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Prana Casa offers different yoga retreat, yoga teacher training, and yoga and surf retreat programs for groups and individuals in Portugal.

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Really Good 8.3/10

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Dr. Venky Shivshakti

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Dr. Venky is an internationally acclaimed Indian yoga master. His teachings take a scientific approach to the understanding of yogic practices. Students are made aware of the scientific explanations for practices like kriyas, bandha, asana, pranayama, and meditation, and are thus better equipped to teach these practices in the secular setting of modern yoga centers and gyms. His scientific approach to yogic practices explains the benefits (which were once taught only through religious terms) in the context of yogic science.

Reviews 21

  • May Liss R Skjolaas Norway

    September 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    We loved our 8 days stay in casa Prana! Lots of love from Norway

  • Susanne Judd Great Britain

    July 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Great small group size. Great energy. Great teacher (Katia), amazing food, awesome massage (Evelyn), peace and tranquility. Lovely beaches. Great to have a dog rescue centre nearby to go and help walk the dogs.

    Thankfully I had hired a car to get to and from the airport. Without a car though the area would be a bit isolated if you wanted to explore.

  • Debbie Esien Great Britain

    June 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Yoga Practice

    Shared dormitory but I think that maybe due to age. At first a bit under pressure at the expectation I was expected to stay as a group of people as I wished for time on my own. I did explain this to the other guests and did have some time on my own.

  • Ana Reynolds Ireland

    June 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The accomodation is beautiful and Eve is a dedicated and very knowledgeable teacher.

    Not a negative but having your own transport is hugely beneficial to get to local beaches and to explore further field.

  • Anonymous

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    Evelin is amazing!

    There's a LOT of free time, be ready to hang out with yourself a lot of the time

  • Rosie Haughian Great Britain

    May 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    The yoga classes were excellent, the instructor was amazing. She was so knowledgeable in the area of yoga,which made it easier to learn so much. The location was beautiful,just the right environment for a yoga retreat.

    Nothing, all perfect.

  • Eva Leifland Rose Portugal

    April 2017, BookYogaTeacherTraining

    I liked everything.. It was very relaxed and chilled out. Perfect location, and loved the morning yoga. Eveline is a very good teacher.. Perfect host.


  • Lisa United Kingdom


    7 days relaxing in Prana Casa was my first solo travel and I was initially apprehensive but as soon as I arrived my worries dissipated.

    The yoga: daily at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Hatha yoga however there was variety between the classes so it wasn't repetitive. Due to the small class size each exercise was tailored and corrected for different levels. We also had the opportunity for a Meditation walk, a yoga nidra class and yoga on the beach. This left the rest of the day to do free to explore alone or with other guests.

    The people: Eveline was our yoga teacher and host who welcomed us into her home. She also arranged for us to do other activities eg dog walking, surfing etc. There were 3 other guests whilst we were all from the UK our experience ranged from beginner to yoga instructor. We were lucky enough to have Paresh visit; a Neuroscience lecturer, yogi and palm reader from India/Australia who gave a workshop on chakras which was interesting especially to those with limited holistic knowledge.

    The location: the villa we stayed in was homely with a swimming pool and sun loungers. However, in May it gets hot in the daytime but does get cold at night time - so don't forget a couple of jumpers. All the food is vegetarian, healthy but also plentiful although I did have a craving for chocolate when I went home! From here we could walk to the lake, to the cliffs or to the beach if you wanted a longer walk but everywhere was best accessible by car. Local transport around Aljezur is limited especially at the weekend - so definitely factor in the rest of your journey when booking flights.

    Extras: I went 'Adventure Horseback Riding' which was amazing. As an experienced rider I was a little skeptical as to what to expect however the route was fast paced and exciting with just me and the horse's owner. Galloping for miles across cliff tops in the most beautiful scenery was one of the highlights of my week.

  • Marta England


    I've had the most amazing time at Prana Casa in Aljezur, Portugal. The retreat was a proper treat to my body and mind. Delicious food prepared freshly every day. Great area with beautiful nature for walks and also big sandy beaches with gorgeous cliffs. Prana Casa offers wonderful break as it is in a lovely quiet area where there was time to be quiet if you wanted and socialize with other guests, too.

    Yoga sessions were twice a day morning and evening and Eveline treated us all according to our levels and also pushed us gently over our limits which was great.

    I would recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a break to relax, spend time with yourself, enjoy stunning nature, slow down and chill. I really enjoyed the meditation walk and all the other aspects of yoga philosophy.

    I would like to do it again. It was very hard to leave. Thank you once more for the unforgettable experience.

  • Kirsty United Kingdom


    I enjoyed my stay very much at Prana Casa; Eveline offers much inspiration to be a yogi on and off the mat and open doors to your own practice and your self after the retreat. I went for rest and recuperation and I certainly got that in the beautiful surroundings of the Western Algarve, the coastline is stunning. Eveline was very accommodating and helpful to anything that you may wish to do during the days as well. A lovely retreat that I would recommend to come home to yourself!

  • Nathalie France


    I had an amazing stay at Prana Casa. Eveline was the perfect host and yoga teacher. This retreat was exactly what I was looking for : rest, inspiration, beautiful area with wild nature and landscapes, delicious food, great yoga classes. The group was fantastic with a positive energy. I warmly recommend Prana Casa if you are living a stressful and busy life, it's the perfect place to re-focus on the essentials and "to find a balance between body and mind" as Eveline says :)

  • Lianne


    The week at Prana Casa was rejuvenating and inspiring in many ways. Eveline has an incredible amount of life wisdom and yoga knowledge to share and she is very passionate about teaching. The meals were healthy and delicious and a special way to connect with the group and get to know each other. I loved the meditation hike in the park, the sunset yoga and photo shoot, and the yoga nidra sessions. I will take so much away from this week and I am very grateful for that. Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us Eveline and for being such a great host :)

  • Mirjam Hodel Spain


    The 6 days relaxing yoga retreat was a wonderful way to recover energy before the busy pre Christmas season. Eveline was a wonderful teacher who shared her broad knowledge with much patience and dedication. We were a lovely group (only 5 participants!) and had a wonderful time. The food was excellent, too and the location was perfect to forget about your daily life.

  • Fiona Europe

    BookYogaRetreats website

    If you ever want a yoga retreat to recharge your batteries and concentrate on your own wellbeing; this the place to go. Eveline and Kranti provided an excellent balance of yoga theory, yummy food and yoga practice with an Indian influence. The location was stunning and i felt so at home during my stay. I feel i have returned home revitalised and ready to impart all the knowledge I've gained. Thank you both!

  • Judy Europe

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I recently had such a great week at Prana Casa Yoga Retreats. The yoga was wonderful and even though I hadn't practised it for a few years I was able to go at my own pace and Eve and Kranti were good enough teachers to take into account all our levels and were always helping us achieve our potential. I was also able to enjoy other aspects of yoga such as asanas, chanting etc. The group was small and everyone got along well. The whole week was easy going and relaxed and I came away feeling very relaxed and having enjoyed the whole experience and all the positive energy at Prana Casa.

  • Flavio Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Prana Casa is not what you expect. Just as its open environment and the nature surounding it, it wants to be discovered. I was introduced to various yoga and meditation techniques. My pace being somewhat slower than the Prana Casa one, I learned to set my own limits and yet achieved some outstanding things ie. my first head stand at 52.

  • Seda United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Eveline was a great host, yoga teacher, cook and a friend.. We have the privilege to stay in Aljezur,beautiful ocean coast in a lovely place Prana Casa. Wonderful time and beautiful memories..Thank you for everything Eveline.

  • Tatjana Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I got a good view into all the different aspects of Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama, Mantra chanting, Yoga Nidra, Meditation) which was interesting and exciting. I felt very balanced, relaxed and fit after the Yoga Retreat.Eveline is a really good teacher.She knows what she is talking about and is a good role model. She pushes you gently towards your goals. The house and bedrooms are clean and affectionately decorated. The food is very delicious, always freshly prepared and made with a lot of love.Thank you Eve for the wonderful time at Prana Casa!

Testimonials 39

  • Suzy Turner

    Prana Casa

    I was delighted to have the opportunity to be taught by Dr. Venky at Casa Prana in Vale da Telha, Portugal. With an ongoing spine problem myself, I knew I needed someone who specialised in the anatomical side of yoga. Someone with the skill and knowledge to teach me how to handle students with similar problems as mine.

    I didn't just want to learn how to practise yoga postures, I wanted to develop an in-depth knowledge of how yoga can improve people's lives.

    During our 30 day TTC, Dr. Venky was such a pleasure to be around. Although serious when he needed to be, his sense of humour and depth of character was certainly an added bonus. I really feel like I learned a massive amount (I'm still digesting it all!) and don't know anyone else who could have taught the way he did.

    I received a very warm welcome into Casa Prana on my arrival and felt like I was home away from home the whole month during the course. Not only is it located in the perfect spot for utter peace, it's also not far from some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. I would definitely recommend it!

  • Kayla McCormack

    Prana Casa

    I Had an amazing time! Eveline is a great teacher and cook! I went on a retreat that didn't include surfing lessons but ended up paying for my own with another girl on retreat. It was lot of fun and I felt like I had loads of free time to read and enjoy the surroundings. Eveline was always trying to help us understand our own bodies and grow! I highly recommend renting a car or being sure to buddy up with someone else who is. Overall an amazing retreat and that I will definitely do again soon!

  • Pauline Vionnet

    Prana Casa Facebook website page

    Thank you so much Evelyn, Louise and Magi! I had an amazing time at Prana Casa last month and highly recommend anyone to stay with you. The yoga was really good, the food so delicious and you are great people to be around, inspiring and fun :) A big thank you, keep going and see you soon!

  • Eve

    Prana Casa website

    Liege Eveline, thank you so much for providing a home away from home and for making us feel welcome in Prana Casa. I gained so much from this week and truly hope that the “Prana Casa Spirit” stays with me. Also the food, with its cooks Yvonne and Lena was amazing. Somebody must have sent them your way!

  • Silvies

    Prana Casa website

    Dear Eveline, you tought us a new way of living…what now?!? How are we supposed to go back to the old way…to our busy life?! I will try to hold on to my dream…make little steps towards it everyday and may be one day it will home true. Thanks for the great week, so many people, different ages, different backgrounds…one family!

  • Marta Poland

    Prana Casa website

    Thank you for letting us into your house, we have had the most amazing time ever. We have learnt a lot about yoga and also about ourselves. Eveline is such an inspiring person and we felt really welcome here. Thank you for opening all the opportunities to us and sharing your story. All the best with your new house and any future adventures. Hope to see you soon!

  • Iris Germany

    Prana Casa website

    Dear Eveline, thank you so much for a week full of great food, beautiful yoga, and a lot of inspiration!

  • Anja Germany

    Prana Casa website

    Dear Eveline, we went through lot of rain together and guest what…. IT WAS GREAT! Thank you soooo much for a eekker time!

  • Rich

    Prana Casa website

    Dear Eveline, we got so much from this week. Thank you for making us feel at peace and much better yogis!

  • Kirsty

    Prana Casa website

    Dear Eveline, thank you very much for your guidance, teaching and shared love! Beautiful setting for some beautiful yoga. I think I will keep in mind practicing yoga off the mat too.

  • Debby

    Prana Casa website

    Eve, thank you so much for creating this retreat for us. Your respect for this lifestyle and for other people is exemplary. I hope to continue with the things I’ve learned this week on the rest of my journey.

  • Chloe

    Prana Casa website

    Eveline, your light, confidence in life, and wisdom inspired me through out the entire week. Thank you so much for opening your home to the unknown and giving us this opportunity to grow as individuals, but to also make amazing friends and life long memories. Keep doing what you are doing and sharing your gift. I had such an amazing time exploring this little corner of paradise in the world, and the deep corners of my heart. With much love, hugs, and gratitude!

  • Anna Maria Hesse United Kingdom

    Prana Casa website

    Thanks, and hopefully I will be back for another treat one day!''

  • Eva Germany

    Prana Casa website

    Really recommending a stay with Prana Casa! Eve is a truly passionate teacher, with lots of experience and her soothing voice made me never wanting to end the meditation. She gave everybody personal attention and knows how to make you feel at home. The food was every day freshly made with lots of love and creativity and the area is just amazing! I will definitely come back! Dear Eve, thank you so much for your hospitality!

  • Arjen Netherlands

    Prana Casa website

    Hi Eveline, just a short note to (once again) tell you how much I liked the relaxing yoga break at your place back in November. The two yoga sessions in the morning and evening sun every day, extras like the yoga nidra and the meditation walk, talks with you about yoga all together made a superb yoga experience. The beautiful location (perfect for a little mountain biking), the perfect weather, the nice room and pleasant house, the healthy and tasty food and the great hospitality made it really special. Hope to see you again and lots of luck with your retreats, Love,

  • Anja, Yvonne, Marianne Netherlands

    Prana Casa website

    What an experience to be in such a beautiful place in nature for a yoga retreat, after 6 days we felt like a different person. We got wonderful yoga classes, with a lot of love and personal attention. It was nice to see how with different levels in one class everyone felt at ease and comfortable. The weather was beautiful and the ocean and beaches close by. The peaceful location of the house with big garden and swimming pool was just great! Everyday we had delicious healthy and fresh food, lots of time to explore the beautiful environment, we were all rejuvenated and so happy! Dear Eve, thank you so much for sharing your love, passion and knowledge, it did us really well. We still think back a lot of this week and will come back for sure!

  • Cassandra United Kingdom

    Prana Casa website

    A huge thank you to both Eveline and Kranti for hosting a wonderful, relaxing and revitalising week full of yoga practice, yoga theory, beautiful food, great accommodation, inspiring people and magical surroundings! I felt completely at ease here and both challenged and nurtured in my yoga practice - I warmly recommend Prana Casa to others and hope to return there myself in the not so distant future. Namaste :)

  • Rina Rosalina Indah Asia

    Prana Casa website

    I learnt a lot from YTTC 2014 specially about anatomy system, muscle name, that I never know before. Here I learnt how to do proper breathing, do proper asana in the safe way and also about yoga's history. The class was quite tough but it was fun especially when we "act" like a teacher n conduct the class. From this course it helps me to build my confident, trained my flexibility, balance and made me focus. Dr.Venky is the most amazing teacher that i ever met. I am so glad to have him as my teacher. I highly recommended him as a teacher for those who want to deepen their yoga knowledge.

  • Lin Weidong Asia

    Prana Casa website

    I started my yoga practice with Dr. Venky and when he left Singapore to open his ashram in India, I was distraught and also at a loss as I could not find other teachers that matched his patience, technique, detail to instructions and attention to our body's unique architecture and condition. When he decided to open the Yoga Teacher Training Course, I decided to take it up almost immediately as I wanted to learn under the supervision of the right teacher.The course was enlightening, as we learnt not only about our bodies and its constructs, but more importantly, the balance of mind, body, and soul. The philosophy of yoga is expansive and beyond just learning complicated and advanced postures. While we are taught the proper techniques that are best aligned for our bodies, we are also imparted knowledge about our bodies' systems, yoga philosophy from the ancient texts to the modern guru.It was an unforgettably enriching and immensely rejuvenating course. If you want to learn yoga as it should be - Dr. Venky's Shivashakti Institute is the place to do it.

  • Benny Li Asia

    Prana Casa website

    In this YTTC course, Venky has taught us the importance of doing yoga poses correctly and safely, as well as to teach others to do so by giving alternative options to the final yoga poses".

  • Melvyn Goh Asia

    Prana Casa website

    I did a Diploma Yoga course conducted by Venky in 2007. I must say his course covers all aspects of yoga both internally and externally on a person. Venky touches on the different postures that were tested in real life in research centers in India, every detail of the results are recorded in terms of the benefits and the way it affects the body. He will elaborate in details how the mechanism in our body reacts when one is performing on a particular posture. Unlike most Yoga teachers tend to use sweeping statements like going a particular posture can eliminate all diseases.Techniques were introduced in the course on how a posture can be done during practical time. Other than learning postures, he also touches on diets - how different types of food are broken down internally and how it will affect the wellness of a person. I felt that he has given overall aspects of how a human body works at rest and when practicing yoga, and how yoga can improve oneself mentally and physically. Most important is you will learn the logic behind each technique and your ability to understand and explain to others that will set you differently from the rest of the teachers. I've attended different yoga courses from different institutions and Venky's course is by far the most informative and teaches instructors how to teach a class efficiently. I will highly recommend Venky's Yoga Teacher Training Course to anyone who wants to become a successful Yoga teacher".

  • Saniya Saninha Asia

    Prana Casa website

    YTTC with Dr.Venky changed my life. Now i am a full time yoga and pilates instructor but it is always a special treat to attend his yoga classes. The course has broadened my human anatomy and physiology knowledge. During the training students not only learn the theory, postures and anatomy but also practice teaching, so it has easy for me to embark on this amazing yoga teacher journey after I completed the course. Dr.Venky has very unique teaching style. He emphasizes safe and injury free yoga practice. Till this day we always keep in touch and become good friends.

  • Eun Hee Asia

    Prana Casa website

    I chose yoga in the hope of doing something good for my exhausted body at 2011. The very moment i entered yoga class, I knew that I was strongly plunged into the sea of yoga, and amazed by the fact, how yoga works deeply through my daily life, and as time goes on, my enthusiasm urged me to sign up YTTC. It was a bold decision as I was merely attending yoga class less than one year, however, I couldn't help but wanted to know more of yoga, posture, theory, and physiology effects which have been a great experience to discover my own body, and shed me some light over the physical challenges and while correcting my position. By experience I strongly recommend this course for those who not only want to be a teacher for others but also who wants to learn about alignment and how correct posture plays a role on your body and furthermore, sooner or later, you will find yourself re-directing towards positive attitude. Enjoy it.

  • Yasmine Kiyama Asia

    Prana Casa website

    I entered into the Yoga Teacher Training, primarily to deepen my own practice and gain more knowledge in yoga, unsure if I truly wanted to take on teaching. After the yoga training with Dr Venky, I felt truly transformed by what practicing and teaching yoga can do for me and how powerful it is to share this experience with others. I grew and gained so much knowledge about yoga and about myself. The relationships I formed, the knowledge I gained, and the peace and love I experienced completely rearranged my heart and mind. Dr Venky combined honest interactions, authentic instruction and a safe as well as challenging environment in which to learn. The entire experience taught me the true practice of learning, teaching and leading with your heart. Thank you Dr Venky for sharing your knowledge.

  • Maria Kinderman Asia

    Prana Casa website

    Four fast paced wonderful weeks at Dr. Venky's Yttc (yoga teacher training course). It was truly an experience, not only did I learn the correct way of doing the poses; it deepened my understanding of Asanas theoretically and practically. Dr. Venky's compassionate and always approachable attitude along with his extensive knowledge dedication and support all enhanced my experience at his YTTC. After completing the course I gained a sense of confidence, accomplishment and with proper tools to start my journey on to teaching. I would recommend Dr. Venky's YTTC to all who want more than a teacher training course.

  • Mariana Portugal

    Prana Casa website

    I love Prana Casa and i love Eveline! She does a great job running This place and at soon you Will take her class, you Will see why! She always welcomes me with a smile ,and then is me that ends up leaving the class with a smile on my face! The house is just beautiful ,clean and serene. Great energy and a fantastic place to unwind and find Out Ur zen!

  • Miranda Netherlands

    Prana Casa website

    With Eve you have a dedicated, professional yoga teacher who knows what the lifestyle is all about because she lives it and has been living it for years now. I learned so much from her about healthy food, mental and psychical strength through yoga. On top of that she's a great person to be around, entertaining, caring and with love for everyone around her.

  • Claire Netherlands

    Prana Casa website

    I really like her yoga lessons, because off the way she communicate.. Her Voice is Nice en relaxing to listen to. She Challenges you in good way an gives you lots off confidence.. To bring to THE next level!! I liked it really much.

  • Christopher Denmark

    Prana Casa website

    The 8 days Surf & Yoga Retreat at Prana Casa in beautiful Portugal was a supercool experience all over topped with good, loving, friendly vibes, great surf and yoga classes with lots of insight, physical and mental challenges at its best. Eveline is a true host and a true skilled teacher full of vibrating good loving energy and Prana Casa is her lovely guesthouse with everything you need to experience compassion, growth and feel very home and welcome at all times. Everything was very well organized from start to end and combined with healthy, homemade delicious food served daily, its was much better than staying at a hotel or hostel. This package gives you everything to experience yourself in a fun and healthy environment with a lot of time on the beach in the sun, great physical activity and deep relaxation and yoga practices. Start making your push-ups and get ready to fill yourself with great new energy with this course. I can truly recommend it to anyone who loves nature, sport activities, Yoga and great people

  • Annie Czechia

    Prana Casa website

    Cant wait to visit Eveline at her "new home" in Portugal. We met at Sri Lanka l2013 and she gave me some yoga classes directly on the beach. Actually with her i forgot some of my fears and was able to try to do first steps to head stands. I like her calm mind and on the other hand enthusiastic spirit that can make people better. Wish you all the best and hopefully will visit you soon in Prana Casa Yoga Retreats with my friends! Big hug from Prague!

  • Ann Canada

    Prana Casa website

    I first met Eveline when I participated in a workshop she was hosting at Boa Vida Social Club in Portugal. I really like her style and appreciate when a teacher spends time discussing alignment, and the reasons behind why we do certain sequences of poses. Evelyn not only gives great physical cues, but also brings attention to breath. I liked it so much, I hired her for private lessons afterwards. Highly recommended!

  • Lee Netherlands

    Prana Casa website

    The retreat surpassed my expectations. New Asanas learned, gained new insights. Meanwhile be well pampered with delicious, healthy food, nice conversations with a fine group. Eveline is committed to make you feel at home.. Total laidback back home. The setting was beautiful! With a rental car visited several villages and vast beaches. Also a ride of 2 hours on a horse made which again was very very nice and fun! In short, you want to return again. Namaste!

  • Laura Netherlands

    Prana Casa website

    This week gave me so much strength and energy, I would recommend this yoga retreat to everybody who wants to achieve this. I learned all about different styles of yoga, had very good and healthy food, stayed in a beautiful house with a nice garden and pool, experienced surfing and horse back riding and found my soul back! Beside the strength and energy, I had a very good time meeting special people and be surrounded with much happiness. Eve, you are the best teacher I ever met. Thanks for this experience, I definitely come back.

  • Svenja Germany

    Prana Casa website

    We had an amazing time with lots of relaxing and challenging yoga sessions balancing our mind & body, fun times & nice surprises, delicious food and by discovering the beautiful nature in the Western Algarve. Thank you Eveline for sharing your knowledge, your loving, positive energy and your lifestyle with us and being such a perfect host and friend! It made our stay at Prana Casa very special and inspiring! I cannot wait to get back:) Highly recommended for anybody who wishes to have a inspiring, relaxing, centering experience with great people in a lovely surrounding.

  • Camilla Sweden

    Prana Casa website

    I stayed for a week at prana casa surf and yoga retreat. It was amazing. Eveline was a fantastic host and the girl can cook! I'm not normally a vegetarian, but all the meals were delicious. The yoga sessions were great, and Eveline was always making sure that we did everything right and challenging us. Combined with all the surfing it really was a perfect week for me! I will highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a different vacation filled with good healthy food and activities.

  • Tanja Germany

    Prana Casa website

    Dear Eveline, thank you so much for a wonderful retreat! You have been an amazing teacher and I really had the best time. The daily yoga sessions on the deck have been so enriching, not to forget about the lovely food you prepared each day for us Lots of love and light to you!

  • Lorena Spain

    Prana Casa website

    I've met Evelin by chance at Good Feeling Hostel (Algarve, Portugal) a wonderful hostel full of good vibrations and good feeling as its name indicates. I saw her first eating a bowl of quinoa, with a big smile on her face, and then I heard she was the yoga teacher who normally came to the hostel to give some yoga classes with the hostel's guests. "Of course" -I thought.- She must be a yogi!I started to practice yoga a while before that summer, and not usually, but discovering yoga was a definitely a change on my life, finding what feels good with your body and your soul, with all that positivity that yoga gives you, was what I needed.So, coming back to Portugal, I was on a crazy/low-cost trip with my best friend. So paying for yoga classes, was not planned on my summer budget. But since I tried the first lesson with Eve, I knew that the rest of the money that I had in that moment, will be spent on surf lessons with the instructors of the Good Feeling hostel and yoga lessons with Evelin, no doubts.I learnt with Eve the magic part of Yoga, the good part, the good feeling (paradoxically at Good Feeling Hostel) that keeps you away from the world, from the problems, from the wind and cold weather, during one hour.When you practice yoga, you learn from yourself, from your body and mind reactions, limits, feelings, etc., but the instructor is a very important factor on it, and in this case Eve, transmits such a good vibrations, self confidence in her work, and in the knowledge that she had acquired around the world, specially in India, that you just want to continue learning with her. She knows what you need in every moment, she knows what you could do depending on your circumstances, and if you have special physical needs, she is a good massagist I heard!Discovering the great world of Yoga, by the hand of such a good instructor, just gives you the boost and energy tHi Everlyn! Here's my review If you want to change anything, please do. And/or if you have comments, let me know.I first met Evelyn when I participated in a workshop she was hosting at Boa Vida Social Club. I really like her style and appreciate when a teacher spends time discussing alignment, and the reasons behind why we do certain sequences of poses. Evelyn not only gives great physical cues, but also brings attention to breath. I liked it so much, I hired her for private lessons afterwards. Highly recommended!o keep practicing and learning, and I am just looking forward to come back to Portugal, to keep learning on surfing and doing yoga with Eve.

  • Katherine Kee Asia

    Prana Casa website

    Dr Venky's YTTC is very informative and I feel that I have learnt so much about our body's structure and systems, and how yoga can be incorporated into our daily lives to improve our mind and body's well-being. I like that the course is scientifically-based, with some theories of spirituality weaved in. Practicing yoga during YTTC has also taught me a lot about practicing the right/ most beneficial way, and it's not so much attaining the final posture, but it's also about the process of attaining the correct final posture. Dr Venky is extremely knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and is a very professional teacher. I feel empowered to share my knowledge now, thanks to Dr Venky. Highly recommended course for everyone.

  • June Heng Asia

    Prana Casa website

    Dr. Venky's 200-hour YTTC is everything I had hoped for to prepare me for my dream of becoming a yoga instructor. From the very first day, we were asked to prepare simple poses to instruct our fellow course mates on a daily basis! It was very nerve wrecking but it was also very important to start building up our confidence right from the start. By the end of the course, I have stopped stuttering due to stage fright and can safely say I am quite comfortable standing in front of a class. Dr. Venky showed us that it is through constant practice that we can and will improve in time. His focus on the relationship between yoga and the physiology of human is exactly what I wanted to know more about in my own practice. For example, I had very little knowledge on how important Pranayama is in the practice of yoga and how beneficial it is to us before I started this training.Through the teachings in the course, I learned the proper techniques and gained knowledge on its uses and benefits which I will advocate in my own practice. His teaching methods are also based strongly on safe practice, and imparts knowledge on how best to avoid injuries by avoiding too 'creative' transitions or variations of traditional poses which we witness a lot these days. Dr. Venky is always encouraging and open to any questions that we might have. It has been a pleasure and privilege being his student and I truly hope to learn again from him in the future.

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