At Luna Alignment Yoga teacher training center, we wish to give students a deep learning experience of realigning their body, mind, and emotions with nature.

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Tal Swissa

Arnaud (Anu) Chartier

Naama (Nami) Peled

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Yuliya Melnyk

from United Arab Emirates, November 2018

"Highly recommended 👍🏻"

It was my first TTC, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I loved it from day one until the end! So much knowledge and work put into the program by the teachers, a lot of attention to every student. Location is just absolutely beautiful, I miss so much those morning meditations and yoga classes with birds and insects singing outside in the garden❤️. If you are having any doubts - definitely go for this course 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Emma Shaw

from Great Britain, November 2018

"Everything and More!"

I can’t recommend Luna Alignment enough! Before leaving for Thailand to begin the course, Guy was very thorough in answering all my queries and making sure everything was in order. I was welcomed with open arms, and all of the staff created a beautiful space for us to feel safe and supported. Tal, Arnaud and Naami all gave their own unique expertise, wisdom and experience. I have come away not only with my certificate, but with a feeling of empowerment, more knowledge of myself and my new yoga family.

anna noland

from United States, November 2018

"The bar is set very high!!"

Tal, Anu, and Nami were such a breath of fresh air. Their honesty and open communication throughout the TTC did not go unnoticed. Tal set the bar very high with this program she put together! It’s difficult to imagine doing a TTC with anyone else. The sense of safety and family that is built from day one allowed for everyone to take chances and challenge themselves in their learning. Having three instructors with three different focus areas was so important to have this incredibly well rounded course. While I went home exhausted every single day, I went to sleep thinking about everything we had learned and how I could apply it. I woke up every morning excited to start the new day, ready for new knowledge to be shared by these three amazing humans.

Olena Heyko

from United Arab Emirates, November 2018

"Luna Alignment Yoga -High level of professionalism"

Very professional instructors, with great care and attention to the students, very interesting and exciting teaching knowledge. My body has become healthier and more flexible. A deeper understanding of my body. The instructors taught how to give this important knowledge to other people.

Kiran Yoliswa

from Great Britain, November 2018

The course is structured really well to ensure you learn what you need to, but also experience something special. All three instructors are extremely knowledgable and brought very different perspectives to the content which gave us an incredible opportunity to explore the mind-body-spirit connection holistically. Each teacher brought a very different energy which meant that the schedule was always interesting and dynamic. It's given me the deeper understanding of yoga asana alignment and teaching tools that I was looking for, but Tal, Anu and Nami created the kind of environment that nurtured our own healing and transformation, and gave us the tools to continue to pursuing it beyond the course. This is a really special TTC that attracts really wonderful people to go on this journey with you. The part of the island where it takes place is also idyllic and peaceful with many lovely beaches close by, waterfalls and forests to explore, and lots of great restaurants and things to see and do at the evenings and weekends.


from United States, August 2018

"Transformative and healing experience"

Loved the people this program attracts - people who seek to align their bodies, souls, and pass it on to others. Going on this journey with these people is a large part of what makes it transformative. Loved Tal's realness and the diversity of teaching styles and approaches to yoga - really gives you an understanding of how yoga can touch so many aspects of one's well-being and can be a tool to address so many areas of our lives.

Emelie Sundgren

from Sweden, August 2018

"I would absolutely recommend this YTTC! "

I just finished the July TTC and I am so happy I choose this particular TTC as my first.

The curriculum is beyond anything I expected. The amount of knowledge and inspiration that they manage to communicate is really impressive. I didn’t have much experience before this TTC and I found it to be such a perfect start to my journey of exploring Yoga. Alignment based yoga and the focus on yoga as therapy gave me the best possible ground to stand on for further study. The magical thing is that some of my fellow students were already teachers and they found themselves benefiting as much from this training as I did. This was possible because our teachers were so knowledgeable and experienced that they knew how to reach us at different levels.

The teachers also offered great support through out the training. If I had things on my mind, questions or worries they listened and made an effort to help me out.

The environment was beautiful and the accommodation that I ended up choosing was perfect. I had made a misstake in the choice of accommodation the first week and Guy was really helpful thought the whole process of correcting it.

I really recommend doing Luna Alignment Yoga TTC, It gave me everything I was hoping for and more.

Keiona Hinds

from Thailand, April 2018

"More than yoga training"

I went into this course expecting to focus on yoga asanas and mediation for the most part, which we most definitely did, but I also got so much more. The teachers were amazing, the self exploration was priceless and the experience was something I'm more than grateful for and will never forget.

Darlene Mccullough

from United States, April 2018

"A Miracle Month in Koh Phangan"

As a fitness professional I went to Luna expecting a yoga program with a basic anatomical understanding...and got way more than I bargained for! What I received was a highly polished, professionally presented anatomy and kineseology, expert coaching on instructing asana and teaching yoga, yoga philosophy to blow (and reframe) my mind, next level meditation instruction, and an emotional and spiritual awakening. All in a beautiful setting with a like-minded group of students and a supportive community.

Tal, Anu, and Naami are brilliant at what they do - each teaching in their own style that compliments the others. The course was well designed and structured and I can't say enough about how pleased I am that I chose Luna for my first TTC.

Birgit Schenker

from Germany, November 2018

"Great Experience"

This TTC gives you a proper knowledge about alignment yoga. It’s focus how to practice the asanas in a healthy way. During the TTC you learn about meditation, vinyasa yoga, ayuverda, massage, the body, yoga philosophy and the most important thing a lot about yourself. The three teachers are very different and this offers you a wide range of knowledge in the yoga field. They all teach you with passion. It’s inspiring. I can absolutely recommend this TTC.

Daniel Schmed

from Switzerland, November 2018

Great teachers with a lot of knowlege, their find the right path between strongness and softness.

Pauline Demuynck

from France, April 2018

"Séjour fabuleux bien au delà de mes attentes !"

Un programme complet et varié.

Professeurs incroyables et cours passionnants.

Le cadre est également fabuleux.

Une expérience hors du commun !