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Questions to Answer Before You Decide to Teach Yoga

by Manmohan

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Have you ever played a word association or dissociation game? No? Let’s play one then. As a yoga teacher, you will have to unpack and deconstruct your student-teacher relationship to understand it more effectively. These are some questions for you to answer to understand where you stand as a yoga teacher.

What comes to your mind when I say the term “teacher-student relationship”?  

A teacher who shares all his knowledge with his students, or a teacher who just gives classes to earn his livelihood? It's very important to teach a subject only if you are yourself interested in it. It is impossible for someone to convince other people something he himself is not convinced about. 


What is the scope of your teaching and what are your responsibilities as a yoga teacher?

It's important for a yoga teacher to be clear about his boundaries while dealing with students. The two major responsibilities of a teacher are to educate their students about yoga and its benefits, and to provide them a neutral and safe environment to know and experience what's going on in their bodies, minds and souls. This is not a suggestion or advice to anyone in particular. It’s just my opinion that may help you in deciding the boundaries of your professional and personal life.


How motivated are you?

It is very important to know your own interests and skills before teaching them to anyone. Do you like yoga? Do you enjoy practising it, learning it, and teaching it? You can never motivate someone else to do something that you yourself aren't motivated about. 


What are your strengths when it comes to teaching yoga?

While teaching yoga is not about your strengths or your personality, understanding your strengths will help you to understand better why some students are interested in your class and why others are not. Basically, you have to know every aspect of your personality to be an authentic teacher.


Truly know yourself before becoming a yoga teacher

Is your personality a challenge to your teaching?

To build any relationship with someone else, whether good or bad, you should at least understand what aspects of your personality affect your student-teacher relationship. Your personality traits will help you to maintain the boundaries when you are dealing with people specially your students.

What problems do you encounter in your classes, and why?

There will always be one or more student whose behaviour is going to bother you or annoy you. Don’t worry! Once you have gained control over your temper, you can now find out what things and issues trigger arguments during your class. This is where you will have to reflect and ask yourself what things create issues and what issues bother you.


Who's your favorite yoga teacher? and why? What do they do differently than other teachers you’ve encountered? Share your story and write to us at [email protected], we would love to hear from you! For more articles and posts on teaching yoga, click here.

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