Pungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock

Image credit: Prana Yoga


Imagine doing a plank, without your feet touching the ground. Now, remove one arm and try not to fall. I know… it’s hard even just to think about it. Apart from truly testing your mental focus, this position is believed to help strengthen your wrists, shoulders, and arms, and helps to improve your digestion due to the pressure applied by the arm. Make sure to practice on both sides though.


Eka Hasta Vrksasana – One Handed Tree Pose

Image credit: DoYouYoga.com


Did anybody else twist their tongue while trying to pronounce the name of this pose? If you’ve survived the 90s experimenting with breakdance, you’re probably feeling smugged enough to think that you can nail this pose. Well, you might. Try and do a ‘1990’ but instead of spinning around on one hand, try and be completely still. All good? Now, try and hold it for 15 minutes. If you can do this one, congratulations, you have super impressive core strength, mental focus, and strong wrists!


Sayanasana – Scorpion Pose Variation


Image credit: DoYouYoga.com


Imagine yourself in a beach, laying down on your belly, feeling the sand on your elbows, the palms of your hand touching your face. Got it? Now rotate 90 degrees clockwise..


Kala Bhairavasana – Destroyer of The Universe Pose

Image credit: DoYouYoga.com


Apparently, this pose is not as difficult the others on the list, despite the name. Still, it looks impressive! This pose requires very open and flexible hips besides tenacity, mental focus, and of course athleticism to be doing this with the body off the floor whilst balancing on one side. So be careful, don’t want it to end up changing name as destroyer of your hindquarters.


Yoganidrasana – Yoga Sleep Pose

Image credit: 500


You could’ve probably guessed by its name that this pose has something to do with sleeping. It is essentially Sleeping Turtle (Supta Kurmasana) flipped on to the back, and it is said to promote a deep feeling of calmness. Well, we all love a bit of sleep, don’t we?

So, we hope you’re all excited to try out those challenging poses if you haven’t already. Don’t get discouraged if you fail miserably at your “first” many attempts. Just laugh along, pat yourself on the back, and tell yourself “maybe some day”. And we believe that with the right yoga teacher training and the perfect guidance and some persistence some day, you just may!