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10 Unforgettable Yoga Destinations You Have to See to Believe

by Jade Hong

The go-to resource to prepare for your yoga teacher training. Find all you need to know about the top destinations and take your practice to the next level.
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Yoga’s health benefits are not just myths. Several scientific studies confirmed how beneficial yoga could be to anyone’s health. Yoga can help you get rid of back pains, ease anxiety and tension, and even increase your lifespan. And the best news yet is this – you can do yoga anywhere you are.  If it’s too inconvenient, you can even do the poses without a mat!

However, a great way to fully immerse yourself in yoga is through a retreat at a faraway destination! If you are planning a getaway to commune with nature, here are 10 destinations worth considering for your next trip.

Alaya Resort Jembawan: Ubud, Bali

Considered as one of the best healing sanctuaries located in the heart of Ubud, Alaya Resort Jembawan is a place of healing for travelers seeking to renew their soul, body, and mind. This prominent hideaway is located in a serene area in Ubud complete with a rural background.

Alaya Resort Jembawan offers yoga classes daily, and there are lifestyle programs designed for the differing needs of its customers. Anyone who needs to slow down would love to head off to this destination for a yoga retreat.

With a dedicated yoga pavilion, Ayurvedic treatments for different ailments, and the beautiful environment, Alaya Resort is the perfect haven to soak in Balinese culture while reaping the benefits of meditation.


White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center: Santa Barbara, California

yoga on the beach

Yogis who are up for a dreamy yoga adventure, will find this the perfect place to be. From its location in San Marcos Pass, White Lotus offers a grand view of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean.

Yoga classes are conducted twice daily. You can arrange a retreat anytime of the year where you won’t just enjoy a weekend of meditation but also the amazing ambiance and mouth-watering vegetarian cuisine.

Feeling a connection with the rest of the universe from this retreat center is one unforgettable experience. When you are done with your daily dose of meditation, you can enjoy nature hikes, a soothing massage, or a dip in the water.


Kamalaya: Koh Samui, Thailand

For anyone who wants to be lost in a setting straight out of a fairytale, Kamalaya is just the place to be. Set in a ravine which slopes down to a lagoon, this holistic spa would rejuvenate your mind and body.

The spa offers a Personal Yoga Synergy Program customized to your level and skills. There is also a hilltop spa where you can enjoy a variety of treatments.

Here, you can have a private session with your own yoga instructor who will lead you through classical yoga and meditation. You can choose between three, five, and seven-day yoga programs.

Jungle Bay: Delices, Dominica

Dominican Republic

With its emphasis on wellness, Jungle Bay includes yoga in all its adventure packages. There are morning yoga sessions to prepare guests for a hectic day ahead.

Jungle Bay’s yoga studio faces the Atlantic Ocean and provides a relaxing view of the sea. The sound of the sea and the surrounding rainforest has a potent effect on anyone who is on a spiritual journey.

Yogis who are on a retreat may arrange meditation and private yoga sessions. Jungle Bay also hosts special yoga retreat programs conducted by gurus from all over the globe.   


Lumeria: Maui, Hawaii

Located in Maui’s northern shore, anyone would find this place endearing -yogi or not. Lumeria is a boutique property which covers a 20-acre land area where you can commune with nature as you rest your tired body.

Expert therapists and talented yoga instructors make this place a haven for anyone seeking a serene place. Guests can sign up for yoga excursions to tap and unleash their inner strength.

Aside from yoga sessions, there are also various workshops where you can enjoy a great variety of activities for free. If you are troubled by your inner energies, you can always go for a massage to cure all your problem areas.


Uno Astrolodge: Tulum, Mexico

Sunset yoga

Whether you are on a solo retreat or you are with a bunch of friends, this place is a great pick when you are out of town to concentrate on yoga. Uno is not just a place to do yoga, but also a community where you can interact with other yogis and rediscover the healing properties of nature.

Uno has rustic cabins that instantly blend in with its serene and beautiful surroundings. The stretch of sand surrounding Uno is also known as the best beach in Tulum.

Spirit Vine Retreat Center: Bahia, Brazil

Spirit Vine Retreat Center is a Brazilian getaway, which is perfect for beginners and for those who want to connect with their inner self. Combining Ayahuasca ceremonies with yoga, yogis who decide to be part of this retreat can look forward to having the full support and dedication of the facilitators.

Yoga sessions are conducted every morning together with individual sessions. Guided meditation and progressive relaxation are also part of the program, and this is helpful for those who want to reach a deeper level of concentration.

Yoga classes combine asana, pranayama, and mudra. Right after you get your daily dose of meditation, you can go for a swim in the lagoon, go whale watching or go on a gastronomic trip to sample the native restaurants in the vicinity.


Swaswara: Gokarna, India

yoga outdoors

Wellness and healing seekers will love this southern Indian retreat center with its back-to-basics approach to yoga.

The resort is big on outdoor yoga, and it’s not unusual to see many guests with their mat on the beach.

Wellness program in Swaswara aims to bring out positive changes not just helping you get rid of stress. The holistic program involving proper nutrition and yoga gurus will help you have an unforgettable trip.

During meditation, you can refresh your eyes. The view is impressive too and you can always go for a nature hike.


Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort: Nathrop, Colorado

When you feel the urge to de-stress and just take a break, this is where you can run off too. With your mat and resolve in tow, this place could help restore your energy to bring back your drive.

Yoga classes here include water yoga, restorative yoga, and more. You can sign up for a four-day retreat or do yoga in the mountains by yourself.


Ananda: Himalayas, India

For anyone who is willing to pay the price for an exclusive and private retreat, going to this Himalayan yoga retreat center is a viable option. Here, yoga sessions are conducted in the open-air stone amphitheater.

Instructors mainly conduct Hatha yoga classes although jai neti and pranayama are also taught. If there are any elements or styles you want to incorporate, you may request the same from your instructor.

If you want to do more yoga, you may request for a private lesson at the spa or outside the palace.  

While the yoga sessions in Ananda are intense they are also safe and beneficial to your body so you won’t find yourself gritting your teeth in pain the next day.


Final Thoughts

yoga outdoor

Yoga is a meditative exercise you can do wherever you are. But it would be even better to do a yoga retreat to help cleanse your mind and body while you are on a vacation. Consider also combining your yoga with fitness workouts to make a holistic practice.

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