjoyed so much. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for a number of years, but there were so many things on this course that I learnt that were totally new to me, and I now feel like I have a much more holistic understanding of yoga, not just as a physical activity, but a mental, spiritual and lifestyle practice. Every single day I can see myself making progress, not just in my understanding but in what I am capable of doing. The quality of the teaching was to a very high standard, and the teachers and course organisers were very patient with all our questions on Whatsapp, that were promptly answered! The amount of material provided also was fantastic, and I know I will still be watching the videos and reading the e-books for months to come! I feel like the experience also has had such a positive impact on my overall lifestyle and wellbeing - I am less interested in pizza and have more inclination to get up early and straight onto my yoga mat! I know this experience will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I am excited to share what I have learnt with others as a teacher. I can't wait to do my next course with Living Yoga School one day :)

Note - there was no option to say NA for the food and accommodation as this course was online, but the course teaches you lots of great things about how you should eat and live your daily life so I still gave it "Excellent" :)

Jelena Vucinic

from Norway, October 2020

"200 hours self paced YTT with World Peace yoga school"

I am very grateful for the possibility of taking 200 hours YTT self-paced course from Rishikesh on line. The course is organized very well, systematic and scientific, covering all aspects of yoga. The teachers are knowledgeable and motivating and available to help any time during the course. The videos provided are of high quality. I have learned a lot about subjects I found difficult to understand and implement in my praxis and daily life before, like pranayama, meditation, mudras, bandhas, mantra... I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn more about yoga and deepen their understanding of the origins and purpose of yoga in human life.

Louise Hannon

from Ireland, September 2020

"Online 200hr multi style teacher training"

I really enjoyed and would highly recommend this course. I tried to attend as many live classes as I could enabling a rapport to be built with the teachers and other students. All the instructors were very patient and informative answering the many queries we had on the whats app group that they set up for us, which was also a great idea and allowed us to share info with each other. Altogether a great value for money course. I particularly enjoyed the philosophy lectures.

Samuel Tok

from Slovakia, September 2020

"Pleasantly surprised"

It was my first time doing a Yoga teachers course and because of the whole corona madness I decided to take it online. I was quite sceptical at the beginning, but this changed very fast when I realised I can really learn a lot through this online course. I am doing the course self-paced because of work so unfortunately I couldn´t join any of the live classes. However, I have to say all the materials are enough to make me feel ready to teach a yoga class. All the videos are easy to understand and provide you with a lot of knowledge. I am truly happy I decided to take this course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has doubts about taking a online YTTC. I am looking forward to visiting the school in person :) Namaste.

Taylor Hutchinson

from Canada, September 2020

"Enriching online experience!"

There are a lot of resources provided to help learn anatomy, pranayama and philosophy as well as the ashtanga and hatha classes. The instructors made themselves very accessible to reach out to whenever you need to which is very helpful as a self paced student. I think online is a great way to go for 200 hour YTT as a beginner it was very simple to practice from home and very cost effective as well. I hope to come to Living Yoga School for 300 hour YTT someday soon!

Anna Odehammar

from Sweden, September 2020

"Very good online yoga teacher training "

This is a very good alternative if you want to take a teacher training course online and self-paced! Engaged teachers and a lot of love and positivity! Very good value for the money as well! Would recommend!

Ellie Lee

from Hong Kong, September 2020

"Life changing experience"

This is a life changing experience. I couldn't visit India for yoga instructor training retreat due to (1) Covid (2) full time job. Online classes gave me opportunity to learn more about not only asanas, but philosophy, theories, history, anatomy benefits of yoga. All the teaching staffs are patient with high professionalism. I highly recommend this course for people who cannot travel, but still want to be enlightened and be happy by yoga. Namaste.

Maria Marques

from Portugal, September 2020

"Amazing experience, very enriching knowledge"

I loved the whole experience but I should highlight the availability of the teachers to clarify all our questions, to ensure we had the best possible experience. I had never thought of taking a yoga Instructor course in India if it weren’t for this opportunity and although I had no previous knowledge in teaching yoga and limited practice skills, I felt they wanted us all to evolve, whatever our previous experiences where. I am very much interested now in deepening my knowledge and practice and I’m sure it would be perfect if I could take this course in person when it is safe to travel again.

Antonio Lopes

from Finland, September 2020

"Very good "

The concept

Dana Tolan

from United States, September 2020

"Great experience; very valuable online course"

I am extremely grateful for 'Living Yoga School' to offer such a comprehensive program, which has been thoughtfully tailored to everyone's needs and possibilities due to financial or time restrictions. Here we have the chance to learn more than I have ever imagined learning in 25 days by receiving the proper attention and support from our teachers. Guru JI delivers the most enriching teachings about yoga philosophy, which I much appreciate along with the substantial information we receive in the anatomy/ pranayama class and the wonderful- both challenging and rewarding Ashtanga class.

I could not be more happy for the decision I have taken to join this course and to embark in the process of self-discovery through yoga.

Monina Sanchez

from Philippines, September 2020

"I learned how to live and lead a life of yoga!"

I am very glad to have chosen this course for my 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training! The concepts and practices I learned exceeded my expectations. I recommend this training for everyone - beginner and advanced students alike. The gurus and the team behind the scenes excellently arranged a course so holistic - there is so much more to learn beyond the asanas and the things we learn inside a studio. Don’t believe that you will get 50 hours of live sessions and 200 hours total.. because you’ll get SO MUCH MORE from this course. Frankly, I would not call it a “200-hour yoga teacher training”.. to me, it’s a complete guidance to live and lead a life if yoga according to the Himalayan traditions and age-old vedic philosophy. I deeply enjoyed the yoga philosophy classes best as these brought together all the wisdom and concepts we learned from the other classes and videos. I am full of gratitude for all the humble and wise gurus who helped us find our own light. 200 hours, 25 days - so short and sweet. But the real training starts the day we end the training.

I am also deeply thankful for the team behind the scenes who took care of all our needs and concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding! It is wonderful how the school arranges the online classes on a day to day basis. Everyone’s dedication is exceptional.

I wish I were there in India to soak up all the wisdom. I hope to train live in Living Yoga School, Rishikesh one day!

Kristen Noviello

from Japan, September 2020

"Great course. Flexible. "

I liked how the instructors really practice what they teach. Yogi Ji was very knowledgable about the poses and was extremely willing to answer questions. The course had access to a lot of material including an entire self-paced course online that we were free to complete.

Nora M. R.

from Germany, September 2020

"Wonderful experience!"

The online program is a great alternative to an in person teaching when you are not able to travel and have to work. It provides all of the information online and it is well structured, so it's perfect to view the lectures on your own pace and plan your own schedule. Guru ji and the teachers are very welcoming and it has been an wonderful experience to be able to learn from them. I am very grateful for this course! Thank you

Marianne Mäntymäki

from Finland, September 2020

"My yoga journey"

I was a little bit suspicious at first about online training. I was not sure could it really be effective. But it was so great and I am happy I joined. I am complete beginner in ashtanga, and during the live zoom classes (that were included to this otherwise self-paced training) I learned a lot. Yogi Vishnu has an amazing presence and energy, and he supports students generously. Videos were nicely done, and there is plenty of material to study. All the books are also included. Very nice experience.

Sharon Phillips

from Great Britain, September 2020

"A wealth if Information and Knowledge"

The course was online and it was great to be able to sit in these rather unusual times. All teachers are very professional and always there to help and answer any questions. There is a great deal of information to take on and all modules and recordings are excellent. I felt very supported and all teachers are so kind and generous with their time. I would defiantly recommend this course for anyone looking for an authentic course and say thank you to all the teachers for all the learnings. Thank you

Yukiko Suzuki

September 2020

"Great teachers! Rich contents!"

All teachers are so enthusiastic and explain very well even it is difficult contents. They helped us to understand clearly and so supportive.

I took online course, so I cant review about facilities and food.

But as long as I see from the movie, it seems to be OK. So I will go to the site in India in nearly feature.

Maria Moreno

from Spain, September 2020

"Great online self-paced 200hr Yoga Teacher Training "

This course has been a great experience and I have learnt so much. I encourage anyone to join and highly recommend it. I have chosen to do the self-paced 200 hour online course which has been great since I work full-time.

The teachers are wonderful and I am so grateful I chose this school for my training.

Highly recommend it.

Lesley Morrison

from Great Britain, September 2020

"Amazing Experience"

I am so glad that I booked this programme, it has been an amazing and life changing experience from start to end.

All of the teachers are so phenomenally wise and knowledgeable, and teach each class with fantastic English.

The content of the 200 hour YTT far exceeded my expectations, but completely offered me what I sought, a traditional, authentic yoga experience.

Despite previously completing a 500 hour YTT, I have come away from this 200 hour teacher training with far more understanding of all of the aspects of yoga practice, from the Asanas and pranayama, to mudras, mantras and philosophy.

I am so grateful for the experience, and for the schools willingness to share other events and experiences with the students, and during August, we were fortunate to experience Ganesh Chaturthi, which was wonderful.

Thank you to Guru Ji and all of the teachers for making this a truly unforgettable YTT.

I highly recommend Living Yoga School for anyone who is wanting to become a Yoga teacher or just deepen their own personal knowledge of Yoga.

J Patel

from Great Britain, September 2020

"Online 200 YTTC at Living Yoga School"

Just finished online 200 YTTC today. Amazing 25 days of full time training on all aspects of yoga - ashtanga, hatha, pranayama, philosophy...

Its been different learning yoga online but it is effective if you remain focused and disciplined with the classes.

Would be nice to be in Rishikesh, but under a Covid lockdown, this is the next best thing.

Really enjoyed the ashtanga and hatha training as teachers are amazing!.

Highly recommend this school and course for anyone who is passionate about yoga..! Go for it!!!

Cosmina Bajan

from Greece, August 2020

"A Great YTT, a Life Changing Experience! "

I went to this YTT with great expectations that were actually exceeded by the program. The knowledge and methodology of the teachers is excellent. They all teach in the yogic tradition of the Himalayas! You really get the chance to learn yoga asanas, yogic philosophy and lifestyle as per the tradition and lineage of Northern India! Even if the course was online, the connection you make with the teachers and with the rest of the class is great - a proof that human connection is possible in so many ways, not only through physical acquaintance only. I am really happy I gave myself the change to receive for 25 days Rishikesh in my home and I feel so much enriched in my knowledge and practice of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga after this teacher training! Namaste!

Katherine Leung

from Germany, July 2020

"Online YTTC"

This was an online Yoga teacher Training Course done during the period where travelling was not an option. So I cannot review them on accommodation/food/facilities/location, though I can only imagine they would offer a very warm welcome.

It was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed the learning process, although it was intensive - it really gave me a beautiful introduction to the deep and bottomless ancient knowledge of yoga.

As an online course, the classes were well structured and planned (with compliments to Ashu Ji and Surendra Ji)

Guru Vishnu Ji shared his wisdom on yoga philosophy, meditation and yoga nidra.

85% of the classes were held on zoom, where you felt connected to the teachers and fellow students, then there were also some pre-recorded videos which allowed for self study. All questions were answered with care and deep insight. The teachers, the administrative team and film crew were amazing and so dedicated.

They also provide you with reading material and footage of the classes afterwards if there was anything that you had missed you'd be able to go through that in your self study times. It was carefully thought out from beginning to end.

If you're wondering whether you can do an Online Yoga Teacher Training Course, yes, absolutely! I'm so thankful for this experience, it has been so valuable and I will be applying what I have learnt throughout the course of my life. With highest recommendation.

Luisa Fernanda Torres Hernández

from Mexico, July 2020


Amazing program. So much information and knowledge from all the teachers and the staff working for this course. This was an amazing journey where I not just became stronger and more knowledgeable about Yoga, but I grew so much in the spiritual aspect. Everyone was there for me, whenever I had a question or needed something. So much effort from the teachers and team of Living Yoga School. I feel so blessed and happy for going through this journey with you. Thanks!!!!

Kathelijne Schaaphok

from Luxembourg, June 2020

"Gratitude fills my heart <3"


i am Kathelijne, originally from Holland, but living in Luxembourg, that mini country in between France, Germany and Belgium :)

Today is the last day of an 200hrs online multi- style teacher training! the past 25 days have been an very interesting journey :) I have been learning so much from our extremely knowledgable teachers. Guru Vishnu Ji, has been sharing his wisdom and experiences about the yoga philosophy, Ashu Ji has been pushing us with a lot of humor through the asana classes and the passionated and kind Surendra Ji explained us in very easy and understandable words all we needed to know about the Pranayamas techniques and Anatomy. I feel so grateful that I was able to study under them and I will carry and share this wisdom within my heart and soul for the rest of my life!

Even through an online course I've been feeling Rishikesh's strong spiritual vibes, and I am looking forward to meet you all (for real) , as soon as we are able to travel again!

Without any doubt or hesitation I strongly recommend one of Guru Vishnu Ji's schools, the Samadhi Yoga Ashram, World Peace Yoga School, Living Yoga School or Vinyasa Yoga Acadamy.

Love and light to all of you,

Kathelijne .)

Nerea San Roman

from Spain, October 2020

"Una experiencia increíble : ) ¡Con ganas de más!"

Comienzas a aprender cosas nuevas desde el minuto uno. El mundo del yoga es infinitamente amplio y aunque piensas que sabes o entiendes cosas, este curso y sobre todo estos profesores me han enseñado mucho. Antes de hacer el curso practicaba el yoga de otra manera, pero después de estas 200 horas de curso veo y entiendo el yoga de otra manera, eso es lo que siento. Podría estar escuchando las clases de Yogi Vishnu por increíble y muy enriquecedor. Las clases online de Ashtanga son también muy gratificantes y yo personalmente las seguí día a día y mi cuerpo se transformó. En general ha sido una experiencia increíble que recomiendo a todo yogi, yogini : ) Pronto realizare otro de sus cursos. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo. Nere


from Great Britain, March 2020

Very good and knowledgeable teachers who would allow conversations when they arose from discussion. Manshu, the yoga anatomy and therapy teacher was not in the drop down list to review - he was excellent, his knowledge vast and his teaching superb He has inspired me to do a qualification in yoga therapy at home Thanks to them all A mention also to Manesha who ran the day to day of the school Always kind, calm and helpful Thank you I don’t recall the name of another person who works for the school He took me in his scooter twice to get cash He was also very helpful with everything Thank you

Laurence Barrassi

from Belgium, March 2020

"It was a Very good experience i learn a lot of the Knowledge"

The teachers the courses and the food


from India, February 2020

"Unforgettable experience full of knowledge and love!"

I absolutely think that the amazing teachers the school has and the proactive students made the experience so worth it. I felt at home right away with the new family that my friends became to be. I was very inspired to learn and to share what I know. The environment was very private and natural which enriched the learning and practicing of Yoga. This training is intensive but very very fun!!!

Hanna Mullin

from Canada, February 2020

"World class yogi teachers"

I loved the whole program. I loved how each teacher made a connection with each student. Feeling safe and comfortable to open up to the teachers for guidance not only in yoga but in all of life’s problems.