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23-Daagse 200-urige Zelfontwikkeling Yoga Docentenopleiding in Bali, Indonesië

YogaUnion Shala, Jalan Subak Sok Wayah, Ubud, Indonesië.

Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of growth and discovery through yoga, in the magical Ubud, the spiritual and yogic capital of Bali! Your journey can start on this self-development yoga teacher training with YogaUnion on their tenth year organizing this course. Increase your understanding, knowledge, confidence and skills by training under a highly-experienced team of specialists in the seductive YogaUnion Shala located deep in the ricefields, overlooking the jungle!

Maak kennis met de instructeurs

Ourania, Spyros, Himanshu, & 4 Meer...
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Waarom deze reis?

  • Introduction to Yoga philosophy and yogic lifestyle
  • Daily asana practice, meditation, and breathing techniques
  • Anatomy & Physiology and application to yoga practice
  • Alignment and Adjustment Theory of all basic poses
  • Teaching methodology, techniques, and Vinyasa sequence structure
  • Certificate of 200hr by YogaAlliance and letter of recommendation
  • 22 nights accommodation in the ricefields of Ubud
  • Daily vegetarian meals


  • Beginner
  • Half gevorderd


20 dagen met instructie
De maximale groepsgrootte is 35
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  • Shoppen
  • Spa
  • Buitenzwembad
  • Bar
  • Milieuvriendelijk
  • Tuin
  • Bagageopslag
  • Meditatietuin
  • Meertalig personeel
  • Restaurant
  • Speciale menuverzoeken
  • Terras
  • Yogadek
  • Yoga shala
  • Yogastudio
  • Gratis parkeren
  • Internettoegang
  • Draadloos internet

Gustis Garden 2 Ubud, Nirwa Karma Ubud, Purnama home and Restu House & Spa is carefully selected as YogaUnion's official partners in accommodating and hosting students of YogaUnion training courses and retreats.



Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive a certificate of completion and eligibility for registering with YogaAlliance.


YogaUnion prepares you to become a yoga teacher specialised in Vinyasa Flow. The primary aim of this yoga teacher certification course is to make a new generation of yoga instructors with a profound knowledge of Vinyasa yoga and the yogi way of living through a deeper understanding of their own practice and their own body.

The yoga courses are based on theoretical background on yoga alignment, anatomy, physiology, pranayama, philosophy, and ethics of yoga presented in an interactive way of applying the knowledge on the daily asanas practice and the peer-to-peer observation and adjustment.

Learn to teach yoga with confidence in any mixed level class by having the appropriate information to build safe and creative asana sequences. You will learn all these in the most idyllic location in Bali, Ubud, the spiritual and yogic capital of Bali, surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Course content

The teachers will always be present in your practice, observing and suggesting for the necessary adjustments, corrections, variations and improvements. There will be daily alignment classes, to make sure that you practice with the correct technique and alignment so that when you leave the course, you have advanced your practice to a much higher level than you came with and can apply the theoretical knowledge in your own practice and teaching.

There will be observation and feedback on your personal practice and your own lessons, by teachers. This 200-hour yoga teacher training program incorporates training hours in the following educational categories and topics:

Practice techniques

  • Analysis of the 80 postures and more (arm balances, back-bends, and inversions)
  • Modifications, other variations, and advanced variation of all postures

How to use yoga props:

  • Block, bolster, strap, and blanket
  • Wall in your yoga practice


The themed workshops will cover a wide range of asana keys like handstands, back-bends, inversions, and hip openers.

Teaching practice

You will start to teach from day one. The building of the yoga lessons will be gradual and smooth, facilitating everyone to develop their talents. Teaching will also be progressive, starting with one-to-one lessons in the beginning and moving step by step to bigger groups of students ending up in full open classes.

Regular feedback is given by teachers and fellow students about your teaching so that you can improve and find your unique voice and style as a teacher. Some of the things you will do and learn include:

  • Practice teaching
  • Receiving feedback
  • Observing others teaching
  • Hearing and giving feedback
  • Learn to give hands-on adjustment
  • Teaching methodology and technique
  • Principles of demonstration
  • Observing, assisting, and correcting
  • Instruction, teaching styles, and qualities of a teacher
  • Voice projection and floor presence

The process of learning

  • Planning and structuring a class
  • Alignment and hands-on adjustment
  • Dealing with injuries and safety precautions
  • Business aspects of teaching yoga
  • Pranayama, mudra, bandhas, and kriya

Pranayama (yogic breathing)

According to the great yogis, breath equals to energy flow. So through these morning classes, the trainees will get hands-on experience of how the breath works. Pranayama course will consist of the introduction, its aspects, pranic body, different types of prana, types of breathing, an anatomy of breathing, and yogic breathing. Moreover, various breath technics will be tested such as:

  • Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)
  • Sheetali (cooling breath)
  • Shitkari (hissing breath)
  • Bhramari (humming bee breath)
  • Ujjayi (the psychic or victorious breath)
  • Bhastrika (bellows breath)
  • Kapalbhati (frontal brain cleansing breath)

Discussion in mudra will cover introduction, types, hand mudras, head mudras, postural mudras, lock mudras, lock (bandha) mudras, and perennial mudras.

Bandhas (energy locks)

Discussion on bandhas will cover introduction, types, throat lock, root lock, abdominal lock, and great lock.

Philosophy content

  • Meaning of yoga, concepts, and history
  • Yoga sutras
  • The eight-limb path of yoga according to Patanjali
  • Four schools of yoga
  • Nadis (energy channels), chakras, and Kundalini
  • Vedas and six systems of Indian philosophy
  • The aim of yoga, modification of mind, mental disposition, different levels of preparation, meaning of Om, Kriya yoga, Samyama yoga, and Samadhi yoga
  • Obstacles on the path of yoga, physical and mental disturbances caused by an unconcentrated mind, means to overcome obstacles, and methods to control the modifications of mind
  • Energetical anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis etc)
  • Lifestyle and ethics for a yoga practitioner and teacher


We proud ourselves with offering a top-level Anatomy & physiology lecture set, unique, interactive, intuitive and fun with the help of our life-sized skeleton models Henry & Ann and projector presentation. A fascinating journey through the sacred temple that is the human body and practical application of this newfound knowledge to our Yoga practice.

These topics are included:

  • Introduction to Anatomy and different body systems
  • Skeletal system, muscular system, connective tissue, nervous system
  • The foot, knee, hips, spine, and shoulder joint structure & mechanics
  • Movement analysis and application to Yoga poses

Sample schedule

  • 07:00 - 08:00 Meditation, pranayama, and chanting mantras
  • 08:00 - 10:00 Vinyasa practice
  • 10:00-11:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 - 13:00 Analysis of asanas, adjustments, and teaching methods
  • 13:00 - 15:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 - 16:45 Anatomy or philosophy of yoga
  • 17:00 - 18:30 All styles of yoga lessons and time to make your own lessons with our teacher’s guidance


Ourania Bouzouki

Spyros Kapitsinos

Himanshu Bahuguna

Nikol Katsari

Savitri Talahatu

Celine Buergi



The hotels are located just outside of the busy center of Ubud, in a peaceful, magical sanctuary, beautifully nestled among the rice fields and lush jungle. They are designed in a fusion between contemporary and authentic Balinese architecture and aesthetics.

During your stay, you will get free Wi-Fi, hot water, private toilets, cleaning service and fresh towels. The hotels are embedded in lush vegetation, next to the open rice paddies and are located into a traditional and serene Balinese neighborhood, with only bikes allowed (no cars above the ricefield path)



  • Fietsen
  • Duiken
  • Wandelen
  • Shoppen
  • Snorkelen
  • Spa


  • Kamers met air-conditioning
  • Balkon
  • Milieuvriendelijk
  • Tuin
  • Kluis in de kamer
  • Meertalig personeel
  • Restaurant
  • Rookvrije omgeving
  • Speciale menuverzoeken
  • Terras
  • Yogadek
  • Yoga shala
  • Yogastudio


  • Gratis Wi-Fi
  • Wasserij
  • Klamboe
  • Schoonmaakdienst


This course includes 20 vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, from Mondays to Saturdays. Sundays are excluded. Breakfast consists of a tropical fruit salad, daily choice of porridge, black rice pudding, or Balinese crepes, all served alongside toast and eggs, as well as coffee, tea, and juice.

The richly flavored lunch & dinner buffet offers a variety of local dishes, vegetable stews and curries, legumes and grains, as well as a choice of salads. The tasty home-made food is freshly prepared with local and mostly organic ingredients.

For Sundays, you have the choice between numerous restaurants and amazing health food places in downtown Ubud or around the ricefields.

Special food requirements such as vegan or gluten-free diet may be accommodated. If you have special dietary requirements, it's a good idea to communicate it beore making a reservation.

De volgende maaltijden zijn inclusief:

  • Ontbijt
  • Lunch
  • Avondeten

De volgende dieetwensen worden geserveerd/zijn mogelijk:

  • Vegetarisch
  • Veganistisch
Als je speciale dieetwensen hebt, is het een goed idee om dit alvast door te geven aan de organisator bij het maken van een reservering

Wat er te doen is

The following excursions and activities are available in the area:

  • Downhill biking nature tours
  • Exclusive swimming pools
  • Jungle hikes
  • Temple trips
  • Volcano sunrise trips

Interesting activities

Sundays are completely free, allowing for exciting day trips into the stunning tropical nature. It will be an amazing opportunity to be part of life in Bali. The great island of Bali offers a variety of breath-taking excursions. Bali is located just south of the equator, and is one of the 17000 islands of Indonesia. It features lush tropical vegetation, big volcano mountains, and countless beaches with big waves and coral reefs.

You can enjoy surfing in the famous waves of Bali. Other popular beach activities include stand-up paddling, snorkeling, diving, or just enjoying your free time in the sun. The nearby mountains invite for a sunrise volcano tour, hikes to paradise waterfalls, downhill biking, as well as visits to tropical jungle farms, producing cacao, vanilla, coffee, mangoes, and much more.

Ubud is famous for its artistic wood carving and stone work, featuring picturesque temples, art and fashion galleries, colorful markets and exclusive health food dining, as well as stylish spa resorts with tropical swimming pools to unwind. An all-time favorite is the downtown monkey forest with giant trees, temples, and countless free monkeys.


In Bali, you will have the best massage of your life. Please let YogaUnion team organize that for you, just ask.

On Sunday, you will have the possibility to explore the magic of Bali by visiting:

  • Taman Ayun royal temple
  • Ulun Danu Beratan lake & temple
  • Coffee plantation
  • Angseri natural hot spring
  • Jatilewih - the biggest rice terrace

In de prijs inbegrepen

  • Daily asana practice
  • 200 guided teaching hours with professional primary instructors
  • Learn the art of teaching and sequence structure
  • Learn yoga philosophy, breathing techniques and meditation.
  • Delve into the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems and their application to yoga
  • Certificate of completion
  • Manual of 400p, Textbook, YogaUnion fabric bag, and other printed course materials
  • 22 nights accommodation
  • 3 daily vegetarian meals, excluding Sundays


Recommended Airports

Arrival by car/taxi

Cars have to stop before the rice field path on the way to our premises, which is accessible by foot or scooter/motorcycle. If you have booked a taxi with us, the driver will help you with everything. That long rice field path/road is the main street in our area and all the student’s bungalows, our Shala and the restaurant are there. YogaUnion neighbourhood is peaceful and serene so a respectful attitude is asked of you.


  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 14% van de totale prijs.
  • Jouw aanbetaling wordt volledig terugbetaald als deze 60 dagen vóór de dag van aankomst wordt geannuleerd.
  • De rest van de betaling moet worden voldaan bij aankomst.

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Deel deze listing

Accommodaties & faciliteiten
Kwaliteit van de activiteiten
23 dagen / 22 nachten
vanaf --
  • January 12 - 3 February 2020
  • February 9 - 2 March 2020
  • May 3 - 25 May 2020
  • May 31 – June 22 2020
  • June 28 - 20 July 2020
  • August 2 - 24 August 2020
  • August 30 - 21 September 2020

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