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Marina Yoga is your place for yoga retreats and reiki in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

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28 Days 200Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Krabi, Thailand

Jan 8-Feb 4, 2018 | Feb 12-Mar 11, 2018

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Great 9.3/10

Based on 47 reviews
from US$2,346
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28 days / 27 nights

Great 9.3/10

Based on 47 reviews

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Marina Frei

Marina is the founder of Marina Yoga. The ideas behind her vision incorporate principles from a range of holistic practices of which Marina has vast experience. Her belief is that yoga is for everyone, there is no separation between people in regards to ability and mobility; everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a student. Marina trained in Hatha yoga in India and has been a yoga practitioner for 30 years, a grandmaster Reiki healer for 20 years, and also has extensive training in physiology, homeopathy, anatomy, and psychology.

Reviews 47

  • Lauren Youngerman Hong Kong

    December 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The different yoga classes and yoga teachers really made it for a wonderful trip. The location was beautiful and close enough to the town that you could get in and out easily, but far enough away for it not to be a distraction!

    It was a very light breakfast, and just based on the website I had expected a bit more.

  • Emilie Bertram Republic of Malta

    December 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The location is great, you can easily go to Ao Nang beach. They bring you twice a week to the grocery store and market so you can cook but there is a restaurant (2min walk) nearby if you want to chill. You can access the pool from another property and there is enough place at marina’s to rest without going too far.

    The breakfast was healthy and tasty.

    The schedule was good, twice yoga a day as mentioned in the descritpion. Different kinds of yoga and different teachers who all have certifications and are very professional. They are open to any comment or suggestions.

    I also discovered reiki, bowl healing and ear candling wich helped me to completely relax and feel my body in new ways. I had different emotions within me during the stay and felt my muscles after the first day, which for me means it was intense and worth doing it. And of course I left Marina’s very relaxed and feeling wonderful. I could have been staying there much longer!

    Thank you so much!

  • Sally Bourn Great Britain

    December 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    All the yoga teachers were amazing lovely start to my holiday xxx


  • Lene Spanget Denmark

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The yogaclasses and teacherd where very good and inspirativ.

    Reiki course Level 1, was a totaly amazing.

    The place missed a better restaurant nearby. If you don’t want to cook there.

  • Gemma Anguera Spanish State

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining


    Demasiado tiempo libre

  • Lucy Ward Australia

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The difference in yoga and meditation classes.

    It's was all perfect!

  • Anonymous

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Durchmischtes Publikum, von jung bis alt alles dabei. Sehr abwechslungsreiche Yoga- und Meditationsklassen. Unkompliziert und gut organisiert. Sehr preiswert für die dennoch hochwertige Leistung.

    Die Matratzen dürften bei Gelegenheit mal ausgewechselt werden.

  • Pius Jörger Republic of Italy

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Das Kennenlernen verschiedenster Yoga Richtungen war sehr interessant, die Teachers hervorragend.

    uns hat alles gefallen

  • Karolina Kuraj Malaysia

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    We loved the place and we loved the people! The place is quiet, far away from touristic traffic, very relevant for retreat. Yoga and meditation was amazing, the instructors were well educated and very nice and helpful. All the cats and dogs around were mild and playful, it was cool to play with them once in a while. Generally we highly recommend Marina Yoga and Reiki!!! :-)

  • Anonymous

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Everything, the place to stay, the Reiki sessions,the Yoga sessions, Marina everything is just amazing and perfect to relax and settle down. Once you leave them (wich was very hard for me) you will feel tottally happy and your mind will be sorted.

  • Dan Allen Indonesia

    November 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Everything. The yoga was fantastic, the healing was better than I could have imagined. Discovered some things about myself that will really help me going forward. Would recommend Marina Yoga a million times over.

    Only thing I didn't like was having to leave! Wish I could've stayed longer!

  • Caroline Nilen Vietnam

    October 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The best part was the people who was working there

    Some things were broke, like the bikes.

  • Naomi White Thailand

    October 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    -a good variety of yoga classes

    -delicious breakfast

    -a beautiful community of people and pets

    -friendly and helpful staff

    -a peaceful retreat

    - free use of bikes

    - use of pool

    -5 nights and 6 days of yoga is not possible as the schedule does not give six full days of yoga in a row, the teachers take a break on Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday. The retreat would be better advertised as 5 days and 5 nights.

    -the lockable cupboards in the dorm room are broken, so the only security is the main door. You have to rely on the others in the dorm to lock the door. This didn’t always happen. Fortunately the area felt safe, so it wasn’t a big problem, but secure lockers in the dorm is something that Marina should look into.

  • Andrey Zyurin Hong Kong

    September 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    What can I say.. my spiritual batteries are fully recharged. Liked everything, instructors are experienced and helpful. Accomendation is great as well.


  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    To many dogs&cats to count but they are all just adorable! The place is very spiritual, love floats over, and it is just really pretty waking up in the nature.

    Nothing to comment here, it's Thailand so set your mind to it.

  • Mathilda Malmsten Finland

    August 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    I got very sick during my stay at Marina yoga, but they took good care if me. June (Marinas assistant) came with me to the hospital and she even offered to stay there overnight.

    In between the classes we had plenty of time to explore the area, spend time at the beach, go to Ao Nang center, swim at the pool and so on.

    I liked that we got the opportunity to try all different kinds of yoga. Im a beginner and didnt know so much about the different styles before.

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Welcoming atmosphere

  • Jade Stein Canada

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    I expected to enjoy myself, but I didn't expect to enjoy myself as much as I did! It was a truly enlightening experience, and Marina is to thank! If you find yourself there is it on purpose and Marina knows that. She sees your inner self and like a mother she wants to help you on your path. She's an amazing woman, and has created a lovely yoga home. I did the reiki level 1 course with her, and it was perfect. Exactly what I needed when I needed it.


  • Will Fuller New Zealand

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Such an amazing setting to partake in amazing tuition. Truly the most mind opening experience of my life.

  • Cyndi Teo Chin Chin Singapore

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The yoga teachers are great and helpful. The place is clean and very well taken care of. Marina is so helpful and and making sure that we are well taken of. She is a great lady. Thru the reiki session with her i got to know myself better and she helped me to open my mind and soul. I would say I learn a lot about my body and mind during this retreat and i would go back to her again soon.

  • Claudia G Malaysia

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    I couldn't be happier with my choice to go to marina Yoga for the healing retreat. It was definitely more than expected. The yoga classes were amazing, the healing sessions were wonderful and the vibe at the place was just beautiful. I wanted to stay longer. I really needed to recharge and disconnect for a week and it's exactly what I got. I hope I can go back soon and do my second degree Reiki with Marina! All the best and much love

  • Jeri Thompson United States

    June 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    I had a great experience with the teachers, all that I learned and the people that came to learn as well! Marina is amazing and so are all the instructors

    Mosquitos, that's pretty much it

  • Ellie Lipton United States

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    This place has a beautiful energy! Marina is amazing - she deeply cares about each and every person that comes to Marina Yoga and the love, gratitude, and light she puts into the place is palpable. She is an incredibly gifted healer. Marina and Laura both do multiple different energy healings. I had two Reiki sessions with Marina and 1 Sound Bowl session with Laura. All of these experiences were deeply transformative, powerful, and beautiful. My time at Marina Yoga was a beautiful gift, and I look forward to going back in the future.

  • Nur Cahaya Binte Sulaimi Singapore

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining


    she is literally everywhere, attending to everyone. I cannot believe how she does this. I felt totally connected to the place, my longtime fear of dogs was overcame, the attendees/yogis there are all filled with the right vibe...this is the exact remedy I need from my big-city life. Just be, just appreciate life. I felt very fortunate to came across this place, I want (and will) come back for other programs. It is a total holistic 5 days of grounding myself, at my own pace & self-discovery. Thanks to this amazing place.

    Actually, the only thing was dogs. But it was part of my intention to overcome my fear of dogs, and it worked miraculously. They are friendly & protective, even the cats are adorable and readily lays on your lap. So even animals love this place..

  • Kerima Belhaj United States

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Everthing was great

    Nothing i can think off

  • Sarina Mann United Kingdom


    The retreat was amazing! Marina and her team especially Tina were wonderful in ensuring that our needs were met and allowed us the space and time to focus on ourselves. I would highly recommend to all and would love to go back again!

  • Angela Malaysia


    The yoga lesson I had with Marina Yoga is superb, I will give 9.5 for the 4 sessions yoga and 1 yoga workshop I experience in Marina Yoga.

    While my main objective of the trip is to learn Reiki Healing. Marina's schedule was being overbooked by the PA, the original planning to have 3 days lessons and other days for touring Krabi, has to be stretch over 6 days, yet didn't cover much detail of teaching. Hence, for Reiki learning I will give 6.5.

    Overall experience was pleasant. Marina is truly passionate of her work and the place. I will give the overall experience as 8.5.

    Management response from Marina Yoga:

    Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed the yoga. The booking was overlooked by my PA and I wanted to ensure that everyone would still get the same benefits. I do apologize for any shortcomings on our end. Should you decide to visit us again in the future, we would love to have you back and we can discuss what else you like to have to complete the Reiki.



  • Taylor United States


    From 1-10 I vote 11 for Marina Yoga. My experience there including yoga, the culture, the food and Marina herself was life changing for me. That woman is simply amazing. She runs the place herself and makes sure everyone is taken care of down to every detail. You will never feel homesick here. Everyone works as a team so self sustain the place as well, which was one of my favorite parts because every one is super respectful to each other, the environment, and the space around them. Seriously some of the best yoga I've ever done, I told one instructor I had lower back pain and I never had to say it again - all the teachers were in board and made sure they gave me alternatives for some positions so I didn't hurt my back. One day we even did yoga in the beautiful beach (Marina has a special truck to take everyone to the beach or market). They focus on every single students every move to make sure you are stretching correctly so that you don't hurt yourself and get the full benefit of the practice. You truly will feel nurtured and taken care of here. Marina's Reiki Healing was the most memorable thing for me. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, suddenly all my problems seemed like they had an answer. Also I've been back home in the US for 2 months now and my back pain I used to have, has decreased majorly and the healing process seems to become easier and easier ever since she did the reiki healing and sound bowl sessions with me. That woman is amazing and she truly is a Master Healer (and certified in India the original yogi place which is extremely credible) I never knew this type of thing even existed and going into it clueless with no expectation, shows how truly amazing this healing is from Marina. She is truly a care taker and Mamma bear. I would even go back here and stay longer because I felt such a sense of peace when I stayed here. Marina provides everything you need . She gave me a key to a bicycle, provided taxi numbers, set up a whole day trip for me to go see hot springs and natural pools at an amazing rate (UT was the best he took care of everywhere i needed to go and got there within 10 minutes anytime I called.). Fresh water is always available and healthy snacks every day. Breakfast is provided and marina makes her own special yogurt that was sooo amazing! They compost here and everything here is just respectful, healthy, maintained, and laid back at the same time. There's a few local men that help marina with maintaining the place... They are super nice and such sweet hearts. Also feels safe having men around, feels protected. Honesty I don't have one complaint about this place and I am very very picky. The beach is only a mile or two away - ou nang absolutely beautiful place. At the end I even got to shop in Marinas cute little store on the premises, where I found nice clothes, new and second hand. I got to pay for some and the second hand clothes I got to donate money for marinas beautiful animals. The one cat became my best friend, but no worries these animals vacate outside and they are the sweetest, they won't bother you at all, if anything they protect us visitors and make us feel at home. I couldn't thank Marina enough for the wonderful 6 days I got to spend at her establishment. So glad I went with Marina Yoga! I love Marina! I hope I can go back someday to see her again!

    Management response from Marina Yoga:

    Dear Taylor, It was a great pleasure to have you in our team and many thanks for your lovely review. I am very grateful that you gained so much. It is my passion to help people to be happy. I really hope to see you one day back and continue where we stopped.

    Best wishes and love, marina

  • Heike Germany


    I was on the retreat in December 2016 and it was great! The place has good energy and you get a lot of new information during this retreat.

    Management response from Marina Yoga

    Dear Heike, many thanks for your review and joining our Healing and Yoga Retreat. I really like to give a compliment back. You are a very open minded person and enjoyed very much the time with you. Hopefully to see you back in the future. Love, Marina.

    Love, marina

  • Claudette London


    100% a 10 to start off with the most amazing experience I have ever had the pleasure of doing! The yoga is perfect and as a beginner I was made to feel extremely comfortable and the teachers were very patient considering I'd never done it before! The place is so clean and I loved being surrounded by all the animals and peaceful atmosphere! The Reiki was a true eye opener to me and I learned so much about myself whilst I was there and for that I am forever grateful. A huge thank you to marina for helping me along my journey a have a lot of love for the place :) one big family!

    Management response from Marina Yoga:

    Dear Claudette,

    Thank you very much for your review.It was a pleasure to have you here at Marinayoga. We all miss you very much with your great energy you shared. We are looking forward to see you back one day and proceed with the Healing exploring. Wish you a very happy and healthy New Year start!

    Marina and Team

  • Rc United States


    My stay at Marina Yoga was a 9! The highlights include Reiki treatments, ear candling and sound healing. I'm an early riser so would have loved yoga classes that were earlier (before breakfast) instead of waiting until 9:30 a.m. Breakfast was also a little spotty; ran out of coffee and wasn't replenished, yogurt was usually sugary commercial kind, homemade bread was not baked all the way through. Marina is wonderful and tries to do everything herself however she really needs help to greet new guests and organize schedules. I really enjoyed my stay!

    Organizer response:

    I am glad you enjoyed your stay and thank you for providing us with your review. The morning classes are for customers who booked the yoga teacher training course. Based on our experience, customers who have booked the retreats prefer to sleep longer in the morning. Thank you for letting me know about breakfast. Although we advise all customers prior to booking that we only provide a simple breakfast, I will absolutely consider your feedback as this will help me find ways to improve our retreats. Many thanks for joining our retreat and wish you a nice and safe travels. Greetings,Marina

  • George United States


    I would like to say my stay at Marina Yoga was a great experience and will definitely be back to experience another break with Marina Yoga.

  • Edith Gagliardi Switzerland


    The setting is beautiful and the shala, kitchen, rooftop terrace and the garden are just lovely arranged. You can see that Marina did everything with passion and love. She is very carying and makes everything possible to let you feel comfortable and welcome. She puts so much effort and energy in her teaching and she has so much experience that I could learn more than I imagined before. I will come back one day. Thank you marina.

  • Tania Abouzaki Melbourne Australia


    My time at Marina Yoga was magical! I can not express the love and serenity that was felt during my stay. I didn't want to leave. It has now become my home away from home and I have full intention to return. I highly recommend.

  • Larissa Hayashi United States

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    Overall I am so glad I did this, and I have no regrets. I am very please with this program that I choose. Very welcoming and friendly staff that took care of you and made sure you felt comfortable and at home. The contents were excellent, especially the lectures. I felt like I got a lot more than what I thought I would be getting. One thing that could improve would be the communication among ALL the teachers, so we are all on the same page about what to expect in terms of traditional asanas or more modified asanas. I really enjoyed the different types of mediation that we did. The yoga center was very cute...The shala and the rooms were well decorated and clean. Beware though of the mosquitoes and other insects that can bite you. You are in a jungle, (10 min on Tuk Tuk from the Town of Ao Nang) so do expect to see insects, frogs, snakes, etc. Thank you for the life changing experience. I would recommend other people who are considering to try it out as well.

  • Eerika Karppinen Finland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Going here was one of my best decisions. I stayed at Marinas center for 5 days. Yoga, meditation and Reiki healing sessions. All was new to me and Marina and the yoga teachers were really helpful and kind. I stayed at a bungalow which was super nice. Sessions with Marina were spectacular. I learned a lot from her and found what I needed from the experience. Place with peace and warm heart here. Would highly recommend this place. Namaste Marina. See you again :)

  • Jacques Boyer France

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I would recommend Marina Yoga for Marina herself, her warm and generous personality. She does reiki, past life regression and, but i haven't tried this one, chamanism. She has a comforting approach to people and can help in one's life. The yoga was OK but when I was there the focus was on a group of girls doing a teacher training retreat. Ao nang is not my cup of tea but with a scooter or by boat you can reach nice, though a little bit far away beaches.

  • a traveler United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I recommend this program for anyone interested in a YTT course. I learned so much and it was wonderful to spend a month immersed in the science and philosophy of yoga with few outside distractions. I feel I gained the knowledge and qualifications to safely instruct a yoga class. That being said, each course will be different as the instructors are different. We had a variety of 6 different instructors, all highly knowledgeable and good at conveying their knowledge. Four of the six instructors were temporary work-exchange type volunteers so I can't attest to the instructors qualifications for any future courses. The yoga center was very peaceful and basic which was fine. Only cold water showers, fan only (no AC), and lots of communing with nature in the form of sharing your room with geckos and occasionally friendly harmless spiders. Not a luxury resort by any means but lovely and has what you need. Open air kitchen shared with all participants. Please note, if you are not an "animal person" (don't like cats and dogs) then this may not be the place for you as there are more than a dozen (very friendly) resident outdoor dogs and cats. Just a heads up.

  • Martina Hudeckova Slovakia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had an amazing experience at Marina Yoga, Marina is a great person and is doing all this with her heart. We had several teachers, all of them were great and I learned a lot about yoga, meditation and philosophy. I enjoyed the classes and also the free time spending it with other members of our group. We had a lot of fun, even though it was quite intense and we were tired physically and mentally. I feel very good and enriched after the course and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes yoga.

  • Evelyn Australia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    We attended the October 2015 yoga teacher training (200 hours) at Marina Yoga. We came here hoping to deepen our knowledge of yoga but gained so much more! This course is very well structured, covering a range of yoga styles (hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, kundalini, karma yoga) and meditation styles (healing, kundalini, art, vipassana, yoga nidra). The classes are well planned and taught - teachers use slides and group discussion/demonstration, course materials are provided for extra reading. Learning how to Level 1 Reiki was an excellent complement to the yoga course as it develops your understanding and skills with alternative healing techniques.Marina is a very special woman with amazing energy who deeply cares about each of her students personal progress. The school fosters a nurturing and fun environment, and we bonded closely with out peers to form life long friendships.I highly recommend that you visit Marina Yoga for a life changing and fulfilling yoga and healing experience. Thank you Marina, Dom, Alex and Renata for everything you taught us. Namaste.

Testimonials 20

  • Isabella

    Marina Yoga

    Marina Yoga is an amazing place to learn more about yoga and to learn more about yourself. The course was fantastic. Staying there for a month with like-minded and interesting individuals was a wonderful, life-changing experience for me, which has definitely inspired me to continue on with my yoga journey.

  • Rie

    Marina Yoga

    Attending MARINA YOGA in Thailand was one of the best presents I gave to myself. Thank you Marina Frei!

  • Andre

    Marina Yoga

    Marina Yoga & Reiki felt like a home where I was able to recuperate from stresses and rejuvenate my spirit. I stayed for 5 days in order to complete the Reiki level 1 course at a nice comfortable pace, where I was also able to relax and explore the surrounding area of Krabi (Ao Nang and Krabi Town).

    The location is set in a rural area which offers a peaceful reclusion from town, yet only a few minutes away (motorbike) from the Ao Nang strip for shopping and many great restaurants with all types of food you can imagine. Krabi town is only about 15 minutes away, which offers a deeper insight into the local culture, including more authentic Thai restaurants, and Walking Street on Fri/Sat/Sun with many stalls selling street food and local crafts. The roads to/fro Krabi town are surrounded by tall, beautiful Limestone Karst formations which have been the backdrop to many movies, and exude a powerful natural energy all around. There are hundreds of islands and beaches to visit nearby, which I will be exploring when I return on my next holiday.

    Level 1 was an eye-opener for me, as I was not sure what to expect but that I wanted to learn more about myself and my capabilities, including all types of healing. The coursework introduced the mostly hidden aspects of physical discomfort being caused by an imbalance of our spiritual nature, and explores symbols of understanding with more specificity in how to correct the energy flow in our bodies by examining our Chakras and Yin/Yang energy. My experience throughout the course included a realization, through opening the gates of the unconscious, which after having to now attend to these previously submerged thoughts, allowed me to be more alert to the subtle energies within me. It was a spiritual detoxification to allow for more harmony and balance, and served as a reminder to be conscious of myself; and in the case of imbalance, to recognize and correct. It is now part of my daily Work.

    Yoga was included in the course package, and I attended the yoga classes every morning after the provided breakfast. My prior experience with yoga was not much as a beginner, and I had never enjoyed any yoga class that I ever attended. Surprisingly, I had a much better experience at Marina’s Shala, and it actually felt great. The yoga teacher was amazing, demonstrating each movement so a beginner can understand and providing additional instructions for more advanced students, as the class flowed at a very comfortable pace while we shifted into different postures. The actual feeling of releasing muscle tension and flushing out of toxins was also encouraging for me.

    Marina was very flexible in accommodating me during the 1 week break from her Yoga Teacher Training courses. She was attentive and very patient to answer my many questions during the Reiki course until I grasped a full understanding before moving on with the lessons. There are a bunch of cool cats that Marina has adopted from the community, and neighborhood dogs that patrol the area like security guards; also very loyal and friendly to the guests.

    I recommend Marina Yoga & Reiki for anyone looking to grow spiritually and gain new life skills/experiences. Looking forward to return soon!

  • Jennifer Netherlands

    TripAdvisor website

    Marina Yoga & Reiki is a little piece of paradise on earth, allowing you to come back to your true self. I would recommend visiting this place when you want to deepen your yoga practice, learn and/or receive reiki, want to escape the hassle of daily life and give some loving, healing time to yourself. In the one month I've spent here, I've learned so much on so many levels and I'm very happy that I decided to come here. I will definitely come back one day! <3

  • Baasja Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    I stayed at Marina Yoga for a week in Jan 2016. I did my reiki master course here with Marina. The course was mostly one on one for a week and Marina was the most thoughtful and caring teacher. But she has also been very strict in terms of required knowledge and self work - which makes her an excellent teacher. She goes above and beyond to make sure she gives each and every student exactly what she needs. I also did quite a few yoga classes and some trips with the yoga students, and I loved all of it. All the yoga teachers were excellent. The accommodation was simple, but clean. Thank you very much Marina for your care during my stay and I hope I'll be back soon. I really recommend this place to everyone who comes with an open heart and desire to learn

  • Jwright26 from Panama City Beach, Florida

    Trip Advisor website

    My experience at Marina Yoga was just that.. An experience.. So much more amazing than I ever could have imagined! The knowledge, breakthroughs, and adventures I experienced were so fabulous! Marina and her staff are absolutely out of this world amazing. I have such an admiration for these people, and the word respect does not do justice for how I feel about these wonderful people. So full of love, and passion for everything that epitomizes yoga. They live, breathe, and are all things Yoga. I signed up for this course mainly to deepen my own practice. But being here has given me a whole new respect for the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Yoga. I have been inspired to go out and share.. It has given me the inspiration and confidence to teach!! The classes.. Meditation, anatomy, theory, Sanskrit, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Pranayama, Reiki.. And so much more! I now understand the importance of learning to be still and present in the moment and how it translates to our daily lives!! It's about leading a healthy, moral life, and taking what the universe (or God) throws at you, and learning to work with what youve got in the moment, seeing everything for the lesson, or experience that is being presented! When people say that going through yoga teacher training is a transformational experience, theyre not kidding!! I cannot put into words how highly I recommend Marina Yoga! Ten stars!!!

  • a traveler Philadelphia

    Trip Advisor website

    My girlfriend finally convinced me to start yoga, and I could not have wished for a better place to start! Marina and her Yoga teachers were really great to us and are all teaching with a great vibe. When you are off to Ao Nang definitely consider taking some yoga classes here! Namaste!

  • a traveller Switzerland

    Trip Advisor website

    When you just search a place to guide you to your spiritual journey. You are definitely right by Marina Yoga.You enter to a lovely place in the middle of nature and welcoming you a smiling teacher and her lovely animals. My husband and i did there Reiki master course. It was a really amazing experience. She is a really good teacher. We have learned a lot. We are very happy that we were there. We were there with our baby and she helped us to find a very good baby daycare that we can fully concentrate on our course. Everything went alright. Thank you for everything Marina. It was a pleasure to meet you. We will keep in touch. Namaste.

  • Marie

    Trip Advisor website

    I have just finished the YTT course along with the master Reiki teacher level. I could not have been happier with the experience. The combination of yoga practice/philosophy/theory, Reiki, daily meditations, allowed me to look deep inside myself, forgetting the material world. Marina embraces everyone with open arms, who have been through all walks of life. She is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, and is a ball of energy which is contagious. I spent a total of five weeks and loved every moment. The place is beautiful & clean, but not flashy. It has its own character in the midst of nature, which made me feel a home, grounding me immediately. The people, the animals, the energy that it attracts were all a great addition to my experience. What I got out of it is truly priceless. Thank you Marina and team (Alex, Dominika, Joseba) for teaching from the heart. What you gave to me are the tools, knowledge and confidence to spread to the world the healing benefits of yoga & Reiki.

  • Will

    TripAdvisor website

    Travelling can bring out personal issues you weren't previously aware of. I had a major anxiety attack a few days after arriving to Thailand. Something I'd never experienced before. I was desperate to talk to someone. Marina spent hours and hours with me. Marina held me convert one of the worst experiences of my life into a positive. A bedrock for the next stage of my life. She is a honest and compassionate woman. She helped me meditate and look into myself like I never have before. It was a true turning point in my life. Thank you Marina.

  • Sluice Amsterdam

    TripAdvisor website

    What an amazing experience! I can highly recommend Marina Yoga to anyone. I have done the yoga teacher course 200hrs and the Reiki master course. All together I was there for a month. Yoga and Reiki mix together perfectly, giving attention to body, mind and soul even more profoundly. Marina is a very competent teacher and passionate in her teachings. I loved every minute of the experience and tried to absorb as much as I possibly could. The more you put in, the more you take out of it. The other yoga teachers that were there, were great as well. The atmosphere is relaxed and open and the classes are great. The place attracts lovely people who add to the whole experience. The room that I was staying in was very nice; a new building with everything you might need. The shared kitchen is great for cooking together, although you can order in as well. Besides yoga and Reiki, you can also have other treatments. I have had a couple and each were worthwhile Ask Marina for the options. I would love to go back someday!

  • Aibell Myanmar [Burma]

    Trip Advisor website

    I stayed with Marina to take Reiki 1 course. I found the experience to be so much more than i expected. Marina is very knowledgeable and has so much experience and stories. She is an amazement to be around and to mediate and do yoga with. I learned so much about Reiki and Chakras and mediation and myself. I will definitely go back to do the Reiki 2 course and more! Marina, thank you so much for such a meaningful experience. See you soon!

  • Kaylynn Myanmar [Burma]

    Trip Advisor website

    I stayed with Marina to take Reiki 1 course. I found the experience to be so much more than I expected. Marina is very knowledgeable and has so much experience and stories. She is an amazement to be around and to mediate and do yoga with. I learned so much about Reiki and Chakras and mediation and myself. I will definitely go back to do the Reiki 2 course and more! Marina, thank you so much for such a meaningful experience. See you soon!

  • Jens Thailand

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    Marina has got a deep and profound knowledge of yoga and she is able to provide a variety of lessons with her teaching staff. You go away with a deep feeling of relaxation both physically and mentally.

  • a traveller Singapore

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    I signed up for yoga, meditation and Reiki level 1 at Marina Yoga over a 3-week period. I would highly recommend the yoga classes for people of all levels. The teachers are excellent!The natural setting within rubber plantations is also a bonus. Really appreciate the thoughtful details such as the yoga accessories ( with lots of freshly laundered towels), the cut fruits on a hot morning and the little sheltered outdoor seating for relaxing before and after classes.Personally, I found the Reiki Level 1 with Marina to be quite the revelatory and life-changing experience. I like the way the lessons are flexible and tailored to suit or address the students' needs. Marina is very knowledgable and a treasure trove of experiences which she gladly shares.The shared rooms are bright, clean and cosy. Ditto for common bath, although cold shower only. Great WiFi. There is a simple but great communal outdoor kitchen. Overall - Great place with great people!

  • Jenna United States

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    I just completed the yoga teacher training 200 hour course at Marina Yoga and couldn't be happier with the experience. The course material and contact hours are well organized and planned out to make sure you can complete the course on time. Marina is full of knowledge and experience and always there to help and teach from her heart. There was also an unexpected reiki course really adding to the value of the course. The accommodations are nice and clean and the yoga Shala is absolutely beautiful and full of great energy. I couldn't have asked for anything more and recommend a visit to marina yoga whether it's for teacher training, reiki healing, or just a yoga class. Thanks again for everything Marina!

  • Felicia Singapore

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    My friend and I were checking out yoga studios before arriving in Krabi. There was 2 more popular ones - Marina Yoga and Aonang Yoga. After checking out photos of the 2 places, we decided to choose Marina Yoga as the place looks very unpretentious, rustic and charming.As our hotel is in Ao Nang and Marina Yoga is around 15 minutes drive away (en-route to Krabi town), Marina even provided complimentary shuttle to and from our hotel! That was a lovely gesture that we really appreciated. Each class is 350 THB (~14 SGD) and should be 60 minutes long. However, all the classes stretched to 90 minutes which was just right!We tried both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. I have been practising yoga for 5 years both in London and Singapore and I have to say Dominique (a French lady instructor) is the best instructor I have ever had. She provides just the right amount of explanation about each pose without it sounding life a lecture. She does each pose to show the right way of doing it, which was very useful for beginners. Even in a class of 10, she moves around between poses to correct each student.And after each class, we would sit and mingle in Marina's little hut pavilion and snacked on cut papayas from her own garden. Everyone we met at Marina Yoga exudes such warmth and positive vibes. The place is in the midst of rubber plantations, so you will not get much noise or disturbances. It's almost like being completely in nature.All in all, this is a must-try place in Krabi if you like yoga or want to try yoga for the first time! I'm very sure I will be back, maybe even for the yoga instructor course!

  • Delphine

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    I stayed in Ao Nang and went to see Marina for a Reiki session after having dealt with a constant pain in my ear. She opened her door and welcomed me with a warm heart. She immediately understood my needs and was able to help me. Not only with the ear pain but also with the heart one. She is a wonderful Reiki master and I decided it was time for me to do my initiation. She made me confidant that there is a true connection happening with the universe and that one should always listen carefully. I will see her soon for some more practice and can't wait to share this with her and who knows, with the world. Thank you for taking the time (on a Sunday morning) to help me, you will always remain the first person I trusted enough to make it happen! I highly recommend you pay her and her beautiful dogs a visit (the yoga place is amazing).

  • Kim Thailand

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    I have just spent a holiday in Krabi and decided to take some yoga lessons at Marina yoga. A very good decision. The studio is located in a quiet surrounding away from the crowds; you are picked up before class en driven back to the hotel after class. The classes are great and the teacher and Marina very nice people.

  • Lori United States

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    The Tribe Teacher Training in Thailand, March 2011 was one of the best things I have done in my life. I did not know quite what to expect, but it soon became clear that this was going to be a very special experience. The venue has an amazing shala and beautiful rooms, located in a lush garden. The vegetarian food is excellent, as is the pool where you can spend your time off.

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