MEYOTRA retreats hand you opportunities to be reminded all that you have forgotten about yourself, all who you really are and all who you are meant to be.

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Instructors (2)

Martin du Toit

Martin has been a tantra coach for more than 15 years. The main centre where he spends most of his time is in Goa, India. Martin believes that each student has the potential to be a more important teacher than himself. He does not talk much, he prefers that the practice of a tantra technique will do all the transformation that is required.

Leona Fernandes

Leona studied psychology at university up to Masters level. She is qualified in meditation, yoga and tantra. Leona has been presenting Tantra courses in India for the last 3 years.

Reviews (1)


from Brazil, September 2018

"Indescribable experience "


Testimonials (5)

Vijay Goa.

Meyotra website

I thank all at MEYOTRA for making me realise my sexuality for what it really is. Now I can live my new person identity fully.

S Madrid.

Meyotra website

The teacher at MEYOTRA is living a true tantra life. She has incorporated the teachings of tantra in her own life and lives it every moment. She brings so much positive energy to the room and tries to lift you up to another level. Spending time with her and going through the various exercises and massages was really motivating, exciting and absolutely worth it. Will recommend everyone to do a session with her.

R Malaga

Meyotra website

I had an amazing experience with this MEYOTRA teacher! It is very difficult to put it into words what you have done for me. One has to experience it and feel it. In short: it has something to do to live more connected with ourselves and with the world! This is exactly what we all really need! Thank you for helping me and the world!.

J Dubai.

Meyotra website

I did a tantra workshop with MEYOTRA together with my boyfriend and other participants. The experience of the workshop overall was great and I am really happy that we took this opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable and positive woman. The setting was very nice and well prepared. Everything was very professional but in a comfortable and very open atmosphere. We talked about our expectations of the workshop and then started with some breathing exercises. The teacher explained every technique very well and lead the way. If you are going to the workshop with only the expectation of having a better sex life, don't be fooled. You will soon realise that Tantra is way more than that and she did a wonderful job to deliver this message. Thank you so much for this great experience!

G Bangalore.

Meyotra website

It was a great experience for me in the workshop with Martin. I have learned a lot and so much of positive energy was injected into my blood.

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