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Naam Yoga

Naam Yoga is a non-profit global center for spiritual and physical wellness. The center offers a wide range of yoga, workshops, and meditation sessions.

Instructors 6

Dr. Christina Pabers

Christina Pabers MA TCM, L.Ac has served in the field of health and fitness with her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, emphasizing exercise physiology and biomechanics for over 19 years. She teaches anatomy and physiology for Naam Yoga teacher training certification programs. She currently holds her master's degree in Chinese medicine and has nearly completed her Ph.D. in classical oriental medicine.

Gabriel Vidal

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, and having earned a degree in business organization engineering, Gabriel is the director of Naam Yoga therapy training team. He is a devoted student of the laws of the universe and their practical applications to real life. He has completed all three levels of Harmonyum, a sacred system of healing that raises the vibratory frequency of cells to their highest potential.

Alyssa Gaustad

Alyssa is a senior Harmonyum practitioner and Naam Yoga therapies teacher trainer. She received her certifications in the Gyrotonic expansion system, Gyrokinesis, Pilates mat, and Naam Yoga therapies levels I, II, and III. As part of Naam Yoga therapies training team, she lives in Los Angeles and teaches with an incredible team of colleagues around the world, including Brazil.

Sivan Einav

Sivan is a nutritionist and wellness consultant and the founder of Seed of Health. Over the past 18 years, she has helped people from all walks of life recognize destructive health habits and shift mind-body patterns. With her support, clients alleviate weight gain, burnout, anxiety, insomnia, poor quality of life, and chronic diseases. Her down-to-earth approach and depth of experience give people the confidence to better their life with increased joy and well-being.

Alexandra Dech

Alexandra was born in Germany, where she lives and teaches Naam yoga and Universal Kabbalah. As part of the teacher training team, she believes in a holistic approach to promote happiness and health in people’s lives. She is fascinated by how Naam yoga strengthens the body, appeases the mind, and rejoices the heart. It is her deepest desire to help alleviate the mental and physical sufferings of others.

Katerina Kolihova

Katerina comes from Prague, Czech Republic, where she teaches Naam yoga and Universal Kabbalah and practices Harmonyum for 7 years. She feels blessed for having the opportunity to share the teachings that can help people raise their consciousness and overcome anything they may be faced with in their life.

Testimonials 2

Leticia Carranza Mexico

Naam Yoga Facebook page

I am so gratefull for the priviledge of practice Naam. My soul, feeling and body is very hapy! Life changing, empowering, NAAMAZING!!! Love it!!!

a traveler

Naam Yoga Facebook page

The teachers there are so amazing. I love all them so much. They each invest a little something different into my spiritual and physical development. I am so pleased with my experience each and every time I visit. They offer such a wide variety of classes and Naam is a one-stop shop for fitness and meditation plus so many other things.

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