Rise & Shine Yoga offers yoga retreats, teacher training, and deeply transformative immersions in Vinyasa Flow, Yin (Yang) yoga, and breath and energy work.

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Kata van Doesselaar

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Jessica Smolak

from Germany, May 2022

"Breathtaking, mindopening & magical experience"

This was my first “official” experience I did with a Yoga Teacher Training, and it was more than this. The unique combination of Katas work where she connects the Yin philosophy and poses with the 5 elements was just mind-blowing. I discovered so much about myself, and of course, this was “only” dipping in the topic, but I already learned so much about my inner universe and will continue educating myself about that.

We had a group of wonderful like-minded people from all over the world, an excellent chief who blessed us with her vegan food and a breathtaking villa, where we lived. Our adorable teacher Kata with her husband were a blessing for all of us, and they created a safe space where we could be together learning, meditating, crying and laughing.

I'm aware that everything happens for a reason, and I will continue my Yoga journey with Kata. Already planned the next 2 Trainings with her :)

With this Yin Yoga Teacher Training, I found something I wasn't even looking for <3

Anna Welke

from Germany, May 2022

"Blissful Teacher Training!"

Not only were the setting in a beautiful villa in Ibiza, close to the beach, and the food amazing, but Kata is such a knowledgable and positively charged teacher that I enjoyed this TTC so much!!

Highly recommend if you want to learn about Yin Yoga, even if it's just for yourself!

We were a wonderful group and all had such a great time. It was hard to leave...

Thank you again Kata & Erno!

Maloe Jansen

from Netherlands, March 2022

"A lovely and very inspirational week"

This was an amazing week that I will never forget. I loved the accommodation, the classes, the walk, the activities, the food!

A perfect break from the ‘normal life’, that I wish to implement to the day to day business.

Not only learned about yin yoga, but also about many other things. Got a chance to connect with like minded people and with my true self.

Thank you, Kata!

Julie Fay

from United States, October 2021

"Awesome yin"

I very well laid out program, well organized and a great experience. Kata and Erno were great facilitators and welcoming hosts.

Christina West

from Great Britain, November 2020

"Absolutely fantastic "

The experience was so amazing

The food was so so delicious with friendly vegan chef Davidi.

Kata and Erno are a great team, they really make you feel welcome and the dedication of Kata’s teaching is phenomenal.

This was both a challenging and beautiful experience


from Great Britain, January 2020

"Enriching experience with wonderful teachers! "

The food was amazing, the location was perfect and the teachers were attentive. The course structure was great, though a couple of the elements felt a little rushed. However, great knowledge of yoga and a perfect introduction to yin yoga. A truly wonderful experience and highly recommend for anyone looking to take time a little for themselves and gain a deeper insight into yin yoga. Thank you to Kata and Erno! 😊🙏🏼


from Great Britain, September 2019

"Beautiful food & teaching "

The food was exceptional - Italian chef cooking beautiful vegan friendly meals. The teaching was creative & interesting with Kata being very passionate. Beautiful!


from Portugal, September 2019

"Great Yin yoga course"

I enjoyed the Yin yoga teacher training very much and could not recommend it more. Kata is very knowledgable and is a wonderful teacher, very attentive and understanding. Yoganidra guided by Erno was so relaxing as well. Gained a lot of knowledge and self confidence in a very welcoming environment. The food is divine and the sunset and sunrise meditations were out of this world. Big thank you for the organizers!


from Great Britain, August 2019

"Inspirational surroundings"

Lovely people who I met on the course some already teaching and others like me at the beginning of the process. The course was accessible to all.

Professional but approachable instructors, the daily routine was good, Kata & Erno also gave us an opportunity to visit the Hippy Market and they also organised a paddleboarding trip one evening with a picnic on the other side of the island all included in the price. This for me was the highlight of the trip. I learnt such a lot about Chinese meridians it was fascinating and I have even started some acupuncture treatment since returning to the UK as my mind has been opened to these possibilities.

Bunty Martin

from Spain, July 2019

"Yin Yoga TT Ibiza"

The Yin yoga teacher training was a wonderful experience from start to finish.The teaching was above any expectation and both Kata & Erno, share from their hearts their knowledge & passion for yoga. Kata has an easy way of conveying her teachings with lovely stories, told with compassion and simplicity. Her enthusiasm and support make it an easy way to understand the essence of the training in all its' forms. The practical sessions were creative, engaging and completely transformed my yin practice. I had never experienced Yoga Nidra before and Erno provided a wonderful first time experience. His soothing voice during our meditation sessions was also amazing.

Beyond the training, the location was second to none. A beautiful quiet part of Ibiza, a secluded villa and a beach only 5 mins walk, was the most idyllic setting for this course. The villa was beautiful, clean and there was plenty of space to find your own quiet time when needed. The vegan food was exceptional and always more than enough. Breakfast was bountiful and always happily received after an early morning session with Kata.

All in all a wonderful experience, shared with a wonderful group of likeminded souls. If you are considering this course, this is the place to do it!


from Singapore, July 2019

Peaceful surroundings.

Amazing food.

A good balance of free time, lectures, asana practice.

Informative lectures delivered in a way that made sense and can be applied to my own yoga practice.

Friendly and approachable instructors.

Walking distance to a nice area of beach.

The sound of nature during the asana practice and meditations.

Meditation by the sea one morning was a lovely experience.

Picnic and paddle boarding at the end of the week was great.

Overall impression would be 4.5 stars but I don’t know how to change this on the score shown.

Andrew Wells

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Yin Teacher Training - May 2019"

In summary, this was a magical experience. Kata and Erno are kind, compassionate and patient teachers who welcomed us with open arms and hearts. Within only one week our group started out as strangers from the US, UK and Europe, but quickly became a kind of family. Through the yin yoga, I learned to be more connected and compassionate to myself. It's a special practice, that needs to be shared as so many people are suffering and they need the stillness and space that yin can create. The location was great too, peaceful, sunny, near the sea and surrounded by nature and woods too making it a perfect place to learn about the 5-elements. The food was delicious too; organic, vegan and gluten free which nourished us through the week. I would recommend anyone to go to one of their courses or retreats.

Heidi Presterud Wiese

from Norway, June 2019

"Heart felt space "

Kata and Ernobare authentic People that share form their Heart and create a safe and open space of non judgement.

The location was also peacefull and beautiful not far from the Beach. I can recomend this from mye heart❤️😊.

Lucie Podlucka

from Czechia, May 2019

"Perfect Yin yoga experience"

I really like the way Kata teaches. All subject was explain perfectly. Also the place is quiet, very inspirative, let me focus on all very well.

Stefania Cataldo

from Italy, April 2019

"Inspirational journey into yin yoga"

The Yin yoga teacher training was a transformative and highly inspirational journey. Since the very beginning I felt welcomed in a warm embracing yin space were I could learn the basics of yin yoga practice (lessons cover Chinese traditional medicine, yin poses, sequencing, mindfulness and meditation) guided by Kata who is a really skillful experienced teacher. This journey went far beyond yoga allowing me to reconnect with my true self! Delicious food (special detox edition was an added value), wonderful location (5’ minutes walking to Cala Nova) and, last but not least, the energy of a group of fantastic women! I’ll always be grateful to Kata and Erno for this experience!

Sarah Dean

from Great Britain, December 2018

"Wonderful and friendly, really pleased I chose this one"

Kata and Erno are both beautiful souls and very knowledgeable, as always with these things, it is the people that makes it and it was an absolute pleasure to meet them and their family. Their dog Raja is literally amazing!!!

Kata is a wonderful teacher and she structured the course very well. She also created a very safe space for us. Erno's sessions on yoga nidra were wonderful and we all really benefited from them personally, as well as learning from him.

The location was just perfect and the food was INCREDIBLE.

Avi A

from Israel, December 2018

"Yin takes you In..."

What nice about Yin yoga practice is that even if you're not in your best shape, the way Yin yoga is practiced, with a focused mind and long staying in the poses, quite fast takes you both to a very calm state of mind and a relaxing body allowing you to get elastic very fast. You are not spending time on postures you will probably never use your self or won't feel it is safe enough to teach other. Kata is a great experienced teacher and full with esoteric knowledge. Within a very short time me and all other students felt we are able to start our journey as teachers adding real value to our future pupils... The location is awesome with a great beach nearby, lovely sleeping and practice rooms. The Chef we got, cooking amazing vegan food is a treasure by her self... every meal was a delicious surprise...We were a small group of people coming from all over Europe which was a great experience by it self.

Jonquille Chantrey

from Spain, November 2018

"Magical experience "

From the opening to the closing circle the whole period was amazing. An educational experience around yin, emotion & how we manifest those into physical illness. The food was outstanding. Favourite moments were sunrise practice, full moon ceremony & Es Vedra. With much gratitude to Kata & Erno for their beautiful energy & guidance.

Suzanne Arnaboldi

from United States, October 2018

"Most relaxing and inspiring"

I could shortly say I loved everything. Kata and Erno are excellent instructors, but what I mostly liked about them was their desire to be as helpful, gentle, precise as possible. The teaching was above any expectation, Kata has a wonderful capacity to share her huge knowledge with simplicity, kindness and enthusiasm. She's not the kind of instructor looking 'down' to the students, she's always ready to take suggestions and ideas from them and melt the ideas of the group with hers. She is very open and humble, willing to give as much as she can to the group during the week. The material she gives for the Teacher Training is also excellent, written in a clear way and easily understandable for anyone. The amount of information she's able to transmit in these few days is just amazing, it seems the day has more hours than usual. I also really liked the way Erno teached the breathing techniques. Here again, it's not only the content but, like Kata, he's teaching like he is in life, and that's what I mostly likes maybe. Both of them teach from their hearts and you can feel a long background of experiences and teachings from their life that brought them to share their passion with heart and intelligence. They are helpful in avery way, will organize anything you need....Now just some few words for the rest...the food is amazing as well, eating vegan for one week holds the practice to the top. And it is sooooo good! I'd continue, but no space anymore, just go for it you will love!

Claudia Bayr-nobel

from United States, September 2018

"Yin Yoga in Paradise"

I liked the romantic hide-away location of the rustic and comfortable villa surrounded by lush vegetation on this tropical island with its palm trees and banana plants surrounding the swimming pool. I liked Kata's relaxed ( yin ) yoga approach setting the tone for deep learning, sharing and personal transformation. I appreciated the time of silence in the mornings. I loved the food! Kata is an experienced yin instructor, yet also added her own personal touch along with her husband Erno with music, chants and Nidra yoga.

I. Murphy Pranlas-descours

from France, August 2018

"Blissful and Energizing"

I loved the energy they created through the yin yoga and meditation. It allowed for all the egos that often show up in exercise facilities to be set aside. Everyone was lovely and participated, learned, were engaged.

Pamela Galbraith

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Yin Yoga Teacher Training "

Everything! The location and house were perfect and the food was simply amazing! Both Kata and Erno went out of their way to make the whole experience as relaxed as possible and shuttled us around during breaks into Santa Eulalia if we wanted. It was wonderful to learn so much from them both and in such a calm manner. We were quite a small group which made this week very intimate and even more special. I will definitely be returning and soon! Thank you so much.

Kaz Embleton

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Loved it!"

The Yin course was absolutely fantastic, very well delivered.

Kata & Erno were fantastic , really looked after all our needs , amazing instructors.

The location was beautiful and the food was exceptional.

I am excited and looking forward returning to do the Yang module.

Thank you so much Kata & Erno x

Caroline Dadd

from Great Britain, June 2018

"The best teacher training in the world !"

What I have learned during this teacher training is priceless . The dedication and energy of our teachers was phenomenal . It is like the other part of the jigsaw in yoga. Bringing more softness and care to the practice . The location was stunning with regular visits to the beach. Although the pool location was stunning .Im booking again to do the next module in March .

Dorota Stoinska

from Switzerland, May 2018

"Interesting content, great people, experienced teacher"

The location and the venue of the was very appropriate for the training,Well balanced theory/workshop, yin yoga practice and leissure time. Excellent food prepared with love by amazing cook.

Lorenzo Giublesi

from Spain, February 2018

"Knowledge and focus "

I really like the classes morning sessions. Meditations and common conversations all together about our experiences and ideas. Food was sooo yummy !!

Gill Wright

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Perfect Yin yoga week"

Everything! It was a beautiful week of Yin Yoga.

Kata is so inspirational and knowledgeable.

Everything was well organised.

The food was amazing.

Everyone was lovely .

It was a memorable experience which has given me so much to take forward in my journey of exploration of Yin Yoga and so much more.

Thank you Kata and Erno.

I hope to see you again soon for more Yin.

Heidi Kilen

from Norway, January 2018

Kata is a very good teatcher. Beauteful and educational days. Recommended:)

Cory Sydee

from Great Britain, January 2018

Amazing food. Course content very good and teaching amazing. Very welcoming. The villa was comfortable in beautiful surroundings. There were a couple of excursions outside of the villa which was nice to be able to see some of the island.

Caroline Shafiya Yao

from Spain, January 2018

"A healing journey to myself"

Kata and Erno created a beautiful space to learn about YIN Yoga. To me everything was perfect and complete, I loved the oneness of rituals and teachings, sharings as a group and finding the inner balance also with many personal insights. I learned a lot and also feel being empowered to offer my own YIN classes now. It was an amazing inner journey. Thank you so much!!

Angela Thomas

from China, December 2017

"Short but sweet"

Having attended the Yin Yoga teacher training in December 2017 I found that the venue was far better than I imagined it would be and I felt very lucky to be part of such a special group of people. The training was thoughtfully planned and some sessions were also practiced in interesting beautiful locations, including an open cave and during sunset and sunrise.

Erno and Kata worked well together to create a safe friendly environment where we could relax and learn the different facets of Yin yoga.

Diana created healthy meals every day with vegan and vegetarian options and was very mindful of my food allergies. Breakfast was also delicious and thoughtfully prepared by Maiika.

Kathy Celis

from Belgium, December 2017

Zeer warme mensen, met een grote kennis voor hun vak !

Daisy Dirickx

from Belgium, December 2017

First of all, a big shout out to Kata and Erno for creating such a loving environment for us to learn and grow in. Thank you for the beautiful, gentle, soft and nurturing atmosphere. I loved both your energies. I am truly grateful for what I learned and for how you took care of us as a group and as individuals. In the beginning, the training felt more like a retreat than like a proper teacher training (although, by the end of the week that changed a bit ;)), but in hindsight I realise that was exactly what I needed.

Secondly, the food was AMAZING. It was so good I had to tell our cook Diana about it every single meal. Every day, she made us delicious, wholefood vegan dishes with awesome homemade desserts. Yum yum yum!

Third, the location was great too. The training was during winter in Ibiza, so it wasn't super hot and we didn't spend our afternoons at the beach, but I had nice walks in the area and enjoyed every bit of sun and fresh air I could get. Ibiza for sure has a lovely vibe going on, and I'm thankful to have enjoyed all its elements.

Thank you again for a beautiful, healing and nurturing week. I will never forget it, and hope to see you again for another training.

Much love


Bianca Wooldridge

from Spain, December 2017

"Amazing YTT and grounding experience"

The training, the location and the house was really beautiful. The food was incredible vegan cuisine/ very impressive! The group of people attracted to this training as well made it an unforgettable experience. Kata and Erno are wonderful human beings. They put themselves personally into the training, and it really feels authentic and much more special than I would have ever expected from a YTT.

Hilde Vanden Eynde

from Belgium, November 2017

"Great learning experience!"

- the training itself, which is to me most important, and this was very good!

- the food, delicious!

- Kata and Erno did their best to meet everyone's needs, even willing to drive people around to Santa Eularia, beach, or hippy market during free time.

Thank you, Kata and Erno for a wonderfull learning experience!


from Great Britain, September 2017

energy and passion from Kata...location very peaceful and lovely to be able to be outside all the time


from Czechia, September 2017

"Amazing journey"

It was an amazing training with great and experienced teachers and so nice and wise people Kata and Erno !! The place was wonderful, lovely villa in the middle of

beautiful nature, food was really delicious (I loved the desserts!!!), the atmosphere during the week was so friendly, peaceful and kind !! I´m very lucky, that I had an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people!! Thank you all of you, thank you Mandy, that you cared so nice about us! Thank you Kata and Erno !! Alena


from Italy, August 2017

"To be improved "

Teachers are great! I really enjoyed the topics and yin classes

Alex Franklin

from Great Britain, August 2017

Kata and Erno went out of their way to make the experience great for us. They held the space so well and allowed us to feel relaxed and comfortable in the group. They work really well together as a team.

Angela Gannon

from United Arab Emirates, August 2017

"The description of this course is very aptly described. "

Practice, discussion, the allowing of space in a safe space to explore the teachings and the confidence and skills this brought to thoroughly understand and experience the essence of the course and feel equipped to share it with others.


from Switzerland, August 2017

Erno's wisdom and reaching giving respect and space.

Hannah Norvall

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Wonderful teacher training experience"

Erno & Kata are fantastic teachers - so knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic. The course was interesting and the setting was perfect. A nice balance of learning and free time to enjoy the island. The food was absolutely delicious! I left feeling like I'd been on a retreat but with the bonus of achieving a new teaching skill.

Alison Sheeley

from Great Britain, August 2017


Sherine Wong

from France, August 2017

"I had a wonderful time! "

I like and highly satisfied with the selection of the venue, the food, our private chef, my peers and our instructors, I would recommend this TT to everyone that would like to discover Yin Yoga. Everything was well organised ?

Amanda Bowen

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Amazing unforgettable experience"

Everything about this course was fantastic. Kata and Erno are the most lovely people and cannot do enough to make your experience the best possible. They are really genuine people and I can't wait to do another of their courses and a retreat.

Our group connected so well and really embraced the teachings, supported each other throughout and great friendships have been made.

Delving deeply into yin yoga through this course has been money well spent and I would highly recommend it.

Kirsten Durward

from Qatar, July 2017

"Very meaningful experience "

Kata and Erno are very dedicated to their work and are very supportive of everyone's learning experience. Between them they have a huge amount of knowledge about yoga, breathwork, Chinese, medicine, healing, and more. The days were well planned to give a balanced learning experienced and personally I liked that there was some flexibility to adapt to the mood of the group and the weather. I certainly found the experience to be a worthwhile step on my spuritual and physical journey. Plus I learned a lot about mudras that I didn't know or expect. I left feeling empowered to teach Yin, putting a focussed sequence together with intent, also deepened in my own practice,

Benny Lamotte

from United States, July 2017

"Phenomenal Experience *"

Where to even begin ! I took this training for more than one reason, but mainly to learn how to heal my body after living with a lot of pain for too long. A friend who does bodywork recommended it to me, and I cannot say enough how blown away I was (and still am) of the entire experience. Life changing doesn't even touch it ! Kata and Erno are unbelievable teachers, but more importantly, unbelievable people. They both lead by a grounded example in a way that is both inspiring and healing at the same time. They were incredibly supportive for each one of us, and we were a big group. They were 110% available for us whenever we needed anything or had any question or issue or simply needed a listening ear. They were able to hold space masterfully individually and for the group. I learned more in this training than I had expected, and just after a week left feeling like I was finally ready to fall back in love with myself. Yin yoga was new for me, and even though most of the woman there had more experience than myself, we all flowed very well together and I was able to metabolize the information with ease. Kata and Erno paced the training really well- it never felt like too much information or too much practice- it was all very balanced. All of us taking the course became connected very quickly- friendships that will last a lifetime. There really are not enough great things I can say about it... An irreplaceable experience, I am forever grateful for my new teachers and friends :)

Teresa Mccreesh

from United States, May 2017

"Amazing experience"

Kata was a wonderful, positive and approachable teacher. The yin teacher training was informative, inspiring and I left Ibiza feeling confident in my ability to teach yin yoga to others. It was lovely to also experience yoga nidra and some flow, in addition to the yin practices.

The accommodation was stunning and fully equipped with all the essentials that you needed!

I left Ibiza feeling calm, relaxed and empowered. I cannot recommend this teacher training enough!


from United States, May 2017

"Still in Bliss"

I felt immediately peaceful with arrival at the location, my room was amazing and I looked forward every morning to sit in our area by the pool to meditate & practice... even tho I'm not a morning person :) I found Yin Yoga to be exactly what my mind & body needed, and Kata such a strong, loving, knowledgeable open teacher & facilitator. I usually shy from connecting with others right away (my own guarding myself issues) but loved how the process unfolded and I felt comfortable opening up, and then interacting with so many different but important personalities and personal journeys. I miss my temporary family...


from Netherlands, May 2017

de mogelijkheden dat er ook yoga nidra werd aangeboden


from Germany, March 2022

Der Kursinhalt und die Gruppe der Teilnehmerinnen hat mir sehr gefallen!

Alcaide Ingrid

from France, November 2020

"Ibiza lovely YIN training can change your life "

Equilibrer sa VIE grâce au YIN! :) Merveilleuse découverte du YIN YOGA avec et grâce aux fabuleux professeurs KATA et ERNO!

Le couple est d'une tres belle complémentarité...bienveillants, rayonnants de sagesse ils nous guident pour notre beautiful voyage intérieur!

Se former pour retransmettre les bienfaits et le pouvoir du YIN ... cest magique!

KATA enseigne parfaitement toutes les postures du yin, comprendre les effets...l'anatomie, les méridiens... elle a une voix impeccable, douce et nette, cest rassurant, et explique vraiment en profondeur pour bien comprendre:)

Cest vraiment enrichissant , l'énergie du yin est tres puissante!

ERNO toujours à l'écoute, nous guide dans les méditations et la respiration, nous apprend à prendre son temps pour explorer notre intérieur... le nidra yoga... Ressentir ses émotions, dans l'acceptation sans jugement...un éveil à la création et la découverte de soi!

Et sans oublier DAVIDE le chef cuisinier , juste OUAW, cuisine végétalienne digne dun etoilé, une explosion de saveurs en bouche et de découverte! Une passion qui se ressent des ses plats ...un géni généreux, et adorable!

Ce séjour fût fabuleux , MERCI à la vie MERCI à vous tous! Jen suis rechargée, équilibrée et confiante pour mon avenir! LoVe

Sharon Valkema

from Netherlands, October 2020

"Inspirerende en verijkende zielservaring"

De communicatie in aanloop naar de yoga bestemming, dat we met een groepje bij het vliegveld opgehaald werden en langzaam kennis konden maken met andere leden. De warme ontvangst bij de villa en de persoonlijke begeleiding naar de tent, inclusief het dragen van de koffer naar beneden. Het eten was echt geweldig, smaakvol en volledig vegan en glutenvrij. Verder was het ontbijt groots en voor ieder wat wils en voorkeuren kon je voor de tijd aangeven. De lessen waren zeer leerzaam, rijk en vol met yin yoga en interessante theorie en oefening en uitleg. Heel veel ruimte om jezelf te zijn, ruimte voor inbreng, luisterende mensen en beantwoording van vragen. Alles verliep soepel, in flow en bij de terugreis werd een taxi voor me geregeld zodat ik op tijd mijn vlucht kon halen. Het was al met al voor mij een heel prettige en voldane ervaring. Ondanks de corona tijd maakten deze geweldige trainers het mogelijk om ons een prettig verblijf en een zeer waardevolle training mee te geven, inclusief mijn dank aan alle mooie mensen die hierbij aanwezig konden zijn. Namaste

Susanne Gmelin-bösselmann

from Austria, December 2019

"Yin Yoga Ibiza"

Eine super Einführung in das Yin Yoga, sehr kompetente Anleitung zu praktischen Übungen, freundliche angenehme Atmosphäre. Gutes Skript. Frühstück liebevoll zubereitet (auch für das Auge), Mittag- und Abendessen (vegan) war fantastisch.

Daniela Izzo

from Switzerland, October 2019

"Eine sehr herzerwärmende und lehrreiche Woche "

Die Villa ist wunderschön und auch die Wohnung ausserhalb ist mit allem Komfort ausgestattet. Beide Standorte befinden sich sehr nahe am Meer.

Das Essen war sehr lecker, kreativ und liebevoll angerichtet. Das Frühstück ist sehr reichhaltig, man hat eine sehr grosse Auswahl. Den ganzen Tag stehen viele verschiedene Teekrüge und Nüsse bereit.

Ich habe Kata als eine sehr authentische Lehrerin erlebt die mit viel Herzblut unterrichtet. Sie hat ein sehr grosses Wissen und einen reichen Erfahrungsschatz den sie weitergeben kann.

In unserer Gruppe herrschte eine sehr warme, wohlwollende und offen Stimmung.

Für mich Persönlich habe ich ganz viele wertvolle Erkenntnisse und neues Wissen mitnehmen können, dass ich gleich umsetzen kann.

Sabrina Gazzella

from Switzerland, July 2019

"Yin yoga in Ibiza"

I really loved this teacher training for the quality of it and the loving kindness of Kata and Erno :)) Although we had many things to learn it was very smooth and agréable way to go thru of all the different topics. Such calming place and a amazing chef for the cooking and a pearl for assistance very lovable 🙏👍 They have created a very special and unique environment to be at ease and enter in the yin yoga ☀️🙏🧘‍♀️ Many thanks love and light 🥰

Katharina Kralik

from Austria, June 2019

"An enriching experience"

Kata perfectly understands how to teach a very intense program in a clear and easy understandable way, she also knows how to create an atmosphere that allows everybody to feel welcomed and valued.

I've learned a lot and had a great time. I guess I'll be back for more soon ;)


from Netherlands, June 2019

"Amazing experience! ❤️🙏💫"

Every minute I enjoyed this amazing training and people.. also being on Ibiza learning Yin is a amazing combination.

Highly recommended!

Evgenia Jaeger

from Germany, June 2019

It was amazing experience and I learned a lot for myself & body & emotions.🧡We have very professional and lovely teacher, which you can’t find in Germany😉The vegan food was also very good💚Many thanks for the perfect job from heart to our teacher Kata🙏, Blessing Evgenia

Michaela Spörri

from Switzerland, May 2019

"Amazing teacher training"

Es war eine sehr lehrreiche Woche. Spannend und fordernd zugleich. Die Woche war jeden Tag super strukturiert die Aufteilung zwischen Praxis und Theorie war super. Kata unterrichtet mit grossem Wissen und mit viel Liebe und Geduld. Kata lebt was sie sagt. Die Unterkunft liegt ruhig im Wald gelegen und es war sehr schön da. Wir wurden auch kulinarisch verwöhnt. Das Essen war ein Traum. Ich kann es jedem wärmsten empfehlen, sich von Kata und Erno ausbilden zu lassen.

Daphné De Geyndt

from United States, April 2019

"A vraiment Surpassé mes attentes "

Kata est vraiment très inspirante, elle nous emmène dans son univers et nous permets de prendre conscience et de lâcher prise sur énormément de choses! le lien entre le yin yoga et les méridiens


from Netherlands, November 2018

"Ontspannen, leerzame yoga opleiding"

De rust in het lesgeven en improvisatie vermogen evenals haar flexibeliteit vond ik erg prettig. Daarnaast sunrise at the beach, strand om de hoek. En verder nog een paar erg leuke uitstapjes. Het eten was waanzinnig lekker. Twee versbereide warme maaltijden per dag van topkwaliteit. Bereidt door mega enthousiaste kokkin. Leuke groep met ruimte voor eigenheid.


from France, November 2018

"Superbe formation Yin "

Kata a su créer un espace d'accueil et de bienveillance, pour rentrer parfaitement dans la pratique Yin et nous transmettre pleinement son esprit. Une semaine de formation inoubliable, reconnection à soi, apprentissage riche, échanges et rencontres, dans un lieu très agréable ! Merci à Kata et Erno pour leur partage et leur attention !


from France, November 2018

"Great experience "

Great experience diving into yin yoga with great teachers and a very good atmosphere among the participants. Beautiful place surrounded by nature 5 min by walk to the beach.

Anika Caumanns

from Germany, September 2018

"Eine wundervolle Erfahrung"

Es war allesinallem ein wunderschöner Aufenthalt. Ich habe viel gelernt, mich herrlich entspannt, wundervolle Menschen kennengelernt, super lecker und gesund gegessen und die ganze Atmosphäre genossen.

Celine Zagala

from France, August 2018

"Superbe découverte et formation Yin Yoga"

Un couple fantastique et inspirant pour une formation de Yin très professionnelle.

J'en attendais pas moins. Un groupe parfait pour passer une semaine au paradis. Tout était parfait, merci Kata et Erno pour nous avoir fait partager un tel moment.

Jeanne Garenne

from France, August 2018

"Excellent stage"

La professeure est merveilleuse: très compétente, très positive, attentive, aux petits soins, enthousiaste, gaie, amicale, pleine de connaissances, aimante envers les stagiaires et aimant beaucoup ce qu'elle fait, heureuse de transmettre ses connaissances, etc. Un vrai bijou!

De plus , son comportement a induit un excellent comportement chez les stagiaires, ce qui a donné une semaine merveilleuse, avec des personnes ouvertes, amicales, joyeuses, ...et travailleuses, consciencieuses. Beaucoup de travail réalisé durant le stage, autant par la professeure que par les stagiaires.

Par ailleurs, les repas, vegan et sans gluten, étaient excellents.

Merci Kata, et Erno.

Pia Romahn

from Germany, August 2018

"A journey to your heart"

Openhearted, well experienced, sensitive teachers with such a huge knowledge that they can teach in such a good and simple way that everyone understands it, they love what they teach, you can really feel and sense it, a great come together of openhearted and wonderful people, an amazing location and amazing food that was a feast for all senses. In short: An unforgettable precious journey!

Tanja.feelyourbody Tanja.feelyourbody

from Luxembourg, August 2018

"absolut empfehlenswert"

alles war perfekt. Kata und Erno leben das was sie uns vermitteln wollen mit Herz und Seele. Ich habe mich so wohl gefühlt in dieser Ausbildung wie noch nie zuvor. Wir waren eine perfekt harmonierende Gruppe mit 2 super Lehrern. Der Ausbildungsinhalt ist sehr gut zusammengestellt, so dass ich mich in ein paar Wochen üben bereit finde diesen Kurs selbst anzubieten. Es war eine intensive aber sehr bereichernde Woche und das in allen Hinsichten.

Bridget Dumont

from United States, May 2018

"Heavenly balance, experienced guides"

Kata and Erno were living examples of what they taught. Gently but very effectively revealing their insights gleened by applying the principles and techniques to their own life journeys- inspiring !

I loved the balance between theory and practice. And the food was absolutely fabulous ! The cook infused not only healthy ingredients but love into each dish which she presented like works of art !

Isabelle Lunelli

from France, February 2018

"Une révélation, une affirmation"

Tout m'a plu. La maison était très belle très bien décorée. Une belle énergie. Les professeurs, les enseignements, les repas, de très belles rencontres, de très beaux moments.

Herve Simonin

from France, November 2017

"Merveilleuse expérience."

Kata est une femme adorable. On est tout de suite séduit. Par sa vivacité, sa belle intelligence, sa douceur et sa gentillesse. Elle partage sa passion avec beaucoup d'amour. La formation était incroyablement enrichissante. Précise. Formidablement bien organisée. Petit à petit on comprend, on expérimente,on ressent et on partage. Dès mon retour j'ai pu mettre en pratique ce que j'avais appris. Les répercussions sont étonnantes. Et mes élèves sont à la fois émerveillés et ravis de découvrir ce que m'a enseigné Kata. Un grand merci du fond du coeur à Kata et Erno qui ont toujours été si joyeusement à notre écoute. Allez découvrir le yin à leur côté, c'est magique. A recommender absolument!!!!


from Germany, August 2017


As it was one of my first steps into this kind of experience, I can tell you, I'm a lucky person, that I found Kata and Erno offering their knowledge and enthusiasm in teaching on beautiful Ibiza. I felt safe accompanied by them during the whole stay. By taking us to magical spots like calm beaches and wood surrounded roof tops to feel the energy of the elements in meditation to dive deep into the Yin Space, I opened up to allow transforming inner and outer experiences. All in a joyful atmosphere, through feeling, they love what they do. Not enough space to mention everything here ... a private concert from their friends from Hang in Balance, accompaigning one of our sessions, super delicious organic food 3 times a day by wonderful chef Jila energized me, beautiful villa, lots of knowledge about meridians, anatomy and energy, soulbreath- & yoganidra-sessions by amazing Erno helped me to calm down, guidance through Yin Practice by passionate shining teacher Kata...I loved it...helping through her wisdom and presence to connect deeper to myself! Wonderful! Thank you! Ingrid

Koula Terkessidis

from Belgium, August 2017

"Great Yin Yoga Course with great teachers"

The Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza was great! In a beautiful place with great yoga teachers and healthy food. The course was truly revealing, both physically and mentally, and Kata and Erno have a clear and inspiring way of teaching. I learned a lot about Yin Yoga. Theory and practice were well balanced. After I completed the course, I felt well prepared to teach. I already started teaching, and sharing Yin Yoga with other people, brings me a lot of joy. Thank you very much, Kata and Erno. You are great teachers.

Liliane Belyavsky

from Belgium, July 2017

Amazing experience with amazing teachers, Kata and Erno are beautiful people so generous, very professional teacher ,.... I could not dream to live such an amazing week, the training was very interesting I learned a lot , surrounded by a very nice group in a beautiful villa

I would recommend to everyone to do it and to live this beautiful experience

Angelique Fox

from Netherlands, July 2017


Alles. Een zeer fijne opleiding met 2 zeer lieve docenten. Een ervaring om nooit te vergeten. Het is niet in woorden uit te drukken hoe het was. Ik raak niet uit verteld en krijg kippenvel als ik erover spreek. Emoties, tranen, lachen, liefde en zoveel meer.

Gola Narold

from Netherlands, July 2017

De opleiding was top.

Clotilde Martin

from France, May 2017

Allegra Morelli

from Italy, April 2022

"Amazing teacher training!"

Kata is an amazing teacher that guides you through a wonderful journey where women’s energy is a the very center! Everyday a new feminine quality is explored. You have the chance to connect to your feminine energy through great lectures, guided meditations, sequences and an exceptional sharing circle of impressions/feeling/thoughts. Great material provided for own teaching purposes!

Truly amazing to be in the wonderful Ibiza, with Kata and a group of lovely ladies. It has been an unforgettable experience

Lisa Kuit

from Netherlands, March 2022

"Beautiful Yoga Teacher Training"

I attended the Soulfull Vinyasa YTT and it was all that I had hoped for and so much more. Kate is an amazing and inspiring woman, with so much knowledge. I loved learning about the yoga philosophy, the chakras and the different elements and how to work with them. I am really gratefull that this was part of the training because for me it gives so much more depth to the practice of yoga. I am really looking forward to sharing all that I have learned.

Kata has a warm heart and she really makes you feel welcome.

The food was amazing and the accomodation really beautiful and peacefull.

Jessica Jovanovic

from Switzerland, September 2020

"It was great!"

It was a great experience, both Kata and Erno are amazing teachers. I would recommend the training to everyone. I will definitely do more trainings and courses with them in the future. Can recommend 100%. Thanks again for the lovely time!

Marcelle Mangen

from Luxembourg, August 2020

"Online Yoga Teacher Training with Rise&Shine"

Because of the Coronavirus situation I was not able to go to Ibiza as initially planned so I took the opportunity to do the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training online. I know it sounds weird but it was an amazing, transformative experience! Kata is able to shine her light even through the Internet by always being open to listen, never judgemental or losing patience with our thousands of questions. She was able to create a safe space and unify our group. She transmitted her valuable knowledge while, at the same time, giving each of us the space to grow and find out what works for us. For me that's what a good teacher is all about : someone that not only has the knowledge but also embodies the qualities he/she is talking about. I am beyond grateful!


from Spain, March 2020

"One of the greatest gifts I have ever received "

This retreat was exactly what I needed at this stage in my life. I thought I was going to just “learn more about yoga,” but I left with so much more than that. Kata and Erno have created a program that is truly transformative. Everyday was more beautiful than the next. The villa was absolutely stunning, as were the sunrises and sunsets that we were lucky enough to witness. Eugenia and Davide made everything so comfortable and kept us fed with love, laughter and of course the most incredible spreads of food I have ever had. Ibiza is a magical island, and it only makes sense that Kata and Erno would live there to enhance this magic. They are a talented, kind, generous, and beautiful couple and it has changed my life to know them. I could not recommend this experience more.

Austin Sheeran

from Great Britain, March 2020

"Ytt200 @ playa cala nova Ibiza"

Booking this TT was one of the best decisions I've made in years. The personal journey, the course content and lectures, the food , location and hospitality were all way beyond my expectations. Kata is a very knowledgeable yet humble teacher, whose purity from within shines very brightly. Her tolerant explanations of some of the more complex asanas was, for a relative novice such as me , perfect ( most of our class were more advanced than me). Kata always managed to give us each as much time one on one as was needed, and managed somehow to keep the whole thing lighthearted and fun throughout the course.

Erno's yoga nidra and breath work was very enjoyable , what fantastic tools to learn and carry with you through life. His open ,calm and relaxed ways make him an easy person to trust allowing for letting go on a deeper level during his sessions.

The villa is beautiful- clean, comfy, spacious, and a 5 minute walk to the beach- ah how I miss that beach...

The biggest surprise for me was the food! As a meat eater, I was seriously concerned that I would struggle with the vegan/vegetarian food. Breakfast every morning was prepared by our always smiling nutritionist Eugenia and consisted of an array of fantastic fresh healthy foods. Chef Davide then prepared vegan lunch and dinner, and what a treat it was each and everday. Watching this guy for 3 weeks, as a former chef myself was an education in vegan food.

Overall a truly memorable and life changing experience.🙏

Khine Zaw

from United States, March 2020

"An amazing life-changing experience !"

This YTT exceeded every expectation I ever had about a yoga teacher training. From the teaching mechanism to accommodation to food, the program was very nourishing and well-planned. We could all take it at our pace and under the teachers’ carful guidance and supervision, we were all able to practice meditation / flows comfortably and enjoyed every part of the practices . Also, the fact that we could walk to magical Cala Nova beach in 10 minutes and enjoy beautiful hike whenever we get a break was a special bonus !

All 13 of us got along very well because of the energy and environment we were blessed to be surrounded with. Erno’s yoga nidra sessions were extremely powerful and Kata’s expertise and knowledge in not just the asanas but also in Sanskrit, anatomy, mantras , mudras , Elements and Ayurveda allowed us to really explore, understand and connect with the course on a deeper level.

Whether you have prior yoga experience or not, I highly recommend this YTT for everyone that wants to truly understand the fundamentals of yoga . I wish I had known about this program before I injured my back because now I know exactly how to listen to my body and honor it with a yoga practice that is suitable for me . This YTT , the whole experience really helped me regain not only my strength but also confidence practicing and teaching a yoga flow with the right attitude.

Layla Faruque

from Great Britain, November 2019

"The most amazing experience "

The villa and location are amazingly beautiful, such a wonderful place to learn and grow. Everything about my time in Ibiza was incredible and I can't recommend Kata and Erno enough.

Marina Danisi

from Switzerland, October 2019

"Soul-Heart-Body-Mind, much more than a Yoga Teacher Training"

A magnificent experience in every way, from the amazing location through the wonderful organisation and the loving atmosphere that Kata and Arno with their beautiful souls offered to us.

With Kata, Arno and the lovely ladies I met in the retreat I found a space of love and acceptance in which I could deeply be in contact with myself in a truly authentic way and learn a lot.

In this retreat I deepened the change of my consciousness about life, soul-body, breath, flow and yoga in life. I felt in my body and soul that it is about love. It is about awakening to self love and living from and in my heart.

Thanks to the explanations, practices and specific corrections despite asthma and allergies I started to enjoy each breath and feel it in my body movements.

Healthy eating is important to me and the vegan meals inspired me to expand even more my creativity in new healthy recipes, keeping using a very special ingredient: Love.

Through the teaching of Kata, the intensive practices, her inputs and supporting way I started unlearning my ‘social programming’ and stepping into my true soul and body core, into my power, loving myself unconditionally, embracing all of who I am and following my heart. In this training I started to deeply feel what it means to accept who I am with all my ‘limits’, without forcing what I cannot and without judging myself, supporting myself and my development as well as the development of others.

Thank you!!! I’m looking forward for the next retreat!

Francesca Battistin

from Great Britain, October 2019

"A wonderful soul-nurturing experience "

Where to start from!? The entire experience has been magnificent and just what I needed. It's that kind of experiences that aren't over when time is up. I know the effects will unfold over time, as I metabolise and keep practicing. Kata and Erno are wonderful souls and have always been there to make us feel comfortable, going for the extra mile in everything. Kata is also a great teachers' teacher: she starts from you, as soul who needs healing, and then creates the condition for all of those different souls to come together, with compassion for each other and self love. Her viniasa TT is all about flow: the way it's structured, the way it adapts to the participants' expectations and needs on a daily basis (and to the weather conditions if necessary), and the way progress unfolds. I left with a sense of having made progress, on so many levels. I noticed the difference in my energy level, my body, my understanding of yoga, and of teaching yoga - if I will ever try that path. In fact, you can follow this course even if you don't intend to become an instructor. SUP yoga was my first time for me: simply great! On the location: that was wow. I'm referring to the villa, the breath taking view on the ocean, the nature around it, the fact that it was located 20 minutes away from the beach by foot. On the last evening Erno played an instrument for us and Kata chanted, while we were watching the sunset. Magical. I recommend it to anyone!

Leiann Kemp

from Great Britain, September 2019

I don’t know what to say about the course itself, other than if this TT stands out to you, book it! You will not be disappointed. Kata and Erno are such lovely people. Davide our chef and Eugenia our nutritionist were great to be around every day. I miss them all dearly.

The course as a whole really was something special. More than I could have imagined. The food was unreal, I’m not vegan and was quite worried, but I had absolutely nothing to be worried about!!

Breakfast was a spread of food we helped ourselves, fruits, yogurts, granola, breads, (inclGF) eggs, Avo, salad, toms, cheese slices, spreads, superfood mixes, etc, it was mixed up a little but generally we had most of that every day. And if there’s something else you’d like, they would have got it on the next shop for you. Each lunch and dinner was different and each one amazing 🤤

I had a one on one with Eugenia (our nutritionist) & also 2 massages with Leyla, the 1st was so good I couldn’t not have another. I would highly recommend both.

My only negative was that I was expecting a smaller group from looking at the reviews, I liked the sound of a smaller group. Only stating this incase you expect the same. But.....I can not imagine the time I was there with any of our group (of 23) not being there. They all made it for me. You will have your own unique experience, but get to share it with like minded, amazing people. Something I’ll never forget. I’ve made friends for life & have grown so much, thank you all 💕

Marie Strickleton

from France, September 2019

"Perfect journey"

I had a great week. The program was perfect. I had a beautiful time and I come back lighter and with more strength. Kata is an amazing soul and I am so glad that I have met her. Thank you for everything and also to Erno who was really friendly. Very grateful to the chef who suprised me everyday with his delicious dishes. I would say that if you go once you will return soon 😊


from Spain, September 2019

"200 Hour YingYang yoga teacher training, 3 week (Aug 2019)"

An incredible 3 weeks both on and off the mat learning so much about yoga, diving into its foundations and connecting with others. Kata and Erno showed incredible passion and taught a well balanced programme with a mix of the yang flow type yoga and ending with the deeper yin. Connections made with other yogis was increíble and sharing the experience With such a variety of people from all around the globe and all with very unique stories was very special. As well as the yoga practice, theory and study there was also very special moments from sunrise yoga to sunset supboarding, full moon mediations and sound healing sessions. As well as learning so much the chance to be in such peaceful and beautiful surroundings at the villa, local area, beaches and stunning nature, made for a unforgettable experience, coming back and feeling refreshed and with an abundance of growth. The vegan food was like no other, with such variety and incredible dishes every single day. A truely blessed experience, and one I would recommend to anyone wanting to dive deeper into yoga in general and find some release.

Berthe Bourque

from Canada, September 2019

"My Yin Yang Journey ..."

An incredible personal growth experience that allows you to become a better version of yourself in such a loving and nurturing environment. The training program was excellent as were the lovingly prepared meals and the comfortable accommodations. The instructors are two beautiful souls that bring so much more to this experience than expected. Kata and Erno - thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and for accompanying me through this amazing journey. You have been a blessing in my life and the life of so many others. Namaste ...

Carmen Cita

from Germany, September 2019

"More than a training"

If you expect an "ordinary" teacher training, you won't get it here... it is more. ;) For me it was a really transformative experience. I finally learned, why Yoga works the way it does, and gained new tools for my own personal healing. Kata and Erno furthermore provided personal insights and assistance to me, for which I always will be grateful. <3 I miss our whole fiery group already and will treasure this experience forever! The food was also super amazing and our friendly cook Davide took care of our special needs (like allergies).

Nadine Kettner

from Malta, September 2019

"A much needed break just for myself "

There were so many things I liked during the three weeks.. it started with the description of the training which totally hit the spot for me. I remember it gave me goose bumps when I read it. And it didn’t promise too much. The training was just as it was wonderfully described. Very spiritual, authentic, always eager to stress the point that everybody’s starts where he’s coming from and practicing to it’s individual level. It was a very compassionate, empathic atmosphere during the whole training and attracted the people who were just right for each other. Kata is extremely knowledgeable and is also willing to share a lot of her private journey which makes it very intimate and also encouraged us as a group to open up. The full moon trip to Es Vedra and the SUP evening were wonderful and unforgettable forever. The location and the food was amazing too. (Still dreaming of your food, chef Davide!!)

Deb Stone

from United States, September 2019


Kata Van Doesselaar is an extraordinary Yoga teacher trainer, with extensive experience and a breadth of knowledge about Yoga, meditation, breathwork and life.

My experience during this Yoga teacher training was one of being honoured, respected, encouraged, challenged, nurtured, loved and transformed.

The nourishment and deliciousness of the incredible breakfasts, lunches and dinners, had a wonderful effect on my sense of well-being.

The 2 excursions of Sup paddleboard into the sunset and cave sunset Om with the full moon picnics took my breath away!

The way Kata delivered the 200 hour YTT information verbally, with reading references and her own manuals, was very easy to understand.

The earnest encouragement I was given to be patient and willing to develop the skills I need to teach, allowed me to shift into a rhythm of growth, that has set me firmly walking on my Yoga teaching path.

In particular, because of the deep healing nature of the Yoga we studied with Kata associated with Chinese Medicine meridians, along with the breathwork approach to transformation that I received from Erno, I was able to experience a profound transition and freedom from some lingering greif, that had previously been stored in my body. These are the most valuable treasures I will carry in my life tool kit on the rest of my Earth Walk and pray that it takes me back to Ibiza again.

I found my teacher.


In Gratitude & Love,

Deb Silver

(Deb Stone)

Tone Bjerke

from Norway, August 2019

"Wonderful experience"

I loved the place, the food, the location, Kata as a teacher, and Erno with his meditations and yoga nidra sessions. This yoga teacher training was perfect for me, I learned a lot more than I expected, and everything Kata has described on her web page was what she embodied as a teacher. Kata was very available to us students, full of knowledge and sought to empower everyone. I felt she was highly intuitive and could easily tend to each student and the group's changing needs. I would highly recommend this yoga teacher training to everyone seeking a deeper experience into themselves, holistic healing and the yin and the yang side of yoga and life.

Theresa Rutledge

from United States, August 2019

"sacred waters retreat"

I loved it. It was a wonderful first time retreat for me. The group of women were excellent. The instructor was excellent too. She could have given an evening class optional and it would have been even better. It was great We learned a lot and did a lot. The second session was sometimes a lot and would have liked perhaps making mandalas instead one time like was mentioned in the brochure or a chance to go to town. The sunset paddleboard was divine and again really enjoyed the retreat and all their planning and hard work.

Edina Alic

from Luxembourg, July 2019

"Fantastic teachers, beautiful location,amazing experience "

I really liked absolutely everything! The teachers and the way the training was organized and delivered was just fantastic. I could see and feel how much work and thought went into creating this training. I have learnt a lot about myself, and teaching yoga. This experience was actually much more than learning about practicing or teaching yoga. For me this was about enhancing self awareness, acceptance, self love... This experience brought new energy and empowerment into my life. I had some of the very best practices I have experienced until now. Puddle boarding into the sunset is the experience I hope never to forget. It was simply magical.

Daniela Perez

from United States, May 2019

"Incredible experience with beautiful souls"

Everything was amazing. The people, the food, the practice, the location. Kata and Erno are such beautiful souls, it was a dream to meet them and spend 21 days around their energy. I am so grateful to have had the chance to practice and learn with kata in this beautiful island.

100% recommended.

Tami Pullinger

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Happiest Easter"

The connections made with everyone including Raja the lovely dog. The warmest, kindest people with good humour and gentle but excellent and grounding yoga practices. There was nothing Kata and Erno had not thought of to attend to both mine and my sons needs. It really was a beautiful family retreat that I shall cherish in my memories and shall never forget. I am now keen to come back and learn more from them both. Thank you Kata and Erno, Gergor and Iris.

Tomek Kaminski

from Montenegro, April 2019

"Much more than I could imagine"

First of all I thoroughly enjoyed Kata's and Erno's approach to yoga, on one hand being respectful to what yoga is about but at the same time appreciating that everyone is different and that everyone has to find his/her own way. I think it is very rare these days and it takes a really great person with lots of empathy and a respect to other people to have this kind of approach.

Secondly, although it was very intense time, one doesn't really perceive it in this way as everything was presented and experienced in a very natural manner. I think it is a very fine balance between being very serious about yoga and giving lots of margin and appreciation.

Another important aspect of the whole experience is that Kata and Erno are able to create an environment where people feel very safe and open. I think it is very important considering that for a long period of time one has to live and experience lots of things with a dozen of strangers. Thanks to the created atmosphere it took very little time for those strangers to become friends.

I think one has a feeling that at some point the course becomes so much more than just learning more about yoga as all of a sudden you start feeling to discover parts of your personality that were long forgotten or/and neglected.

Last but not least, Kata and Erno were absolutely fantastic hosts, accommodating lots of requests that were not in the "contract", willing to go an extra mile for all of us and doing it out of pure love for other human beings.

Paige Griffiths

from Great Britain, April 2019

"beautiful & life changing "

It's very hard to put into words how amazing this training was in every aspect. From the teachings, people, food (food aka work of art), location, villa, trips, Ibiza in all its beauty!! It was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I felt completely welcome and safe at all times which i think is a huge thing when you're taking the plunge and booking something, especially online. Kata & Erno are incredible teachers and I feel so grateful and full for the whole experience.

Tatjana (jana) Kovac-stacey

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Transformational Bliss on this magical island!"

I was originally planning to do my TT in Bali, but had changed my mind and came to Ibiza.... and I am so happy that I did!! My 3 weeks of Yin & Yang yoga was amazing. The villa was beautiful, surrounded by tropical garden, 5 min walk to the beautiful sandy Cala Nova beach. Originally I was nervous as sharing a triple room with two more girls, but so glad I did, as I met two most amazing girls. Food was plentiful and although I am not a vegan, I enjoyed every meal that was prepared with so much love that was served with flower blossom :-).

Most of the classes were taught by Kata, who has transformed most of our lives. She is a very knowledgeable, experienced and fun teacher. Her wisdom and love for yoga shines from her soul!

Erno shared his love for Yoga Nidra and Breathing. With his calm and relaxed approach, he was perfect to put us in the relaxation mode, especially following the busy yang flows. We had so much fun, watching the sun rises and sun sets at the various amazing secret locations of this fantastic island. The whole experience was enhanced by meeting some of the most amazing people, each sharing part of them on our journey together.

To conclude, I will use the words of another girl who made me book my TT. She said:' If you are thinking about it, just do it! Stop hesitating, you will not regret it!'

Sophie Cabral

from United States, December 2018

"Beautiful Experience"

I had done a lot of research into YTT courses and was so, so glad I picked this one.

From start to finish, Kata and Erno did a brilliant job at hosting this training and were so warm and welcoming.

The villa was beautiful, clean and homely and situated in a fantastic location on the wonderful island of Ibiza, just a few minutes walk from the beach surrounded by beautiful nature.

The food was provided by two amazing chefs. As a vegan I appreciated every single delicious meal they prepared for us. Everything was yummy and beautifully presented and there was always plenty to fill our tummies.

The course content was thorough and Kata was very clear and concise with her teaching.

Erno also provided some lovely breath work and yoga nidra for us, sending us all to sleep with his soothing voice.

We had an intimate small group for the yang module of the training and formed a lovely close bond.

I felt the course had the perfect balance of yoga practice, lectures and then free time in the afternoon to relax.

Kata and Erno also arranged some excursions for us to the hippy market and to see Es Vedra which was amazing :)

The training is an experience I will always cherish in my heart and soul and if I could do it all over again I would!

Would highly recommend to anyone considering a 200hr YTT.

Tammy van den Berge

from Netherlands, November 2018

"Perfect training "

I felt super safe with these two instructors and all the other students. It was a magical enviromment and possibilities for so much growth

Emma Morgan

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Chakra Teacher Training "

Thank you so much for creating a truly transformational course, your passion and energy shon through every day. The week was so well structured the time and commitment both you and Erno have put into developing the course was so clear.

I loved the SUP boarding, yoga on the beach and travelling to the Es Vedra......all of these elements were so well connected.

The villa was absolutely beautiful, along with Diana creating wonderful meals each day and the opportunity to have a massage with Leyla. Everything came together with ease.

For me I felt a strong transformation and a different connection each day, I came away feeling like a new inspired soul and I cannot wait to inspire others through my teaching.

Thank you again for showing me the courage and belief we all carry within us....sometimes we just need a little inspiring light to guide us on our path.

Pieternel Van Der Poel

from Netherlands, August 2018

"Yoga is beautifull"

Besides I became a yogateacher in this 21 days of Yin-Yangtraining, I experienced a enormous personal growth and spiritual development. Kata is a great teacher. she is yoga.

Saskia Pinna-van Oyen

from Netherlands, July 2018

"An amazing journey through the chakra's with Kata!"

I really liked the villa, very beautiful. The lessons were eye-openers. Kata has great knowledge and I have learned a lot from her teaching. My inner growth went from stressed to inner sweet smile again! The food was amazing, thanks to Anni! My belly felt so nice and soft after these 5 days. And the surprises were wonderful, loved our singing by the pool together. It all really opened me up in a way I could not have expected. Like Kata said on my last day: We should have made a picture of you of before and after...

Ashley Wilkinson

from Vietnam, April 2018

"Life Changing! "

Kata is an incredible teacher who is so talented and passionate about what she does. I took her training not knowing what to expect and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. The course content was interesting and compelling, the yoga practice and instruction was great, and the overall environment was really something special. I feel so lucky to have learned so much about yoga, meditation and self love from Kata and Erno, I highly recommend this training!

Tessa Witchell

from Spain, April 2018

The life changing magic of this yoga teacher training lies in how authentic and well-delivered these three weeks were. I came across the yin and yang 200hr YTT and held a certain expectation that was exceeded in many ways. Kata's approach, with her (what seems like) endless knowledge, allowed me to learn more than I could have ever thought possible.

Many friends who have completed a 200hr can't believe how much was packed in. Going in, I was nervous about being too shy or not good enough. That was quickly washed away in the gorgeous setting, surrounded by like-minded souls, eating scrumptious healthy food, and being taught by the down to earth Kata and Erno. If you're reading this and thinking about doing this course, I can't recommend it enough. I'm already planning on when to come back to be taught by the unique, intelligent and wonderful Kata!

I truly feel like I have made friends for life and the mix of different backgrounds and yoga experience was never an issue here as Kata facilitated a very inclusive and safe space for us to all learn, and teach each other. The theory was taught through so many forms that I just drank it all in everyday. The amount of practical work was perfect and enough to have me already confident to teach a full class. This YTT allowed me to discover a strength inside of me that I'm so excited to now share out in the world.

Katarina Castro

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Hot Yoga"

Great energy, amazing teacher


from Great Britain, October 2017

"Lovely restful & inspiring retreat"

Kata was a very inspiring teacher and the amount and variety of yoga she taught us was really great and clearly very well thought out. I felt really rested and detoxed and met some thoroughly lovely souls!

Ornella Chenot De Nitto

from France, September 2020

"Une expérience aussi enrichissante que merveilleuse"

Atterrir dans la formation de Yin organisée par Kata est une expérience indescriptible.

Poser des mots sur les émotions ressenties, sur l'apprentissage et l'aventure ne suffirait pas à décrire combien le terme "magique" prend tout son sens.

Kata nous illumine de son sourire, son savoir, son écoute et sa bienveillance chaque jour.

Lorsqu'Erno prend le relais pour nous guider dans de fabuleuses méditations, il nous emporte avec douceur dans notre intérieur avec une incroyable sérénité.

Sans mentionner les rencontres et partages émouvants avec le groupe d'étudiants avec qui nous évoluons, et qui déborde d'amour et d'échanges attentionnés les uns envers les autres.

Tout est bien orchestré du début à la fin, du réveil au coucher, avec un chef qui cuisine une nourriture généreuse, riche en couleur et en saveur, tout comme l'experience en elle même.

Mille mercis pour tout cela !

Aurelie Manin

from France, December 2019

"Séjour magique"

Je suis arrivée à ce séjour sans attentes particulières.

J'ai l'impression d'ailleurs que c'est le séjour qui m'a trouvé, qu'il était fait pour moi, je savais que je devais y aller.

Arrivée, je ne connaissais ni Kata ni ce que je devais attendre du travail avec les déesses et les cercles de femme.

C'est sûr que ça a commencé fort avec un atelier de création de mala, pouvoir créer son propre collier, avec une signification, avec une bénédiction au Plataran... WOW

Puis un repas dans un magnifique resto d'Ubud, vegan et direction le nord de Bali où il n'y a pas mieux pour faire des retraites yoga je pense. Les énergies nous ont été plus que favorables tout le séjour, tout le temps.

J'en parle et mon coeur se réchauffe. Entre le lieu exceptionnel, le mode de vie yogique, les excursions juste MAGIQUES (qui se lève et a la chance de voir des dauphins au réveil à 3m de soi??), le partage avec des prêtres dans des temples, les connaissances apprises, l'enseignement, et les rencontres avec toutes les femmes que Kata met sur notre chemin...

J'ai toutes les raisons du monde de refaire ce séjour.

Je crois que toute femme devrait s'offrir cette formation/retraite pour pouvoir vivre pleinement femme et commencer à voir sa lumière un peu plus.

Encore merci, l'Univers a su placer cette opportunité au parfait moment de ma vie.

Monique Wagner-d’r Vos

from Netherlands, September 2019

"fantastische transformerende ervaring"

De ervaring van Kata als mens, teacher en healer, om van volstrekt vreemden van over de hele wereld een hechte respectvolle groep en sfeer te creëren waarin iedereen zich kon ontplooien..

Ariane Affolter

from Switzerland, August 2019

"Teacher Training Ying Yang Yoga Ougust 2019"

I loved the whole experience!

We had nice yang flows and relaxing ying sequences, interresting teachings and shared beautiful stories and experiences...

But not only the yoya was great, furthermore we were invited to two trips to the other side of the island to watch a wonderful sunset...

The villa is clean and comfortable with a nice pool and the food was delicious and plenty :-) .

A beach with lifegurds is in walking distance.

Kata and Erno are very lovely people with lots of knowledge and love to share. You always feel very well taken care of no matter what needs you have.

In a training with Kata and Erno you can truly let go and "enjoy the ride", as they would say!

You will definitively like it!

Agnes Kamp

from Netherlands, August 2019


Dat de Yoga werd gecombineerd met SUPPEN vond ik waanzinnig ...eten ook heerlijk!

Emmely Van Der Valk

from Netherlands, June 2019

"beautiful yoga journey"

The 200 TT Prana vinyasa flow was amazing. Kata and Erno are passionate teachers with al lot of knowledge. I felt really safe with them and the group dynamic was wonderful. I was blown away with the whole journey. You learn al lot of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, what i really loved.

At times it was hard and i got a real awareness of myself, they helped me go through the difficult parts. They really care about the students and want everybody to be at their best.

The location and the food where perfect to.

I recommend this Vinyasa TT of Rise and Shine Yoga to everybody who not only wants to learn more about teaching yoga but also want's to learn more about the yoga philosophy.

Dear Kata and Erno thank you so much for this beautiful training.

Karin Zandstra

from Netherlands, April 2019

"Life Changing Experience"

The Yin-Yang TT was fantastic! I am working in the fitness industry for 30 years now and I was so inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of Kata and Erno Doesselaar. They make you feel welcome, are passionate about Yoga and are sharing so much love with the group. The have eye for the individual and are also able to create a loving group dynamic. The villa is a beautiful place to learn and practise, the vegan food is amazing.

I would recommend Rise & Shine Yoga to anyone who wants to learn about Yin-Yang Yoga, who wants to lean more about Yin-Yang Yoga and who wants to be inspired by authentic Yogi's in a beautiful environment!

Els Raeves

from Belgium, April 2019

"Find yourself again :-)"

If you are looking for the Best Yoga Teacher Training in the most Beautiful Location then you are here at the right place.

Surplus you get the most beautiful Souls Kata & Erno who are enlightened spirits who get the best out of you.

Kata is a very unique person, who lives from her heart and teaches from her soul.

All her knowledge gives you the most beautiful classes.

Also Erno is a very calm, bright spirit, who will teach you the importance of breathing and letting go.

The environment is very beautiful, peaceful, the beach is wonderfull.

The food is from the best quality & made with love & creativity.

The package is complete and I cannot think of anything negative.

It just matches, it fits, its complete.

From day 1 till the last day you will go into a journey that you will never forget!

Yin Yang, elements, meridians, so interesting, so true.

You will never be the same person again.

Your spirit will Rise & Shine, ready to share your wisdom to the world!

To make the world a better place full of Love! :-)

Thank you Kata & Erno XXX

Diana Stamate

from United States, February 2019

"A magical journey!"

The chakra balance teacher training was an amazing course. This deep emerge into the chakra world made me understand that they are not vague, they are very concrete and have a huge and transformative effect on our whole self if we take the time to look at them. I already started teaching what I have learned and everybody loves it. The course was such a blessing for me and I am looking forward to spread it.

Floor Burgers

from Netherlands, November 2018

"Perfectly matched my expectations based on the description."

Kata and Erno have a lot of knowledge and provide a safe environment in which you feel that you are welcome and where your personal needs are taken into account as much as possible. This made it possible for me to find the personal deepening and theoretical background that I wanted to get out of the training.

I have learned a lot and went home with new energy!


from Germany, September 2018

"Kata is awesome "

Everything was perfect. Kata and Erno obviously love what they are doing and one can sense this in everything

Martina Lehner

from Italy, April 2018

"Wonderful Teacher Training in Ibiza! :)"

I (yoga-beginner) came just back from Ibiza after a wonderful Yin-Yang TT (200h) as the happiest person in the world! :)

What eventful and exciting weeks full of positive energy, love, spiritually moments and best instructive learning-program (both practical and theoretical part - love the 5 element theory!) - in a perfect balance! Beautiful surroundings (very nice villa/accommodation with a marvelous and enchanting garden, near Santa Gertrudis) delicious vegan cuisine (thx to our great chef Diana!) and the best and most loving teachers you could wish for a Yoga Teacher Training! Kata and Erno are excellent teachers and wonderful people! They gave and share so much of their extensive knowledge and experience with all their love and passion to all of us on this 'exciting journey'! They made these weeks perfect and together with a harmonious group (wonderful and lovely people from all over the world - miss and love you, guys! 💛) to an unforgettable time! Meditative sunsets in a magic and energetic place (Es Vedrà) and amazing sunrises near Santa Eulalia (& 'sun salutations' practice) by the sea let melt together everything of the whole 'package' incl. nice excursions (Ibiza Town/Santa Eulalia) with all the spectacular colors of Ibiza...

Thanks you so much, Kata and Erno, for every loving moment of these unforgettable three weeks! 'Let love move you' and practice Yoga every day! ;) (by Kata)

Love and Blessings, Martina

Aliksey Schoettle

from Germany, November 2017


Fantastic! Erin Terziff is a rare jewel amongst teachers. She brought a level of excellence and quality to the Teacher training that was much more than just training us to be Hot Yoga teachers. Through her expertise in the process of teaching teachers she not only made sure we completely understood our material and the sequences and understanding behind it but brought a transformative path of growth to the whole process. Together with Katas lovely co directing it was really a life changing experience and I am sure I am speaking for the whole group when I write this as we really all were as One and everyone grew so much in the process. And we enjoyed two intense Hot Yoga trainings a day immensely!!!

Ciska Van Der Wilk

from Netherlands, November 2017

"Een gewelEEEEEE"

Ik vond het een geweldige training, de docenten waren zeer ervaren en bijzonder positief, veel individuele aandacht, respectvol en warm.

Emily Swaeb

from Belgium, November 2017

"Left feeling very Balanced"

I loved this training. For me it was the frst time to do a teacher training so I loved the different aspects of Yoga, the overall knowledge about the body and psyche.

Getting up at 7 in the morning to meditate or do a morning practice, Palo santo smells in the air, lovely food and interesting experiences. I loved the teaching, for me it was good that we got a lot of explaination about the elements and all the postures. I made some great beautiful friends here, loved the house and ofcourse the ibiza hippy market :) This teacher training gave me a very good foundation on wich I hope to build a new future! I consider every person in my life as a teacher, and am very gratefull for the teachers I've had at the RIse and Shine yoga retreat.

I also loved the yoga nidra wich was completely new for me!

All over great people, delicious food, lovely practice, great teaching! Loved the experience!