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Why Should You Do Your Yoga Teacher Training in Bali?

by Alberto G. Güitrón

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Unbeatable scenery, authentic yoga vibes, healthy lifestyle, delicious vegetarian options and world-renowned gurus to learn from. Can you imagine a better place to do your yoga teacher training? 

Well, that’s how a yoga teacher training in Bali looks like – and the good news – it’s more affordable than most programs in Europe and the US. That’s why it has become one of the favorite destinations for yogis who want to deepen their practice or start a new career as a yoga instructor.


Nothing like the Island of Gods for yoga


One of the main reasons why Bali is so popular for yoga teacher training is how well it aligns with the yoga philosophy. It’s a wellness hub brimful of tasty options for vegan and vegetarian diets, holistic spas, Ayurvedic centers and more alternatives to help you live a more conscious lifestyle.


The stunning diverse scenery of the island is another big plus. There are plenty of splendid locations for a nice yoga session; whichever landscape you want for your Savasana, you’ll get it in Bali. Find peace in the secluded mountains and typical rice paddies of Ubud, relax on the hippy beaches of Canggu, or treat yourself to the splendor and luxury of Seminyak.


yoga training by the beach Bali

Image credit: Joga Yoga

Considering how many hours you have to invest on the mat and all the new things you have to learn, becoming a yoga teacher could feel like a daunting experience. However, Bali’s chilled vibes make it easier to enjoy the whole thing. The magic of the island will allow you to embrace the course as if it was solely a nice holiday with plenty of yoga on it.


Top-notch programs without breaking the bank


Image credit: Kula Collective

The Zen atmosphere of the island has attracted dozens –if not hundreds– of world-renowned yoga instructors. Great yogis from India, the US, Europe and many other parts in the world, have brought their knowledge to Bali and share it with the thousands of students who join their courses every year.

The advantage is that, compared to Europe and the USA, the prices are considerably lower. Indeed, 75% of all practitioners who want to become instructors, decide to come to Southeast Asia to take advantage of the more affordable programs. To put it into perspective, there are retreats in Bali for as little as €50 per day, while in the United States or UK it’s tough to find something below €70-80.

If you add the tradition, authenticity and quality of the course, it’s a no brainer to do your 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bali.


What to expect from your yoga teacher training in Bali?


Image credit: Alchemy Tours

The fastest way to become a yoga teacher is on an intensive retreat where you spend around 3-4 weeks deepening your practice, getting better on the mat and preparing to share this knowledge with more people.

To get the first certification you’ll have to complete 200 hours of training. So, if you want to make sure that you get free time to visit a few temples, spend some time at the beach, try a Balinese massage or simply relax and do nothing, book a retreat that lasts a minimum of 25 days. This way you won’t have to rush through all that’s included in the schedule and limit your daily workload to 8 hours.  

If you’re traveling from the USA, take into consideration that the trip will be quite long (about 12 hours) and the jetlag could take a toll on your performance. Arrive one or two days in advance or choose a longer program to stay fresh all throughout your training.

In terms of accommodation, there are literally hundreds of options you can choose from. Just find a program that aligns with what you’re looking for and get ready for an unforgettable time in Bali. It could either be in an upscale resort where all your needs will be covered; a small guesthouse where you’ll get more intimacy and get to know your peers better; or even a campsite to live the adventure and truly connect with nature.

If you go for a 200-hour certification, you’ll normally learn general Hatha Yoga. But if what you’re looking for is to specialize in a specific style, there are also plenty of shorter retreats to add Yin, Vinyasa, Aerial, Acro or any other type of yoga you want.

Ask the teacher(s) and/or organizer who’ll be hosting the training any other question you may have before making a decision. You must be certain that you’ll feel comfortable and trust the person that will be guiding you to take this major step in your yoga journey. 


Best time to do your training

yoga teacher training certificates

Image credit: Ulu Yoga

The busiest time of the year is between May and September and it might be better to avoid these months to prevent distractions. If there’s too much outside noise, it could be harder to fully concentrate on your practice and make the most out of your training.

It’s recommended to choose a program between November and April. The humidity will lubricate your joints better and the sound of the rain falling will keep you calmed and focused. You might get a bit wet if you want to explore the island, but who cares? Remember that life –as yoga– is all about learning to dance in the rain.

*Cover image credit: Parahita Alam Bali (My Travels Choice)

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