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23 Days 200hr Naam Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico

  • Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Naam Yoga Teacher Training Mexico

Naam Yoga international team is presenting this unique level one, 200-hour therapies training course that is going to happen in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The immersion experience is for everyone and allows you to select the program that works best for you. Naam yoga is the spiritual alchemy of combining the practice of yoga and vibrating Naam, a chanting prayer, with the practical application of universal Kabbalah, which over time provides a seamless experience of life that allows you to master your destiny. This sacred technology provides the integrated tools for radiant health, wellbeing, and ultimately expanded consciousness, to help you move from the head to the heart center and face challenges with grace.


  • Shakti Naam yoga classes
  • Learn about the science of Mudra therapy
  • Understand anatomy, nervous system physiology, and neurobiology
  • Learn about the science of sound and Naam
  • Learn about acu-sound therapy
  • Experience universal Kabbalah
  • 22 nights accommodation
  • All meals included
  • 23 days with instruction
  • English
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This three-week level I yoga teacher training is a complete and comprehensive immersion program. The allure of this immersion is that students have an accelerated opportunity to integrate the knowledge by attending lectures and classes on a daily basis in the magical environment of the destination.

Techniques shared in the level I training include:

Shakti Naam yoga

As part of this training you will be certified in Shakti Naam. Referred to as the yoga of immortality, Shakti Naam is the latest advancement in Naam yoga therapies, and includes a multitude of exercises with numerous benefits for the body and mind. The focused benefits of Shakti Naam include an increased vitality, a healthy mind, and a healthy body affording an enhanced quality of life.

The science of mudra therapy

You will learn over 100 mudras, or hand seals, with specific medical applications that you can use as tools in resolving and even reversing physical, emotional, and mental imbalances. In addition, you will learn about the vast matrix of meridians running through the body and how to alleviate pain and speed up the healing process by massaging specific points on the hands.

The science of sound and Naam

  • An intensive experience of Naam and its miraculous capacity. Learn to feel the music of life and the harmonic connection that exists between all beings.

Acu-sound therapy

  • The science of using sound to energize and help restore proper organ function.

Physical anatomy, nervous system physiology, and neurobiology

  • An understanding of the impact of sound and vibration from a medical perspective. You will be able to explain the healing process from a scientific point of view.

Universal Kabbalah

You will also be exposed to the life-changing wisdom of universal Kabbalah. This course material includes many aspects of the divine spiritual wisdom, designed to supplement, and compliment the Naam yoga therapies teacher training curriculum.

This yoga teacher training will take place in Los Cabos, Mexico, a world-class vacation destination, renowned for healing, sun, air, water, and sands. A beautiful oceanfront resort that provides a relaxed environment for learning will be the host of the Naam Yoga teacher training.

  • Swimming
  • Food
  • The price of this teacher training includes a variety of delicious and healthy meals for you to enjoy during your stay.
  • Beach
  • Yoga studio
  • ATM / banking
  • Convenience / grocery store nearby
  • Laundry nearby
  • 22 nights accommodation
  • Delicious and healthy meals during your stay
  • Tuition for all classes and workshops

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL).


  • Review by Leticia Carranza from Mexico

    "I am so gratefull for the priviledge of practice Naam. My soul, feeling and body is very hapy! Life changing, empowering, NAAMAZING!!! Love it!!!"

    Naam Yoga Facebook page, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "The teachers there are so amazing. I love all them so much. They each invest a little something different into my spiritual and physical development. I am so pleased with my experience each and every time I visit. They offer such a wide variety of classes and Naam is a one-stop shop for fitness and meditation plus so many other things."

    Naam Yoga Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Kaela from United States

    "Yoga basics with Allyn is fantastic! As a yoga newbie I was nervous going into my first class, but Allyn made me feel so comfortable. She demonstrated each pose and paid special attention to making sure each of us were doing things correctly. She had a very positive attitude that made the class fly by. I can only speak specifically for the yoga basics class, but overall the studio is very nice. The staff is very welcoming and kind. I totally encourage you to go to Naam Yoga!"

    Yelp website, edited

  • Review by Jiemei from United States

    "Love the space here. I took a workshop this weekend. Everyone is really nice from the front desk staff to the people who take class. I will definitely be back!"

    Yelp website, edited

  • Review by Nas from United States

    "Stretch and unwind lived up to its name. Located right across a parking structure, this class is convenient and relaxing as well as meditative. This class and studio are very beginner friendly and a good kind of challenging. If you get there early they even have a waiting area with this delicious healthy tea which I highly recommend. I appreciate that my first time here they gave me a tour and got me set up. Yup I will be back!"

    Yelp website, edited