Parahita Yoga Bali is a certified yoga school located in Bali with experienced yoga teachers and has produced many students registered internationally.

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Yenny Christine

Dada Vibrakarananda

Ni Komang Puspa

Yovia Jogia

Via Wijaya

Manohara Kru

Reviews (8)

Millene Nagaishi De Oliveira

from United States, March 2019

"Amazing experience"

I had a great time and experience with Parahita, everyone treats you like a family member!! The course was very good and what I like the most is that we get to learn about the Balinese culture! I highly recommend!

Karen Lucas

from United States, March 2019

"My third yoga 200 Hr program, this was by far the best!"

The instructors, staff, and owners did everything to try to fulfill everyone’s needs. They were all very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was extremely happy with every aspect of the program.

Sandra Sofia Martins Da Fonseca

from Netherlands, March 2019

"Thank you!"

Was really nice to come to know that part of the money i payed for the course is used for a foundation for disable people. In the future their goal is to run a foundation where everyone is included, live independent and feel usefull.

In also liked to experience the balinese culture with their rituals and traditions.

Jolita Aleknaviciute

from United States, March 2019

"My instructors name is Devi. Beautiful young soul"

Peaceful and quiet area , well organised meditation retreat, all staff were kind and would go an extra mile to help you. I'm more than thankful for all 🌷

Lina Radvilaite

from Lithuania, February 2019

"Life changing experience"

One of the main reasons why I highly value Parahita is because it's not a money driven school as most of businesses are in our days. People working and teaching there are genuinely caring and they actually invest the profit in the community growth, supporting the less fortunate. It's a very authentic experience. Apart that in one month I have learned so much and feel ready to share my knowledge with others. It was an intense practice everyday in a very supportive and loving environment.

Hanna Gramsbergen

from Indonesia, December 2018

"Can really recommend this YTT! "

The atmosphere was very welcoming and warm. After only a few days I felt at home!

Emily Mueller

from United States, November 2018

"Best experience of my LIFE! "

I loved the energy of the staff, the knowledge and wisdom of the Teachers and Founder of Parahita. They all genuinely care about the main goals and values of Yoga which is why I came to get Yoga certified in Bali, but they did even better than I imagined.

Anna Von Heyl

from Germany, February 2019


I loved our mantra, the intensity of the practice, the challenge, the kindness, the caring of the teachers and the stuff, the sustainability of the whole jouney, the content of the classes, the healing aspect and much more.

Testimonials (5)



I learned so much about myself and about life! Came closer to something which I can’t really describe. The staff and the teachers are so welcoming which makes the atmosphere warm and nice to be in. Just like family. Can’t wait to share the knowledge I learned on Bali to the rest of the world! Julian also says thank a lot! He loved it there as well.



I had one of the best times of my life doing the YYT with these kind and knowledgeable teachers. I did not only learn a looot about yoga, I got many questions I've always had answered and I learned so much about myself as well. I made friends for a lifetime and all students were always really supportive and sweet, we were like a family. I couldn't be more happy and satisfied with my experience and I am forever grateful for this time and all my learnings. Thank you so much Parahita team, you changed my life.

MaddyHK88 United Kingdom


I completed the 200 hours YTT in June with these teachers (or experts!) They were all so knowledgeable, passionate, kind and caring. I learned so much about yoga and myself. In our group we made strong bonds and shared a lot with each other. I think we all cried at some point but everyone was so supportive and kind! The course is hard work, long hours and requires dedication, but what you will gain from it will be unforgettable. I have great memories from this time. Looking forward to teaching yoga when I get home from my travels. Thank you so much!

Totally worth the money - do it!

Biba Le

Google reviews

One of the best desicions I made to come here.

Wonderful teachers and staff. They are all caring and try to give you the best time ever. I can really recommend the 200h ytt.

There are not as many students then in other courses.

Ashton L United Kingdom


One of the best things I've ever done for myself. The teachers were so knowledgeable and we had access to sone mind-blowing philosophy and practises. The fusion of learning about yoga and balinese culture was perfect. I learnt so much about myself and this experience really helped to heal and ground me.

The staff were awesome, caring and attentive and catered to our every need though the drivers need a little more training in their navigational and English skills.

The food was pretty epic. Super healthy and used all locally sourced ingredients. Fresh coconuts were a total treat.

I now teach 6 yoga classes a week and the qualification has opened so many doors for me. Thank you to all at parahita.