Retreats2Go is a team of wellness leaders who are passionate about sharing their gifts, offering workshops, and teacher training at the beach and their studio.

Reviews (5)

Veronica Acuna

from United States, October 2021

"Life changing experience"

The teachers are amazing! They have a lot of experience and knowledge

The group was amazing, I loved meeting people from different places!

I enjoyed taking different styles of yoga

Everything was very well planned

Strongly recommend it!!!

Sharon Greene

from United States, October 2021

"Wow, what a wonderful program. Great location and extras!"

I loved the opportunity to be exposed to so many classes. We had aerial, wall, beach yoga and Pilates, kundalini, dance, and more!

I loved the location and the love and generosity of the instructors! The food was also awesome!


from United States, February 2020

"Genuine, talented, teachers in a beautiful environment"

The backdrop of Mission Beach us idyllic, but it was the supportive and nurturing mental environment that was invaluable. The teachers fostered an open and welcoming environment that led to a lot of vulnerability and growth very quickly. Bekah is a very talented and experienced yoga teacher who makes everyone feel seen. The knowledge and work put towards the materials was evident straightaway. The support and tools given towards our learning were well thought out and the atmosphere amongst all the students was beautiful.