36 Days 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii

  • 381 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, Maui, Hawaii, USA

36 Days 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii

  • 381 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Maui Yoga Teacher Training

The Maui Yoga Shala's 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training takes you deeper into the art, science, practice, and discipline of yoga providing the skills and insights to take your teaching to new heights throughout the world. Our 5 week Hawaii immersion on Maui is designed for the practitioner to develop an advanced understanding of how to effectively teach asana, pranayama and meditation to all levels and abilities of students. The intensive nature of our program will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the yoga lifestyle and the warm Aloha spirit of Hawaii. Our 300hr program is the opportunity for your full commitment to being on the path of the teacher, staying in your personal practice and teaching in an active way. The pre-requisite for our 300hr program is a 200hr certification.


  • Teaching practicum
  • Yoga Alliance certification
  • Learn gardening, farming, and yoga
  • Hawaiian spirit and chants and the meaning of Aloha
  • Teaching community classes at schools & farm
  • Numerous activities outside classes
  • 35 nights accommodation
  • 36 days with instruction
  • English
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Our 3 bedroom trainee house is in Skill village, adjacent to Baldwin Avenue. A 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk from the historical plantation town of Paia, and a 10-15 minute walk from the shala. Accommodations are shared bedrooms of 2 persons per room. The house is self catering. The house is simply furnished with all kitchen utensils, beds with linen, as well as a washing machine, and small yard out back.

Our curriculum is based on the educational standards of the Yoga Alliance, providing a framework of 5 specialized categories to ensure adequate training for our yoga teachers, enabling them to teach safely and competently.

Techniques, Training and Practice (TTP)

  • Asana postures with hands-on assists for deepening awareness
  • Asana flow sequences
  • Pranayamas
  • Chanting & energetic effects of mantras
  • Modifications for varying levels
  • Integrating bandhas into practice
  • Meditation techniques & kriyas
  • Hawaiian spirit and chants and the meaning of Aloha

Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology

  • ​Exploration of the major body systems in relationship to asana practice
  • Benefits & contraindications for all techniques
  • Effects of structural alignment on overall health
  • Muscle and fascial physiology
  • Avoiding common injuries in yogic practices
  • Using props and variations to individualize practices
  • Body-Mind-Prana relationship
  • Teaching and giving safe instructions


  • Practice teaching exercises in small groups, public classes, & workshops
  • Teaching community classes at schools & farm
  • Teaching Maui Aloha Yoga

Philosophy, lifestyle & ethics

  • Teaching as a yoga practice
  • The 8 limbs of yoga
  • Patanjali’s yoga sutras
  • Yogic diet & nutrition
  • Gardening, farming, and yoga - kuleana & the 'aina
  • Yoga chants
  • Yoga off the mat
  • Yogic texts
  • Insurance and liabilities
  • Organic, natural, lifestyle
  • Living Maui Aloha Yoga all day

Teaching methodology

  • Multiple intelligence education
  • Class management for mixed levels
  • Clarity in teaching language
  • Incorporating hands-on assists & modifications
  • Nurturing creativity in the learning process
  • Cultivating personal style in content & delivery
  • Business aspects of teaching yoga
  • Teaching Maui Aloha Yoga

Asana-guided practice

​Experiential practice of key poses, alignment, advanced poses, yoga kriyas. Students will be guided by senior teachers to use their teachings in their asana practice.

The chakras

​Explore the chakras in depth, their relationship between consciousness and the body, and the functions of these energy centers. We'll discuss the functions of the chakras in relation to associated organs/body parts, the related mental & emotional issues & learn the spiritual and energetic qualities of the chakras and participate in chakra meditations.

The 3 gunas as expressed in the Bhagavad Gita

​A discourse on the three gunas: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas as related by the classic Indian scripture, The Bhagavad Gita. Students will receive insight on the qualities, forces, or modes of nature that make up material existence, or prakriti and how yoga opens our awareness to purusha, soul.

Community building practicum

​Visiting local schools to teach yoga classes; creating a community event in which free yoga classes are offered as well as opportunities for service in conjunction with the event. Through these outreach experiences, students will have the opportunity to offer their art as a means of establishing connections and building community relations by karma yoga, the spirit of service.

Gardening, farming, & yoga

​Gardening & farming brings a relaxing, meditative quality to our minds since it requires much patience and concentration while sowing seeds, planting, weeding, pruning, watering, and harvesting. Incorporating the yogic practices of breath, asana, and mindfullness will be explored while working with the 'aina, or land of Hawaii. Through hands on organic garden & farming activities, students will learn how nurturing and working with the Earth with a sense of kuleana, or privileged responsibility, provides wonderful opportunities to nurture the whole being and creates a healthy & sustainable environment.

Teaching yoga for healthy shoulders. Learn the correct alignment of the shoulders while gaining insight into an array of shoulder openers; also, how to properly handle a shoulder injury or address shoulder pain.

Restorative yoga

​Being a much slower teaching style, restorative yoga requires a certain quality from a teacher. Students will learn the theory and practice behind a restorative yoga class and also learn pranayama and visualization techniques.

Uplifting the teacher's voice

​The teacher's voice is the one used when you're standing in front of your class. It's a professional voice and often different in quality from our day-to-day speaking voice. The projection of a strong voice and the inner power behind it will be explored as well as patterns of communication in the classroom. Incorporating exercises with Sanskrit syllables for toning the voice, students will be able to increase the volume and power of the voice for confidence and effectively maintaining the attention of a class.

Moving deeper into the 5 koshas

​According to the yoga tradition, we have five sheaths, or koshas each made of increasingly finer grades of energy. Students will gain an understanding of these yogic bodies called koshas or "sheaths" as described in the yoga classic, the Taittiriya Upanishad.

​-Anatomy for yoga teachers

Understanding how the human body moves is integral to teaching in a manner that is safe, appropriate and effective. We will explore the human movement system – primarily the skeletal, nervous and muscular systems as they relate to movement and motor learning. Students will learn about planes and directions of movements, joints, and the muscles that create movement at the joints; learn which primary tissues are at risk during asana practice and how to protect them.

Yoga Sutras

​Dive deep into the teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by chanting and discussing the sutras individually, and gaining an understanding through transmission of each sutra.

Ashtanga yoga: the eight limbs of yoga

In depth learning and discussion about the Eight Limbs of Yoga include Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dyana, Samadhi. Learn how these individual categories become a whole and the practical application of these sacred teachings into daily life.


​Dristi translates to "gaze." During our physical and meditation practices we'll use our gaze to increase concentration, calmness and ultimately stillness, achieving one-pointed concentration, dharana.

In-depth hip opening

​Specific poses are prefered for deeper hip openings. In order to move deeper into the hips there must be a knowledge of how to keep proper alignment in the process as well as how to instruct verbally a sense of release for a client, class, or community. Students will also learn how to take a client deeper into the emotional connections that we have in our hips.


Several pranyama techniques will be presented to explore the science of breath regulation and the cultivation of life force, or prana. Understanding the physical, physiological, emotional, and spiritual effects of pranayama, students will be able to incorporate these techniques to help increase vitality, awareness, and well-being in themselves and their students.

Ethics for yoga teachers

​Instruction & discussion on practicing Yamas & Niyamas, Limbs 1 & 2 of the Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy, in the daily activities of life to set a professional & ethical example as a teacher of yoga. We'll learn the appropriate application of the practices and teachings of yoga to influence the teacher/student’s living standards in a helpful, safe, and transformative way.

Nutrition and the science of Ayurveda

​Awareness of what one puts into the body as food and its effects on physical well-being and how it impacts the overall psychological well-being, are important factors to the yoga practice & lifestyle. Along with the study of certain aspects of the yogic science of diet, we will explore the connection between what and how we eat and other factors affecting our lives. Students will learn how the integration of healthy eating habits & nutrition supports the yoga practice and a healthy lifestyle while expanding the access of organic, locally-grown fruits & vegetables.

The paths of yoga

​Paths of yoga within the classical system of Raja yoga include Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, & Karma yoga. Knowledge of Self through chanting Sanskrit verses, service from within to the whole, devotional practices, and connecting the paths are explored. By experiencing the yogic disciplines through practice we'll see how each path is uniquely used to achieve a higher purpose.


​%The bandhas are the internal tools we use to harness, increase, and direct prana through the body. The word "bandha" literally translates to the word "lock". When these locks are engaged it stops prana from leaving the body. We'll explore The bandhas in depth, how to use, manage & maintain, as well as where each one is located.

Mythological origins of the asanas

​This class explores origins of the asanas in a colorful way through ancient stories of yogis, sages, animals, creatures, and the deities. Practicing the cultivation of the qualities of divinity will open the way for knowledge, the responsibility of inner power and its ultimate alignment with our highest goals

Mastering arm balancing

​Master the alignment and instruction essential to properly teach different arm balancing poses. Arm balances can be a fun and empowering way for students to feel a connection to their physical practice. In this section students will learn about the different types of arm balances, how to properly instruct them with correct alignments as well as getting to practice each arm balance to gain a deeper understanding of the pose and what is trying to be achieved in each one.


​​Inversions have many benefits for our well being. In the spirit of fun we'll train with understanding the importance of practicing them safely as well as how to teach them to all levels of students.

Exploration of the major body systems in relationship to asana practice - the nervous system, the lymphatic system and the endocrine system; we'll look at the interrelateness of the spine with the inner organs via the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve fibres and gain an understanding of the autonomous nervous system.

Hands-on assist

Assistance in a pose can sometimes be the difference between feeling a stretch and really actually understanding and getting into a pose. Teachers assistance is also beneficial for students who are trying to take their asanas to the next step but need some help getting there. Included will be how to assist more advanced asanas.

Yoga for special needs

​How to approach the practice for clients who have certain conditions, as well as learning how to teach Yoga for depression, sudden life changes, and varying disabilities. We will discuss how to approach the practice for certain physical and mental conditions that a client may have.

Teaching yoga for lower back pain

​Learn in depth about the anatomy of the spine and how to instruct the optimal alignment for the spine in a range of poses. Students will also discuss how to modify or properly approach back issues, ultimately learning how to help heal lower back pain.

The Tripura Rahasya

Meaning the mystery beyond the trinity, The Tripura Rahasya: the secret of the supreme goddess is an ancient literary work in Sanskrit believed to have been narrated by the sage Dattatreya to Parashurama. By studying the series of teacher to disciple narrations from the Tripura Rahasya, students will explore insights into these keys to self-realization.

Teacher skills - creating a themed class

​Sequence a class with a theme and set intentions for class.

Business skills and self development

​Presentation skills and how to set up a successful workshop. Learn how to make business decisions while still staying aligned with your intuition and integrity.

Class management for mixed levels

Managing a classroom with a range of levels, ability, and ages will be discussed and how to lead a practice that’s appropriate for each person.

We meet daily to practice and study at the beautiful Maui Yoga Shala, located in the idyllic town of Paia, a treasure on Maui's north shore. Located in the former Paia Train Depot, we strive to be a portal for all seekers to connect deeply with their own bodies and each other, and move as their hearts desire.

Nearby places

  • Kahalui, 15 minutes

Meals are not included in accommodation prices. Supplies can be bought in Paia Town, or if you have a car or wish to catch the bus, you can go into the town of Kahului to shop.

When not in class, there will be time to swim and snorkel in the ocean, enjoy the pristine beaches of Baldwin, Paia bay and Ho'okipa, watch the sunset, hike our forests and waterfalls, watch the whales, and visit the volcano while enjoying the laid back vibe of the north shore.

  • 35 nights accommodation
  • Certification
  • Sessions and activities as mentioned in the program
  • Meals are not included.

Arrival by airplane

You will fly into Kahalui, Maui airport (OGG), which is a 15 minute drive from the north shore and the historical plantation town of Paia, where the Maui Yoga Shala is located.

Arrival by car

There are many car rental companies based at the airport. Renting a car will make life fun on Maui, as after class you can visit the local beaches, go for walks, and in the evenings enjoy some of the excellent local restaurants and then take longer adventures on your day off (Sunday afternoon). You can easily rent from companies such as Enterprise, Avis, Aloha, Kimo (it is best to do a Google search to find what deals work best for you).

If you are staying in the trainees house and do not wish to rent your own car, you can easily walk from the house to the shala. It is a beautiful walk down the hill of around 10-15 minutes. The walk from the Shala into the town of Paia is another 10 minutes down the hill. There is no bus service along this route, so be prepared to walk if you do not have a car.

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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Paia, United States

200 hr & 300 hr Hawaii yoga teacher training on Maui.

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