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5 Ways to Know if You Are Ready for a Yoga Teacher Training

by Heather Hobbs

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Like many yoga students, you have likely toyed with the idea of deepening your yoga practice through intense study or perhaps becoming a yoga teacher yourself. But are you ready? Do you have what it takes?

Yoga teacher training courses offer a great way to learn more about yoga in general. Your goals could be to:

  • Improve your home practice
  • Have a better understanding of the yoga philosophy
  • Teach yoga to your loved ones
  • Make an entire career shift and become a full-time yoga teacher
  • Or perhaps all of the above!

If your ultimate reason to join a training is to teach yoga, your next question is likely to be: am I really ready to become a yoga teacher?

Here are five ways to know if it’s time to take your yoga lifestyle to the next level and become a yoga instructor!

1. You are at a crossroads in your life & you are ready for a change

yoga coaching

We have all been there; the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one or simply the need for change, growth and a fresh new direction. A residential yoga teacher training not only serves as a retreat and getaway, it also gives you a new skill set and you walk away with a diploma that allows you to pursue an inspiring new career. 

Although the uncertainty we may feel at a crossroads can seem scary and overwhelming, the opportunity we have during these times is enormous. You can use these changes to grow, expand and transform yourself and balance your body and life. 

At a yoga teacher training course, not only will you have a whole lot of fun, but you’ll restart your life with the skills and ability to create a routine more aligned with who you are and what is truly important to you.


2. You want to find your tribe and be surrounded by like-minded people

yoga teachers tribe

Do you crave community, personal growth and transformation? Do you feel a strong desire to be around kind, conscious and health-minded individuals? People who want to improve themselves and inspire others? 

A yoga teacher training - specifically a shorter residential retreat - offers an invaluable opportunity to immerse yourself in a tribe of like-minded individuals. Often, life-long friendships and business partnerships are formed in these training programs. 

The Yoga Alliance membership, for example, gives you access to an international tribe of creative and conscious yoga teachers across the globe and opens up an array of opportunities for you.


3. You are passionate about sharing your love of yoga

yoga instructor

Perhaps you have been practicing for years and you have been waiting for the “right time” to deepen your practice. Maybe you are new to yoga but are clear that you love it and you want to learn more. 

Have you noticed the benefits yoga has had on your body, mind and spirit? Are you willing to live a true yoga lifestyle? Most importantly, are you passionate about sharing this love and the benefits of yoga with others?

If your answer is a resounding “yes!” to the above questions, you may be ready to become a yoga teacher, to share your passion and to guide students of your own. Now you just need some practice and a 200-hour yoga teacher training could be the way to go!


4. You love learning, growing and challenging yourself

yoga learning

Perhaps you have been doing the same job for years or you are stuck in a rut. Perhaps you feel bored, depressed or uninspired. 

The reality is that humans thrive and feel more energized and alive when they are learning, growing and challenging themselves in safe and supportive environments. 

A yoga teacher training creates a safe place for personal growth and transformation and provides an invaluable opportunity to learn new skills, get in shape, get inspired and go back home a healthier and better version of yourself.


5. You want to do more meaningful work and build community

becoming a yoga instructor

A yoga teacher does so much more than simply teach a series of asanas on a mat. A yoga teacher builds community, inspires others and serves as a role model and a valuable member of their community

Yoga teachers bring consciousness, inspiration and self-love to their students with every class they teach. This positive energy has a ripple effect on the community and has a powerful effect to create meaningful positive change in the world. 

In summation, if you feel called to do more meaningful work and to create a lasting positive impact in your community, your answer might just be in the form of a yoga teacher training!

Feel inspired and ready to sign up for a Yoga Alliance approved yoga teacher training? Don’t delay & book your spot today! 

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